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We are a game development company that targets your craziest game development ideas and bring them to reality. Our experts develop games for NFT, mobile, PC, metaverse, and web platforms. We have deep knowledge of top game engines and experience across various genres.

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Bring Your Idea to Life with a Best Game Development Company

We are one of the best Game Development Companies providing gaming solutions from design to development. We use advanced technologies to develop games for various platforms.


Sprouted in 2013, Emizentech is one of the best and most well-trusted mobile game development companies. We have a team of creative gaming experts who craft engaging games with the most-advanced gaming frameworks and in-app gamification techniques. We build visually captivating and exciting games for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms.

Our passion is to entice your target audience with our robust gameplay. Being an industry leader, we not only create games, but we also love to play indeed. Our striking gaming portfolio holds the record of our crafted games that the gaming whiz like worldwide.

Emizentech offers complete game production, from the ideation to the development of alpha and beta versions of your game to its launch and ahead. Our team of 200+ software developers, designers, and artists, has immense experience creating games for years. They are experts in all the latest trends and keep track of modern innovations to offer clients the best solutions ever.

From meeting all your gamification needs to offering your post-development support at each phase in turning your dream into reality, our experienced programmers perform inclining towards your growth. Our chief target is to emerge with remarkable games of varied genres using our top-quality mobile game solutions.

Let’s come together and take ahead the vision of gaming to a step ahead that can operate seamlessly on every platform. Connect with us today with your dream, and we will work harder to let you witness it in real.

Game Development Services We Offer

Our wide range of game development services covers every required solution, starting from concept art, enhancement, character design, game mechanics, animation, programming, and testing to launch. Being a well-recognized game development firm, we are a one-stop destination for all your game development requirements.

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Android Game Development

We are one of the best Android game development companies that hold a team of dedicated android game developers who build games for Android TV, Android tablet devices, and Android wearables. We develop Android games in Unreal Engine, providing a matchless gaming experience on all fronts.

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iOS Game Development

Skilled in iOS game development, we put forth engaging iOS games that constantly rank in the App Store. Emizentech’s team of seasonal iOS developers mix up their proficiency with SpriteKit and Unity to emerge with fascinating iOS games. We iOS game builders ensure incorporating enticing native graphics and craft single-player, Role-playing, and multi-player games for all iOS platforms, like Apple watchOS, Apple TV, and iPad games.

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AR/VR Game Development

We offer a gaming experience stuffed with catchy visuals, high-defining animation, and ambisonic audio clips. Our team of skilled AR/VR game developers considers your quest for immersive and adventure vision. We free up the AR/VR possibilities using Unity and first craft a playable prototype and then transform it into a real-world environment using ARCore and ARKit. Our AR/VR game engineers and Unity developers are experts at turning your imaginative game app into a reality.

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Unreal Engine Game Development

Animation and art are essential parts of any game. Emientech delivers scalable, immersive mobile games using Unreal Game Engine with seamless art and animation that engage the players at the first glimpse. From completely developed Unreal Engine games to complicated AAA games, our adroit gaming experts craft performance-oriented games that boost your revenue tenfold.

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Unity3D Game Development

Everything is possible in the gaming industry with Unity3D. You can create fascinating games with the most popular engine and offer your gaming audience an exceptional touch. From the advanced toolset to rapid delivery, our certified Unity developers, build flexible and robust gaming solutions just with an exciting touch. For an open-source platform, pick the Unity platform for the best graphics effects and an exceptional virtual world that keeps the users longer.

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PC Game Development

Emizentech is a skilled PC game developer with deep knowledge in offering gaming services for all genres, crafting visually captivating and engaging game designs and immersive gameplay. Our game developers know how to port video games from console to PC. They can transfer from Xbox, Playstation, and more to users’ PCs, offering immersive, seamless, and engaging gameplay. We provide post-development support and maintenance also as needed by our clients.

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NFT Game Development

Leader in NFT gaming platform development, we offer state-of-the-art NFT gaming solutions to provide an exceptional gaming experience. Our team of professionals keeps up with top-notch technology and the latest trends to offer our clients outstanding products. From game art and design to game concept creation, game QA, and game maintenance and support, we perform every required step to present bug-free and engaging games that may keep the users hooked for longer.

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Console Game Development

We hold the caliber to blend the right strategy with the necessary proficiency and ensure successful and on-time delivery. We provide top-quality and the needed work as the clients expect. Our team of outstandingly talented and creative game developers builds console games across various platforms. Our expertise in game engines, like Gamebryo and Vicious Circle, ensures the gaming performance is of the top-quality.

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HTML5 Game Development

Our dedicated HTML5 game development includes designers, artists, developers, and QAs. We hold essential experience developing native and browser games of varied genres for desktops and mobiles using the latest game development technologies, such as CocosJS, PlayCanvas, Three.JS, Phaser, Haxe, etc. Additionally, we also integrate the NFTs hosted on safe blockchains, like Tezos, Ethereum, etc., into HTML5 games.

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Fantasy Game Development

We are one of the top fantasy game development companies that build fantasy sports solutions for various brands across various industries. So, let’s step into the world of fantasy sports games, allowing our fantasy game developers to attract, retain, and engage increased customers. You can hire reliable and experienced developers from Emizentech who are experts at delivering custom, dynamic, and scalable solutions.

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Metaverse Game Development

We provide innovative metaverse game development to assist clients in catching up with a new wave of gamification. With our blockchain professionals and the latest technologies, we assist in developing exceptional gaming platforms that are visually engaging, totally bug, and hassle-free. Our metaverse game will offer an immersive, real-time experience that will keep users hooked for longer.

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Blockchain Game Development

Emizentech is a pioneering blockchain development company breaking boundaries in the blockchain gaming world, providing seamless and high-quality blockchain game experiences. With top-notch technology, we assist our clients with one of the most popular games globally.

