Salesforce Einstein Analytics

With an AI-powered analytics platform, we can now discover the insights, find the recommendations, predict the results, and act rapidly.

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Allowing your users to speed up sales, increase customer service, and maximize their ROI.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is an intelligent and complete business analytics solution to pull the hidden chances
of business growth and customer retention

A cloud-based analytics tool, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is provided by Salesforce. It stores data on its platform, despite being on the Salesforce platform. But, as it’s a Salesforce product, it is well-integrated with the chief Salesforce Platform. Though The Salesforce platform provides outstanding reporting calibers as compared to the remaining CRM market, it is not crafted to analyze complicated and large data. And here Einstein Analytics enters with such data visualization and manipulation potential. We can now explore complex and large datasets easily and quickly. If you are a Salesforce reporting analyst or admin, you should know all the restrictions of Salesforce reporting and dashboards. Such restrictions disappear to an extent when employing Einstein Analytics, instead, you can develop this latest logic into the dataflow.

With the Salesforce Platform, Einstein Analytics is integrated very well so that even they are not aware that they are exploring an Einstein Analytics dashboard despite a standard one. The users can access it all through the Analytics tab or by the Analytics Studio app. but, firstly, the users require the license. Their permissions are stated on their Salesforce user record, offered through a Salesforce permission set. We can load data through various options into Einstein Analytics. It may be directly from Salesforce objects, manually loading from a CSV file or via External data sources, embracing other Salesforce Orgs. You hold options to enable or disable data sync between Einstein Analytics and Salesforce, which is only for fields and objects employed by Einstein Analytics. Though, to search external data, you should enable the sync. When we enable sync, data to be used in Einstein Analytics will be synced from Salesforce, despite the entire Salesforce data.

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Einstein Analytics Offerings:

Emizentech holds proficiency and deep knowledge in Salesforce Einstein Analytics to assist your business reach the heights in an enhanced optimized, accelerated, and effective way.


Einstein Opportunity Insights

We, at Emizentech, offer the managers and sales reps with smart follow-ups and key predictions to meet the selling process of the team. With us, Einstein opportunity insights implementation model in the sales cloud, Einstein diminish the requirement for you to seek a proficient in Data Science.


Einstein Account Insights

The one who is fed up with reading and analyzing the articles to pull out benefits for the company, Einstein Account Insights has emerged. With the Einstein Account Insights implementation at Emizentech, you can recognize various new articles regularly, grab major events and alterations taking place and employ it for the expansion of your company.


Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Lead Scoring is developed particularly to attain the needs of your sales reps and enhance your prospect conversions. Crafted to assist Sales Cloud Einstein, it employs machine learning to, apart from inventing great leads also converting with an intelligent lead score. At Emizentech, we just make sure that it is altered to fulfill your business needs by inspecting predictive models. After catching up, you will no longer need an expert in Stats.


Einstein Custom Analytics

Our team of certified Salesforce experts assists our clients in the management of their advanced analytics and explores their data by employing Sales Cloud Einstein. Now, you can get Analytics /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets, custom apps, templates, and Apex with Einstein Analytics SDK.


Einstein Prediction Builder

Also known as an option for Machine Learning, through Einstein Prediction Builder you can develop predictions on the apps on salesforce fields. Be your requirement is for price forecasting or predicting customer dissatisfaction rate, we, at Emizentech, help our clients to integrate and assist through the whole process.


Einstein Bots

We develop and manage Einstein Bots for you to ease the loading of your service agents. Bots can manage regular requests and make your agents free so that they can handle more complicated issues. Also, Salesforce Einstein Bots can accumulate pre-chat details to save the time of your agents. We, at Emizentech, ensure to attain the conversation of your customer exactly by attaining the personality of your company all through tactical implementation.


Einstein Email Insights

With the assistance of Recommended Connections and Einstein Email insights, we at Emizentech assist your sales reps to move the deals in the apt direction. Also, the sales team is offered a chief sales context along with regular emails to offer you a benefit over your competition.


Einstein Forecasting

We offer your forecast managers along with AI-powered intelligence that enhances forecasting accuracy, tracks how the sales team is performing, and predicts results. To employ Einstein Forecasting, we build a permission set with the Sales Cloud Einstein permission set license, allow app permissions for Einstein Forecasting, and allocate the permission set to the users. With our support and implementation, we predict sole Sales forecasts to the sales reps and allow them to know what to anticipate in advance from the source and in an accurate way.


Einstein Activity Capture

It performs with Office 365 or Gmail accounts, by logging in entire historical data, which lasts up to 6 months. Later, it catches the performance in the background and showcases in the activity timeline. With Emizentech, you can explore your bind with your customers, be it accounts, leads, opportunities, or activities.


