Have you heard about golf? It is a game where players gather at a vacant and colossal space, repeatedly hitting a ball with their stick until it goes into the cup, and then the people cheer. Surely, it is not that simple, but someone who has never seen the game can get an idea about it.

Considering the statistics, 24.8 million people played golf in the US alone in 2020.

The game is unlike other sports such as football, cricket, or tennis. Golf is mainly preferred by the professionals to meet for a deal and have a business talk while playing. The game requires a huge vacant and maintained space called a golf course, expensive sticks called clubs, a good quantity of balls, a trainer, and a helping hand (Cadie) while playing. That might be the reason why golf is limited to very few people, and not every third person is engaged in the game. 

But when the smartphone is here, how can access the game still be limited. When a smartphone can explore the worldwide market at our fingertips, this game can never be a big deal. So, in this blog, we will discuss the different smartphone applications that might revolutionize how you think and imagine golf. Whether you like the game on the golf course or on your smartphone, the apps are going to help you both ways. 

What Is Golf Mobile Application?

Golf app development

According to market research, people spend 89.2% of their time on mobile applications while using their smartphones. The reason is simple, mobile applications are playing an enormous part in easing the life of users in numerous ways. Similarly, for the people who love playing or watching the game, a number of mobile applications have been developed. These applications can play the role of coach for someone planning to transfigure their game, while the same platform can work as the golf course for someone who wants to play the game online

Types Of Golf Apps You Can Build 

Fantasy Golf App
Fantasy Golf App
Golf Handicap
Golf Handicap Apps
Golf Course Locator App
Golf Course Locator App
Virtual Golf Gaming App
Virtual Golf Gaming App
Golf Event Planner and Management App
Golf Event Planner & Management App
Golf Swing
Golf Swing/shot Tracking Analytics App
Golf Club App
Golf Club App

Whether you are interested in playing or watching golf or not, if this game can bring a good income, it will definitely interest you. Golf mobile applications are getting popular day by day as the reliability of people is increasing on their smartphones. Golf fans are very limited compared to other sports. Still, the most popular golf app has over 500,000 downloads on Play Store. Providing the right information to the players helps carry out a good revenue. 

There are numerous types of golf mobile applications for different purposes. For example, Golf Shot has a database of 40,000 different golf courses to help you find the nearest and most suitable golf course for you. The Coach’s Eye enables you to track your swings on any device and suggests improvement. 

Below is the list of golf mobile applications which have secured good space for themselves in the digital market: 

1. Fantasy Golf App

Fantasy Golf App
Fantasy Golf App

What Are Fantasy Golf Apps?

The concept of fantasy golf was introduced by an Oakland businessman in 1950 with his wife. Now, there are plenty of such apps on the app store that help users experience the vibe of playing golf while sitting on their couch. With the help of fantasy golf apps, you can now have a golf match while sitting in a cab on your way to the office. 

Why Do You Need a Fantasy Golf App?

As we said, only limited people have access to a golf course to play the game in real-time. Fantasy Golf Apps brings imaginative and virtual golf courses for those who do not have an actual golf course in their neighborhood. The fantasy golf apps impart the users to make their own team with real golf players and play content with them.  

Fantasy Golf App Market Stats

  • The fantasy golf market size is expected to achieve a valuation of $22.31 billion by 2023. 
  • In the USA, the fantasy golf market has experienced a growth of 2.4% between 2018-23.
  • The fantasy golf app market is predicted to increase by 12% in 2022 alone. 

How Does a Fantasy Golf App Work?

With a different scoring pattern, the fantasy golf app invites the users to make their team and play with the opponents. More points come from the best strokes made by the players, making the game even more enjoyable and real experience. The players are provided the point for green regulations, fairway hits, and total strokes, while sentenced for bunker hits, bad hits, and lost balls. 

