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Render a lasting experience to your customers by Salesforce Service Cloud. Offer agents their required support tools to keep the customers happy with Service Cloud that is developed on the most agile, trusted, and inventive platform.

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We assist our clients in transforming customer experience through Salesforce Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, you can help your service teams to work faster, regardless of their location. They use a pack of smart productivity tools to resolve the cases rapidly that offer agents a comprehensive and shared view of all the clients and interaction. Also, Service Cloud provides swift support with self-service portals. We can scale up our support efforts by linking customers to account information, knowledge articles, and community members, to come up with reverts instantly. The embedded AI-powered chatbots assist in resolving the issues of customers rapidly. Furthermore, it supports customers on all the channels, at any time. You will be there for your customers at any moment of their need on their preferable messaging channels, embracing SMS, Chat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more. You can offer one-on-one assistance easily or can also scale up the support with the in-built, AI-powered chatbots.

Salesforce Service Cloud renders efficient and trusted service in the field. It also lowers down the number of in-person visits just by offering field service employees and the tools they require to meet their tasks quickly and perfectly on a single-go, even remotely. The built-in AI helps in performing smarter. It routes the work automatically, diminishes manual data entry, and makes the contextual recommendations touch the surface for service teams with AI. Also, it engages the customers swiftly with intelligent chatbot assistance. With Service Cloud, you can go digital and be all set for alteration with an Agile platform. It permits you to wake up and run faster and also future-proof your business employing a low-code, customizable platform that permits you to deploy the advanced service innovations swiftly and realize ROI rapidly.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions and tools that help you in running personalized digital campaigns to allow you to witness a new era of marketing ease.


Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Emizentech, a specialist in Service Cloud, implements Service Cloud, whether you need it from scratch or interested in customizing your existing solution. Our Service Cloud experts hold the caliber to assist you in each stage. To ensure your perfect Service Cloud implementation attains your customer service targets, we, at Emizentech, provide needed customization, configuration, and integration.


Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Our team of proficient Service Cloud offers remarkable Service Cloud integration services with CTI, email, and other Salesforce Clouds (Community, Sales, marketing), Magento, ERP, and more. We, at Emizentech, are a Salesforce integration masters and have delivered various integrations successfully all over the globe.


Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting

We provide Service Cloud consultation service at Emizentech and perform with the internal stakeholders to attain the future business targets, and then next, a complete set of business needs. Our Certified Service Cloud consultants can assist you in recognizing integration needs and implementation roadmap.


Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

Our experts in Service Cloud can assist you in migrating from your customer service tool to Service Cloud to provide perfect customer service. This Service Cloud migration service could embrace transferring important data, information, and more. We, at Emizentech, ensure your sound migration process goes seamlessly with no delay in the business process. We can also assist you in migration from Service Cloud Classic to Lightning Service Cloud.


Salesforce Service Cloud Support & Enhancement

Emizentech provides all sorts of Service Cloud Support embracing user training. If you already have a hand-in Service Cloud and looking for its maintenance service to run an undisturbed business, then we can help you. Our team of Service Cloud masters can also support you in performing important improvements involving feature enhancements, bug fixing, custom app development, customization, and more.

Salesforce Service Cloud Offerings

Our team of specialists holds deep knowledge of Salesforce Service Cloud and helps the clients in meeting their goals.


Omni-Channel Routing

It matches the cases automatically from any channel that can be chat, messaging, voice, and email, to the apt agent depending on the expertise and skill set. With this feature, your customer support will beat various communication channels as per your choice.


Social Customer Service

Customer support teams employ this tool to handle cases on many social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Connected with omnichannel routing, this feature of Service Cloud is perfect for many specific industries.


Agent Workspace

It permits the agents to smoothly handle the cases from the sole screen using an easy-to-use service console. It saves the agents time employing a robust and well-connected workspace. The key to a perfect customer experience is a remarkable agent experience. It makes your team all set with in-built productivity tools, an omnichannel console, AI, automation, and a unified view of all the case details along with customer interaction. It boosts agent productivity with smart tools and automation. Moreover, with agent workspace, we can personalize all the conversations using a 360-degree view of every customer. Also, we can customize the console view for all agents, channels, and use cases.


Case Management

The Case Management resolves the cases rapidly by merging automated processes with simple access to the context, full detail, and the history of all the cases along with customer interaction. With this feature of Salesforce Service Cloud, we can route the case requests to the agents who are experts and best qualified for resolving them. It also increases the productivity by smoothening the service process. Email-to-case and Web-to-case features craft the case records into our organization automatically. Moreover, it targets imperative activities by getting the alerts and updates when the action is needed. The Case Management automates the process of mail sending with the pre-written email templates. We can also view the customer interactions in the chronological order.


Knowledge-base Management

Now, we can make our customers and our company find the reverts with ease and at a faster pace using knowledge-base management. It strengthens your agents with the best replies to the customer queries. It renders consistent answers and maximizes the agent productivity. Moreover, it helps the customers to help themselves and rapidly. Knowledge-base is one of the perfect ways that offers the best customer care. Whether it is support agents or customer self-service looking for the apt answers, it has covered it all. So, we should integrate Knowledge Database to our service website and allow our customers to find the solutions to their issues themselves.