Einstein Automated Contacts

It suggests new data just by crawling all through your event activity and allows your sales team to access it easily. With Emizentech, you can explore and come up with advanced opportunity roles and append it to your contact.


Einstein Opportunity Scoring

It employs machine learning and data science to gain your opportunities so that you can set the priority. By employing ML, Einstein Opportunity Scoring offers a faster, simpler, and more apt solution than the traditional rule-based scoring strategies.


Einstein Insights

It’s important to tie a bind with your customers as we need to form a business with them. By allowing AI to maintain your bind with your clients, and also by making your teams well informed about the business development offers you a benefit over your competition. We, at Emizentech, just be sure that you never allow key moments to disappear.

How Einstein Analytics Help?

In every role, Einstein Analytics makes imperative insights that are available to all business users.



Analysts offer actionable, real-time insights and become business partners to the decision-makers of your organization. It gets the most related and reliable insights just by linking entire data. It links and analyzes numerous combinations all at one spot. It makes the right decisions along with AI-driven predictions and also the next-step recommendations.



The comprehensive view of your pipeline assists in selling smarter. It aids sales reps in managing their whole workflow, from the new leads and the opportunities to the close. Also, it offers the managers perfect sales predictions and the forecasts to develop winning approaches for their team. Moreover, it enhances productivity with in-built or customized performance-tracking dashboards for the sales ops.



Einstein Analytics drives the adoption and enhances the ROI of your imperative CRM implementation. It optimizes, cleans, and links all your data sources with the complete data management tools. Also, it extends the functionality with custom apps.



One can now make perfect financial decisions with the help of better financial data. Einstein Analytics links all your data all across ERP, CRM, HCM, data warehouses, HCM, and more. Also, it integrates sales forecasting along with revenue, cash-flow, and cost planning. Furthermore, Einstein Analytics enhances data quality by examining the current performance than the past targets and trends.



It converts complex marketing data into simple marketing wins. Also, it swaps stale, outdated spreadsheets for clear, simple dashboards for your audiences, campaigns, and more. Moreover, it tracks marketing spend easily, campaigns the outcomes, ROI, and audience engagement. Einstein Analytics optimizes and customizes outreach over the preferred channel of your customers, device, and content.



Einstein Analytics handles your global workforce for perfect satisfaction, performance, and retention. Furthermore, it enables your employees with custom dashboards for the development, trajectory, etc. Moreover, it observes and predicts the trends in the performance of the employee, recruiting, satisfaction, and recognition with AI.

Einstein Analytics Features

AI-driven Analytics platform makes faster and better decisions. It aids in crafting smart experiences for the company.


No Code AI

Using this transparent, no-code AI, you can get recommendations, predictions, and more. Also, it helps with model transparency, prescriptive and predictive analytics, natural language and narrative explanations generation, real-time recommendations, and one-click automated discovery and storytelling.


Data Management

The data management tools help in connecting and cleaning all sorts of data. It brings data in from any source, helps in visual data prep, and holds self-contained ETL functionality.


Intelligent Experiences

With intelligent analytics, you can collaborate, engage, and act on the insights. It is an action framework that is embedded in the business apps and is integrated with various workflow automation tools.


Discovery & Analytics Studio

It develops AI-powered apps with pre-built templates or from scratch. It holds pre-built templates, explorer and NLQ, app designer, and app framework.

Hire Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce application development services are all about creating the best possible app development solutions for clients and deliver the way before the deadline.

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Reports and Dashboards offer a rapid snapshot of the metrics that are imperative to your business. It behaves and looks akin to Einstein Analytics but offers very distinct functionality. Einstein Analytics is crafted for self-service data discovery. It stretches ahead of Reports and Dashboards to offer you a new glimpse into your end-to-end customer insight, pipeline, and historical analytics to assist you plan your best step.

There is a sequence of purpose-built analytics applications designed to put related answers before all the members of your team, all across each line of business, while adapting as per your moving business needs. With such apps, everyone becomes able to explore data, take action rapidly, and uncover insights from any device.

Of course! One of the important features of Einstein Analytics products is the creation of dashboard and editing calibers, so that you can develop them as you want.

Salesforce offers the security trait for Einstein Analytics and safeguards your data with its multi-layered strategy to security. It limits access for separate users all through session limits, authentication, and audits that offer visibility and control.

It can be integrated with ERP, CRM, and other data sources that assist the users to extract, convert, and analyze data to offer meaningful insights to the organization so they can resolve imperative queries easily and at a rapid rate.