Features that Fantasy Golf App Must Offer

  • Player statistics and analysis
  • Achievement badges
  • Score prediction
  • AR integration
  • Endorsements
  • Live score
  • Profile setting
  • Payment gateways
  • Follow player 
  • Sending alerts
  • Game lobby

Domain Leader

PGA Tour Fantasy Golf app
Available on iOS & Android
PGA TOUR Fantasy Golf app ios and android

“PGA Tour Fantasy Golf” is one of the most popular golf fantasy apps. This free fantasy game of golf lets you pick a team of 6 PGA Tour Professionals and play the game. 

You can play the game with your friends or in a public group to win prizes and show off your knowledge of the game. 

2. Golf Handicap Apps

Golf Handicap Apps

What Are Golf Handicap Apps

Before talking about handicap apps, let’s first understand what handicap is in the game. It might sound like a person who lost his feet or hand playing golf. But no, it’s not like that. Golf handicap refers to the scoring system. Handicap is the allowance of shots to every player according to their ability. In the beginning, men have a maximum handicap of 28 while women have 36. As the skill in game progresses the handicap score lowers. The net score is determined by subtracting the handicap allowance from the gross score.

So, the golf handicap apps make it easy for everyone to calculate their handicap scores and determine their individual potential ability. 

Why Do You Need a Golf Handicap App?

The golf handicap app makes it enormously easy to submit the scorecard on the golf course once a round of games has been completed. The app can calculate the golf handicap by selecting the number of rounds you have played. Once the handicap has been calculated, a certificate for the same can be drafted. The app is faster, smoother, and more accurate for calculating your handicap at the game. 

Golf Handicap App Market Stats

  • In 2021, 67% of the scores posted for handicap purposes were done via a handicap app.
  • The same statistics were 24% in 2016 and experienced a growth of 300% in just 5 years. 

How Do the Golf Handicap Apps Work?

The working principle of golf handicap apps is very simple. To calculate your handicap index, you just need to feed the score of your most recent 3 rounds of golf. Once the score has been fed, you can tap on the calculated handicap, and the app will do the rest of the work. You can even review the calculation of your handicap once it is calculated.

Features that The Golf Handicap App Must Offer

  • Calculating the handicap considering 2020 handicap rules
  • Supports the 9-hole score combination
  • Range of courses with rating and slope
  • Calculating the handicap for a specific course
  • Option for manual rating and slope
  • Printing or sharing the handicap card
  • Following the handicap of friends
  • The soft cap and hard cap implemented 

Domain Leader

Diablo app
Available on iOS & Android
Diablo app for ios and android

“Diablo” owns the top position in the pool of golf handicap apps. The app allows you to calculate your handicap, record your scores, review, rating, as well as track your friends. 

The app has more than 50T downloads alone on the google play store. 

3. Golf Course Locator App

Golf Course Locator App
Golf Course Locator App

What Are Golf Course Locator Apps?

Golf course locator apps are basically mobile applications listing plenty of golf courses in a range you define. The mobile application helps to locate the golf course with its location, its properties such as slope, its charges, opening/closing time, and many more. 

Another significant function of these kinds of apps is that you can also track your location on a golf course. It helps to measure your distance from the front, middle, and back of green. The hazards that might hinder your shot can also be detected with the app. 

Why Do You Need a Golf Course Locator App?

Your game depends crucially on the golf course you are playing at. You might know a couple of golf courses in your locality or the one suggested by your friend. But, there are chances that a golf course might be just a few miles away from your regular course, which might be a better choice to improve your game. Further, knowing about your distance from the hole and thus making the shot according to the space can be a real technique to increase the chances of goal. 

So, golf locator apps offer you real-time knowledge as you can not try different courses individually to select the best. 

Golf Course Locator App Market Stats

  • The most popular golf locator app “18Birdies” has connected more than 700,000 users with them in just a few years. 
  • The global golf rangefinder market size has been valued at $106.7 million in 2018. 
  • The market is expected to experience a CAGR of 8.3% from 2019 to 2025. 

How Do Golf Course Locator Apps Work?

With the help of a golf course locator app, you can find a course in the city and yourself in the course. The app measures the distance between your position and the cup. It also offers insight about slope in the course to help you decide on the best shot and improve the handicap. 

