Blockchain Application Development Solutions

Our proficiency in blockchain application development expands from crafting intuitive front-end solutions that improve user experience to building robust code that ensures the end product is stable.

Whether it’s a hybrid solution or a pure one, Emizentech is proficient in converting ideas into reality utilizing blockchain’s advanced technology. Our blockchain app development skills extend from crafting intuitive front-end solutions that improve user experience to building robust code that emerges with a stable product. At Emizentech, our experts analyze the client’s needs to offer the right blockchain technology solution that leads to the best outcome.

Emizentech utilizes blockchain technology to assist businesses in collaborating while reducing costs, staying secure, and saving time. We hold professional blockchain app developers who know distinct aspects of the blockchain framework, including its weaknesses and strengths. We deliver our clients business-benefiting solutions assisting them to stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, our team offers them the exceptional integrated and verified benefits of blockchain implementation into their unique app development requirements to convert them into profitable solutions.

Our mission is to constantly deliver more advanced solutions and attain something beyond the general use of blockchain technology. We target to render the clients the best suitable custom blockchain development services that provide exceptional enterprise-class solutions.

Being a top-notch blockchain development company, Emizentech has marked a niche by offering various successful Blockchain-based software solutions on varied blockchain platforms. You can use blockchain technology to increase data security, reduce data storage costs, accomplish process automation, reduce time, and avoid data duplication.

Our industry-best experts hold the caliber to offer you feature-packed Blockchain development services meeting your business challenges. Get in touch with us today!

Types of Blockchain Development

Over the last few years, the way the blockchain has emerged can be further divided into varied categories. Let’s check out different types of Blockchain development frameworks.


Public Blockchain

This blockchain development framework is permission-less, and no entity is there to control the network. Moreover, it permits anyone to join the network. Here, data stays secure as it doesn’t allow any changes once validated on the Blockchain.
For example – Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Private Blockchain

One or more entities control this network. Just the selected being can participate in it; that’s why it works on access control. Furthermore, it relies on a third party to transact. Every participant holds the information relevant to history and transactions.
For example: Hyperledger and Ripple (XRP).


Consortium Blockchain

It’s a combination of private and public blockchains where anyone is allowed to validate it. It can appoint just a single entity. Various organizations can share their insights easily.
For example: Quorum and Corda.

Blockchain App Development Solutions We Offer

Emizentech’s Blockchain development services providers offer you a wide range of decentralized solutions that append transparency, scalability, and security to your ecosystem.

Blockchain Technology Consultation

Blockchain Technology Consultation

Blockchain consultants at Emizentech resolve the clients’ queries, such as Blockchain implementation, learning finance trade of the domain, starting payment process, demonstration, and management. This way, we assist the business leaders in knowing how blockchain can fit perfectly into their business model.

Blockchain App Development

Blockchain App Development

Our Blockchain development experts use blockchain technology to assist businesses in collaborating while being secure, saving time, and reducing costs. We hold proficiency in various blockchain platforms, like Corda, EOS, Tezos, etc., and develop robust, scalable, and custom blockchain software solutions for startups and enterprises.


Blockchain Exchange Platform

Our expert Blockchain developers craft the Blockchain exchange software that comes with varied features, like for trading blockchain tokens and various cryptocurrencies, participating in Security Token Offerings (STO), Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Digital Security Offerings (DSO), and auto-generating private & public keys, etc. At Emizentech, you will get a hack-proof blockchain exchange platform for or the real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies on iOS and Android.

Decentralized App Development

Decentralized App Development

From the ideation to design and development, blockchain developers at Emizentech craft enterprise-grade dApps to assist the clients in pacing up a time to market and boost ROI. Our blockchain developers develop custom dApps and integrate them into current enterprise systems to permit businesses to use a secure and protected ambiance for varied business transactions and collaboration.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain developers at Emizentech craft blockchain wallet apps that can hold a broad array of digital assets and currencies and provide the caliber to track history and check balance. We use REST APIs to make the apps scalable, flexible, and portable to various platforms. We have created decentralized and secure mobile and desktop wallets for varied blockchain platforms

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Our adroit Smart Contract developers build accurate and immutable smart contracts that make the business ecosystem conflict-free. Our smart contracts suit best to the public as well as private blockchain networks. We have also created smart contracts for blockchain supply chain solutions, crowdfunding, and many dApps.

