There is a saying, “If you give a tennis ball and a baseball bat to children, they will start playing cricket with it”. So, you can get an idea of the craze and popularity of the game. There are over 2.5 billion cricket followers around the world. That number accounts for more than 30% of the total world population. While most of the fan following for cricket is observed from countries like England, Australia, India, and Pakistan, many other countries have cricket as their primary sport. 

But, the fact is that 2.5 billion people are not playing cricket on a regular basis. Instead, they are engaged with this sport via some other means. Modern apps and software are helping cricket fans to feel more connected with the game in various ways. Let’s dive into the bucket full of cricket-related apps and software to know how technology has transfigured the scenario. 

What is Cricket Mobile Application?

Cricket Mobile App

With emerging technology, it has become easier for all to have their favorite experience on the palm only from the comfort of their home. The same is the case for Cricket fans with the support of cricket mobile apps.  

Today, the app market is full of apps that help you get insight into the game and play the sport, watch the sport, and even monetize your knowledge and experience about the sport. The Cricket Mobile application lets you participate in fantasy gaming, access the scoreboard of live games, locate the various stadiums worldwide, play cricket virtually, plan and manage the events, track the swings and shots during the game, and much more. 

Cricket App Market Statistics

Fantasy Sports Market Stats
  • You can glimpse into the vastness of the fantasy gaming industry with the fact that the industry was valued at USD 18.3 billion in 2020. 
  • The industry is also set to take the graph upward with a CAGR of 14.2% between 2021-2026. 
  • One of the most popular cricket tournament i.e. Indian Premier league has been valued at a worth of $6.8 billion while projecting a growth of 7% in upcoming years. Can you imagine that number of just a sports league.
  • Mere the cricket ball market was valued at $220.9 million during 2021 which is expected to achieve a worth of $336.4 million by 2029. 

Types of Cricket Apps You Can Build 

Everyone is connected to the game in their own way with their respective interest. While one wants to play for the nation while another is just concerned about the score while sitting in office. Technology has something to serve all people as per their interests. The following list of cricket apps conveys well how the new software delivers seamless experiences to fans.

1. Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy Cricket App

What is Fantasy Cricket App?

There are 2.5 billion cricket fans, but only 22 players are allowed on the ground. So, Fantasy Cricket is the concept that helps the rest of the people to take part in the game and even monetize their knowledge and expertise. Here, the user has to make a virtual team on the mobile app and rank them according to their expected performance in the match. The more accurate the prediction, massive the awards will be. 

Why do you need a Fantasy Cricket App? 

Being a cricket fan, you must be carrying a lot about the performance of a team or individual player. So, Fantasy Cricket App allows you to use this knowledge to form your team and win monetary prizes. 

How does a Cricket Fantasy App Work?

A cricket fantasy app facilitates the users to build a virtual team and rank them according to their expected performance in the live match. Accurate is the perception, more will be the rewards. This simple working principle of the Fantasy cricket app helps its users monetize their knowledge and experience about the sport. 

Features that a Fantasy Cricket app must offer 

  • Player statistics and analytics 
  • Achievement badges
  • AR Integration
  • Score prediction 
  • Live score 
  • Profile setting 
  • Follow players
  • Sending alerts
  • Game lobby

Domain Leader

Available on iOS Android

With more than 10 million users, Dream11 is one of the market’s biggest and most popular fantasy cricket apps. The app has hired the Indian Cricket Team’s former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni along with Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah as their brand ambassador. The platform offers a daily prize pool of more than $3 million

Develop Your Own Fantasy App

2. Cricket Live Scoreboard App

Cricket Live Scoreboard App

What Is a Cricket Scoreboard App?

Cricket fans might not be sitting on the couch watching a live match. Still, they seek important insights while sitting in the office, attending a meeting, traveling, or doing the regular stuff. So, the Cricket Scoreboard app is the go-to solution that provides all the essential insights like runs, the player on the field, run rate, target, wickets, balls remaining, individual score, and much more. 

Why Do You Need a Cricket Scoreboard App?

A cricket scoreboard makes it enormously accessible for users to have meaningful insight into ongoing matches while engaging in daily activities. At the same time, it doesn’t require you to compromise with the important work you have to do. Such apps update information every few seconds, so you get all the insight the next moment. 

