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We help startups and enterprises integrate secure and reliable decentralized blockchain solutions for their business automation. Our custom blockchain solutions are altered to particular business use cases via system modification, feature integration, and implementations.

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Blockchain Application Development Solutions

We are a renowned blockchain development company with extensive knowledge and expertise in building and managing decentralized solutions. We serve our clients with a broad range of decentralized solutions.

We are one of the best blockchain development companies holding a team of dedicated full-stack developers and designers with years of experience developing enterprise-grade software solutions for clients worldwide.

We design and craft custom blockchain solutions using EVM, Substrate, Cosmos, Solidity, or Hyperledger. Developing business logic for running blockchain nodes, our specialists understand how to build a decentralized platform for bridges, NFTs, metaverse, DEX, dApps, and tokens. Our chief principles adhere to the best quality, and we have offered various blockchain-based solutions to many businesses globally in different countries.

We started our journey toward serving varied industries in 2013 as a small tech startup backed by three pillars in the face of professional, tech-savvy experts who always wanted to craft innovative solutions to real-world issues. Post that, many specialists joined as a team, and today, we are well-recognized as a top blockchain development company, offering various blockchain development services to all sized businesses.

Our team of professionals and competent R&D team dive deep to conduct deep research on every project that arrives to become a reality. All the projects pass through different avenues, like finance, technology, and marketing, to build the most sustainable and scalable enterprise solutions.

Time to leverage the benefits of infinite business opportunities with a skilled and professional blockchain development company. The team ensures speedy business transactions with scalable, interoperable, and secure decentralized solutions.


Types of Blockchain Development

Behind every project, the blockchain technology is the same, but the target end users of various types of blockchain may vary.


Public Blockchain

These blockchains are entirely open to following the decentralization idea, permissionless. They have no restrictions; anyone can participate in the network with an internet connection and computer. In this, data stays safe as once data is validated on Blockchain, it doesn’t permit any changes.
Ex- Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Private Blockchain

Not decentralized as the public blockchain, the private blockchain allows just selected nodes to participate in the process, making data more secure than others. They are open to some authorized users and operate in a closed network.
Ex – Hyperledger and Ripple (XRP).


Hybrid Blockchain

The mixed content of the public and private blockchain, a hybrid blockchain, is controlled by some firms, and others are made visible as a public blockchain. Here, permission-based and permissionless systems are preferred. Ex – Swisscoin.


Consortium Blockchain

Consortium Blockchain meets organizations’ requirements. It verifies the transaction and starts or receives transactions. Some parts are private, and the rest are public. More than one organization handles the blockchain.
Ex – Quorum and Corda

Blockchain App Development Services We Offer

We transform your ideas into useful apps that are reliable and scalable. With years of experience developing blockchain-powered solutions, we have customized our process to stay updated with the constant innovation of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Consultation

Blockchain Technology Consulting

We assist businesses worldwide in recognizing how blockchain technology can fit perfectly into their business model. Our blockchain app consulting services includes custom app development on high-performing platforms like EOS, Hyperledger, and Stellar.

Blockchain App Development

Blockchain DApps Development

From ideation, design, and development to final release, we manage your entire DApp development process from the initial stages to its end through our proficiency in Blockchain decentralized app development.


NFT Marketplace Development

We assist our clients in developing their protocol-specific decentralized NFT marketplaces to arrange bidding, NFT trading, and selling digital assets. To resolve the interoperability problems, we craft cross-chain marketplaces that allow the minting of multi-chain compatible NFTs.


Metaverse Development

With specialization in NFTs, blockchain, and Crypto development tools, we provide Metaverse development services for projects extending social media, NFT marketplaces, and 3D gaming. We meet the development and technical requirements through an interactive artificial and virtual space.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain Supply Chain Development

We build, deploy, and manage various blockchain supply chain solutions that provide full transparency at each step of the product’s journey and assist in diminishing communication gaps and data-transfer issues.

