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Salesforce Service Cloud comes up with smooth wealth management and security of company data

We help our clients in gaining new customers and deepen the bonds with the current ones using Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

Powered by lightning, Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform crafted to lead to robust client relationships that last longer. It aids advisors in spending less time accumulating client information and enhanced time in performing what they do the best. Or we can say, Salesforce for financial services assists the advisors to render a concierge level of service along with proactive, personalized advice that the clients expect. Financial Services Cloud is designed to propel customer engagement all across the banking, wealth management, and insurance. Also, it aids in revolutionizing client engagement and customer experiences for wealth managers and bankers.

Salesforce financial services make the business go smoothly. It assists you to convert your client base into an active referral network. Salesforce Shield capabilities with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provide an extra layer of safety that includes the tools that observe data access and the usage and avoid any suspicious activity. Along with Salesforce Shield, Financial Services Cloud offers a perfect suite of compliance features. It means that the agents, advisors, and firms can stick to the new regulatory standards. Moreover, it drives the visible and repeatable collaboration easily across the whole firm. It keeps a record of client communications and relationships and builds consistent onboarding jobs to assure that the best interests of clients are in the middle of each interaction always.

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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Offerings

Emizentech holds perfection and deep understanding of Salesforce Financial Cloud to assist your business meet the targets most effectively and speedily.


Reports Management

Apart from the advisors, this tool is also for the managers. You can see your mobile device, view your dashboards, and exactly where you will get all the important performance indicators that you will require to handle your pipeline reports, opportunities, business, and also advisor productivity.


Client Segmentation

As there exist, various clients, you will require to plan and meet the clients, so that the communication can be smooth like you know everything relevant to the needs of specific clients. We, at Emizentech, will assist you in dividing your book of business into smaller parts, based on what you want to view at the moment employing the robust filter potentials.


Campaign Tools

All through the reports, our team of certified Salesforce experts will divide your clients depending on their interests. This will become fruitful for you as we hold the caliber to set exceptional events for you in which you can attain more identical clients coming in along with outstanding ROI. We will prepare the events for you and will also assist you in sending customized emails to your customers.


Turbocharge Relationship Managers

Apart from a client, it is also relevant to the most imperative /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets of an organization that are also significant. Mostly, in a conventional manner, a relationship manager or an employee invests his/her time stitching, aggregating, and handling the data of the clients. This lowers down the availability of the imperative tasks and the jobs that are best at. All such data handling is attained by Emizentech so that your /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets can perform at their best and assist your clients effectively.


Mobile-Friendly Dashboards

Now, you can engage with your clients remotely. Emizentech analyzes the requirements of holding a mobile-friendly dashboard and the same sort of strength with you. And that’s why we will implement the entire strength of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud into a mobile-ready app. This will assist you with all the details you need right on your mobile device. Moreover, the details are updated in real-time all across all the channels so that you get everything with no miss. Along with all such, you can engage directly with your client questions from your mobile-only.


Engagement Dashboards

Here, our team will reveal all your engagement inside your organization and with your clients. Here you will become able to find all the chances to proactively meet your clients, you will be aware of when to meet, for what reason, and some important information such as the list of clients you haven’t linked in the last 2 months, clients close to retirement, their birthdays, and more.


Action Plans

Action plans permit Finserv proficients to collaborate all across departments automatically and within time. Using such, a team can assign the task owners automatically and the deadlines for particular client engagements. With Action Plans we can build dashboards and reports easily so that we can monitor the progress and assure compliance.


Lightning Scheduler

It allows the relationship managers and clients to book appointments slickly that are inserted in Salesforce workflows. Also, the customer relationship administrators will be allowed to check out appointment catalogs to give a wider track to a more fulfilled banking experience ahead.


Commercial Banking Application

This feature strengthens the agents to attain a centralized view of the financial and business reports of the customers and allow them to target a seamless association with the clients. Business and commercial bankers achieve an exceptional view of their records, accounts, and opportunities on the new index pages.


New Lightning-enabled Solutions

Our certified Financial Service Cloud proficients have clutched a disintegrated view of the customers as an outcome of siloed data systems. The updated and new features in Finance Service Cloud offer a 360-degree view of the customers to render superior and personalized customer experiences all across the customer lifecycle for the commercial lines of the businesses.


Salesforce Einstein Bots

For Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce Einstein Bots allows retail banking customers to place the travel notifications through self-service bots or report the debit cards loss on the mobile app or website of the bank. Einstein Bots will mark and manage customer concerns and redirect more complex issues to the apt service rep at an apt time so that customers didn’t need to suffer any frustration of re-entering or repeating the same detail that they already offered, that’s why rendering smooth banking experiences.


