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Transform your customer engagement entirely with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Now, be all set to speak to your customers with the apt message, at the apt time, with smart marketing automation.

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Efficiently handle your brand’s interaction with its existing customers through Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We are experts at Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and craft personalized and automated experiences.

At Emizentech, we offer Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration services and implementation services with other Salesforce Cloud, such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Commerce Cloud. Moreover, we offer Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration services with other 3rd-party platforms. A marketing automation software, Salesforce Marketing Cloud assists businesses to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Now, you can craft a personalized experience for your customers by getting engaged with them on Mobile, Email, Web, and Social. You can use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to transform your customer engagement comprehensively. Moreover, it aids in marketing from anywhere by deploying campaigns faster, collaborating with your teams employing mobile apps, and keeping your customers engaged from anywhere. Furthermore, Marketing Cloud uses the real-time data to analyze the requirements of the customers and supports them with marketing that attains them where they are. This is how it listens to your customers, teams, and partners.

Apart from this, Salesforce Marketing Cloud views unified marketing performance data, craft spending decisions in real-time, and enhances the engagement of your campaigns as you move. Also, it adapts to the altering behavior of your customers by speeding up the adoption of the digital channel and rendering audience-specific messages at the right moment. Marketing Cloud is also famed for managing B2C or B2B.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions and tools that help you in running personalized digital campaigns to allow you to witness a new era of marketing ease.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Emizentech is an expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation for businesses of all sizes and nature. Whether you require Marketing Cloud implementation from or want to customize your existing solution, our experts of Marketing Cloud can help you.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Being a Salesforce Marketing cloud Integration specialist, Emizentech holds the potential to integrate your Marketing Cloud with email, CTI, social media, ERP, other AppExchange solutions, any 3rd party solutions, and eCommerce platforms to attain the highest outcomes. We can also integrate Marketing Cloud with Salesforce Sales and Salesforce Service Cloud to allow the data flow in your Salesforce CRM seamless and automatic.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting

Our services for Marketing Cloud Consulting helps you to pick the right Marketing Cloud tools depending on the business needs and recognize essential integrations and customizations. We can assist you to plan your implementation process acknowledging many company IT strategies and the potential challenge.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Migration

We can assist you in migration from your existing marketing automation tool to Marketing Cloud. Also, if you need to migrate from Marketing Cloud to Lightning in Salesforce Classic, our Lightning experts team can aid you in a seamless migration ensuring safe data transfer without hampering the business process.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support & Enhancement

We provide end-to-end Marketing Cloud end-user training and support to allow you to enhance Marketing Cloud advantages ensuring the system stability and user productivity. We perform closely with you to sketch your requirements, marketing targets, and scale up to map the personalized customer ventures.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Offerings

We, at Emizentech, hold expertise and deep knowledge in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to assist your business to attain heights in a more optimized, accelerated, and effective way.


Journey Builder

It renders cross-channel personalized experience at each step of the customer lifecycle along with campaign management. With Journey Builder, you can recognize every moment that defines the customer journey and employ them to strengthen 1-to-1 relationships. It understands your clients with complete data, makes all the moments count, and allows you to be all set for altering the preferences of the customers. Journey Builder visualizes your approaches with journey mapping. Also, it facilitates seamless communication across SMS, email, ads, push notifications, apps, and web landing pages to let your customers get the right information, regardless of their location. It employs one voice across all the marketing channels. It links with every department, unites commerce, marketing, service, and sales in the entire customer journey to enhance satisfaction and engagement.

Moreover, it acts on the altering needs and demands of your customers in the moment. It renders complex and simple personalized journeys for millions of individual customers. To take action on the changing trends and performance, Journey Builder leverages the reporting. Furthermore, while being on brand, it equips your stretched teams to market and sell easily. Journey Builder crafts personalized, on-brand content with native tools in Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Community Cloud. Later, makes it available easily to the local teams all over the globe. Apart from that, Journey Builder analyzes the individual engagement or the journey data to optimize every journey of your customer.


Email Studio

It reaches out to your customers with the emails that are made only for them. Also, it appends dynamic content, the personalization strings to your emails to send content to your customers, particularly to them. Moreover, it automates everything, segments, imports, and filters the data from where it is coming so that you can target on developing great campaigns. Even it uses intelligence to send messages, less often to inactive subscribers, and more often to active subscribers. Email Studio activates first-party email data all across the channels.

Email Studio reaches enhanced customers with responsive design on any device. Also, it crafts your messages using the customizable templates. Furthermore, it delivers dynamic messages that inspire action. It engages customers with great messages along their journey. Additionally, Email Studio renders data-driven content, enhances the subscriber experience, alters content using AI in every email depending on individual user behavior, and allows AI to deliver the freshest and best content every day.