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3D and 2D Game Development

Our 2D and 3D game developers know the importance of developing exciting themes and storylines that engage gamers and make them play the game. We decide on magnetizing characters and gameplay elements in the starting stages that craft a blueprint for all the teams to follow, ensuring the development of a top-quality game ahead.

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Video Game Development

We specialize in creating immersive and engaging gameplay experiences with stunning graphics, dynamic sound effects, and intuitive controls. Whether it’s an action-packed shooter or a whimsical puzzle video game, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to start building your dream game.

Types Of Games We Can Build

We have all the essential resources and the proficiency needed to develop any type of game as per your requirements and ideas. Our game developers specialize in developing full-motion animation, graphic animation designs, coding 2D and 3D, and modeling & rendering animations.

Technologies We Use For Game Development


Our Game Development Process

We offer a complete production of the game from concept to development through its alpha and beta versions and ahead of its first launch and beyond.

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We perform concept analysis and deep research based on the details we get from the clients and prepare design documents, the flow of design, and the execution plan. Also, we thoroughly discuss with all stakeholders before kickstarting other pre-development and development performances and team creation.

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Concept Art And Asset Production

Our experts craft the concept art and sketches according to the theme and game vision. The asset production team of animators, modelers, rigging artists, and more perform to create 2D and 3D assets, such as characters, props, and environments based on the 3D art and sketches that the creative team shares.

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Game Development And Testing

Like every quality video game, our game development team holds expertise in building mobile games and other video games using the top game technologies and engines. The team of developers also includes proficient testers who let the games undergo rigorous device compatibility and QA testing.

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Support & Maintenance

We offer technical games support and maintenance services post-publishing. Through our support and maintenance services, we update our games and resolve the issues, if any, for flawless game progress.

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Game Live Operations

Special promotional offers, in-game events, game economy changes, and cosmetic improvements are important for player engagement and retention, especially in mobile game development.

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We discover, recognize, and implement every possible way to monetize the games we develop for our clients. We craft and set in-app purchase stacks, integrate countless ad networks, iterate per analytics data, and set up rewards to boost revenue from every possible source.

Why Choose Emizen Tech as Your Game Development Company

Our clients pick us for manifold grounds, be it about our proficiency, experts, quality of our work, or pace. Some commonly cited ones are below:

Multiple Engagement Models

We develop games at a fixed cost, resource-based, etc. According to your project scope and needs, you have an opportunity to pick the engagement model best for your game.

Agile Methodology

Our experts follow the iterative and product-centric agile development process. They separate development into diverse sprints, build functional features at every sprint and ensure the best quality delivery.


Being counted among the top game development firms, we have collaborated with various SMBs, entrepreneurs, and organizations all over the globe across varied sectors.


Team Expertise in Game Development

Our adroit game developers craft epic games with exceptional and required features, artistic appearance, and robust design. We track the latest trends and tech in the world of games and have proficiency in the art and business of video games.

Diverse Portfolio

We hold a manifold portfolio of various epic games across Windows, Android, iOS, Web, and AR/VR platforms for various genres, like hyper-casual, casual, action, arcade, sports, RPG, etc.

Flexible Communication

We alter the communication process to your certain needs. You can even interact with our team via email, instant messaging tools, or calls based on your convenience, schedule, and preferences.

Experience the Expertise of Our Game Development Team

The credit for our success goes to our game developers and team, who follow the best practices and deploy client-specific business needs.


Expert game producers of our brand manage peer-to-peer game development across various departments, administer the game development, and align production with your target to ensure the best quality project completion.


Our creative game designers craft your game’s story, loop, economy, and levels, guarantees game balance, and collaborate with various departments to convert design ideas into actionable steps.


Our artistic game developers mold your game’s visual appearance, UX/UI, and concept art per platform limitations, audience analysis, and genre conventions.


Experts of our animation team hold 2D artists, 3D modelers, texturing artists, rigging artists, animators, and lighting artists who develop immersive game worlds with their skills and creativity.


The game programmers at Emizentech are best at the latest game engines and implement the core features, create algorithms, and resolve issues to let your game perform outstandingly from the runtime.


Our talented QA testers test every game scenario across various build versions using automated and manual testing to ensure your game’s compatibility and proficiency.

Car Racing Game

With single and multiplayer mode and installation of end level graphics, this game provides an incredible racing experience to its users. The game carries VR support in it to transfigure the experience to next level.


Fantasy Gaming

This is a fantasy game where users can put the virtual teams together and make online predictions. This trending game provides real time experiences to the fans of respective sports.

Moriitalia Device
Moriitalia Device

Our performance their words!

Come let’s witness their words of appreciation about our work, offerings, and upshots.


Get more information about Game Development Services.

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing game development project:

  • Cost-effective
  • Access to proficient teams
  • Get various game development perspectives
  • Let you focus on other essential jobs

Game development includes various stages:

  • Concept Analysis
  • Design Documentation
  • Art Production & Workflow Plan
  • Technical Design Document
  • Concept Art
  • Wireframe
  • Game Module Development
  • Creation of Game Environment, Characters, Props
  • Animation & Visual Effects
  • Game Balancing and Level Design
  • Testing of Module
  • UI creation
  • QA Testing
  • Monetization
  • Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance

Of course! You can develop a game for various platforms:

  • Through Cross-Platform Game Development
  • Game Porting, making it compatible with other platforms

Well, the time needed to develop a game relies on various factors, such as game development tools, changes in scope, game complexity, etc.

Before you choose a game development company, you should consider below factors:

  • Experience of the company or developers.
  • Portfolio
  • Technical proficiency
  • Your budget

Well, we can’t estimate a fixed cost to develop a game as it starts at $10,000 and above.