Crypto NFT Marketplace Development

Crypto NFT Marketplace Development

We, at Emizentech, provide custom design and development services for NFT marketplaces where users’ digital assets are built to NFTs and auctioned or sold to others. Such software is integrated with a current stack of features, like cross-chain operations, payment gateways, storefronts, and much more.

Custom NFT Marketplace Development

Our team offers end-to-end NFT marketplace development solutions to assist digital content creators and entrepreneurs tap into the NFT marketplace and launching new revenue streams.

Blockchain Security

We carve innate and linked UX/UI design services for the multi-faceted digital platforms in meeting your exact business sketch and analysis successfully. We hold the artistic team to create a jaw-dropping user interface you are fetching.

Advanced NFT Functionality

We develop an NFT Marketplace where cryptocurrency investors can access real-time data relevant to the payment methods, cost, and the auction’s length while permitting bidding, along with trading history. Emizentech’s NFT developers use custom categorization systems to exhibit your platform’s top NFT’s being traded.

OpenSea SDK

Our experts build marketplaces using the OpenSea SDK infrastructure allowing innovative functionality along with your custom design and the caliber to sell items for your ERC 20. Emizentech’s NFT developers craft marketplaces that permit you to develop ERC-721 or ERC-1155 (semi-fungible) items.


Business Use Case of Blockchain Technology

At Emizentech, we craft Blockchain Solutions from scratch or integrate customized components and features into current systems for varied industries like retail & eCommerce, supply chain, and gaming markets.


We are one of the top blockchain development companies that assist retailers in improving their data accumulation caliber, ensuring product authentication, executing payments, and more. The use of blockchain in the retail industry simplifies varied processes apart from increasing customer satisfaction. We implement the features for chain-of-custody data access, crypto payments, and cost reduction transactions.


The supply chain apps that we develop cover the entire lifecycle of a data block, starting from its production to the warehouse, logistic, retail, and end-consumers. Our custom Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions assist supply chain & logistics enterprises in improving security, monitoring good provenance, controlling expenses, and identifying inefficiencies within the current workflows. It demands the usage of document digitization & automation, counterfeit detection software, and digital certification & logistics tracking.


Directly from identity verification to tracking the luggage, making payments, and launching customer loyalty schemes, Emizentech’s blockchain development solutions help decentralize the travel and tourism businesses perfectly. The use of blockchain technology emerged with a solution for speedy transactions for travel operators, passengers, and other stakeholders, apart from boosting operational efficiencies and lowering the risk of fraud.


At Emizentech, we help the educational institutions with the most innovative services, from enhancing recordkeeping facilities to tracking the student credentials, verifying the identities, and expanding the efficiency of current processes.


Being the top blockchain app development company, Emizentech offers suitable solutions that increase the chances of fundraising, maintaining authenticity, tracking files, engaging users, and more. With improved security, blockchain crafts a more reliable ecosystem for sharing and publishing digital content.


While building Blockchain apps, Emizentech integrates the decentralized element in your payment application to maintain an immutable record and remove the instances of fraud. The trustless feature and top level of security that comes with blockchain assist banks and financial institutions attain a top level of customer satisfaction.


Emizentech’s Blockchain Healthcare solutions are famous for eliminating various real-world health issues, including the traditional drug design model and fragments of patient data. Blockchain permits clinical data sharing across hospitals and other medical institutions, improving patient care quality. Moreover, patients hold better control of their health data.


Emizentech is one of the best blockchain development companies that built marketplaces where sellers and buyers can connect directly, invest in fractional ownership, make payments, and more. Our Blockchain Real Estate Solutions provide improved pre-purchase due diligence, marketplace data encryption, liquid asset implementation, and ownership verification. For this, we use automation processes to speed up and trace real estate transactions while eradicating current database silos and reducing various intermediaries.