Audience Studio

Previously known to be Salesforce DMP, Audience Studio can assist you in attaining deep insights by capturing and unifying data to empower customer relationships all across every touchpoint with a robust data management platform. It combines entire data from any source to render enhanced personalized marketing experiences. It employs AI and ML to define your target audience and meet them more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, Audience Studio responds to new data sources and signals to recognize new audiences. Also, it attains insights that drive the results. It bases the flow of the customer experience on the data to know the perfect engagement time. It exposes the past unnoticed insights by carrying complicated data science analysis on huge datasets with Einstein.

Audience Studio employs an industry-leading native consent management framework to keep up a trusted bond with the customers. It assists in getting the tools to ease compliance. Moreover, it customizes to meet your privacy policy and handle the consent all across various markets. Lastly, it adapts to the unexpected alterations rapidly.


Automation Studio

The Automation Studio is one of the best features of a Marketing Cloud that automates your marketing activities to let behind the scenes run to attain everything in place with no human intervention. With it, you can also automate the data import to catch data from any website.


Mobile Studio

Now, you can customize your mobile communications, embracing SMS, group messaging, and push notifications with Mobile Studio. It reaches the customers on any device by personalizing your mobile marketing. It assists in building and sending highly targeted messages easily. It sends appealing SMS and MMS messages, performs chat messaging to know your audience, their behaviors, and attributes. Moreover, Mobile Studio strengthens your apps by marketing with mobile phone alerts, discounts, or deals. Mobile Studio sends related messaging depending on customer behaviors and preferences, driving the engagement. It helps in sending time-sensitive, transactional messages by employing an open API platform.

Furthermore, it automates your mobile marketing so that you never miss an opportunity. It also enhances customer service. Mobile Studio promotes your brand to the nearest customers, render alluring push messages with the rich content, target the location-based alerts ahead with beacons, and monitor the performance with mobile reports to analyze engagement and deliverability. Also, it includes mobile in your entire marketing approach to reach your customers anywhere, at any time.


Social Studio

Social Studio listens, engages, and publishes using a robust all-in-one social media marketing and management suite and links enriched social data to your marketing with service and sales. Now, you can engage with your clients at every possible platform so that you can analyze how they feel when it comes to your brand. With Salesforce Social Studio, you can publish the posts on almost all the platforms and engage with your clients in real-time. It analyzes conversations from nearly any source to witness what your fans and industry are saying. It accumulates market intelligence, searches for any brand or topic, learns from the real discussions, and converts social media into a digital focus group.

Social Studio responds to social posts, handles your community, and offers customer support. It manages engagement at the scale, smoothen your processes, gets a single view of every customer, and offers customer service through social channels. Moreover, it crafts and approves content for various social networks and the accounts – from mobile or desktop. Social Studio sees the live displays of sales, marketing, and service activity, and data from the third-party sources along with the Salesforce Command Center. It visualizes and delivers digital insights, focuses on the customer’s voice, responds to customers separately, and customizes your command center experience.


Advertising Studio

You can run cross-channel campaigns and meet your customers wherever they are employing Advertising Studio. With Advertising Studio, you can focus on your customers on each social media channel, embracing Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You can use CRM data to personalize digital advertising by crafting a 1-to-1 customer experience. Advertising Studio drives your advertising across display, search, and social media at scale. It activates your data all across the platform, performs in a trusted system, reaches the audiences at scale, and targets audiences on their mostly-picked channels.

Moreover, it places the perfect advertisement for the right person just by summing up your advertising with the remaining sales, marketing, and service. It comes up with new customers with similarity, aligns the advertising campaigns and email, optimizes Google Search.


Interaction Studio

It tracks and manages real-time consumer experience attracting perfect engagement at the right time. Moreover, Interaction Studio makes 1-to-1 engagement, a reality, across all the touchpoints. It delivers the truly related customer experiences with leading real-time interaction and personalization management solution of Salesforce. Interaction Studio understands the dreams and hopes of every customer. It knows the next move of the customer, analyzes the business context, recognizes your customers, and gets actionable data from the customers directly through personalized surveys.

Interaction Studio uses robust real-time segmentation and AI to determine and render contextually related experiences that inspire the customers to act. It recommends products and content for every customer, guides customers where they wish to go, and control the process. Moreover, it links the offline and online moments of the customers. It meets them where they are, tracks their behavior and triggers personalized messages, and unifies your messaging to offer them a connected experience. Furthermore, Interaction Studio compares and optimizes the experiences, tracks against the business-wide targets, segments your audiences, and employs your data to load further.