How Does the Cricket Scoreboard App Work? 

The app has an easy and informative user interface that carries all the insight users seek. Important information such as score, run rate, and wickets are shown at the top, while other insights, such as upcoming matches, and individual scores, are offered a bit below. The information is updated every few seconds as the live game goes on. 

Features that A Cricket Scoreboard App Must Offer 

  • Ball-by-Ball commentary 
  • Breaking news and notifications of live matches
  • Schedules of upcoming matches
  • Ranking, records, and stats
  • Exclusive video content 
  • Coverage of all the tournaments and matches 

Domain Leader 

Available on iOS Android

Cricbuzz, with its user base of more than 100 million, has successfully grabbed the position of domain leader among varied apps of cricket scoreboard. The app carries all the features mentioned above to keep users updated about all the sports insights. 

3. Cricket Stadium Locator App 

What Is a Cricket Stadium Locator App?

As the name suggests, the cricket stadium locator app is a mobile software that enables users to find nearby cricket grounds and stadiums. Facilities are the foremost requirement in a sport when you want to prevent injury for yourself and others. The app helps you surf through the nearby cricket ground as per your preferences in rate, size, amenities, and location. 

Why Do You Need a Cricket Stadium Locator App?

When millions and billions of cricket fans roam around the streets, a cricket stadium locator app represents itself more like an absolute need than a good-to-have thing. At the same time, there might be cricket grounds in your locality which you are unaware of. So, such an app helps you explore the cricket grounds according to your specifications and preferences to transfigure your game experience. 

How Does a Cricket Stadium Locator App Work? 

Such apps have the names, specifications, and all the relevant details about the stadium registered. So, the users access the interface, apply the location filter and get a complete list of cricket grounds and stadiums in that area. At the same time, users can book, access amenities, view specifications, and much more through the app. 

Features that A Cricket Stadium Locator App Must Offer 

  • Ground types and facilities 
  • Booking options 
  • Payment gateway
  • Ground and stadium photos
  • Reviews and rating of existing visitors and users 
  • Past matches and tournaments organized on particular ground 
  • Contact information for ground owners 

Domain Leader 

Available on iOS Android

KheloMore is a popular app in India dedicated explicitly to booking the sports ground for different games in your locality. The app has more than 100K downloads on Google Play Store. Let it be cricket, football, tennis, badminton, swimming, volleyball, or squash, KheloMore lets you book grounds for anything. The app is available in India’s many Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. 

4. Virtual Cricket Gaming App

Virtual Cricket Gaming App

What Is a Virtual Cricket Gaming App?

When you play cricket on a computer, laptop, or on smartphone, instead of in real-time ground and stadium, it is a virtual Cricket Gaming app. This kind of software comprises the same rules and criteria for playing the game, providing a real-time virtual experience to the users. Games are in high demand with the burgeoning adoption of smartphones and the internet. 

Why Do You Need a Virtual Cricket Gaming App?

The virtual gaming industry has always been on the rise since the craze of smartphones, tablets, and gaming system has introduced. As one of the country’s most popular games, cricket has always been a choice of millions to be played virtually. AR and VR technology have acted as a catalyst at the same time to take the craze to the next level. Kudos to all these technologies and advancements; the virtual gaming app presents an enormous experience of playing cricket from the comfort of your home. 

How Do Virtual Cricket Gaming Apps Work? 

Virtual cricket gaming apps are software that works on the principle of real-time sport. The platform allows users to select the respective team and play against the other team. Here, the user is free to choose a bat or ball in the first inning, use any player on the pitch, and control the bat swings, ball speed, angles, and running between wickets. AR and VR wholly transfigure the experience by making it more accurate for the user. Further, metaverse services is also emerging with a completely new experience which can introduce next level cricket games for the users. One might experience the real-time playing experience in the metaverse with certain apps. 

