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Salesforce Communities, a product that can be used to link thousands of employees, customers, stakeholders, and partners with no investment in costly individual licenses. Emizentech offers speeding channel sales, offering the simplicity of sharing information between partners and employees, and offering more proactive and better customer service to end-customers of clients, all through the custom solutions crafted using Salesforce Communities.

Salesforce Communities proficient at Emizentech perform for a CRM-powered experience for our clients that can assist them in being more productive and craft responsive and flawless digital spaces. We offer Salesforce Communities implementation services that assist you in engaging your clients with integrated and branded services, permitting them to craft a corporate recognition. Salesforce Communities assist you in converting your customer engagement by easing sales recruitment and personalized channel structure. Also, it locates all the needs of the customer and handles account information. Moreover, Salesforce communities cloud generate revenue along with the self-service for the customers. Additionally, it allows particular event portal branding to offer unique community URLs and the floor plan for all the events.

With Community Cloud, you get an efficient social platform that permits the management to interact with their channel partners and other parties efficiently and quickly. Just similar to any leading social networking platform, Salesforce Community Cloud permits you to offer your contacts with the essential records and data to assist them attain their work perfectly.

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Salesforce Communities Development

We, at Emizentech, are certified Salesforce experts who offer perfect solutions to link various users through Salesforce products.


Salesforce Communities Approach Consulting

We assist in crafting an approach on how to use Salesforce Cloud efficiently. We assist in defining the community targets, finalizing the features, and sketching future community plans.


Knowledge-base & User-base Management

Our team of proficients integrate with external databases or we migrate knowledge-base to SFDC. We handle role-based access to the database and also implement proper login protocols.


Third-party software integration

We, at Emizentech, integrate the Community solution with the 3rd-party services and data sources.


Salesforce Communities Development and Implementation

We tailor perfect features of Salesforce Community Cloud and craft customized features, business workflows, and apps. We develop everything to be Lightning-ready and mobile-ready.

Salesforce Community Cloud Offerings

We hold perfection and deep understanding of Salesforce Communities to assist your business meet the goals effectively.


Lightning Bolt

We provide Lightning Bolt that builds next-generation communities easily and simply with Salesforce. The portals and communities smoothly integrate with Salesforce offering you access to Salesforce data storage and cloud.


Project and Task Management

Community Cloud is useful for handling projects and tasks effectively. Also, it can be a sole point of interaction between your team members and you. Being a project manager, it is essential to coordinate between various team members and you can’t tolerate miscommunication. So, this platform diminishes such problems as communication is open, quick, and centralized.


Connect CMS to Community

We, at Emizentech, assist you to connect your external CMS to your community for materials reuse, consistent branding, and easy maintenance. CMS Connect holds /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets from 3rd-party CMS components, JSON, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, to tailor your community.


Content Management and Moderation

Community Cloud allows the development and management of all sorts of business content used for communicating with the related entities. It permits you to craft personalized content for partners, customers, or employees drafted perfectly for them, to render the content whenever needed and incorporating these business communications.


Community Reporting

We offer community reporting that you can employ to see the short-and long-term trends in many areas of the community. It offers access to a preconfigured AppExchange package that leads to easy reporting for the community managers.


Data Sharing

We, at Emizentech, offer Data Sharing that permits you to link with a range of people, from the partners to the product experts. It allows you to adjust the sharing setting facilitating you to limit access to only related information and give way to enhanced opportunities.


Ideation and Crowdsourcing

Community Cloud implementation permits you to participate in productive conversations along with your customers, partners, or team members for brainstorming. This can assist you in perfect ideation for rolling out a new service or product, developing a sales/marketing campaign, project planning, or other business processes.


Business Integration

At Emizentech, we offer business integration that permits your customers to build and shoot up support cases along with Salesforce Communities. It instills communities with all your systems’ data that can be shared and accessed by your employees.


Community Setup

Salesforce Communities are of 4 types – Account Portal, Customer Service, Custom, and Partner. At Emizentech, we assist you to prepare the community that meets the best of your requirements and needs.


Brainstorming and Discussion Boards

Salesforce Community Cloud permits you to handle all your contacts perfectly. Whenever you need it, you can link with the needed one just by performing a few clicks. This speedy and easy communication also offers wide scope for brainstorming.


Community Management

We, at Emizentech, provide Community Management that permits you to attain access to customizable and pre-configured Lightning dashboards. The community management console permits you to map and analyze the metrics, like engagement and adoption, users, popular groups, and topics.


Automation in Communities

We, at Emizentech, offer automation services that allow you to share leads, contacts, and records with your customers with Salesforce Communities. It permits you to integrate 3rd-party systems to centralize the inventory, pricing, and avoid channel issues with lead distribution and deal registration.


Calendar and Document Management

Salesforce Community Cloud permits you to develop particular events on your Salesforce Calendar and handle your schedule perfectly. You can also link your contacts with particular events to make the scheduling extra organized.


Journey Builder

We offer Journey Builder services that render cross-channel customized experiences at all the steps of the customer lifecycle. Community Cloud offers you B2C journey management to improve your services for the clients.


Social Media Management

Recently, on the social media visibility of a business firm, much is moving. Community Cloud permits you to handle your business account on various social media platforms and get engaged with your links on these platforms.


Chatter Collaboration

We offer Chatter Collaboration so that you can allow your employee to collaborate on the projects, find the subject-matter proficients, and get the updates and more along with Salesforce Communities.


Decision Tree

A necessarily visual exhibition of various possible results is a decision tree. Community Cloud permits you and your partners to compute imperative decisions you take by permitting you to pick between the expected results of the same. This aids you in coming up with a complete outlook of the relevant situations and enhances decision making.

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Let’s get deeper to know more about our Salesforce Communities Integration Services

There are 3 types of portals:

  • Partner Portal
  • Customer Portal
  • Self-service Portal
  • Customer Communities
  • Partner Communities
  • Employee Communities

Well, with Community Cloud we can develop communities to attain deep bonds with customers and increase the customer experience by helping the customers in finding details and replies to their questions online.

Salesforce Communities performs well with the organizations of all sizes and assists in creating a smooth, branded community experience easily to everyone. It offers customizable mobile-optimized communities that suit best to your firm and its branding.

It is one of the advanced versions of portals provided by Salesforce. It crafts a place on a site where people are allowed to log in and access the details that the website owner wishes them to know from their Salesforce Cloud.