Field Service

Sometimes, service agents are required to cooperate with the field workers, to solve a case. This feature of Salesforce Service Cloud permits the field service team to provide smarter, faster, and personalized services employing smart mobile devices along with Service Cloud. The Field Service Team holds the caliber to access account information to resolve customer issues by developing a work order for a case. The team can also schedule the appointments of field agents, track the consumption of material, and manage their schedules, all in real-time.


Lightning Service Console

It offers the service agents a complete view of every case embracing a 360-degree view of the customer. The lightning Service Console assists them in resolving the cases rapidly with no switching on various tabs and getting all the needed information at their tips in a very easy and convenient way. This is entirely the personal workspace for all the agents. Apart from showcasing the history and state of the case, it also depicts customer and the account information and allows the agents to look for required knowledge articles straight in the case record.


Workflow and Approvals

The service agents hold the potential to customize and automate the customer service or the approval process using Workflow with a simple facility of drag-and-drop. Service Automation Process creates a great customer service experience by offering customers access to the business processes. Moreover, it makes the complicated service process simple by automating the routine processes. It recommends actions and guides the agents all through the processes with dynamic screens that make it suitable as they move through every step of any process. Also, with automated customer service, we can render AI-powered contextual recommendations.


Einstein Bots

In some cases, our chats can be strengthened by Salesforce Einstein. This will make some of the agent’s time free and offer the customers with reverts to trivial queries about, like, an order status, and so on. Also, if your Einstein Chatbots can’t help, it will transfer the clients to the agents who are competent in the area of the client’s issue. Salesforce Einstein assists in customer chat automation to save effort and time.


Custom Reports and Dashboards

The custom reports and dashboards assist in making informed decisions. Also, it helps in tracking the cases and customer details for a 360-degree view of the customer. It offers a real-time view of the whole business at a glimpse. Quick and simple report generation aids sales reps to go deep while managing the accounts.


DatoramaAsset and Order Management

We, at Emizentech, permit you to customize your work order setting and also prepare the work types that are the templates and help the support agents in standardizing the field service work. Also, we set up the knowledge articles to assist the agents to look for the work types. We can equip our customers and agents with the tools to rapidly manage and track orders with just a few clicks.


Service Analytics

Being there for both service managers and service agents, Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein offers insights into agent performance and department. You can view the reports of distinct complexity. Now, we can boost the efficiency of the team using in-built dashboards that observe agent performance, channel usage, key KPIs, and from anywhere. This assists your agents to finalize more informed decisions in all the customer conversation by including analytics in the agent workspace. It eases the managers and agents to rapidly open cases, craft tasks, update the records, move cases, and collaborate from insight point, and all without switching between disconnected analytics tools.

When AI is used for Customer Service

Render smarter customer service with Einstein AI. Make your customers happier and the agents more productive with AI-powered recommendations, chatbots, and predictions on digital channels.

Artificial Intelligence Leads to Smarter Customer Service & Happy Customers

With AI for customer service, you can deliver more satisfying and intelligent self-service. Assist the customers to resolve the routine and top issues with Einstein Bots – Salesforce chatbots that are capable to take action. Moreover, It aids in offering the information to service reps that they require and at a faster pace. AI is used to analyze the incoming cases and foretell the case fields for any language to save the agents time with Einstein Case Classification. With Einstein, it’s easy to prepare, train, and deploy with intuitive controls and native Salesforce UI. Furthermore, AI arm the employees with the talent of the future, like as an agent coaching.

Hire Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce application development services are all about creating the best possible app development solutions for clients and deliver the way before the deadline.

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Let’s dive deeper to know about our Salesforce Service Cloud Service

Keeping agent productivity in mind, the Salesforce Lightning Console was crafted. With the features, like skills-based routing, email-to-case, milestone tracking, and macros, the Service Cloud offers the agents, the tools, to respond efficiently and quickly to the customers on any channel. The agents find it enjoyable with intuitive and smoothened experience that offers them a 360-degree view of your clients, a complete knowledge-base, and access to the company experts. Apart from its relevance to your agents, it’s also about your whole organization that can draw the outlooks from a case history or assist offering technical perfection that reverts a common service query.

Service Cloud Embedded Service for In-App Mobile and Web allows you to embed customer assistance into your apps directly. It crafts a linked knowledge-base, manages case interactions, and enables live Chat, all in the ease and control of your mobile application. You are allowed to take customer service, even ahead with Community Cloud. Our self-service communities on any device are responsive, which means you can create a single branded community where your clients can enjoy the same smooth experience to rapidly find the answers they require from a mobile tablet or phone.

On Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning is built that is our field service management solution that offers your business with the necessary tools to render smarter, faster, and linked customer experience straight from the contact center to the field. Also, it allows your business to craft and track the work orders, handle , schedule the work smartly, view and handle jobs in real-time, update and access information from any mobile device. With Field Service Lightning, one can transform the linked customer experience and prepare your dispatchers, agents, and mobile employees with the tools they require to render robust customer service anywhere and anytime.

Service Cloud integrates with the back-office apps, permitting you to stretch your service processes to attain your business requirements and customer expectations. You can also innovate on a platform that renders enterprise reliability, security, and scale. Moreover, Service Cloud integrates with all the famed phone systems.

With customizable reports and dashboards of Salesforce, you can observe your service metrics and can also track key performance indicators that are significant for your business. Dashboards offer high-level visibility at a glance and the customizable reports allow you to go down and come up with detailed information on the customer engagement center, help desk, or call center performance.




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