Features of A Virtual Cricket Gaming App

  • Hundreds of enormous batting, bowling, and fielding actions   
  • Commentary from renowned professionals
  • Outstanding graphics to display cricket grounds, lighting, audience, and players on the field
  • Inclusion of tournaments and gaming events 
  • Multi-Dimensional views 
  • Skill analysis system 
  • AR and VR integration

Domain Leader 

Available on iOS Android

When it comes to the best cricket gaming app you can play on your device; World Cricket Championship 3 entirely tops the list. More than 10 million android users have downloaded the game. With its latest controls, features, and graphics, the new game has successfully managed to highlight itself amid thousands of similar games. World Cricket Championship 3 is available for Android and iOS users.

5. Cricket e-Commerce App

What is Cricket e-Commerce App? 

There are business opportunities everywhere. Today, Decathlon has grown as a billion-dollar company just by selling sports equipment and accessories. So, a huge business opportunity lies in owning a cricket e-commerce app. Selling the cricket equipment and accessories in the market full of cricket fans can bring you fortune. 

Why Do You Need a Cricket e-Commerce App?

Cricket is a team game and thus there is a requirement for a lot of tools and equipment at any time. There are very rare offline stores which carry stock of all the requirements. So, a cricket e-commerce app has the capability to offer all the equipment under one roof. This capability will bring competitive advantages to your business. 

How Does a Cricket e-Commerce App Work?

Similar to a regular e-commerce app, it provides the products to its customers in digital medium. However, the difference is that this type of app is dedicated to a particular sport. Users can surf through the list of equipment, add it to the cart and checkout by making online or offline payments. 

Features of A Cricket e-Commerce App

  • Easy login & registration 
  • Detailed product description 
  • Filtering and sorting features 
  • Shopping cart 
  • Product presentation with Augmented reality 
  • Order summary 
  • Invoice of order 
  • Return status 
  • Insight into item availability 
  • Wish Lists 
  • Barcode scanning 
  • Personalized content 

6. Cricket Event Planner and Management App

What Are Cricket Event Planner and Management Apps? 

Being the most popular sport in various countries, tournaments are now not limited merely to the national level. Local talents are embraced in intercity, district, zonal, and inter-state cricket leagues and tournaments. But managing these tournaments is a complex process even at the local level. So, cricket event planner and management apps are the software that makes the varied tasks easier for the administrators. 

Why Do You Need a Cricket Event Planner and Management App? 

If you are a cricket event organizer or member of such a committee, you must have encountered several challenges and complexities requiring much human time. So, cricket event planner and management apps help you automate different tasks to eliminate such challenges. 

How Does the App Work?

There are a number of facilities and features installed in the app that makes the event management task much easier for the organisers. For example, you can register the player as well as team profile, determine heroes of the match, publish the news of your tournament, get the necessary notification, track the boundaries, maintain a point table, create and publish the polls, and even live stream the semi-finals and finals. 

Features of A Cricket Tournament Manager App

  • Broadcast cricket score live 
  • Live streaming of the matches 
  • Team and player profile setup
  • Badges, offers, and awards 
  • Tournament page
  • Leaderboard 
  • Points table 
  • Boundary tracker 
  • Schedule 
  • Cricket feed 
  • Necessary bookings of the cricket ground, coaches, amenities, refreshments, uniform etc. 

Domain Leader

Available on iOS Android

Cricket Scoring App- CricHeroes rules the first position with 5M+ downloads. Having loaded with all the above features, the app makes the entire tournament organizing process seamless for the organizers. Furthermore, the app is trusted by more than 15 million cricketers.

7. Cricket Shot/swing Tracking App

What Are Cricket Shot and Swing Tracking Apps?

Batting and bowling are the two most essential and performance-determinant factors in a cricket game. Both actions depend entirely on the right wing, proper speed, and right movement. Cricket shot, and swing tracking app helps you achieve perfection in the same. The app tracks your bowling and batting swing, speed, and angle and provides the right suggestion for improvement. 

Why Do You Need a Cricket Shot and Swing-Tracking App?

Playing cricket is not all, but attaining perfection is something rare. Undoubtedly, practice makes a man perfect but practicing the right thing helps you achieve perfection in less time. Knowing the flaws in your movement, batting, bowling style, and pace will help you focus on the right part to get the result quicker. 

How does a cricket shot/swing tracking app work?

