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The Sports Industry is witnessing a boom with new and innovative software solutions, strengthening the connection between sport and its fans. Here, Emizentech has become a profound part of this digital transition, all kudos to our cutting-edge technological solutions.

Emizentech has flourished as a market leader with an experience of more than a decade. Our team of visionary developers helps clients develop and introduce innovative solutions that automatically bring the target audience into the fence.

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Why to choose Emizentech for your Sports App?

Let’s have a glance at reasons to pick Emizentech for a Sports App development


Our Sports App
Development Services

Our custom Sports App Development Services cover many sports and are designed and developed for web and mobile apps that rise above the many hurdles and challenges and help you stand out in the digital sports world

Golf Sports App Development

Golf app development portfolio consists of apps of varied types such as Fantasy Golf App, Handicap apps, Course locator app, Gaming app, Event planner & management app, Swing/shot tracking app, Club app, etc.

Cricket App Development

We develop different kinds of cricket-related apps that help clients to attract millions of fans from the cricket capital in no time. Examples are cricket gaming apps, fantasy cricket apps, cricket practice and improvement software, and much more.

Football/Soccer App Development

Don’t just watch Ronaldo and Messi making goals. Get your soccer gaming app with AR/VR integration and invite players worldwide to your platform.

Volleyball Sports App Development

You might love playing volleyball for an hour or two. But finding the co-players in your locality might be the actual headache. Introduce your innovative solution with a relevant app and help users to find co-partners with a few clicks.

Tennis Sports App Development

Be it lawn tennis or on the table, develop an app where users can chat regarding the game. However, it’s just our idea, and we are eager to listen to yours.

Ice Hockey/Hockey Sports App Development

Want to get live insight into the game but don’t have time to sit in front of television? Get an app that delivers live updates to your palm for yourself as well as your target audience.

Basketball Sports App Development

Develop an app that helps the coaches to enhance the quality of training. Instill the features like angle tracking, pace tracking, recording the practice sessions, and more to attract the audience in no-time.

Baseball Sports App Development

Build a baseball app that telecasts baseball matches. There are enough baseball fans who will take your app to the next level. Vision the features of a super app and claim competitive advantages for your application.

Boxing/Wrestling Sports App Development

Everything has gone digital, and so can the boxing coaching app. Deliver boxing training to your users’ doorsteps with a top-notch application.

Motosports App Development

Everyone is fond of watching motorsports games. Let it be F1 car racing or sports cars. So, why limit yourself to watching when you can have a similar experience with your handset?

Cue Billiard Sports App Development

The craze of Cue Billiard is increasing, and so is the demand for relevant apps. Get the app developed for virtual pool gaming, equipment e-Commerce, game practice, or shot analysis.

Swimming Sports App Development

Swimming is one of the best exercises and sports. However, finding the right swimming pool is challenging. Get an app that brings the list of swimming pools to your tablet in no time with all the information and insights


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We help you explore vast
App domain such as-

Core features of a Sports
Mobile App


Admin Panel

  • Login Module
  • Manage users
  • Manage subscription plans
  • Manage CMS pages
  • Manage Transactions
  • Web services
  • Application designs
  • Total days
  • Total weeks
  • Testing and deployment

User Panel

  • Sign up
  • Splash screen
  • Login
  • Newsfeed
  • Subscription plan listing page
  • Games listing screen
  • Purchase subscription plan
  • Team listing
  • Player listing
  • Manage accounts
  • Statistics dashboards

Key Offerings From Emizentech As
Your Sports App Development Company


Technology Stack

We offer a range of choices in Tech Stack. So, we, as well as our clients, are free to use the right tech stack according to the cost, time, size, and additional requirements of the project. With Emizentech, you can choose a browser, programming language, Database, Web Server, Operating system, and much more for your project.

Support and maintenance

Emizentech offers you support even before starting the project to months after completion of the project. Our free consultation session allows you to brainstorm ideas and develop clarity about your doubts. Our after-service support helps you remove bugs, perform efficient maintenance, and update the app.

UI/UX designs

Our UI/UX department is constantly engaged in doing experiments and fishing out the best looks that suit a particular website. We ensure a smoother and more seamless user experience in our project. After all, we understand that “First impression is the last impression”.

Enhanced User Engagement

Our feature choice in sports apps helps attract a vast user base. Having instilled the smoother interface, users prefer to stay on the app for longer, instilling user engagement.

Skilled developers

We work with a vast team of developers carrying varied skills. More than 50% of our workforce is experienced staff with expertise in their fields. So, your project is always in safe hands.

Technology Stack
we have expertise in

Yii Framework
Mobile Testing
Mobile Testing
Support Testing
Support Testing

Workflow of your Sports App is going to look something like this

Planner 1.


  • Developing a vision for the app
  • Brainstorming the idea
  • Research the market
  • Analyzing the competition
Planner 2.


  • Understanding the needs
  • Wireframing of project by Manager
Planner 3.

App Design

  • Prototyping User Interface
  • Wireframing User Experiences
Planner 4.


  • Front-end Coding
  • Overall integrations
  • Back-end development
Planner 5.

Quality Analysis and Testing

  • Security
  • Usability
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Compatibility
Planner 6.

Set in motion

  • Launch of Project
Planner 7.

Post-Service Support

  • Maintenance
  • Upgrading
  • Troubleshooting

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Want To know more About The Sports App Development Services? Scroll More.

The time required for app development entirely depends on your requirement and preference. An advanced and hybrid app will take far more time to develop than a basic app with limited functionalities. However, you can consider an average timeframe of 6-9 months for the app development.

Similar to time, app development cost also depends on various factors. Number of features, time taken for app development, origin country of app development team, platform choice, functionalities, type of features, etc. are some of those factors. You can expect the numerical value anywhere between $20,000- $5,000,000.

A white-label sports solution is an application developed by developers that can be marketed directly by the client with their branding. It is majorly beneficial in terms of cost-efficiency and time friendly.

Emizentech is a market-leading Sports App Development Company offering custom Sports App Development Services as per client’s requirements to grow their business and generate high ROI.

When the daily schedule of sports fans is getting hectic, apps are helping them remain connected with their favorite sports. Let it be getting live updates, becoming a member of the local sports club, finding the right place for a game, or virtual playing the game, Mobile apps are helping in every landscape.