A Quick View of our Diverse Technology Expertise.

Emizentech is dedicated to engineering optimal technology solutions that increase entire profit for global clients. We hold expert teams of Indian programmers who are experienced in diverse technology sets. Let’s have a look at the chief technologies of which our developers hold the expertise.

Blockchain Development Platforms We Work On

















Programming Language

















Why Emizentech for Blockchain app development

We hold teams of expert blockchain developers who have years of experience and proficiency in Blockchain App Development.

Expertise in Blockchain

Emizentech team builds the solutions for every significant cryptosystem and blockchain platform, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger. We are here at your service if you want to develop a whole blockchain infrastructure or its separate elements – blockchain core, ecosystem apps, or nodes.

Expertise in Cryptography

Holding proficiency in data protection, Emizentech provides its clients a broad spectrum of secure cryptographic solutions embracing digital signature, encryption, and hashing algorithm.

Quality Control

Our team of QAs starts performing at the time of analysis to build a QA strategy, test every implemented feature, and run a Bug Bounty Program that assists in lowering down the malfunctions of the solution and attain your needs.

Experienced in Varied Industry Verticals

Our team of professionals holds expertise in several industries like fintech, edtech, entertainment, travel & hospitality, health tech, and more.

Round-the-Clock Support

Emizentech offers its clients 24*7 support and maintenance services, even post-deployment and delivery.

QA & Comprehensive Testing

Our team manages data and digital identity reliably through comprehensively tested blockchain applications.

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A decentralized digital ledger that stays on various computers simultaneously is known as a blockchain. It’s a chain of blocks holding information records with a unique hash value that doesn’t allow tampering with data.

When we develop platforms or apps using blockchain technology, it’s blockchain development. It is best for bringing transparency and trust to the business ecosystems with their caliber to house immutable data.

Emizentech is a blockchain development company that can offer the blockchain development service, from creating a PoC to setting a decentralized app, deploying it on-premise or cloud, and maintaining it post the development phase.

Blockchain is transforming the mobile app industry in varied ways, like:

  • By providing a transparent and secure environment.
  • By protecting digital information while providing multiple user access.
  • By boosting the overall ROI.
  • By safeguarding the system from potential bugs, errors, and other issues, and more.

Blockchain ensures more traceability, transparency, and visibility of records and data. Its decentralized nature spread control and power. Its append-only feature makes sure that the records can just be accessed, not modified. That’s why blockchain is well-accepted as a perfect prospect for apps demanding trust and transparency.

Well, various technologies help in Blockchain app development, like:

  • Ethereum
  • Hedera Hashgraph
  • Hyperledger
  • Stellar
  • Multichain, and more.

Well, the cost of blockchain app development relies on several factors, like the app’s complexity, industry compliance, geographic location, and more. So, while analyzing such factors, you should get an estimate.

Choosing a blockchain app development company is a tricky job. You need to consider various factors while finalizing a decision, like experience, team size, expertise, reviews, ratings, portfolio, and more.

Yes, of course. You can pick the blockchain development team as per your project needs and preferences. We will help you with the procedure. After that, you can start your blockchain project with your selected team.

Our team ensures that we follow the apt strategy for blockchain implementation.

We have crafted the right approach to develop blockchain apps and follow a blockchain development process utilizing the agile methodology.

The stages it includes are:

  • Ideation
  • Choosing the best Blockchain platform
  • Blockchain Ideation to emerge with other technology stacks for the app
  • Development of prototype or PoC
  • Technical and visual designs
  • Blockchain App Development
  • Blockchain App Deployment
  • Updates and maintenance

Developing a fully functional site by hiring a blockchain development company depends on various factors. Designing part may take 1-4 weeks; again, it relies on the project’s complexity. And the development phase demands approximately 1-6 weeks more. To deliver your project, we will take the minimum possible time to deliver your project as we follow an agile development process.

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