If we have to name a sport that surpasses all the other games in popularity and craze, Football/Soccer is going to claim the position. Not just theories but statistics support the statement as the game has over 3.5 billion fans. The number is huge as it accounts for nearly half of the world’s total population. This popular game originated in the 19th century in Britain when folk football used to be played in local towns and villages. The craze of football began with industrialization and urbanization when working professionals used to take off on Saturdays to play or watch football organized by the local communities like churches and schools. 

Modern football is entirely different from what was started two centuries ago. However, the alterations have still not taken a pause, and the game landscape is continuously changing. The only difference is that in the 21st century, technology is instilling change. Modern-time app developments now keep the fans connected to their favorite sport 24*7. Whether watching football, getting important insight into the game, playing the game or making the necessary arrangements, modern time apps have got everything covered for you.

What is a Football/Soccer Mobile Application?


A smartphone application delivering some soccer/football information or experience to its audience is Football mobile application. Today, the craze of this particular game is touching new heights, which has unlocked a vast audience base for such apps. At the same time, the increased number of smartphone users has also contributed significantly to make the mobile football app a great business model and idea. 

In the 21st century, when we want everything served on hours palms, football mobile app development brings the whole sport to our couch. Be it getting the goals insight or booking a seat in the stadium for the upcoming league; these smartphone apps do everything for you with a few clicks.  

Football App Market Statistics 

Grand View Research
  • Approximately 265 million people in the world have this game in their daily schedule. At the same time, more than 3.5 billion people are die-hard fans of this game. So, a mobile football app already has got a giant audience base. 
  • Football is known as Soccer in the US and Canada. So, now you see why we are using both names in this blog. Don’t get confused from now on. 
  • The global football market will be valued at US$3.02 billion in 2021. 
  • The same market is expected to achieve a valuation of $3.7 billion by 2027, showing a CAGR of 18.3%. 
  • The global sports app market size has been valued at US$3.5 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 9.4% from 2022-2028.
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Types of Football Apps You Can Build

As we interpreted, there are billions of football fans worldwide, but only some are playing on the ground. Everyone has got their own choice for engaging in the game. Some prefer to monetize their knowledge with the game, while others want a gaming experience on their smartphone. To satisfy the wants of different football fans, a range of football apps attract an audience of millions by delivering the correct information and experience.

1. Fantasy Football App 

What Is a Fantasy Football App?

Segment-leading apps have already been downloaded and used by tens of millions of users on android and iOS platforms. A Football Fantasy app helps you create your own team before a game and rank the players as per your prediction and knowledge. Fantasy football apps are a great medium to monetize your understanding of the game because the more accurate the prediction, the more prizes you can win. 

Why Do You Need a Fantasy Football App?

If you are a football fan and have witnessed the performance of players for a long time, you would be familiar with the form of teams and their strengths and weaknesses. So, a fantasy football app will deliver you the opportunity to use this expertise, build a team of your choice, rank the players, and make calculated predictions. If the predictions go right, it brings you massive prizes. 

How Does a Fantasy Football App Work?

The working principle of the Fantasy Football App is simple. The user has to make a football team for the upcoming game. Players are ranked in the team as per individual choices. If the ranking matches players’ actual game performance, the user wins big monetary prizes. 

Features of A Fantasy Football App

  • Player Stats and Analytics 
  • AR Integration 
  • Sign up
  • On-boarding 
  • E-wallet setup 
  • Create and join tournaments 
  • Achievement Badges 
  • Live score 
  • Score prediction 
  • Follow particular players 
  • Sending the important alerts 
  • Game lobby 
  • Profile registration

Domain Leader 

ESPN fantasy sports app is one of the market leaders in the segment. The app is a dedicated fantasy platform for various sports like football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. More than 10 million android users have downloaded the app.

2. Football Live Scoreboard and News App

What Is a Football Live Scoreboard and News App?

A football match lasts hours, and one might not have that much time. So, people need a platform or medium that can forward important insights like goals, fouls, and team performance without having to sit and watch the whole game. A Football Live scoreboard and news app do the same by delivering live information about the game onto your smartphone. 

Why Do You Need a Football Live Scoreboard and News App?

A football live scoreboard and news app eliminates the need to sit for hours during a football match to get the insight into a game. You can just open the app every couple of minutes to know the team’s performance, the game’s situation, goals, fouls, and other vital insights without limiting yourself in front of the television. 

How does a Football/Soccer Scoreboard App work?