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Custom Blockchain App Development

We develop robust and scalable custom blockchain software solutions for startups and enterprises with proficiency in various blockchain platforms, such as Hyperledger, Stellar, Polkadot, Tezos, Tron, and EOS.

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

We empower businesses by developing our smart contract, which includes creating and deploying self-executing contracts for private and public blockchain networks. We hold specialization in developing smart contracts for blockchain supply chain solutions, crowdfunding, diverse dApps, and NFT projects.

Crypto NFT Marketplace Development

Decentralized Exchange (OTC Exchange)

Our expert blockchain development team crafts robust and hack-proof decentralized exchange platforms on iOS and Android to allow the real-time exchange of digital currencies efficiently and securely.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain Wallet Development (Crypto Wallet)

We develop feature-packed and robust mobile and web wallet apps that support various digital assets and currencies exchange and are integrated with cross-chain token swapping features.


Tokenization (Token Migration Platform, Token Bridge Platform)

Our blockchain development experts can assist you tokenization of any asset you need, ensuring transparency, trust, and efficiency. Tokenization diminishes volatility and attracts more liquidity to a broad array of assets.

Crypto NFT Marketplace Development

Automatic/Manual ICO Dashboard

We have a team of expert blockchain developers who provide the needed blockchain development services to budding crypto entrepreneurs using ICO tokens to raise their funds.

DeFi Lending Software

DeFi Lending Software

We hold experience in DeFi software development using modern networks. We provide DeFi solutions according to customers’ requirements to procure funds.

Crowdfunding Software

Crowdfunding Software

You can fund your favorite causes and projects or develop an easy-to-use platform where the users can raise funds utilizing our crypto-enabled crowdfunding software.

Crypto Penny Auction Software

Crypto Penny Auction Software

Our crypto-enabled penny auction software platform, including various features, can help you generate complete passive income.

Business Use Case of Blockchain Technology

You should adapt to the tailoring industry standards to stay ahead of your competitors. You can boost your business returns by including a custom-made blockchain ecosystem to help your business operations. Check out a few use cases, including blockchain:


The retail industry is changing faster with the consumers’ demands. Blockchain stands uniquely to meet the industry challenges by enhancing data management tools, improving supply chain operations, and diminishing the counterfeit and grey markets risk.


Enterprise Ethereum permits the digitization of financial instruments and assets. This magnifies fractionalization of ownership, increased access to global markets, expanded liquidity, and standard access to real estate investment opportunities.


Blockchain provides decentralized nodes for e-voting and is best for producing e-voting systems chiefly because of their peer-to-peer verification advantages.


Blockchain-based healthcare solutions will allow more efficient, faster, and more secure medical supply tracking and data management. This may augment patient care, enable advancements in medical discoveries, and ensure drug authenticity circulating worldwide markets.


The smart contract is the best solution to speed up security and efficiency and diminish the cost of various processes in the financial sector.


Post becoming a global standard, blockchain will break out transparent banking systems, rapid transaction processing, and diminished processing costs. Banking and finance brands can deploy blockchain for clearing, payments, settlements, trade finance, and cross-border transfers.


Blockchain leads to seamless communication across complex supply chains and boosts trust, speed, and security. Blockchain can help enable accurate asset tracking, improved services, software and product licensing, and transparency into consumer goods’ provenance, from sourcing to consumption.


Blockchain offers an inalterable, distributed record of transactions that financial institutions can use for reporting and recordkeeping to regulatory agencies. The speedy transaction settlements by blockchain technology can enhance varied financial services.

Blockchain technology assists in decentralizing travel and tourism businesses. Using such technology comes forward with a solution for accelerated transactions for passengers, travel operators, and other stakeholders, besides increasing operational efficiencies and reducing fraud risk.


Suitable blockchain solutions increase funding opportunities, maintain authenticity, engage users, track files, etc. With enhanced security, blockchain creates a more reliable ecosystem for publishing and sharing digital content.