The core task of such an app is tracking swings, movements, and angles made by the player during the tournament. So, the user can upload a video of their shot or bowling, and the app will track the angle and movement to provide suitable suggestions for improvement. At the same time, some apps even allow you to set the camera while making the swing to get the required feedback. 

Features that A Cricket Swing Tracking App Must Offer

  • Measures the bowling speed 
  • Cricket batting performance analyzer 
  • Bowling performance analyser
  • Cricket training
  • Sharing the right information 
  • Frame-by-frame video player 
  • Media player with millisecond timer 
  • Batting swing analyzer

Domain Leader 

Available on  Android

Many apps provide similar facilities to the users; however, BowloMeter is a popular app in the segment. The app has over 100K downloads on the Google Play store. BowloMeter offers all the features as mentioned earlier to its users. Bowling analysis is the dedicated service of the app, however, it still helps to improve batting skills with its added features. 

8. Cricket Club App Development 

Cricket Club App Development

What Is a Cricket Club App? 

Having a routine of playing sports not only boosts your physical health but mental health also. So, cricket club apps are the software that helps you connect with the nearby cricket club and their members. Having registered with the club, you will be invited for the matches, tournaments, practice sessions, and much more. 

Why Do You Need a Cricket Club App? 

If you are a cricket fan, you must have fond of playing it. So, cricket clubs bring the sport to your hobby. Further, having an app to register and get notified about the matches is the most convenient option. You need not to visit the club every time for little notifications and updates. The app will give you plenty of time to manage your schedule according to the upcoming matches and practice sessions.  

How Does a Cricket Club App Work?

Cricket clubs are primarily dedicated to particular clubs in a city or locality. The app carries the interface/portal where you can submit all your details to register and become a club member. Payment gateways in the app help you present the fee for the same. Now, you will be notified of every event you are interested in. As a club manager, you can trigger notifications to all the players and club members in one click. 

Features of The Cricket Club App

  • Seamless player registration 
  • On-the-spot approval 
  • Sending and sharing match highlight 
  • Club news sharing 
  • Last-minute update notifications 
  • Emergency Contact 
  • Profile creation 
  • Creating, deciding, and finalizing the venue of matches 

Domain Leader 

Available on iOS Android

Talking about the popular app Cricket Club Manager is one to talk about. The app is meant for the club manager, who can easily manage their members, players, matches, and all the supportive activities. Players can register for your club in no time. Also, you can seamlessly share all the insights, news, and highlights of the match with all the members. 

9. Cricket Super App 

cricket  Super-App

What Is a Super App For Cricket?

Unlike other apps delivering their dedicated purposes, the super app is the one that comprises all the features and services as a combined software. When an app provides all the above-defined features and services to its users, it is called Super App. 

Why Do You Need a Super App?

Having tens of apps installed in the system just for cricket is not a convenient way of proving your craze. At the same time, it might also eat up your device’s battery health as well as storage. Further, switching between apps is also a real headache for a user. So, a super app comes with a feature pack suite to simultaneously deliver all the purposes. Users can rely on a single app instead of downloading the dedicated app for different use cases. 

How Does a Super App Work? 

A super app has a user interface portraying the different dedicated services to the users. One can select any of the available services on the app and surf through the same. The user interface is kept simple as the chances of complexities increase in a super app. Once the purpose has been selected, the remaining user process is the same. 

Features that A Super App Must Offer 

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Inclusiveness of all the dedicated apps 
  • Reliable Payment gateway
  • Enhanced graphics 
  • Live updates 
Cricket Mobile App Development (3)

Want to Develop Profitable Sports Mobile App

Changing the Scenario of Cricket with Innovative Gadgets 

Technology has spared no industry or sector in instilling the advancements. Similar is the case with cricket where the scenario begins with a bawler throwing the ball, a batsman hitting it and a field working hard to grab before it crosses the boundary. However, the scenario has changed with time, and technology has played a big role in achieving complete perfection. Let’s go through some of the statements to witness the significance of technology in taking the sport to the next level. 