A football scoreboard app uses the relevant APIs to drive a live game’s important and updated information. The user can open the app to get the details of the match anywhere and anytime. One of the most popular APIs in this segment is “API- Football”. The API provides you complete information about teams, live scores, fixtures, events, head 3 head, trophies, top scorers, lineups, injuries, in-play odds, pre-match odds, predictions, statistics, and much more. 

Features that A Football/Soccer Scoreboard and News App Must Offer

  • Live commentary 
  • News and notifications about live matches 
  • Schedules for the upcoming matches 
  • Highlighting goals and fouls 
  • Ranking, records, and stats
  • Video content 
  • Coverage of all small and big tournaments

Domain Leader 

FotMob, with features like lie scores, storylines, and stats, rules the segment of football scoreboards and news apps. The app has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

3. Football Pitch Locator App 

What Is a Football Pitch Locator App?

A football pitch locator app is a software or application that gives detailed information about the nearby football ground and pitches. People having football in their regular schedule need a solution that informs them about the nearby pitches along with detailed information on the availability, rent, booking, and facilities. So, this type of app does the same for its users. 

Why Do You Need a Football Pitch Locator App? 

Most of the fans have a regular schedule to play football, and it can be a Saturday afternoon or any day of the week. However, finding the right place where they can enjoy the game can always be challenging. So, a football pitch locator app provides a detailed view of all nearby grounds on the smartphone. 

How Does a Football Pitch-Locator App Work?

A football pitch locator app tracks your location and finds all the soccer fields located in your locality. The dashboard feature gives you insight into the facilities and amenities of the soccer field. At the same time, you can even book slots for yourself for a particular day and time. 

Features that A Football Pitch Locator App Must Offer

  • Pitch type and facilities 
  • Booking options 
  • Safe payment gateway 
  • Pictures and visuals of the ground 
  • Existing reviews and ratings of users 
  • Tournaments and matches being conducted on the ground 
  • Contact information of pitch authorities 

Domain Leader 

Futbology, with over 100K downloads on the Google Play Store, is one of the most famous apps in this segment. The app lets you find all the games or leagues being played in your nearby areas, and you can even upload photos and posts regarding the game. At the same time, you can connect with your friends.

4. Virtual Football Gaming App

What Is a Virtual Football Gaming App?

Having billions of fans worldwide makes the virtual football gaming app one of the most downloaded apps in the game segment. Such apps have tremendous features that deliver a real-time football-playing experience to their users. Having options to choose the team and using the control features allows the users to play football from the comfort of their couch.

Why Do You Need a Football Gaming App?

Being a football fan, you must be fond of playing football. But you can not land on a football pitch and have a game. So, a virtual football gaming app delivers a similar experience to your smartphone. Every time you get a break from regular activities, you can play football with similar rules, your favorite team, and added kick swings and features.

How Does a Virtual Football Gaming App Work?

A virtual football gaming app allows the users to select the team, opposition, and field and start the game. Moreover, different controls are provided on the fingertips, buttons, and joystick for the player’s movements. At the same time, AR/VR wholly transfigures the football gaming experience. 

Features  of Virtual Football Gaming App

  • Multiple kicking and swing options 
  • Good graphics 
  • Real-time players and team options 
  • Commentary from renowned professionals 
  • Multi-dimensional view of the playground 
  • AR and VR integration 
  • Skills Analysis system 
  • Real-time tournament and gaming events of football

Domain Leader 

FIFA mobile is one of the most played games in the football gaming segment. The same has been downloaded by over 100M users from Google Play Store. The game offers exceptional features to users: world-class competition, real sports game thrill, real-time 11v11 gameplay, authentic football game actions, and much more. 

5. Football eCommerce App

What Is a Football eCommerce App?

As the name suggests, a platform or app that provides you with A-Z football-related equipment under one roof is Football eCommerce App. You will see several brands and their products in this eCommerce app. Applying the filters and inserting the right words in the search box will ease your football-related shopping.

Why Do You Need a Football e-Commerce App? 

Everyone engaged in football needs specific equipment, and finding everything at one place is always challenging. At the same time, there are different brands that will complete your football kit with their products. So, a football eCommerce app offers you everything in one place and thus makes it easy for you to choose the product per your preference and budget. 

How Does a Football eCommerce App Work?

Just like any other eCommerce platform, these are football dedicated. For example, users can log in and purchase anything that is supposed to be used during the game. It can be accessories, arm sleeves, belts, balls, cleats, cleaners, duffle bags, energy drinks, flags, gloves, hand warmers, helmets, jerseys, T-shirts, pads, pants, towels, uniforms, and much more. 

