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Maximizing the benefits of our Odoo Development and Customization Services and aligning with the industry’s best practices, we build targeted solutions, including the required features and functionalities, to optimize your business productivity and improve your work quality.

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Optimize Your Business Productivity with Odoo ERP & CRM Solutions

What more can you expect when you can manage all the business functions virtually, everything only from one platform, Odoo, a one-stop solution for all-sized companies? An emerging open-source platform, Odoo is transforming organizations globally and empowering employees. It arrives with varied features favoring every industry and business – from startups to multinational brands. Businesses opt for Odoo Development Solutions to grab new and exceptional opportunities, grow limitlessly, and withstand the ever-changing marketplace.

Odoo is an all-in-one suite of distinctive app leveraging, which allows you to run your business seamlessly and remotely from your shop, workplace, or wherever you are. Allowing high customization, Odoo allows you to meet your specific business requirements, whether relevant to accounts management, ERP, inventory management, CRM, or any other. Besides, it helps extend clients’ reach following an omnichannel reach strategy.

Connect with our company, an Odoo Authorized Partner, having a dedicated Odoo team with experience serving clients worldwide. We will guide you on how to make the best use of the system when your business functionality needs improvement to meet the objectives.

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    Our Core Odoo Development & Customization Services

    We offer Odoo Development Services to businesses, helping them serve the dynamic marketplace’s tailoring demands, easy customization, data integration, migration, smooth scalability, and increased efficiency.

    Odoo Customization Services

    Odoo Customization Services

    With distinctive requirements, businesses’ need for workflow, reports, and function- alities also changes. Our team of experts follows competitive approaches and tailors the Odoo platform accordingly to attain your business requirements for custom-ized features/functionality.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo Migration Services

    From wherever you want to migrate your business from any other platform, one version to another, or look for server migration on the same version, with Odoo, we ensure safe and smooth migration with no data loss.

    Odoo Customization Services

    Odoo Consulting Services

    Whether you need functional, integration, technical, customization, or any consu-ltation, our Odoo consultants provide expert guidance on making the best use of the platform to automate their business operations and increase productivity.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo Integration Services

    We provide Odoo multi-platform integration services, such as CRM solutions, e-commerce, cloud storage solutions, etc, ensuring seamless integration with third-party apps and services that enhance the functionality of your system and improve your customer experience.

    Odoo Customization Services

    Odoo Implementation Service

    Our Odoo implementation service helps enterprises set up and configure the Odoo ERP system flawlessly to integrate varied business functions, like inventory management, accounting, and more, that lead to improved efficiency, customization, scalability, and more.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo Custom App/Module Development

    By leveraging our expertise in Odoo studio, XML, and API, we build Odoo custom apps/modules to meet specific business requirements and go perfectly with their workflows and goals. With improved efficiency, businesses stay competitive in the market.

    Odoo Customization Services

    Odoo Themes Development Services

    We craft engaging, user-friendly, responsive websites for varied enterprises, offering our Odoo theme development services. We use the pre-built Odoo templates and even customize them per your requirements, ensuring your expanding customer reach.

    Odoo Migration Services

    E-commerce Development With Odoo

    From customizing your existing e-commerce store to building one from scratch, we provide custom Odoo ecommerce solutions leveraging our expertise and experience to attain your objectives.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo POS Development Services

    Our Odoo developers hold the caliber to maximize Odoo Web Library (OWL) to build customized POS systems for your organization. When integrated with your sales workflow, these improve queue management at stores and perform real-time updates to prices, products, etc.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo Headless Development Services

    Our expertise in Odoo headless solution development assists our clients in separating their e-commerce sites’ front and back ends. It helps them enhance their customer experience by updating the UX/UI without affecting the back end. This increases conversion rates, which boosts sales.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo Support and Maintenance

    By evaluating your brand’s standard statistics, we provide support and maintenance, including software updates and troubleshooting issues, to ensure consistent and optimal performance of your system.

    Odoo Migration Services

    Odoo Web Development Services

    Your business website impacts your market position. Our Odoo website development services will help you develop a responsive, user-friendly, and multi-lingual website to which you can seamlessly add Odoo apps/modules.

    Get top-quality Odoo Consulting Services for your startups, mid-sized and large

    Our expert Odoo developers have extensive knowledge and experience building targeted, cost-effective solutions.

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    Serving Varied Industry Verticals Worldwide

    We deliver high-quality Odoo Development Services to businesses of all sizes from diverse industry verticals.

    Manufacturing & Logistics 01

    Manufacturing & Logistics

    Finance 02


    Media Agencies 03

    Media Agencies

    Energy & Water Supply 04

    Energy & Water Supply

    E-Commerce, Retail & Wholesale 05

    E-Commerce, Retail & Wholesale

    Real Estate & Construction 06

    Real Estate & Construction

    Food Industry 07

    Food Industry

    Healthcare 08

    Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Healthcare 09

    Professional Services, IT & HR

    Education 10


    Why Choose Odoo Platform for your Business?

    Choosing the Odoo platform allows you to meet varied aspects by providing apps/modules all on a single platform.


    Free Access to Source Code

    With Odoo, an open-source platform, you can access source code; you will witness no lock-in in software and will own your data entirely. You can easily access and host GitHub on your premises or the platform.

    Free Access to Source Code

    Business Process Automation

    By opting for an Odoo ERP solution, you can streamline your business operations, especially mundane and repetitive jobs, which saves time and resources. This ahead boosts business productivity and efficiency.

    Free Access to Source Code

    Top Customization

    One size doesn’t fit all, so Odoo is here to permit code modification to help users meet their unique needs and tailor their business workflows. Besides, you can enhance the functionality of your system by adding extra features and customizing it.