Blockchain technology can help track the lifecycle of any content that holds the caliber to safeguard digital content and allow the spread of authentic digital collectibles. Blockchain assists in augmenting fundraising opportunities, maintaining authenticity, tracking files, engaging users, etc.

Blockchain Development Platform

We perform limitlessly with the below blockchain development platforms and offer end-to-end decentralized development services to meet your business needs.



Open-source blockchains’ umbrella project, Hyperledger, develops enterprise-grade blockchain applications. It’s a distributed ledger platform that develops private blockchain solutions for various businesses.



An open-source blockchain platform, Ethereum merges smart contract functionality to develop dApps. It’s a decentralized platform that is also known for running dApps.



Stellar is mainly used for building cross-border payment solutions, an open platform for developing financial products that link people everywhere.



A money transfer network, Ripple is crafted to serve various financial institutions, digital exchangers, and payment providers to send money across global borders. This blockchain platform allows people to develop real-world solutions for secure and faster digital monetary transactions.

polygon matic

Matic Polygon

One more decentralized platform, Matic Polygon, powered on the Ethereum network, develops user-friendly dApps. Also, it’s known for strengthening the Polygon Network, a scaling solution for Ethereum.



An open-source blockchain platform, EOSIO is used to develop, operate, run, and support business-class dApps holding the caliber to process transactions flexibly and quickly. Also, it’s best for speedy transactions with zero transaction fees.



DApps are easy to develop using Dragonchain, an open-source hybrid blockchain platform. It helps deploy advanced apps rapidly and integrate quantum-safe powers with current systems.


Hedera Hashgraph

An enterprise-grade public network, Hedera helps make your digital world as it needs to be. It goes ahead of blockchain to develop a new era of fair, fast, and secure apps.



An open-source platform for DApps and assets. It deploys smart contracts and seamless transactions.



Corda is best for developing and deploying next-gen applications, an open-source business blockchain platform.



A highly advanced blockchain platform, Tron allows the rapid development of dApps and smart contracts.



An open-source distributed ledger technology, Openchain is best suited for all-sized businesses and most securely managing digital assets.



The substrate is a blockchain development framework that helps build parachains, relay chains, dApps, and cross-chain bridges.



Such a protocol allows developers to craft custom blockchain networks bridging permissionless and private deployments. It’s a rapid transaction featured with the consensus protocol.



An open-source web3 blockchain network, Polkadot enables interconnectivity and interoperability by allowing independent chains to exchange messages securely and conduct transactions without a 3rd-party.


Near Protocol

A smart-contract capable layer one blockchain, Near is crafted to support next-gen dApp development. It’s one of the top smart contract blockchain platforms that combines first-rate technology with a rapidly-growing developer ecosystem.

Why Emizentech for Blockchain App Development?

We are best at blockchain development by outperforming developers by offering feature-rich solutions and attributes based on customers’ business needs. Our custom blockchain solutions meet personalized business use cases through system modifications, feature integration, and implementations.

Proficiency in Blockchain

We convert your ideas into real apps that are reliable and scalable. Our expert blockchain developers follow the best processes to test rapidly and get product maturity in the initial days. With experience in developing 100+ blockchain-powered solutions, our team has customized our approach to align with the continuous expansion of blockchain technology.

Expertise in Cryptography

We are proficient in data protection, and our experts offer clients various secure cryptographic solutions, including encryption, digital signature, and hashing algorithm.

Quality Control

We prepare robust cryptocurrency solutions from ICOs to Wallets to Exchange Solutions with the help of experienced crypto experts.

Experienced in Varied Industry Verticals

Core traits of blockchain technology include transparency, decentralization, immutability, transparency, and automation. You can apply these elements to many industries, crafting many use cases.

Round-the-Clock Support

We offer 24/7 customer support to our clients and help them resolve the issues that interrupt their performance. Our team stays all set to help clients whenever they need help for their businesses.

QA & Comprehensive Testing

Our professional experts ensure that dApps are tested thoroughly and market-ready before the launch. Our wide range of QAs and testing services take care of all the quality assurance requirements of our clients. We help in building a secure and robust blockchain platform.