Features of A Football eCommerce App

  • Easy login & registration 
  • Shopping cart
  • Detailed product descriptions 
  • Filtering and sorting features
  • Return status 
  • Invoice of order 
  • Order Summary
  • Wish list 
  • Availability status of a product 
  • Barcode scanning
  • Personalized content 
  • Product presentation with Augmented reality

6. Football Event Planner and Management App 

What Is a Football Event Planner and Management App?

Football is one of the most famous and played sports in tens of countries, and so the craze of football tournaments and events is not limited just to the national level. Local and zonal events in football are held in every second city. So, a football event planner and management app helps the organizers manage the different tasks and thus automate the entire management process. 

Why Do You Need a Football Event Planner and Management App?

If you are a member of a football event or tournament planning committee, you must have experienced the headache of managing a lot of tasks, the risks of missing deadlines, and getting puzzled at work. So, this type of software streamlines the process for you. Different features equipped in the event planner app help you keep connected with the various stakeholders of the event, check and update the progress of multiple tasks, and establish a mutual platform for smoother communication.

How Does a Football Event Planner and Management App Work?

Many features and facilities make it easier for the organizer to manage the event. A well-developed app in this genre will help you register the players as well as team, determine the highlights of the game, share and get the necessary notifications, publish the news, track the boundaries, create and publish the polls, maintain the point-tables, as well as live stream of the important matches. 

Feature of A Football Tournament Manager App 

  • Broadcast football live goal 
  • Live stream of matches 
  • Profile setup for team and players 
  • Leaderboard 
  • Badges, awards, and offers 
  • Point table 
  • Tournament page 
  • Boundary tracker 
  • Feed 
  • Schedule 
  • Necessary bookings of the football ground, amenities, coaches, uniform, refreshments, etc. 

Domain Leader 

“Tournament & League Manager” is a renowned software that helps streamline event management for different sports tournaments. The app has more than 100K downloads on the Google Play Store. One can use the app for different sports tournaments like football, basketball, paddle, tennis, volleyball, video games, cricket, etc. 

7. Football Movement Tracking  App 

What Is a Movement-Tracking App? 

It is estimated that an average football player runs approximately 10.14 km in every game. Besides running, the game witnesses many other movements like jumping, kicking, turning, speed, and much more. So, a movement tracking app integrates with your smart devices or sensors to interpret the detailed information of your movements. 

Why Do You Need a Movement-Tracking App? 

When it is about improvement, a movement-tracking app ensures that you are working on the parameters that need improvement. You can check if your running speed is good enough for the various games, the angle of your kicking, what should be the turning speed during the game, and much more. 

How Does a Movement-Tracking App Work? 

The majority of these apps work in integration with different sorts of smart devices and sensors. The devices are installed on body parts to track movement. At the same time, the respective application converts the measurement of the smart device into readable form. Users can know the improvement areas, strengths, and weaknesses and even compare the performance to other players. User can also share the performance with a friend, coach, or anyone. 

Features of A Movement Tracking App 

  • Technical events analysis 
  • Athletic performance 
  • Geolocation of events
  • Speed analysis 
  • Turning analysis 
  • Kicking analysis 

Domain Leader 

XSeed Pro can be considered an example of such an app. It is a pad hardware carrying different sensors to track the movements. The hardware is integrated with the XSeed application, where you can read the measurement and tracking. Let it be feet swing tracking, running speed, performance analysis, or anything else; the app does everything for you.  

8. Football Club App Development 

What Is a Football Club App?

Getting a membership in a football club is one of the best ways to make the game a part of your daily life. A Football Club app provides you with a list of all the local football clubs, their gaming schedule, events they participate in, and the club’s existing members. So, you can log in to the app and choose any club member to claim the membership. 

Why Do You Need a Football Club App?

A football club app helps you explore the different football clubs to choose the one that meets your preferences. At the same time, with this app, you will get all the important notifications regarding scheduling, events, venues, and much more. Moreover, you can even compare the membership charges of different football clubs to choose the most efficient one. 

How Does a Football Club App Work? 

Such an app has several football clubs registered with it. So, users can log in to the app to compare the scheduling and facilities of different clubs. Many apps even provide the registration feature from the app only, so the user doesn’t have to visit various clubs to get the pricing. 

Features of A Football Club App

  • Player Registration 
  • On-the-spot approval 
  • Sharing the game insights
  • Club news sharing 
  • Last-minute update notifications
  • Profile creation  
  • Emergency Contact 
  • Chat feature 
  • Finalizing the matches venue 

Domain Leader

Clupik is an app having most of the defined and relevant features for a club management. The club owner posts photos, videos, albums, match schedule, results, classifications, information about team members, templates, calendars, and much more. 

