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An open-source and free, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack turns the number one CRM for the businesses into a Constituent Relationship Management system for the nonprofits. At Emizentech, our team of experts provides the sector proficiency to implement the Salesforce tools to strengthen any operation. We at Emizentech, acknowledge how Non Profit performs so tough while resources are short. Moreover, the management of the organization is given the responsibility to accomplish the work of collection, management, and the usage of data effectively. Our adept Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) masters understand the exact requirements of the distinct non-profits and offer them with the customized solutions for the organizations.

The Nonprofit Success Pack assists you connect more by connecting everyone relevant to the organization, customize it as per your requirements, and assist you by tracking the donor life cycle. Moreover, it helps you connect in an enhanced way by automating communications and the manual tasks, handle your programs perfectly, and access the real-time results to assess your impact and growth. The Salesforce NPSP employs and expands the data model employed by the CRM to organize the data. This standard data model is crafted to aid the users understand the organization of data akin to a database or spreadsheet. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a perfect way to begin customization of your Salesforce solution. Although, it is not the end-all-be-all application. You will need to refer to a comprehensive fundraising solution that performs alongside this data model for a simple arrangement of key metrics.

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Benefits of Nonprofit Success Pack

Previously called Salesforce Starter Pack, NPSP eases the routine business process of the non-profit and is crafted with many managing features to allow non-profit organizations to handle their customer’s data employing the CRM model.


Link Constituent Relationships

It breaks down the silos among the fundraising, programs, marketing, and leadership by offering a single and shared view of entire constituents to everyone. After that, your teams will link, interact, and handle your most imperative relationships.


Handle Various Distinct Types of Programs

The program management features of Nonprofit Success Pack assist the non-profits track various distinct sorts of services or programs, despite complexity. Like programs of nonprofit grow or develop, the Nonprofit cloud emerges with them.


Hold Recurring & Offline Donations

Gift Entry permits your team to enter big volumes of the gifts singly, or in batch, in a manner that is fast, accurate, and flexible with the genuine attributes and also by staying on the primary screen. You also hold the caliber to handle the Recurring Donations efficiently to support better your forecast revenue and the most committed donors. The outcome is that you catch up with better data that leads to more assistance from the sustainers.


Manage Income & Donations

The fuel for the mission of your nonprofit is funds. You can catch up on your income data at one spot, clearly relevant to the supporter profiles. Along with real-time access to your pledged and paid donations from any device, fundraising leadership and staff can be more targeted on carrying donations with the top chances of closing.


Intuitive Reporting & Analytics

You can measure your report impact and fundraising performance back to those that back your mission. Finance teams, fundraisers, and the staff can employ over sixty exceptional reports and dashboards to acknowledge and share your success with those who invested in your case.


Trusted Addresses, Payments & Accounting

Append the integrated products that assist you to make sure about clean payments data, transfer, and addresses to accounting. A payment processing solution, Elevate suite of the products is integrated with NPSP, a new platform that assists cleaning and clarification of data, making it complete, accurate, and reliable. Insights Platform Data Integrity guarantees all addresses are standardized in your file and the contacts are updated and de-duplicated through the National Change of Address system. This way you save the money and enhance the accuracy in your marketing attempts all across various channels.

Offerings of Nonprofit Success Pack

The real-time experience and deep understanding of our dedicated team for Nonprofit Success Pack will assist your organization to ease the management part and carry the events perfectly and also offer a 360-degree view of your brand.


Volunteer Management

When several people join us for a cause, it becomes quite challenging to understand, know, and assign the right tasks to the right person at the right time. Moreover, this assists a Non-Profit use their resources productively. Emizentech provides this exact thing under the volunteer management. We segment the volunteers depending on their availability, skills, tasks, and the shifts that assist in sending customized emails to let them know anything relevant to the firm or the upcoming event being organized and their particular jobs.


Community Support

Taking along all the services, Emizentech also spreads you to its community, wherein, you are allowed to explore how distinct organizations are flourishing, look into their approaches, modify or implement them as per our organization and meet your vision.


Opportunity Management

When people come with you and want to assist your dream, your vision, to convert into a reality, they provide a certain volume towards it and monitor it, handle it perfectly, keeping up with the flow is one of the significant issues of meeting the goal, the dream. Emizentech provides a perfect solution wherein you can supervise donations and pledges, In-kinds gifts, Hard soft and partial soft, Matching Gifts, Honor or Memorial gifts, Memberships, Grants, and Donor levels. We personalize these track records to assist you attain a better view of the opportunities flowing in to assist your Non-Profit attain your target.


App Exchange Support

At Emizentech, the possibilities don’t have any limit. You will wish to enhance the functionality of the services that are integrated with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Our team of experts apart from understanding your concerns, also consults the exact needs that can assist you attain your goals effectively.


Program Management

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in rendering your services effectively being there by your side. Whether you offer programs and services, perform for a cause, spread awareness and educate or offer funding to other firms, we, at Emizentech, handle all such cases and also pass engagement plans for a good understanding among the members of the organization. We make you all set to handle and target the most important parts of the programs and events being organized.


Constituent Management

A Non-Profit holds many sorts of data from the donor household information to volunteer and the donation history, organizational data, data of non-profit members, and much more. Emizentech understands the complications and the significance of the data related to an organization. We assist you in categorizing and segmentation of data so that it can be employed effectively to attract more opportunities and organize the upcoming programs effectively.

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We hold a team of masters at NPSP who bestow perfect solutions to meet the changing needs of the non-profits.

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At Emizentech, we are experts at Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack and offer them customized solutions for the altering requirements of distinct non-profits.


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Along with your volunteers, anyone can learn NPSP from trailhead, which is a fun guide and will aid you learn about the system. Moreover, you win badges and points. The best part is that it is free to employ where you can also explore more things.

With Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, we can integrate any payment gateway. There exist two payment processing solutions for the Non-Profits that are widely known for integrating payment, namely Asperato & Paymenthub, both perform well.

No, it takes place automatically just after the payment is received or a user has been registered. You can get everything on your records and dashboards.

Yes, Of course! You can download free applications that are available already and integrate it with Salesforce.

To be eligible to access NPSP, your organization should be recognized as a non-profit, charitable, non-governmental, social change, or educational organization in your country. Moreover, you should reveal legal documentation to showcase that you meet the above scenario.