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Enhance productivity with Salesforce Inbox that assists in staying synced and diminishes the requirement to switch the apps or perform manual data entry.

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Through Salesforce Inbox, make your life easier and smoother

Salesforce Inbox makes emails and Salesforce jobs handling effective and efficient.

Previously known as SalesforceIQ for the SalesCloud, Salesforce Inbox was a beta version. A highly dependable email client, Salesforce Inbox is crafted to suit the best with the other platforms. It offers you an atmosphere that integrates the widely known email apps and offers you with the accumulated information. This uniformed collection of emails from other platforms is then united and listed in your Salesforce Inbox. Salesforce Inbox safes a great deal of time as the apps switching and email searching is not there. With the assistance of Salesforce Inbox, the user is allowed to maintain the sales logging effortlessly, reverting to emails, and handle the workflow easily. The most in-trend activities, even the ones as easy as emails checking and marking the things off the list, can be seen after with the assistance of the platform. You can also optimize your enterprise time and improve the client management point of your business with priority.

After you are done with the Salesforce Inbox functionalities implementation, it can perform like an efficient customer data source you require for the improvement of your business. Being declared as a source, you can regard Salesforce Inbox to be a big component of your business when it comes to sound communication methods. You should gain the smooth assistance of Salesforce Inbox that eases the exchange of emails, manage the sent, received, and drafted emails, and log-in into your email accounts from Salesforce Inbox. Moreover, you can start a lead and connect with your clients directly from the ambiance offered by Salesforce Inbox. No longer you need to fret about the missing opportunities as your pending, upcoming, and accomplished tasks will be exposed to you along with the inbox interface.

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Benefits of Salesforce Inbox(IQ)

Let’s check out various reasons that let you consider Salesforce Inbox implementation.


Offers business-friendly interface

When you conduct a business task and put forward your ideas in action. It holds the importance as none of the appointments or the plans are interfered consequently.

Salesforce Inbox offers you a business-friendly interface that is simple to understand and mix with. You can smoothly update the status of your in-action tasks and allocate them among your teams evenly.


Stay informed with a progressive timeline

You might never want to miss an important email, document, or message in speed. Such issues may leave a bad impression on your timeline always. Salesforce Inbox assists you in avoiding such issues, notifying you, and sending you alerts about the enlisted jobs that you are expected to look ahead without failing.

Even when the details are separated into groups, the people taking care of the allotted tasks will be posted when any kind of changes are imposed in the groups of required data that includes commercial bonds between you and your clients.


Provide a highly equipped and integrated atmosphere

When it comes to integration, it states that the Salesforce Inbox embraces the functionalities that are often separated or are absent in an integrated way. There are high chances that you might have required to install the bunches of apps previously that are automatically imperative for the emergence of the business data. You will be glad to know that Salesforce Inbox embeds all such apps and mark their features to merge them into the sole source of the workspace.


Smoothly accessible and available for various platforms

Salesforce Inbox is crafted to be an important part of the commercial solution that is best to run on every device that holds web access. The platform is much accessible and allows you to reap the benefit of its profitable functionalities at a given time irrespective of the assistance of your credentials. The secured inbox offering also alerts you when a person attempts to log-in to the system. If an unauthenticated body tries to access your details, the access will be declined and you with your rightful individuals will be alerted about the same threat. Such a feature makes Salesforce Inbox the safest platform to perform on.


Offer predefined templates to make communication easier

Salesforce Inbox offers you a great range of the pre-written templates that you can employ for reverting your clients and saving a friendly amount of time that can be cultured and offered to other significant areas of your business. Such templates are perfectly crafted to suit the best certain circumstances and develop a most agreeable response. You don’t require to rewrite the exact settings of an email that may even be related if you are not devoted completely to take care of the structure.

Offerings of Salesforce Inbox(IQ)

We offer perfect Salesforce Inbox services that assist in making your life easier and close enhanced deals.

Work Faster & Smarter, and Increase Your Productivity with Salesforce Inbox.

Sync CRM data with time The Salesforce Inbox environment is integrated reliably with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform (CRM). Also, it assists you in performing with the data sets that are updated and ensure the comprehensive growth of the enterprise.

Enhanced Customer Engagement The Salesforce Inbox assistance along with its indomitable caliber leaves a customer-oriented and great impression. Your organization will be offered an option to sell also from the inbox along with the Salesforce Inbox implementation.

Merge your trading with inbox The smart structure of Salesforce Inbox permits you to consolidate your trading features along with the inbox and that will surely save a big amount to your attempts. It can also emerge to be a time-efficient way for reaching your potential clients.

Hire Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce application development services are all about creating the best possible app development solutions for clients and deliver the way before the deadline.

Why Emizentech for Salesforce Inbox Services

Our Salesforce Inbox services will assist you in developing and maintaining a commercial ambiance that will help you in handling your trades.


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The record types that you can develop with the Salesforce Inbox implementation are Contact, Lead, Case, and Opportunity. It is also imperative for you to know that these record types can’t be altered as there exist certain parameters that differentiate each such from the other.

You can check out the app specifications or can also read the user manual that showcases the list of requirements that demand to be achieved to allow you to install the Salesforce Inbox along with its profitable services. You should search out for the specification version before you get the product and try to install it.

Well, of course. You will be glad to know that the Salesforce Inbox environment has crafted provisions for assisting you link it with the widely known office suite. You can also update the data from your office suite, also ahead employ it in your reliable Salesforce Inbox.