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B2B marketing automation by Salesforce, Pardot, provides a marketing automation solution assisting all sized B2B organizations’ needs.

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Salesforce Pardot Implementation for the sales team to help them close more deals and quickly

Get the assistance of Pardot Implementation Specialists and drive your customer success.

At Emizentech, our innovation ensures top-notch marketing technology. We help our customers from small to mid-, to large-scale enterprises to attain Sales and Marketing team alignment, enhance revenue targets, and achieve efficient use of the available resources. Moreover, we provide our customers support team and services of Salesforce assuring full support for customer requirements. Also, we generate more leads and help our customers to convert them to strengthen the sales and craft meaningful relations.

At Emizentech, we offer Salesforce Pardot implementation and Salesforce Pardot integrations services along with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Moreover, we offer Pardot integration services with other 3rd party platforms. Salesforce Pardot implementation can also assist your sales team in closing more deals and at a faster pace. We craft content that results in the best, develop the altered, alluring, and personalized emails, and pull out potential clients employing Einstein Intelligence. Furthermore, we also align the sales and marketing team. Being a program administrator or marketer, you are anticipated to work on various projects. Pardot offers you a central spot to handle your projects and also report on the success. Also, it tracks the prospects because they interact with your organization all across your marketing channels so that you can alter your outreach. Pardot is customizable, so you can also modify it as per the needs of your company.

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Pardot Solutions

Salesforce Pardot assists the sales and marketing teams to perform together to find and strengthen leads, close more, and enhance ROI.


B2B Marketing Analytics

Now, enhance your sales and marketing efforts with the advanced marketing analysis. Explore the data, get the insights within your marketing performance, and rapidly take data-driven actions.

B2B Marketers will get curated analytics experience along with exceptional dashboards, apps, and predictive models. Also, it helps in combining data from 3rd-party and the external data sources to map marketing campaign ROI all across the channels. Furthermore, B2B marketing analytics offer smart suggestions and recommendations to enhance ROI at every phase of the funnel.


B2B Marketing Analytics Features

  • Customizable Dashboards It begins with a full-funnel view of your business functionality and runs the reports on the first day.
  • Instantly Share Insights When sales and marketing are more synchronous, you can sell extra effectively.
  • Craft Custom Views It sketches granular views of your data and saves like lenses for future access.
  • Link 3rd-Party Data It attains a single view of your entire data and smoothens reporting on a single platform.
  • Analytics Mobile App It constantly accesses your data and shares data-driven marketing decisions quickly with your team.
  • Unlock the Intelligent Insights You can uncover new marketing insights and attain an AI-driven recommendation.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard You can attain insights in which the channels lead awareness, perform all across all the buying phases, and assist in driving the deals to close.
  • Enterprise Scale It also helps in exploring billions of data points quickly.

B2B Marketing Automation

Smarter marketing automation, Salesforce Pardot offers a full solution that assists the marketers to craft meaningful connections, strengthen sales to close enhanced deals, and generate increased pipeline.

It helps in generating more leads and quickly moves them all through the pipeline. Also, B2B marketing automation helps in engaging buyers with personalized, dynamic campaigns. Furthermore, it understands every step from click to the close, clutching true marketing ROI.

B2B Marketing Automation Features

Below, let’s go through amazing features of B2B Marketing Automation


Smooth Lead Management

It enhances engagement and sells rapidly by meeting the right customers at the right time. The process of lead management includes: Lead Nurturing: It takes care of potential clients/customers at all the touchpoints and links to them from the starting phase to the ending one. Also, it schedules triggers to send emails automatically that embrace dynamic content to the customers depending on their interactions. Lead Qualification & Lead Scoring: It aids in qualifying the leads depending on their score to recognize who is interested so that you can customize your sales suitably.


Email Marketing

Salesforce Pardot aids in the creation of amazing email campaigns that render. It can deliver the personalized emails easily to your clients. We, at Emizentech, craft responsive, perfect emails for your business that leaves your clients with lasting impressions. Also, it permits you to schedule sending email, A/B test the emails, append dynamic content in the emails that alter depending on the engagement of prospect, and automatic segmentation of the data to make you able to target the right audience more effectively.