Benefits Of Blockchain App Development

Support your aim for your product and business with decentralized, transparent technology and professionals who can help you meet your targets.



Test & buy Model



Certificate Guarantee





Instant Refund


Tracking & Support



Complete Source Code

Our Blockchain Application Development Process

We help all-sized businesses integrate secure and reliable decentralized blockchain solutions for their business automation.

Blockchain Consulting

We assist our clients in recognizing the power of blockchain for their firms. We conduct deep market research, feasibility assessment of projects, blockchain platforms and tools, analysis, and apt features prioritization.

User Experience & Technical Design

Our team of professionals crafts high-fidelity designs on all types of blockchain projects while providing an expected user experience. The technical designs include a system blueprint containing user stories, technical component definitions, and platform database design.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

From planning to design and development, we develop scalable decentralized and enterprise-grade apps, assisting our clients in speeding their time to market and boosting ROI.

Migration & Upgrades

We offer the operational support required to migrate the current apps to the blockchain or from one blockchain protocol to another without damage and keep the dApp updated to ensure zero downtime.


Our specialists deploy your blockchain network in four phases; backend deployment, frontend deployment, blockchain network configuration, and node validation. We also conduct pre-launch testing of the whole deployed programs, such as dApps, and smart contracts.


Our team monitors, maintains and offers support for handling new OS releases, new releases, and 3rd party upgrades. Our blockchain developers are there to help you resolve your critical issues.

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Scroll Below To Know More About Blockchain Development

A decentralized digital ledger that stays on various computers simultaneously is known as a blockchain. It’s a chain of blocks holding information records with a unique hash value that doesn’t allow tampering with data.

When we develop platforms or apps using blockchain technology, it’s blockchain development. It is best for bringing transparency and trust to the business ecosystems with their caliber to house immutable data.

Emizentech is a blockchain development company that can offer the blockchain development service, from creating a PoC to setting a decentralized app, deploying it on-premise or cloud, and maintaining it post the development phase.

Blockchain is transforming the mobile app industry in varied ways, like:

  • By providing a transparent and secure environment.
  • By protecting digital information while providing multiple user access.
  • By boosting the overall ROI.
  • By safeguarding the system from potential bugs, errors, and other issues, and more.

Blockchain ensures more traceability, transparency, and visibility of records and data. Its decentralized nature spread control and power. Its append-only feature makes sure that the records can just be accessed, not modified. That’s why blockchain is well-accepted as a perfect prospect for apps demanding trust and transparency.

Well, various technologies help in Blockchain app development, like:

  • Ethereum
  • Hedera Hashgraph
  • Hyperledger
  • Stellar
  • Multichain, and more.

Well, the cost of blockchain app development relies on several factors, like the app’s complexity, industry compliance, geographic location, and more. So, while analyzing such factors, you should get an estimate.

Choosing a blockchain app development company is a tricky job. You need to consider various factors while finalizing a decision, like experience, team size, expertise, reviews, ratings, portfolio, and more.

Yes, of course. You can pick the blockchain development team as per your project needs and preferences. We will help you with the procedure. After that, you can start your blockchain project with your selected team.

Our team ensures that we follow the apt strategy for blockchain implementation.

We have crafted the right approach to develop blockchain apps and follow a blockchain development process utilizing the agile methodology.

The stages it includes are:

  • Ideation
  • Choosing the best Blockchain platform
  • Blockchain Ideation to emerge with other technology stacks for the app
  • Development of prototype or PoC
  • Technical and visual designs
  • Blockchain App Development
  • Blockchain App Deployment
  • Updates and maintenance

Developing a fully functional site by hiring a blockchain development company depends on various factors. Designing part may take 1-4 weeks; again, it relies on the project’s complexity. And the development phase demands approximately 1-6 weeks more. To deliver your project, we will take the minimum possible time to deliver your project as we follow an agile development process.