9. Football Super App

Virtual Football gaming app

What Is a  Football Super App?

The All-in-one concept has been my favorite as it lessens the burden of separate focusing. Similarly, a Football Super App delivers the purpose of all the above apps in one suite. A super app carries the functionalities and features of all the above-defined apps, so you don’t have to download tens of apps for different tasks.  

Why Do You Need a Football Super App?

One app might not satisfy all your needs when you are a die-hard fan of football. So, a football super app delivers the features and functionalities of all the above apps. With a super app, you no longer need to download multiple apps for multiple purposes. 

How Does a Football Super App Work? 

A Football Super App takes the support of various APIs integration to equip the different features in one app. The user interface of the super app carries the portals of other functionalities where the user can select the needed one. However, it would be best if you remembered that the features for particular functionalities might be less in a super app when compared to the dedicated app.  

Features of A Football Super App

  • Easy user interface 
  • Multiple API integrations 
  • Reliable Payment Gateway
  • Live updates 
  • All-in-one functionalities 
  • Smoother processing 

Technology Reshaping the Football Landscape

Technology has been changing the landscape, whether it is business or sports. Similarly, various devices, apps, and sensors have been changing the football scenario entirely. Have a look at the following sensor-based wearable soccer innovation and how they have transfigured the practices- 

1. Playmaker 


Playmaker is a device that fits on the shoes and tracks the different movements of a player throughout the game. With this device, you can follow various movements such as the number of touches, number of touches by the leg, number of releases, distance covered during the match, top running speed during the game, etc. 

2. Modern Sensor Equipped Ball

World Cup 2022 has made its debut with a modern sensor-equipped ball to be used throughout the matches. The ball contains sensors that will collect spatial positioning data in real-time to locate the ball’s exact location.

3. Smart Vest

Smart vests are popular in the market that helps to track the athlete’s position, measure the heartbeat of the player, measure the distance covered, speed of running, sprinting record, clashes, etc. 

4. Footbar 


Another wearable to be strapped on the player’s calf. The sensors installed in the wearable track the number of shots, speed of shots, number of passes, possession time, dribbling times, running time, distance covered, sprint statistics, and much more.

5. Zepp Play Soccer 

 Zepp Play Soccer

A wearable strap for players that helps to keep a record of distance covered, speed, different speeds, number of kicks, number of sprints, goal conversion rate, active time, and other similar statistics. 

Undertakings for A Football App Development 

When you are investing in something, it is necessary to have a plan and blueprint to take the proper steps timely. The same goes for app development. You must follow the simple and static steps to ensure that your project delivers what you expect. We have listed simple steps that you must ensure to get your football app developed-

1. Stick to a strategy 

Before jumping directly to the development work, make sure you have a clear strategy. In this step,  you need to define the purpose of your app and the audience you wish to serve, research the competitors and establish some goals for the project. 

2. Planning 

Write down your app’s necessary specifications to shape your strategy. Here, it would help if you finalized the necessary configurations like app platforms, MVP, features, USP, budget, timeline, and more. Having these configurations cleared will help you establish a good relationship with your app development team. 

3. UI/UX Design

It’s time to work on the infrastructure of your app. So make sure that your app’s User Interface is easy to understand and use. It must be interactive, attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly. Here you must remember that the first impression is often the last. If your app is easy to use, it will be adopted by the users in no time. 

4. App development 

This is the main stage where your app is being developed with front and back-end support. Further taking the prototype, integrating the APIs, writing the necessary codes, instilling the communicated features, utilizing of tech stack, and achieving the main milestones of the project are performed in this phase. 

5. Testing

Once the app has been developed, the testing phase makes sure that all the features are working seamlessly. The application is passed from several quality tests like user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, device & platform testing, and much more. 

6. Deployment and after support 

After completing the app development, the application is deployed on the respective store (majorly Google Play Store or Apple App Store). However, deploying the app is not all, as it requires proper after-support. You need to provide updates, remove bugs reported by the users, and add new features to the app over time.

Advantages of a Football Mobile App

A mobile football app is undoubtedly a beneficial deal for both the app’s owner and the user. Each app has its particular use cases that deliver its purpose. However, not only for users, but apps bring monetary and other benefits to the app’s owner. 