1. Ultra Edge Technology

Cricket is the game where each run, each ball, and each wicket determines the results of the complete game. However, one of the complex situations observed in the game is if the ball disturbs the bat before getting into the hand of the fielder. Referees or umpires are humans open to mistakes and errors. Ultra-edge technology has helped eliminate this complexity. The microphones installed on the wickets help observe the specific frequency of the ball hitting the bat or batsman’s body and eliminate the rest of the noise. Decisions are simple and suitable. 

2. Ball tracking technology

It’s all about where the ball goes. If it goes cross-boundary, it is woo-hoo; if it goes to the wicket or straight into the hand of the field, it is just the opposite. So, technologies like Cometh Trouble enters Hawkeye, introduced in 2001, have changed the gaming experience. It helps tracking the future angle and movement of the ball based on how it landed from the hands of the bowler. With the help of a 3-D model, the system can easily predict if the ball will hit the wicket in the case of LBW.

3. Cameras

we enjoy the game from the comfort of our home, having sharp detail of every movement of every player. However, this is all challenging. There are tens and hundreds of cameras installed on the ground, which help broadcast every moment of the ground. Spidercam, wicketcam, and tripod cameras work simultaneously to capture and broadcast the detail of the match. 

There are a lot of other technical and mechanical equipment which are not described above but are used widely in cricket. Still, most of them use digital software to display the information. Mobile apps and software are a big part of the same. API plays the core role in connecting the tools with the particular app and receiving the outcome. Most innovative installations at the cricket ground are associated with certain software to deliver the purpose. For example, ultra-edge technology requires a digital display to show the frequency and result if the ball touched the bat or not. 

So, there are many apps that the organizer uses to receive accurate and minute details about the match, movements, and actions. 

How Can Technology Reshape the Cricket Landscape in The Future?

We never know what the future holds, but we have an idea of what technology might hold. Let’s talk about some possible scenarios that technology might bring into the ring to achieve perfection further and multiply the joy for players and fans. 

Smart Bat


Many sensors and cams are installed on the pitch or wicket to capture the frequency and visuals of the ball path. At the same time, the sensor helps to determine if the ball touched the bat or not. smart bat can be the innovation that might substitute all these varied tools and equipment to achieve more perfection. 

Ultramodern Apps

As we went through the number of gadgets in the above section to track the dimensions of the ball, it is possible that this can be achieved with ultra-modern apps only. Smartphones are getting smarter, and it will not be surprising if new apps can help unveil the next-level capabilities by using the equipped sensors in the gadget. 

Proceedings for A Cricket App Development 

Developing an app is going to require much time as well as monetary resources. Hence, it becomes crucial to know about the overall process you will undergo to achieve the output. While there are going to be several steps and milestone you will confront during the whole process, however, following stages portrays an outline of the process-

1. Commence with A Vision  

While planning for a cricket app, plenty of options will leave you needing clarification. So, having a vision about the type of app you want to develop will help you map your path ahead. Use information sources and statistics to make the decision. However, make sure to take time to create the vision as it will determine all the steps of the process. 

2. Market Research 

Collect enough information about the industry you are stepping into so you don’t have to rely on other’s minds for decision-making. Research the competitors and the services they are providing. Know about their customer segments and features they are leveraging through the app. Note down the number of users they attracted over time. 

3. Inaugurate with A Strategy

Before anything, have a complete strategy in hand so it can act as the blueprint for your project. Write down the points like the service you will provide, the platform you will develop the app for, who will be your target audience, how you plan to improve, the purpose of your app, goals, and objectives for your app, and much more. 

4. Choose an App Development Team 

As long as you are not a full-stack developer or running an IT company, you will need an app development team that can play the partner role for you. Having listened to your needs and vision, this app development team will give you the right suggestion and help you transform the vision into reality. To choose a perfect app development team, you can analyze the aspects like their experience in the industry, the projects they have worked on, the number of clients they have served, 

5. UI/UX Prototype 

The foremost delivery that your app development partner is going to provide you is the UI/UX prototype. An app is meant to provide a seamless and smooth user experience, and UI determines the same. Make sure that the User Interface is easily accessible and usable by all types of users and target audiences. Suggest the changes in this stage as it can be budget and time unfriendly once the prototype has been passed. 

