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Find a new customer faster, grow your accounts rapidly, and close the deals swiftly, with our Sales Cloud services. Opt for Sales Cloud, the world’s #1 Sales Solution and get new ways to understand your business and sell increasingly.

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With Salesforce Cloud you get assistance in accelerating your sales productivity.

At Emizentech, craft your lead pipeline, enhance your conversion rates, and increase your revenue by Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud holds a target to automate the sales process and helps the sales manager and reps, both. The Sales Cloud features assist to develop a perfect sales process, reveal how it’s followed, offer extensive customer details and manage efficient customer communication through multiple channels. If we customize the Sales Cloud properly, it can attract more value to our sales. We, at Emizentech, implement Sales Cloud from scratch to a success level from where it begins a positive ROI to us within the first month of the implementation only. We also offer various Salesforce Sales Cloud customization services along with all the custom functionalities to develop the app right as per your business. We also offer Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration services with other 3rd party platforms.

Salesforce Sales Cloud assists your business to take your sales and the revenue to a level ahead. It makes your business smarter and faster by selling at any time, from anywhere. Moreover, Sales Cloud accumulates important data from your business insights. Furthermore, it gets a 360-degree customer view and builds a personalized experience for your clients. Salesforce Sales Cloud aligns your marketing, sales, and service at every stage. It applies Einstein Analytics and AI to your Sales cycle, as well.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Emizentech provides a complete suite of Salesforce solutions that includes a broad range of Sales Cloud services. Our Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud consultants are proficient in optimizing Sales Cloud apps.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulting

Our team of adept Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants and product specialists hold extensive experience of working with the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. They analyze your business needs and recognize the ways to align your sales process with the best practices employing Salesforce Sales Cloud caliber. Partnering with our team, our all-inclusive certified Salesforce Consultants will assist you in developing your CRM plan to success and address automation opportunities in your Sales Cloud.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

We are experts in implementing Sales Cloud for all sized businesses. Whether you require to implement Sales Cloud from scratch or you are looking for customizing your current solution, Emizentech’s Sales Cloud professionals can assist you with the same. We are not just the dreamers, we are the doers also. We hold the caliber to turn the potential into payback by partnering with your team for the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation solution to attain your unique requirements.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

We are a Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration masters and we can integrate your Sales Cloud with CTI, ERP, social, email, media, and other AppExchange solutions, 3rd party solutions, and eCommerce platforms. We assist in offering you the anticipated results. We hold the expertise to employ different tools that aid in the smooth integration of the app with very less or no business disruptions. Also, our implementation team assists you to adapt the dynamic requirements of the customers by perfect incorporation of Salesforce Sales Cloud in your enterprise.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Migration

We, at Emizentech, assist you in Sales Cloud migration from your existing CRM to Sales Cloud. Also, in Salesforce Classic, if you want to migrate from Sales Cloud to Lightning Sales Cloud, our proficient team of Lightning specialists can assist you in seamless migration confirming secure data transfer with no hindrance in the sales process.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Support & Evolution

A live ambiance always asks for constant updates. Our expert Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation support team can help you to evolve with the altering requirements effectively. We, at Emizentech, provide end-to-end Sales Cloud support and training for end-users so that you can enhance Sales Cloud benefits assuring system stability along with user productivity. Our certified team of Sales Cloud consultants can assist you in increasing particular Sales cloud functionalities with custom app development, custom integrations, or development of a mobile view to permit you to get the best out of your Sales Cloud investment.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Offerings

We hold top expertise and deep knowledge of Salesforce Sales Cloud to assist our clients to reach the heights of their business in a more optimized, fast, and effective way.


Community Management

Sales Cloud lets the customers know the top-class benefits by offering them one spot for all solutions. It manages content, social listening, work process, and commitment with your affiliates, distributors, and providers. Salesforce Sales Cloud community setup provides you information sharing along with collaboration with people. Similar to a discussion portal, Community is where you are allowed to share and discuss the issues of your business with the important people of your organization.


Territory Management

It helps you to incorporate your sales reps and handle their jobs so that you can perform the allocation of your resources easily and efficiently increasing your profits and sales. Moreover, you can also define the assignment rules and assign them to various territories. It assists in the creation of territory users and handover them territory roles that may help you to identify your significant resources easily and close the deals rapidly.