Salesforce Surveys

It permits you to rapidly develop customized and the branded surveys for your clients that can be viewed in the profile of the client and can be accumulated as reports and dashboards that can be internally shared like customer feedback all through Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.


Einstein Analytics

For Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Einstein Analytics merges next-gen data integrations, rapid start development wizards, dashboards, and enriched datasets to render riches of industry-specific analytics for the retail and business banking.


Einstein Next Best Action

In Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, Einstein Next Best Action employs Predictive Intelligence to attain real-time data insights depending on the latest banking interactions of the customer to offer the right recommendations at the right time when the deal is most expected to close.


Access to Client Data

We, at Emizentech, offer you amazing data of your prospects and customers from core banking systems, policy systems, customer management systems, the data that is essential for them, the things that they publicly share, things surrounding their lives, and more. All such data assists you attain a perfect clear outlook into their preferences and that’s why will assist you to interact with them. This will assuredly make them feel how valuable they are for you.


Handle Book of Business

Using Financial Cloud services, you can access all the details in real-time on your dashboard. Emizentech offers you a forensic level of insights to make you aware of the next suitable step. This is not only relevant to handling a book of business but also related to strengthening your bond with clients.


Sort All Customer Data

At times, data might be noticed overwhelming, but we, at Emizentech, will offer our professionals to assist you sort all your data and give it back to you in a well-arranged manner so that you can access it with no hassle. This is necessary when your advisor will be interacting with a client on a phone call as he can view the precise data and make your client impressed with lots of valuable information relevant to him/her.

How Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Helps Teams?

Powered by Lightning, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud assists the teams all across financial services and renders personalized advice.


Wealth Advisors

It just makes sure all the financial targets are met. Well, handling complicated investment portfolios during the maintenance of meaningful bonds with every client is not so easy. But, it can be with the solutions that lower down the administrative task drastically and allow advisors to render more personalized, smarter advice.



It assists in the creation of effortless experiences that apart from enhancing customer satisfaction, also nurture wallet share by smoothly linking all the communication channels and the business lines. Here you will know how Financial Services Cloud assists premier, retail, and business banks to transform digitally the engagements to be the bank that customers cherish.


Insurance Agents

The agents who perform the best connect with the customers when it’s most important. With 1-to-1 journeys, it has never been simple to engage policyholders proactively during imperative life events, such as buying a home, or retirement planning. Here you will get to know how the insurance professionals can employ such engagement opportunities to gain their customers’ trust and capture lasting loyalty.


Business Executives

It helps in getting back the growth approaches to life. Whether the target is enhanced customer satisfaction or great differentiation, Financial Services Cloud assists service, sales, and marketing leaders to take action at the insight point. Here, you will discover how the teams across your firm can perform faster and smarter with optics into chief analytics and the caliber to quantify the business targets.


Service Operations

It assists in rendering service that comes out to be the best one. The service operations hold the caliber to craft or break the retention that’s why we sketch it simpler for the agents to come up faster with the information and locate customer needs on their terms, all across any channel, and on any device. Here, you will know all the tracks by which Financial Services Cloud aids service teams render new levels of customized assistance to enhance customer satisfaction.


IT Executives

It implements enhanced peace of mind and value. Also, it drives the entire productivity and satisfaction along with the enterprise-secure apps that strengthen advisors to engage with the clients on any device. Moreover, it takes the apps ahead with our scalable platform, robust ecosystem, and integrated data services. Also, with Salesforce Shield, IT teams can increase the security of customer data and offer auditable interactions all across various channels.

Hire Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce application development services are all about creating the best possible app development solutions for clients and deliver the way before the deadline.

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Let’s get deeper to know about our Financial Services Cloud services.

Along with the caliber to render insights of data, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud on Einstein integration renders data analysis and data predictions at a rapid rate accurately. That’s why it ends up with revenue enhancement and financials of the advisory or banks. Connect with us to know more and get assistance on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation.

When it’s about Financial Services Cloud, you get dual security. We, at Emizentech, understand entirely your concern over your clients’ data as it assists in maintaining the trust. The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the first security layer with the Salesforce Shield that provides extensive tools to observe data usage and avoids any malicious activity.

They are for automating the frequently repeated tasks and also to assist you to stay away from performing them repeatedly.

It is an app developed to be integrated by the available Salesforce Org or an entirely new Financial Service to elevate their banking, wealth management, insurance, and more.

Financial Services Cloud is all related to it. Our team of experts allow Lightning Flows in it that enhance the way your service reps manage your customer requests in a more effective and better way.