6. App Development

The core development process starts from here, when the back-end and front-end tasks will begin. The capabilities of your app development team will be tested well here. You can choose to develop a basic app as well as a hybrid app according to your objectives. Instilling advancements like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more. Choose the right tech stack, technical architecture, and additional features that can serve as the unique selling proposition for your app. 

7. Application Testing 

It is important that your app serves a smoother experience to the users without any bugs and glitches. So, the quality analyst team will pass your app from the testing phase multiple times to ensure that any bug doesn’t impact the quality of your app. The core purpose of application testing is the quality evaluation of your app by recording the testing result and achieving perfection. The testing phase will be user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and device & platform testing. 

8. Deployment and After Support 

Once the QA team has passed the app from their end, it will be deployed to the respective platform. Here the platform refers to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other app markets. Having deployed the app, your target audience can download the app from the respective store. 

Undoubtedly, there is always room for improvement. So, you must be in touch with your app development team for further enhancement. They will help you remove the bugs over time as they appear. At the same time, they will help you add new features and updates to your app so you can deliver the best service to your audience. 

What Are the Advantages of Having a Cricket App?

1. Insights at Your Fingertips 

Irrespective if we have time or not, we still want updates about the game sitting in the office, on the metro, or doing regular stuff. So, a scoreboard app brings all the insight at your fingertips and updates every ball. 

2. Achieve Perfection with Ease 

By knowing about the faults in your swings and shots, you can make improvements real easily. It helps you understand the angles, movement of your body parts, speed, and various other factors to achieve perfection in no time.. 

3. Monetize Your Knowledge 

Keeping the knowledge limited to yourself is not a good idea when you can monetize it. Cricket fantasy apps are one of the finest ways to monetize your expertise into money. 

4. Enjoy Your Hobby More Regularly

Becoming a local cricket club member will help you include your favorite game in your regular schedule. At the same time, having a dedicated app makes it even easier for you. 

5. Another Gaming Option 

Everyone is fond of gaming these days. Virtual cricket gaming apps present you with a unique gaming experience. Living childhood gaming with digital gadgets can be blossoming at times. 

6. Easier Management of Cricket Events

With millions and billions of fans, organizers have come a long way in organizing cricket tournaments and events. So, event planners and management apps help the organizer to undertake and complete several tasks without significant effort and struggle. 

7. Makes the Cricket Ground Even More Accessible 

Having insight into the nearby cricket ground, along with its specifications, can help you engage in your favorite sports more actively. So, an app enables you to access the complete list of nearby cricket grounds along with the charges, size, and other considerations to ensure that it fits your needs. 

Tech Stack Required For a Cricket App Development 

Tech Stack is the technological framework on which your app is based. An efficient app development team will communicate to you all the options you can choose; however, we suggest you learn the stack by yourself and then decide. 

You will have the following choice of tech stack while developing the app– 

Android Kotlin, Ruby on rails, Node JS, Android SDK, Codeigniter, and React 
iOSObjective C, Fabric iOS, Swift, Laravel
Cloud Storage Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure 
Database MySQL, Redis, Postgres, MongoDB
Payment Gateways PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree
Push Notifications MAP and Twilio
Real-time Analytics Google Analytics, Spark

What a Perfect App Development Team Looks Like?

We have talked about the app development team in several previous paragraphs but still don’t have any idea what the team looks like. You must remember that the app development team will be your partner in the project, so their efficiency greatly determines the product’s performance. 

Several team members will vary according to the size of your project, but the number of roles will be the same. Make sure your app development team consists of- 

Product Owner 

While working with an app development team, you will need someone you can rely on for updates and all the relevant information. The product owner will be a stakeholder who will keep you connected with the whole team, communicating all the updates and information to you. 

Project Manager 

Your project will require the contribution of different departments across the organization. So, the project manager is the person who leads the project and acts as a connection between the varied departments. At the same time, the project manager is the one that transfers the messages between clients and departments. 

Android/iOS Developers 

The developer is the one who carries out coding tasks for the app. You will need an iOS or Android Developer as per the nature of your project. Make sure your team has ample developers to work on your project and deliver it on time. 

UI/UX Designer 

The first expression might not be the last, but a very important expression. The User Interface (UI) Designer is the one who designs the interface for your app. Users will only have the first interaction with the interface, so it is essential to have an innovative yet easy-to-use interface. The same is with User Experience (UX), it should provide a seamless experience of usage to the users. 