Leads Management

Salesforce permits you to keep track of the important information relevant to your leads. The activity timeline allows you to observe the most updated contact information. Later, analyze the relevant documents and best practices using Sales Path. Lead tracking allows you to know the source of a marketing team lead, read the related insights on which you can act, and track and write emails from the CRM. Also, it sets up the automatic lead scoring and the routing to assure the leads never fail because of the cracks and that the right sales rep follows them up while they are hot. It tracks your lead starting from click to the close and converts them into accounts. Also, contacts post the deal gets closed.


Data Migration

Salesforce Sales Cloud, known to be a source of truth for entire data, it aids in combining all your data from distinct external and internal sources into the Sales Cloud. We employ data migration tools that permit a seamless and smooth data transfer to Salesforce. Our consultants hold years of experience with various migration tools. They analyze the complexities of the migrations and hold the caliber to render the right solution for every business.


Accounts and Contact Management

Sales Cloud can assist your business to store the whole information relevant to your customers and their interactions, as well, at one place. Proper implementation assists your business to keep track of important contacts along with their roles, the partners performing on the account, and the executives allotted to those accounts along with their roles. Through Sales Cloud, you can organize your contacts, schedule your tasks, and handle the deals more efficiently. Also, you are allowed to access important customer data easily and quickly with customer contact management. Moreover, you can use your customer’s social content feed to know their views about products or services. You can employ our social collaboration tools to share insights, related documents, and every business contact and record.


Campaign Management

Through Salesforce Sales Cloud campaign management, we can handle our outbound marketing campaigns as well as can attain a clear vision into the effectiveness of the marketing attempts that you are investing in. Moreover, we can group our campaigns by setting up the campaign hierarchies, adding members in our campaigns, and also track the status of every member while they are going through distinct campaign phases.


Opportunities Management

Sales Cloud provides Opportunity Management. Using it you can get a comprehensive outlook of your deals and contacts. You can also track your deals with ease and get to know their current stage and can also store all the details relevant to the linked activities of every stage. You can track the products easily linked with your deals embracing their quantity, price, and product codes. You can also send automated quotes to your clients by developing quote templates and producing a PDF from it. Using the personalized and appealing email templates, you can send mails to your clients and can also close your deals quickly.


Sales Forecast

Sales Cloud provides an exact view of your comprehensive business with accurate forecasts and makes a step wherever important. You can also effectively apply your decision to the forecasted amounts at the time frame, rep, and summary levels. It also helps in tracking the top performers. Then you can also view the details relevant to your previous judgments that you or your team have offered. Even if your enterprise holds a complicated sales organization, Salesforce can assist. Overlay Splits permit you to credit the apt amounts to sales overlays, by contract value, revenue, and more. Then, you can witness the forecast by overlays to view how they are contributing to your number.


Cases Management

After the finalization of the business deal, it’s most likely that the account will become flooded with the issues that clients encounter from your products. Here arises the severity, the contact form where the complaint got raised, the account to which this problem belongs, and more. Sales Cloud handles all such cases with ease and perfectly meeting the seamless case management.


Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce Sales Cloud assists in the creation of reports and dashboards. Generally, the senior members of the organization use this to go deeper and come up with on-going regular campaigns, the campaigns that are attaining leads, the accounts if notable revenue is being generated because of marketing productions, and more. Sales Cloud develops reports with no help from IT, it modifies the charts in the reports, on the same screen, and comes up with important decisions from anywhere.

Other Salesforce Sales Solutions

Salesforce CPQ is helpful for your business in many ways as mentioned below.


Salesforce CPQ & Billing

It delivers success all across the whole customer lifecycle from the lead to the retention. Salesforce CPQ and billing offers channel partners and the sales team the essential tools to rapidly configure, quote, and price the complex solutions. Also, it automates discounts, approvals, and pricing to enhance margins and revenue. Moreover, CPQ and billing products develop recurring customer relationships and make business decisions smarter. It swiftly identifies revenue and the report on orders, quotes, payments, and invoices for actionable intelligence.