Features that Golf Course Locator Must Offer

  • Plays like distance
  • Advanced stats
  • Club recommendations
  • Tee shot planner 
  • Hole insights 
  • Live coach
  • Blind shot compass
  • Live weather map
  • Tee time discounts
  • Low battery mode
  • Notes
  • Targets

Domain Leader 

Available on Android and iOS
1,000,000+ downloads

With more than a million downloads, “18birdies” rules the golf course locator app ocean. It not only provides you insight about different golf courses in the area but also works as a complete yardage range finder with a golf scorecard app.

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

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4. Virtual Golf Gaming App

Virtual Golf Gaming App

What Is a Virtual Golf Gaming App?

Just like any other game, the virtual golf gaming apps are the platforms where you can play this sport on your smartphone. The better the graphics, the more efficient will be the experience. Get the controls of swing, motion, speed, and shot on your fingertips and put the ball into the cup. 

Why Do You Need a Virtual Golf Gaming App?

Nothing but entertainment is the biggest reason for any virtual gaming app. However, the virtual golf gaming app development can be an enormous way to understand the different terminologies of golf if you are a beginner. 

Virtual Golf Gaming App Market Stats

  • “Golf Clash”, the golf gaming app, has been ranked in 46th position among million of games being installed by the users on their smartphones. 
Available on iOS & Android
  • The game has surpassed the revenue of $225 million getting the majority of its contribution from the US market. 

How Does a Virtual Golf Gaming App Work?

The virtual gaming app offers you the platform to form a team and play with the opponent. The scoring system remains the same, and you control the game with your fingertips. The buttons and gestures are provided for the different functions such as shot, swing, speed, and many other motions. 

Features that Virtual Golf Gaming Apps Must Offer

  • Quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay
  • Variety of golf courses
  • Easy to lean shot systems
  • Global golf tournaments 
  • Progress through more advanced tours
  • Save and share the replays
  • Chatting option among clans
  • Earning promotion periodically

Domain Leader

Wgt golf
Available on iOS & Android
wgt golf app ios and android

Undoubtedly, “WGT Golf” is one of the best virtual golf gaming apps. The game has more than 10 million downloads on Android devices only. Built with the best GPS and 3D technology, it provides full stroke playing features to the users. 

5. Golf Event Planner & Management App

Golf Event Planner & Management App

What Is a Golf Event Planner & Management App?

The apps are not only helping the player and fans of the game, but apps are also there for managers who organize the events. The golf event and the tournament are pretty common game tournaments mainly focused on generating charity. However, managing and planning such huge events can be a headache for the planner. As always, technology is there to eradicate the challenge and help the manager out.

There are a number of apps on the play store or app store that make the planning and management of the task very easy for the planner. It lists all the tasks in the digital format and thus helps you manage them all with more efficiency. 

Why Do You Need a Golf Event Planner & Management App?

Well, as long as you are not a golf event planner or brainstorming to be one, you don’t need the app. But, if you are one of them who conducts the event frequently, these apps can be your digital assistant. The golf event planning and management app make the tasks easy and handy. 

Golf Event Planner & Management App Market Stats

  • The overall event management software market carried the valuations of USD 9.13 billion in 2020 which is projected to be $16.71 billion by 2026. 
  • 24.8 million people play golf in the US alone, with each player taking part in 20-30 tournaments every season. 

How Do the Golf Event Planner and Management App Work?

An event manager has to perform a pool of tasks to manage and plan the event. If performed manually, it can take forever to complete all the tasks. It will not only delay the event but also leave a lot of chances for errors. The event planner & management app has inbuilt features that make the different tasks very easy for event planners. Such apps offer the feature to conduct social media marketing, build the website, record the live score, chat, connect with different stakeholders, manage the budget, and many more, all in one place. Data security is another feature that enhances the ability of such apps. 