    Free Access to Source Code

    Access to Real-time Information

    Odoo unveils real-time information about the organization’s processes, like finance, sales, etc. Using this data, you can make sound business decisions and maximize it to apply changes according to the dynamic market.

    Free Access to Source Code

    Improved Scalability

    As Odoo is highly scalable, you can seamlessly append new apps/modules to your growing business and meet your organization’s changing needs without switching to another system.

    Free Access to Source Code

    Competitive Pricing

    Arriving with many features, apps/modules for a business all at one platform, this ERP and CRM solution provides unlimited support, maintenance, hosting, and more at a fair price (no hidden cost).

    Our Successful Odoo Development Experiences

    We developed a custom Odoo solution for the Retail industry that improved inventory management and customer service and optimized supply chain operations. The solution integrated seamlessly with existing systems, providing real-time data analytics and growing operational efficiency.

    Project Highlights:

    • Automated retail operations
    • Improved inventory management
    • Enhanced customer interactions
    • Optimized supply chain procedures
    • Seamlessly integrated with existing systems
    • Ease availability of real-time data analytics
    • Improved business efficiency

    We implemented an Odoo ERP system for the Agrotech industry to automate manufacturing processes. The solution offered scalable modules for quality control, production planning, and inventory management, leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

    Project Highlights:

    • High-quality Odoo ERP system
    • Streamlined production processes
    • Improved operations efficiency
    • Offered top-notch services
    • Automated manufacturing processes
    • Seamless ERP system implementation
    • Scalable modules
    • Reduced operational costs

    We customized the Odoo e-commerce platform to enhance user experience and streamline backend operations. The platform featured a user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and robust inventory management, especially boosting online sales and customer satisfaction.

    Project Highlights:

    • Unique Odoo solution
    • User-friendly system
    • Improved sales and inventory management
    • Enhanced user experience
    • Improved backend operations
    • Boosted customer satisfaction

    Our Approach To Odoo Development

    Our Odoo Development Company has a team of experts who follow the Agile approach while developing solutions using Odoo platform to offer the required outcome with better communication and increased customer satisfaction.


    Requirements Gathering

    Understand our client’s requirements and business objectives.


    Environment Setup

    Craft the most suitable and stable development environment.


    Module Planning, Design, & Development

    Create plans, design, & perform coding to develop modules.



    Address the errors or issues and rectify them.


    Deployment and Maintenance

    Deploy the Odoo system for end-users and provide ongoing support and maintenance.


    User Training and Documentation

    Provide user training and complete documentation.


    Data Migration and Integration

    Migrate data from an existing system to a new one and integrate extra functionality.

    Why Choose EmizenTech for Odoo Development Services

    Being an Odoo Authorized Partner, you should go with EmizenTech for your Odoo development projects without any second thought. Have a quick glance at our highlights!

    Guaranteed Business Value

    Guaranteed Business Value

    The outcomes from our professionals will surely add value to your business’s long-term success.

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    Multi-domain Expertise

    Multi-domain Expertise

    Our team is proficient in varied domains or niches, so we are more competent in catching up with success.

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    On-time Delivery

    On-time Delivery

    We understand the importance of timely delivery. Considering this, we provide top-quality solutions within your prescribed timeline.

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    Guaranteed Business Value

    Transparency at Every Step

    Our experts build successful solutions that allow clients to access their projects’ details clearly and in a timely manner. This helps them make informed decisions collaboratively and deliver quality solutions.

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    Guaranteed Business Value

    Free Demo

    We provide free demo services to business owners to let them maximize this service and put forth the ideas and goals they want to attain.

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    Guaranteed Business Value

    Flexible Time Preference

    Our professionals are always ready to help you whenever you need our assistance, as we are flexible with any time you prefer.

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    Odoo Insights

    Our subject matter experts have shared their understanding and proficiency along with deep knowledge of Odoo for your ease.

    What is Odoo Runbot | How to Use Odoo Runbot?

    Streamlined operations and real-time collaboration are at the heart of every successful enterprise. This leads us to the exploration of tools and platforms that promise such efficacy.

    How to Create a Module in Odoo?

    Odoo is a collection of open-source business apps that covers all the business needs of a company, such as CRM, ERP, inventory, accounting, project management, e-commerce, and many more.

    Odoo ERP Integration In eCommerce Platform – All You Need To Know

    Who knew that shopping online within just a few clicks would be easier than preparing a cup of tea.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore more about the Odoo platform and surface with essential details that can benefit your Odoo development projects.

    Yes, this platform is open-source and can be used for free. You can easily access its modules/apps’ latest versions via GitHub, odoo.com, and other code repositories.

    As the Odoo platform can help build a cost-effective, scalable, highly customized, and user-friendly system for your business, you can maximize its value.

    Of course! Odoo permits users to customize the system seamlessly and without hassle per their business requirements.

    Yes, Odoo allows smooth integration with other systems to enhance the functionality of your business and meet your customers’ requirements.

    The exact cost of Odoo development can’t be revealed as it varies from project to project depending on business process complexity, functional requirements, change management, and more. It may starts from $5000 and go beyond depending upon business niche.

    Connect with our team to know the exact cost of your Odoo project.

    In general, it takes around two days to one week to migrate data from one platform to another, which relies on the number of modules and databases you need to migrate.

    Consider the below factors while choosing an Odoo Development Company for your business:

    • Level of Expertise
    • Experience
    • Portfolio
    • Client feedback
    • Availability of resources and skill sets
    • Fair pricing
    • Support service, etc.

    Looking into the elements you should consider while hiring a company, you can witness every such factor meeting perfectly in our case. You can hire our Odoo developers to ensure the success of your business.