The B2B marketing automation solution for the Salesforce customers, Pardot align sales and marketing to generate the perfect leads, keep them engaged, and link with them at an apt time to close increased deals. Pardot generates more leads using robust email marketing, smarter lead capture forms, custom landing pages, and a central marketing dashboard. Furthermore, it crafts personalized touchpoints with smart lead nurturing, employs dynamic content to render targeted messaging depending on engagement, and optimize and track your campaigns. Moreover, Pardot links with the right leads and calculates the marketing ROI with closed-loop reporting.


Sales Cloud Einstein

With AI you can turn the customer data into the closed deals. Sales Cloud Einstein automates the predictive analysis and data entry so that you can make each selling moment count. It prioritizes the most perfect steps by leveraging your sales history to attain more deals. Moreover, Sales Cloud Einstein wins more opportunities by recognizing imperative business developments. It spends more time in selling and eliminates time consumed on manual data entry. Einstein Automated Contacts just automates the development of new contact roles and records. Sales Cloud Einstein never misses any buying signal and makes the decisions better.


Lightning Dialer

Now, gain back hours of productivity by interacting with customers and prospects more efficiently with the Lightning dialer. It starts by logging the details right from and within Salesforce. It attains all this just when we click on the phone numbers of our customers within Salesforce. Also, it multitasks to move the deals faster. Lightning dialer lowers down the data entry and enhances the productivity. Furthermore, it turns the inbound calls into the personalized sales.


Salesforce Engage

With Salesforce Engage, you can roll-out and supervise your sales campaigns. Whether you are on the go or in the office, you will be allowed to communicate with your customers effectively. You can also deploy the personalized campaigns in only one click, analyze the prospect interactions, and attain the alerts on the active leads. The Salesforce engage uncovers the trends swiftly and closes the deals faster. Graphical and interactive dashboards permit reps to monitor and control easily the success of their campaigns.


Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud tracks, analyzes, and also reports environmental data to assist in reducing your carbon emissions from a trusted platform with trusted analytics and lead sustainability. It takes action with the data-driven insights, handles carbon accounting audits within weeks despite months, and strengthens decision-makers with the executive-ready dashboard data.

How Salesforce Sales Cloud Assist Sales Department

Now, it’s easy to come up with the perfect solution for each sales position regardless of the job titles, Sales Cloud aids the entire team to connect with employees, customers, and partners.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Helps Sales Reps & Sales Managers do their Job with Enhanced Efficiency.

Sales Reps: Reps require a CRM solution holding next-step intelligence for smoothening the sales cycle.

Sales Operations: They drive collaborative business targets with a CRM solution that enhances forecasting and budgeting radically.

Sales Leaders: Smart sales leaders positions the team for attaining success by offering them productivity-boosting tools that ease the selling.

Marketing Leaders: They position the sales team with top-quality leads. With the apt CRM solutions, marketing and sales render an ROI that beats the targets.

Service Professionals: With sales and the service at one spot, the agents always look for the big picture. Also, the agents close the cases rapidly when they analyze their customers’ requirements.

IT Professionals: With Sales Cloud, the IT professionals are offered the freedom to perform more than just maintaining the servers. With the wide scope in their role, they hold the caliber to uncover the new business opportunities.

Grow your Business with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud assists in automating the sales process and help both sales reps and managers.


Strike The Strategic Growth

With a summary of pipeline data, reps and the managers can align the growth goals at each step belonging to the sales journey.


Increase Sales Productivity

It is a smooth sales process that deletes the busywork so reps can target smart selling. Onboard new reps are quick and offer a map for success.


Convert & Grow Customers

It offers a personalized, smooth buying experience to convert more prospects to customers. It cross-sell, renew, and upsell the customers by expecting and exceeding their requirements.

Hire Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Experts

We hold a team of adroit Sales Cloud proficients who optimize sales cloud apps perfectly.

Why Emizentech for Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

We offer a complete suite of Salesforce solutions that holds a broad range of Sales Cloud services.


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The following features transform the marketing approach of a business.

  • Lead Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Data

The pick of the edition depends on your business needs. Connect to us to know more.

Well, there is no fixed figure as it changes as per the needs of your business. You may contact our experts to know.

The chief among all is that Sales Cloud for sales processes is an automation tool, whereas Service Cloud offers an automation platform for the process of customer service process that embrace working on the cases and their solutions.