Features that Golf Event Planner & Management App Must Offer

  • Option to create a tournament website
  • Scheduling and reporting
  • Live to score 
  • Budget management
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Online store 
  • Player registration and management 
  • Text message and communication 

Domain Leader

Tournament Manager
Available on iOS
Tournament Manager IOS APP

Having more than 100K downloads, the “Tournament Manager” can be listed as the best sports event management app. The platform is not limited to golf only but also provides the feature to manage events of other sports such as cricket, football, basketball, etc. 

6. Golf Swing/shot Tracking Analytics App

Golf Swingshot Tracking Analytics App

What Is a Golf Swing/shot Tracking Analytics App? 

Golf is something that is easier to learn but difficult to master. However, these apps might not transfigure you to the level of Rory Mcllroy or Jordan Spieth, but these apps can surely improve your game. There are numerous gadgets and devices that can be installed on the golf club, wrist, gloves, or anywhere you want to track your movement. However, these devices are mostly very expensive with limited features. 

On the other hand, the shot tracking apps are many costs efficient with additional features and capabilities. It lets you track the swing of the club, ball line, pitch, or putt. 

Why Do You Need a Golf Swing/shot Tracking Analytics App?

If you have an eye to transfigure the game without a significant investment, all you need is a shot tracking app. Practice will help you improve, and practicing the right things will help you get perfect. The app will improve your ball line, shot, swing, pitch, and putt. 

Swing/shot Tracking Analytics App Market Stats

  •  Some of the best golf shot tracking apps have a user base of more than 10T

How Do Swing/shot Tracking Apps Work?

Unlike a watch, band, or smart gadget, the shot tracking app has nothing to do with your body or accessories. You can simply install the app on the smartphone, set your phone in a position to clearly track your shot with the camera open, and get all the details about how your shot was. It will share complete detail about how you shot the ball, the angle, the speed, and the suggestion for further improvements. 

Features that Swing/shot Tracking App Must Offer

  • A personal analysis of swing by world-class SwingAI Coach
  • Individual rating of each swing element 
  • Identification of swing faults 
  • Swing roadmap
  • Swing index calculation 

Domain Leader 

v1 golf app logo
Available on iOS & Android
v1 golf ios android app

“V1 Golf” is one of the best swing tracking apps on the playstore as well as an app store. The application allows you to record or upload the video. It analyses the complete swing and provides reviews. The video can be shared with instructors as well via the application. The application offers thousands of instructors to provide the right suggestions and improve the game. The application has more than a million downloads on the google play store.   

7. Golf Club App

Golf Club

What Is a Golf Club App?

Having an interest or habit in golf might not be enough when you want to play the game. You will need access to a golf course. Let’s suppose you know a golf club in your locality, still, you are going to need a lot of assistance. It might be making a booking, getting a Cadie, ordering the refreshments, or asking the queries. 

Golf Club apps are simply the smartphone platforms that provide all this assistance to your palm. Via this software, you can scroll through the list of nearby golf courses, their prices, online booking for the game, order the food or refreshments, ask the query, request for the particular Cadie, and many more. 

Why Do You Need a Golf Club App?

You need an app like this the same way you need a golf course to play the game. However, you might choose to visit the different golf courses one by one, making the queries, requesting a booking, and waiting for the snacks to be served. On the other hand, you can simply download one of these similar apps and play an extra game with the saved time. 

Golf Club App Market Stats

  • Around 78% of the golfers who play more than 8 rounds a year have at least one such app installed on their smartphone. 
  • Of people who have at least one of the golf apps, half of them have 3-4 golf-related apps on their smartphones. 

How Do Golf Club Apps Work?

The golf club apps enlisted all the golf clubs and courses with their distance to the locations. The app provides all the information about the quality and characteristics of the different golf courses. Furthermore, there are options to make the booking, select the timing, select the Cadie, order the refreshments, and many more. The options are provided within the app only. Some of the golf courses are not enrolled in the app, so these might be exceptions.  