Advantages for owners Advantages for users 
Streamline the business processes Better platform for fantasy gaming 
Helps better connect to the target audience Insight into available football grounds in locality 
Brings a good income Latest updates of live matches without interruption 
A go-to online place for audience Helps explore the nearby clubs and register for membership
Strengthen the customer relationship Assists improve the game with ease 
Serve as an excellent marketing tool Streamline the event and tournament management 
Provides better customer insight Find all the football equipment and accessories in one place 
Ensure 24*7 operations of the business  Delivers the top-notch gaming experience

Tech Stack Required for a Football App Development 

The technology infrastructure and framework on which an app is built are called the Tech Stack. You get a range of options to choose from, and you have to decide based on the specifications of your app. Following is the tech stack choice for a football app development-

Android Kotlin, Node JS, Ruby on rails, Android SDK, React, and Codeigniter 
iOSObjective C, Swift, Fabric iOS, Laravel 
Cloud Storage Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS
Database Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres
Payment Gateways Stripe, PayPal, Braintree
Push Notifications Twilio and MAP
Real-time Analytics Google Analytics, Spark

Key Members of A Perfect App Development Team

Every app development partner will offer you different kinds of teams having different numbers of members. However, there are certain roles that take your project through different phases. So, you must ensure that the app development team you are working with consists of at least the people playing all these roles-

1. Product Owner 

The team’s product owner will be the person responsible for keeping you connected with your project. You can rely on this person for all your project’s important updates and progress. 

2. Project Manager 

As the name suggests, a project member is a person that manages the overall project in-house. The project manager keeps all the people working on the task connected with each other.

3. Android/iOS Developers 

The respective developer, as per your platform choice, is going to be one of the core roles for your app development team. There are multiple members in this role.

4. UI/UX Designer 

To give a perfect look to your application, UI/UX designers are going to play a significant role. Make sure the team has visionary and innovative UI/UX designers to design your interface. 

5. Quality Analyst Engineers 

A developed application carries a lot of bugs and errors. So, a QA engineer in the team will debug the application and make it as smooth and seamless as possible.

How do Football Apps make money? 

App development is going to require a good investment from your side, but at the same time, it also consists of various income sources to serve you a good ROI. Some of the most popular monetization models of mobile applications are-

1. Advertisement 


Whether it is an application, website, or social media site, advertisement has become the core income stream for businesses. If you manage your app well and attract a good user base, showing the ad will bring you. 

2. Subscription charges 

subscribe fee

Further, implementing the subscription model in your app will attract a good income every time a user wants to leverage your service. You can apply weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription fees for your app. 

3. Transactional fee


Charging a transaction fee from the users is another good method of generating revenue through the app. Here, the user will pay you a certain amount whenever a transaction is processed on your app. It can be booking tickets, taking a membership of a club, purchasing any item, booking any event, or anything. 

4. In-App Purchases 


In-app purchases have been a popular way of generating income. With this monetization model, you can stitch a price tag to some of your offerings. For example, you can implement a charge for live streaming of matches, access to advanced features like booking events and unlocking the new level in football gaming apps. 

5. Paid apps 


You can put your app in a paid category where a user will be paying a certain amount to login into the app. This is generally a one-time fee, and users don’t have to pay periodical charges. 

Cost of developing a Football Mobile App

Like any other app or website development, the cost of football mobile app development also changes with different factors. So, sticking to a particular price tag for app development is neither possible nor a good idea. So, you can only get exact pricing once you are sure of the following considerations-

  • Number of features 
  • Types of features
  • 3rd party API Integrations 
  • Back-end Infra 
  • Number of screens 
  • Origin Country of Developers
  • Animation and Gamification 
  • Number of development hours 

Why Choose Emizentech for your Football App Development?


The market is flooded with IT companies that will complete your project. So, how does Emizentech cover the extra mile to become your choice? Let’s go through some of the points and find the answer to the same- 

  • Experience brings expertise, and Emizentech has experience working on more than 500 projects in its journey. That makes us one of the most experienced teams of developers in the market. 
  • The app development company must have a delighted client base that represents the quality of service. We have more than 450 clients who will recommend our services to anyone.  
  • The workforce is a core contributor to a successful project, and we have a team of 200 staff members, and more than 50% of them are experienced and senior staff. 
  • We support our clients not only during the project but even before and after the completion of the project. 
  • We fit your project into your budget as our experience allows us to save costs without compromising the project’s quality. 


With more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football/soccer has secured the top position in the sports industry. Technology, being the game changer in the 21st century, has also played a vital role in the transfiguration of the sector. The same has opened the gate of new business opportunities for people working in or out of the industry. A range of segments needs the service of dedicated apps that can help the existing businesses to enhance their operations and even set a new income stream. 

So, get a vision, contact Emizentech and take your first step. 

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