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Offer better customer experience through our Salesforce IoT implementation services

With the Salesforce IoT implementation service, we offer an improved customer experience and locate the problems at a faster pace

A CRM leader, Salesforce comes up with a decision to be part of this world because of the emerging requirement to stay competitive in the upcoming era. The IoT cloud appends Salesforce by stretching its reach, and the pit of its analytics. Salesforce linked with IoT renders enhanced customer service dramatically with compressed integration and reverts to real-time events. Salesforce IoT allows the enterprises to develop smart customer profiles and input data regardless of location, time, network, and device. Moreover, it assists in the implementation of inventive IoT engagement rules, observes all devices at one spot, and personalizes results or simple integration with the native Salesforce app. With Salesforce IoT harness IoT data to develop, iterate, and deploy proactive sales, marketing, or service business processes.

The Salesforce IoT Cloud holds the caliber to catch up with the events and the resulting data of customers almost anywhere. The IoT cloud is well connected to all the other Salesforce Clouds, like Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud. IoT assists in leveraging the whole potential and power of Salesforce for proactive engagement with employees and customers. By Salesforce IoT Cloud implementation you will become able to attain enhanced leads, speed up your productivity with the managed data, close the deals more swiftly – from anywhere, find easily the new customers, craft insightful decisions, and grow your accounts rapidly. The Salesforce IoT is about the connecting devices, and also about linking an organization or business to the customers all across all the connected devices. Moreover, in Salesforce, anybody just performs it very well, crafting deep relationships all through offering proactive support, helpful new services, and reliable work. IoT cloud would provide details on how customers employ the internet of things products that would permit the companies to refine how they reach service to linked businesses and enhance their approach of new clients in those industries.

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Salesforce IoT Cloud Offerings

Our expert Salesforce IoT developers hold the proficiency and deep knowledge that leads them to perform towards enhanced IoT and integration. They attempt hard towards offering your business with the resources that can increase your productivity and enhance your revenues efficiently.


Create Connected Customer Profiles

In Salesforce IoT Cloud, you can develop comprehensive customer profiles that are linked to the customer and product also. Such connected customer profiles are linked to all the devices in the possession of customers with data approaching from such devices. By developing unique customer profiles based on potential parameters permits you to proactively engage with them. Customer device profiles assist you to sketch a comprehensive image of your customers that allows engagement with them and personalization of work as per their requirements.


Customer Context

The Machine Learning aspect belonging to the Salesforce IoT Cloud, Customer Context, stores and analyzes the past actions and behaviors when crafting decisions in the real-time. It keeps track of Customer History, Customer Location, and Service History and unites it with IoT device data to offer you a complete image of what’s going on.


Lead Generation

With every product linked to the Cloud, the sales team holds the caliber to come up with the outdated item, which is close to a warranty deadline, just got a big new update, and is working below the standard. Such details can be used in various ways to enhance the Sales processes. You can target the customers perfectly who require your product. You can prepare the Salesforce IoT Cloud to conduct the actions by defining an array of rules. Set a rule-based on the performance metrics and whenever a product goes below the standard, an entry is crafted automatically to the Sales and Customer Support team to check it. Such data is employed in various ways to understand and foretell customer needs and behavior. The IoT Cloud enhances greatly the customer retention and acquisition through a comprehensive automated process.


Orchestration Rules

The Salesforce IoT Cloud implements a low code strategy that permits the business executives to conduct their IoT processes with no need of tripping to the IT department. Orchestration rules rebuild business logic to process the incoming events to be employed by customers with simplicity on their particular devices. A set of the non-linear workflows in the transition that assists forecast or manage data to build actions can be carried by setting up these rules. With Emizentech, you can devise or arrange rules and regulations to convert your event data into engaging customer experiences.


Data Management

In IoT, data management handles the retrieval, storage, and updates of the elementary data items, files, and records. Since the past, capturing data is carried by making the use of huge data to build sales and marketing processes have become important. So, to build customer behavioral records. Here, at Emizentech, we offer you the caliber to offer your clients great service experiences.


Traffic View

Emizentech offers a Traffic View that assists you in considering your website traffic with the assistance of Salesforce IoT. Getting traffic views for a business means developing a cheat sheet or their ROI. Now, the traffic movements can be inspected with any device or browser available in your home network.


Output Connectors

We, at Emizentech, offer Output Connectors that permit you to give out event data to many ends with just a single click. The output connectors send data over a particular channel and convert it into an easily accessible format.

Benefits of the Salesforce IoT Cloud for Customers

Let’s check out how Salesforce IoT Implementation can assist your customers.

Salesforce IoT Implementation Services Offer Engaging Customer Experiences

  • With Salesforce IoT Cloud, you hold the caliber to export your IoT device data in the format according to your preference.
  • A deeper, personal relationship with the assistance of a proactive strategy to customer requirements and issues.
  • Remold how the organizations carry business and enhance customer retention and interaction.
  • Routine events are conducted with Salesforce Einstein to offer you the right details where you require it.
  • Test the business ideas with no need to code.

Hire Certified Salesforce IoT Implementation Consultant

Our expert Salesforce IoT implementation consultants personalize the apps as per the requirement of the company.

Why Emizentech for Salesforce IoT Implementation Service

Our team of Salesforce IoT consultants personalizes the apps so that the clients can enjoy the enhanced customer service along with faster responses.


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With IoT systems, one of the big concerns is security as the organizations hold little to no authority over software and hardware sources used in the IoT networks. With Salesforce IoT, we can attain the advanced security traits of Salesforce that employs access tokens for safe access and offers cybersecurity safeguards to the users.

Salesforce IoT performs with REST API that permits it to catch data from any source system to which it is connected, embracing wearables, home assistants, and computer networks.

Salesforce IoT Explorer edition works with CRM to offer better customer services. When data accumulated through IoT is implemented on a cloud with CRM, it becomes simpler to engage with the clients. When the collected information is reported to the CRM, it assists the users by permitting them to act by ordering replacement or new parts automatically, without getting involved in the process. This is how IoT can communicate imperative messages and automate the actions with the assistance of CRM.

Cloud Computing offers a track for the data accumulated by IoT to reach the cloud and distinct devices. It permits better collaboration that is employed by the developers to preserve and access data from anywhere and perform on projects with no delays.

Salesforce IoT offers advantages to businesses by offering them the following features:

  • Enhanced retention rates and customer loyalty.
  • Lowers the time needed to fix the issues of products.
  • A unified view of the customer data.
  • Informed and better strategic decisions
  • Enhanced productivity through automation.
  • Improved productivity and sales.
  • Expect and diagnose the issues remotely.
  • Easier data collection process.
  • Security and safety of Salesforce.