Features that The Golf Club App Must Offer

  • List of all the nearby golf courses
  • Characteristics of the golf courses
  • Options for booking
  • Feature to choose the Cadie
  • Order the food or snack
  • Navigation
  • Visuals of golf courses 

Domain Leader 

Available on iOS & Android
hole 19 app ios and android

When we talk about an app that can perform these multiple tasks simultaneously, the name “Hole19” fits the best. By helping you find the best golf course from a list of 43,000 different golf courses available, you can also keep your rounds stored in one place. Further, you can check for the performance statistics, digital scorecard, GPS rangefinder, availing discounts, book rounds, connecting to a lively community, and many more.

How to Develop Golf Apps? 

Following are going to be the four stages that will help you develop your own golf app:

1. Idea 


So far in this blog, you have read about the seven different types of golf apps. There can be a number of other apps as well if we divide the above into further subcategories. You can undoubtedly develop all of these apps and get a good revenue out of them. But, everything has to begin with something, and it is crucial to know what kind of app you want to develop for your target audience to fulfill their needs. Before creating the app, having an idea about the app you want to build will always be a good beginning. 

So, get an idea about the type of app you are planning to develop and thus follow the further steps. 

2. Research 


Even while buying a smartphone, we perform in-depth research about the latest features in the industries, range of options, prices, quality, reviews of the customers, and many other things. So, how can an app aiming to serve a set of users can be developed without proper research. 

Before making the final decision, conducting the proper research is a very crucial step. You should know about your target audience, their needs, their preferences, the competition in the market, the user base of the existing app, all about the industry, the cost of developing the app, the ROI you can expect, and many other things. 

3. Team 


As long as you are not an experienced app or software developer, you will need a team that can develop the app for you. Choosing the right team can provide your ROI with a positive curve, while an inexperienced team can take it to the negative. You can choose “Emizentech” to ensure that your project is handled by a reliable and accountable team of developers. 

4. Prototype of App

Prototype of App

Once you have hired the team for app development, you should go for the prototype of the app. The prototype of the app will be provided to you by your app development team. The prototype is going to be the blueprint and demo for your final app. It will help you get an idea about how the app is going to look after its completion. So you can make the necessary changes in the early stages to save time and money. 

5. Testing and More Testing 

Testing and More Testing 

Once the app has been developed, it should be tested repeatedly. The more the app is tested, the more bugs it will identify and remove. So it will help you get a perfect app to ensure the best experience for your users. 

Golf Swing Analyzer Tool

Golf Swing Analyzer Tool

What Are Golf Swing Analyzer Tools?

Golf is all about swings. Make the right swing and the ball will fall in the cup. However, there is only a 1/12,500 chance of this kind of shot, but there are far more chances of improving your next swing each time. So, swing analyzer tools are the gadgets that help the player enhance their swing technique by analyzing each swing. 

Golf Swing Analyzer Tools

The golf swing analyzer is going to present the following swing measures to you:

  • Distance of ball
  • Ball speed
  • Club speed
  • Launch angle 
  • Smash factor
  • Launch direction etc. 

Market Stats of Golf Swing Analyzer Tools 

The golf analytic industry is estimated to achieve a valuation of $5 billion by the end of 2023.

How Does It Work

Golf analyzer tools are small gadgets installed on clubs, wrists, hands, or other moving parts. The devices are integrated with respective mobile applications. Once the player has made the swing, the gadget analyses the speed of swing, angle of swing, or other necessary movements and presents it on the respective application. 

The positive and negative points of swings are interpreted in the application with the necessary suggestions to improve the swing. 

Features of Golf Swing Analyzers Tools 

  • Full swing/pitching with putting modes
  • 3D visual analysis
  • Access to data of tour player 
  • Accessibility for right and left-handed players 
  • Automatic swing detection with measurement

How to Develop an App for The Golf Swing Analyzers Tool

golf swing analyzers
Source: Swing Byte

Golf analyzer tools are equipped with Digital Motion Processor (DMP). it is a kind of microprocessor integrated within the sensor. 

