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Customize service remotely for members, patients, and care teams. Make your team well-equipped with 360-degree views to render collaborative and personalized experiences.

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A cloud-based solution, Salesforce Health Cloud, assists in making smart care decisions

Salesforce Health Cloud helps in engaging with the patients across devices and targets on patient bonds

The newest venture of Salesforce, Health Cloud is one of the most impactful solutions. With Health Cloud, Salesforce is waiting to attract cloud-based and integration solutions to locate care gaps that extend for long inside the healthcare verticals. Now, the days of distinct Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions along with the lack of transparency all across the sequence of care are about to end. At Emizentech, our team of experts provides Salesforce Health Cloud customization and implementation services to develop an app for you that can help you to develop a one-to-one relationship with your patients. We also offer Health Cloud integration with other 3rd-party platforms, such as Community Cloud, Clinical Systems, Marketing Cloud, EHRs, and more.

Health Cloud offers various distinct use cases within which the platform could be applicable. The Health Cloud helps in increasing data exchange and the visibility for all the parties embraced. Offering the contact centers along with the caliber to access data inside an EMR permits a customer service rep to offer a service to the patient with the perfect tools existing on hand. As Health Care licenses are the extensions to Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities, the Health Cloud implementation offers standard Service Cloud capabilities, like Knowledge, Omnichannel, and Live Agent to an industry where the EMR capabilities hold the chief focus for the enhancements. Salesforce Health Cloud is not focused on doctors who need EMR functionalities, but at the support staff that are surrounded by a patient. From permitting a caregiver to simply record activities that are completed by a patient, to revealing available appointments to customer service reps, Health Cloud is targeted at handling interactions of a patient despite their chart.

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Salesforce Health Cloud Offerings

We hold proficiency and deep understanding of Salesforce Health Cloud to assist our clients effectively meet their business targets.


Data Model Management

In Salesforce Health Cloud, the data model that we use becomes the base of our whole system. The understanding of the Data Model is important to the enhancing implementation and the adoption of the Health Cloud. Once we decide on a data model of the Health Cloud, we will hold the caliber to personalize it by appending your customized fields, objects, and automation, standing high with a data model that is customized to the different needs of our organization.


Patient Management

A member or patient is known to be a Person account (contact or account) that holds a care plan. In the role of a member or patient, the person necessitates to be a part of a care team. You will be able to look at the related information in one place.


Advanced Clinical Research

The Health Cloud provides data solutions to strengthen the research process. The techniques of advanced research are much complicated for the small PCs to handle, but with the health cloud, the case is different. It becomes simpler to research new methods, new drugs, and interesting possibilities.


Smoothen Collaboration

One robust benefit that Heath Cloud provides is all through mobile devices; healthcare-specific apps are accessible at lightning speed and offer better communication also from a distance. The Salesforce renders collaborative care for wellness and prevention. Through this collaborative management of the patient data of many departments assists in rendering effective patient care.


Accessing High-Powered Analytics

The real-time computations and the tracking of data of the cloud to the providers can assist for personalized care and medical research.


Care Plan Management

Care Plan management is customized to your needs. The care coordinators can develop one or more care plans for each person when various care plans are enabled in your firm, permitting more manageable, focused care components. Care plan clutches all the targets, issues, and tasks relevant to a patient.


Clinical Systems/EHR Integration

It is much simpler to archive and employ patient records along with medical images. This enhances access, improves storage capacity, and increases security. The clinical data model holds information from Electronic Health Records and the tasks, issues, and goals linked with a care plan and captures them on a single platform that makes it easily accessible. Clinical knowledge is important for crafting, executing, and handling coordinated care plans for the patients. We, at Emizentech, offer Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) integration to attain patient data at one spot.


Data Storage Saving

The Health Cloud offers in-house storage requirements and allows the providers to save the money as for various healthcare organizations, huge data is always a challenge.


Timeline View Setup

Take all the customers on their customized journey crafted especially to offer them a long-lasting experience. Timeline view assists you in offering your customers a 1-to-1 personalized experience on many channels. A customer journey is developed that strengthens you to handle all the healthcare events whether it’s of past, present, or future. The timeline view allows you to consider patient data in a chronological order.


How is Health Cloud beneficial for the teams?

Health Cloud holds tangible advantages for your internal teams and also those you serve. Following we have broken down some benefits of Health Cloud to your teams.



In today’s digital world, to magnetize and get business, the well-known insurance plans should develop trusted and long-lasting relationships with the members. The health cloud helps in personalizing care, smoothen authorization requests with the utilization management, and promotes collaboration to attain the best member results.



It helps in rendering the experience that the patients deserve. It makes it simple to engage the patients on any device and also collaborate all across the whole healthcare network, from the care coordinators to the service agents and the family members, by linking EHR data, patient preferences, treatment plans, and more, you can render truly customized experiences on the track of better results.


Medical Devices

Health Cloud makes commercial processes management, provider relationship development, and even the patient’s engagement more compliant, efficient, and personal.



The health cloud aids in simplifying and smoothening patient engagement. Whether you are developing therapy-specific services or enrolling patients at scale, Health Cloud smoothes your processes so that you can lower down complexity, enhance the impact of all the support programs and drive the business-wide innovation.

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Let’s go deeper to know more about our Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation services

There exist various tracks that can customize the Health Cloud and we, at Emizentech, perform with our clients to develop a comprehensive solution that locates all the business requirements. We just make sure the best scalability level, which leads to constant innovation.

We know that it’s critical to integrate Health Cloud with your EHR or any app, so we perform with our clients to get it perfect. It can be achieved by employing middleware to allow a direct EHR-to-Salesforce connection, or you can track all through your company data warehouse if knowledge accumulation is required. Once that track is developed, you will hold the caliber to exchange any information, in any frequency, in any direction. Connect with us to know more about Salesforce Health Cloud implementation.

Health Cloud is crafted to be the data aggregation, engagement, and collaboration solution that suits available clinical systems and electronic health records. Health Cloud integration with EHR data can expose a perfect view of every patient for more personalized and smarter care.

Health Cloud stretches the importance of Service Cloud by using its robust features to allow more customized patient bonds. It attains immediate access to complete the patient profiles, patient timelines, detailed care plans, and care networks with no need for customization. Also, the clinical data model of the Health Cloud depends on HL7 FHIR standards and it operates with the open APIs for Electronic Health Records data and the device integration.