Data Studio

Salesforce Data Studio, a data-sharing solution, crafts a safe ambiance for purchasers and data owners to link directly and also exchange the details. Generally, Data Studio is known to be a marketplace of second-party data that states that the marketers hold a unique opportunity to discover new audiences and embrace them in marketing activities. Also, it empowers your marketing team with the information from the globe’s largest premium data ecosystem. It aids in finding unique, new audiences, creates new partnerships, smoothens your toolset, and activates your data with no limits.

Moreover, Data Studio protects your data and also provides it to the trusted partners with the data governance. It takes control with the provisioning tools, gets the transparent reporting, opens-up the walled gardens for the direct data deals, and complies with the new regulations. Data Studio monetizes your data with complete transparency and control. It enhances demand for your information, increases your data’s efficiency, handles your data like a pro, and shares the data perfectly.


Customer 360 Audiences

Customer 360 Audiences assists you render personalized experiences all across every touchpoint. Also, it captures segments, unifies, and activates the entire data of your customer. Moreover, the Customer 360 Audiences, develops a consistent and single customer ID, crafts effective customer segmentation by stitching together first-, second-, and third-party data easily, and renders compliant, trusted experiences.

Also, it manages the consumer data easily and consent with secure provisioning measures and the dashboards for consent flags and opt-outs. Furthermore, Customer 360 Audiences advertises to the right personas and segments with consent altered across online ads, social platforms, and ahead. Additionally, it uncovers the deep insights all across clouds and channels. It attains a clear view of the consumers all across commerce, marketing, service, and sales interactions and next optimizes live campaigns depending on your data.



Let’s connect, understand, and take action on entire data on one marketing dashboard to attract speed, enhance ROI, and growth all across your business through Datorama. It empowers every role, sees the growth and outcomes from every activity, investment, and goal. Also, it strengthens B2C marketers with intelligent insights, offers B2B marketers complex analytics all cross channels, and assists the agencies to enhance scalability and efficiency. The Datoramama equips the publishers with the automated reporting tools. Moreover, Datorama integrates your data using the biggest marketing-targeted API library. Also, it identifies any data and connects it with specialized AI. Furthermore, it unifies your data all across channels so that you can target on the insights despite data prep. The automation, AI, and the marketing specialists control you to connect your entire marketing data without considering its source, format, or its alteration volume with time.

Datorama gets deeper insights rapidly from your data, turns it into a visual explanation, and spends more time in acting rather than on analyzing using statistical analysis and regression modeling methods. Moreover, it links revenue with marketing using automated reporting. It aids in creating marketing dashboards easily, places the right information at fingertips, and strengthens every decision-maker by customizing your reports and dashboards for each stakeholder. Furthermore, Datorama activates your data and aligns your teams to optimize the campaign ROI. It aids in connecting your chat platform into your dashboards to allow partners and teams to collaborate on insights, analysis, and decision-making. It enjoys automated predictions on target completion and achieves recommendations on how to attain the best outcomes. Also, it shares your insights, dashboards, and reports easily as a secure PDF, link, or presentation deck.

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Well, the customers from nonprofits, business-to-business, business-to-consumer brands use Marketing Cloud as they are well aware of the fact that it’s more imperative to craft and strengthen real relationships. This aids their customer’s success, attracts revenue, and enhances ROI.

Marketing Cloud links different interactions on the customer’s term from any channel. It also brings together the customer data and customer behaviors to craft smarter interactions and communications in real-time that revert to and know the customer requirements early. Every interaction attracts personalized, 1-to-1 communications that let the customer move along in their exceptional journey.

A lasting experience with a brand is a customer journey. It embraces all impressions and touchpoints from visits to the site, interactions with the employees, experiences with the products, and ahead. Marketers can also lead the customer journey with cross-channel marketing approaches, like never before, that merge real and digital world experiences with the brand. The successful companies develop highly relevant and personalized content at scale all across various channels to render 1-to-1 customer journeys.

It is attained with the help of a true 360-degree view of all individual customers. Marketing Cloud merges all data sources, embracing sales, marketing, and service into sole contact records that are breathing, living, and continuously evolving. Entire interaction with a customer appends to CRM data insights.

Yes. Marketing Cloud is an important component of Salesforce Customer 360. It works beside other clouds to accomplish the Customer 360: Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud. The 1-to-1 customer journey stays a smooth experience all across your departments ensuring your caliber to expect needs and allow your customer’s success.