Smarter Lead Generation

Pardot holds your pipeline to be fully-stocked with a speedy flow of high-quality leads. For this, it employs social connectors, search tools, and landing pages. Landing Page Builder deploys alluring branded landing pages with no IT overhead. Whereas, Smart Forums keep your visitors happy and your forms short. Organic and Paid Search understand the impact of your SEO and SEM efforts. Social Profiling and Posting make social media marketing a measurable and simple task.


Smooth Sales Alignment

When sales and marketing are in sync, we can sell more effectively. You can align your sales with Salesforce Pardot by attaining real-time alerts so that you can be the first most to respond to your potential customers. Salesforce CRM when integrated with Salesforce Pardot craft a smooth sales process. You can track the activity history of your prospects anonymously to easily convert them.



Harness the strength of AI to convert your sales and marketing efforts. Pardot Einstein is employed to analyze and monitor data from Salesforce and Pardot and uses it to set the priority of work for your marketing and sales teams. Einstein Lead Snoring searches leads that are likely to become clients depending on their persona. Einstein Behavior Scoring allows you to know when the leads are all set to buy depending on their behavior. Einstein Campaign Insights assists in optimizing your marketing /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets and finding new audiences.


Insightful ROI Reporting

Salesforce Pardot finally gets about what is working and what requires some work. ROI Reporting tracks and measures campaign performance, and sketches insights depending on your data. Also, Lifecycle Reporting understands how the customers move from click to close all through your sales funnel. Furthermore, Advanced Email Reporting sees how the clients are engaging with your emails at all the stages in your campaign.

Salesforce Engage

With Salesforce Pardot, you can sell smarter, that is marketing automation for sales. Salesforce Engage builds customized campaigns effortlessly with marketing-curated content. Also, it renders an exceptional buyer experience and closes the deals faster.


Engage Reports

It uncovers the trends that closes the deals rapidly. Interactive dashboards permit reps to monitor and handle their campaign success.


Engage Campaigns

Salesforce Pardot renders the right message with a library of templates and also nurtures the tracks every time.


Engage for Gmail and Outlook

It aids in sending one-to-one emails from the picked email interface, while logging interactions automatically in Salesforce and Pardot.


Engage for Salesforce Mobile

It assists in selling from anywhere – on the road or in the office. It responds just at the moment of engagement and appends the leads to strengthen campaigns from your mobile device.


Engage Alerts

Salesforce Pardot understands all the interactions so that you can sell smarter. Also, it views the prospect engagement in real-time and knows when to reach out.

Account-Based Marketing

THE whole ABM solution powered by AI needs to be elevated to allow Einstein to handle your pipeline. With ABM, we can let our business grow by rendering the right content to the key customers at the exact right time.


Identify Key Accounts

Salesforce Pardot targets your team on high-value goals. It checks who is ready to buy, measures your leads to the right accounts, extracts more details about your key account, and checks new prospects in your accounts.


Deliver Connected Engagement

It unifies the message all across touchpoints. Salesforce Pardot equips your team with the deeper insights. It makes decisions depending on real-time data, and makes all the team members a marketer.


Engage Buyers Everywhere

Salesforce Pardot inspires the interaction in the best moment. It personalizes every message to attain new prospects from the identified accounts and strengthens those contacts.


Grow Customer Relationships

It also emerges and refines your campaigns as you flourish. Moreover, it measures the success of ABM campaigns and also tracks how the particular accounts are moving all through the funnel.

Hire Certified Salesforce Pardot Consultants

We hold a team of expert Salesforce Pardot Consultants who helps in generating leads and transform them to empower sales.

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Let’s dig more to know more about our Salesforce Pardot Implementation Services

It offers three editions that are annually billed, namely Plus, Growth, and Advanced. They all come with distinct price ranges.

It states tempting the buyers to come to you. It’s a track of meeting them where they are located and engaging with them as per their terms.

There are three editions of Salesforce Pardot namely, Plus, Growth, and Advanced. All have different price ranges. The best that will suit your business depends on its needs. For more, you may connect with our certified Salesforce experts and get the details you need.

It offers the organizations a clear image of which the prospects are on their site, and the tools they require to have meaningful, real-time conversations that transform into a pipeline.

Both are marketing automation platforms, but the chief point that makes both different from each other is that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is crafted to develop marketing campaigns for B2C customers, on the contrary, Pardot targets on the B2B clients or customers.