Quality Analyst Engineers 

As we discussed above, your app is supposed to have as few bugs as possible to ensure a smoother experience, and Quality Analyst engineers will provide the same for you. The QA engineers team will test your app multiple times to make it bug-free. 

How Cricket Apps Make Money?

When we are investing a handsome amount into something, planning for getting good returns comes with it. Let’s talk about some app monetization strategies

1. Subscription Charges

Simplest and straight revenue stream- subscription charges. The revenue model is inspired by the traditional income sources where you charge for the product or service you provide. You can implement a certain subscription charge per user to provide them access to your insights or assistance. For example, you can charge a monthly charge to provide live insights about the cricket match. 

2. Advertisement 

Advertisements can be your most significant income stream having the potential to eliminate all the other business models. Once you have enough users on your platform, advertisement alone can bring a handsome amount to your pocket. 

3. In-App Purchases 

In-app purchase is the best idea for gaming apps. You can offer new tools and features to your users at certain prices. Offerings can be unlocking new uniforms, bats, cricket kits, teams, cricket grounds, and much more. 

4. Transactional Fee 

You can only implement the transactional fee in some apps; still it is a good revenue stream for certain apps. For example, you can charge a certain price if any user makes a booking for any event, cricket ground, or anything. Similarly, you can charge the commission in the fantasy app on every transaction made by the user. 

5. Paid Apps 

The majority of apps on the Google play store are free to download, but you are all free to offer the service against the monetary charges. Users must pay the amount to download the app and leverage the offerings. 

Cost of Developing a Cricket Mobile App 

No matter how popular the app might get or how many million users it can attract, you still would be concerned about the investment you need to make in the beginning. However, we might only stick to a particular price tag once and if you have listed each and every aspect of your app. The reason is that app development costs depend on various factors, taking the price tag up and down at different times. Let’s take a glance over the factors that will influence your app development cost– 

  • Features you want to see in the app.
  • The platform you are developing the app for
  • 3rd party API you are integrating into the app
  • Number of screens
  • Back-end infra
  • Animation and gamification elements 
  • The market you are hiring the development team from
  • Number of development hours

Why Choose Us For Sports App Development?


It’s not like we are the only one providing IT services in the industry,. There are thousands if not millions of companies providing similar services to their clients. So, the question arises, why choose us?

Let’s discuss some of the specifications and check whether we pass the criteria. Get started- 

  • First of all, the app development company/team must have ample experience, having worked on a number of projects in its journey. What Emizentech holds? We hold experience of around a decade with more than 500 worked-on projects. 
  • The app development company must have a delighted client base that represents the quality of service. We have more than 450 clients who will recommend our services to anyone.  
  • It is a big plus point if your app development team carries different types of skills, so you don’t have to wander between the various providers to get all the features. Emizentech has a team of more than 200 members who work to deliver every bit of your needs. 
  • One of the biggest expectation of a client is support. We provide it at the time of project, before starting project, and even after the completion of project. 
  • You can expect cost efficiency for your project. But it doesn’t refer to compromising with the features. So, with our experience of more than a decade, we know the areas where the cost can be saved without compromising efficiency. 

Wrapping up 

Cricket has always been the center of attraction for its host countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, England, and many more. But, more important is that cricket has die-hard fans who consider it more than just a sport. For example, if you head toward India or Pakistan, you will see people having tattoos of their favorite players and blasting the crackers on the victory. 

So, developing a cricket-dedicated app is automatically a good idea from an investment perspective. You already have a vast target audience to entertain and make them your users. Moreover, by instilling a good business model, your app will be an excellent monetary asset for you in the upcoming times. 

But, to leverage the above benefits, it is crucial to add value for the user. It is only possible when you are delivering your offerings while providing a smoother experience to your users. Here, an efficient development team can help you significantly ensure the same. Connect to Emizentech and take the very step. Transform the vision into reality. 

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EmizenTech's Mobile App Development team is led by Naren Bhati, who designs and develops technically innovative solutions for our global clientele. He has the technical expertise to steer our app development team on the right path.