The golf swing analyzer tools application is developed using the Tech Stack that can integrate with the equipped sensor in the device. Once the sensor combines with the application, it senses swing motions and thus provides the relevant information to the player via a smartphone app. 

Best Golf Swing Analyzer Tools 

  • Xonic Golf
  • Arcoss Caddie Smart Sensors
  • Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing
  • Hackmotion
  • SkyPro
  • Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer
  • Flightscope Mevo
  • Rapsodo R-Motion
  • Voice Caddie SC 200
  • Game Golf Live Tracking System
  • Swingtip Golf Swing Analyzer 

How Does Golf Shot Tracking Analytics Work?

The golf shot tracking device applications are designed to gather the different data about the game, compare the data and provide the tips and techniques to improve the game. 

The sensors are installed on the moving game parts such as the club, wrist, elbow, etc. When the player makes the shot, the sensor collects all the data such as speed of club, speed of hand, angle of the club, movement through the joints, and standing postures. A necessary comparison is performed. Once the whole data has been analyzed, the app interprets the strong and weak points of the shot. Some devices can even compare your analytics to that of a professional player. 

Working on the strengths and weaknesses can help significantly to improve the game. 

What Is a Golf Smart Sensor?

The Golf Smart Sensor is the fundamental operating unit of the golf swing and movement tracking gadgets. The sensor installed in the gadgets takes the input from the physical environment and thus processes the collected data to the information system. Movements and swings are observed from the external environment. Sensors use the built-in computing resources and provide the information by detecting the input and passing on the data. 

How to Integrate Hardware for Golf Shot Tracking with App?

Communication protocols are the foremost need for hardware integration and communication between mobile apps and hardware. The two best and most popular methods for this communication are Bluetooth and Internet. Mostly, the golf shot tracking apps are devices integrated by instilling the Bluetooth in process. The updated versions of Bluetooth help to make the improvement in connection quality of the devices. The Internet, on the other hand, is something new that is changing the scenario completely. It is predicted that the gadgets will be integrated with the internet only in the upcoming time. 

What Golf App Must You Have?

Do you have any idea what you’re doing on the golf course? To see how you can improve your game, You can use these golf apps.

  • The PRGR Launch Monitor
  • Swing Caddie SC300
  • Swing Caddie SC200 Plus
  • LagShot Golf Link Here
  • G1 GPS Watch
  • BLAST Motion Here
  • Super Speed Golf
  • FlightScope MEVO+
  • FlightScope Mevo

Advantages of Golf Apps 

1. Equitable System

The mobile apps ensure an equitable system by providing booking options at the fingertips. In the absence of such apps, people who lived near to the golf course used to book the slot for themselves on prime time, such as Saturday morning, and others had to compromise either with time or location. 

2. Less Paperwork

Golf apps eliminate the paper-based score entry and streamline the scoring process for the club administrators. The golf mobile app helps to deal with several challenges such as no checking of unreadable scores, ineligible scrawls, in-play leaderboard, and easier sign-in. It also enhances the ease of producing the final results, automatic adjustment of handicap, notification for club events, etc. 

3. General Play at Will

The app allows you to enter handicap general play scores. It means one can travel to any golf course around the country and register to return a general play score to count toward the handicap. It enhances the functionality of the World Handicap System (WHS).

Disadvantages of Golf Apps 

1. Fastest Finger First Shootout 

The tee sheets are opened at a specific time for the booking. With all the bookings going online, users have to make the booking before others, creating the situation of Fastest Finger First Shootout. You might not find the slot or booking for yourself if your device, keyboards, and fingers don’t work in synchronization at the right time. 

2. Not Quite So Streamlined

Since the digital score entry system has arrived, professionals at golf clubs have been observed to be spending hours teaching people how to use the score entry system. It is even difficult to teach and train the senior age section about log-in, selecting the right tees, and the right tournaments. 

Tech Stack Required to Build a Golf App

golf tech stack

To simplify, a tech stack is the complete technology infrastructure and data ecosystem consisting of several technology services to run the application or software. 

Following are going to be the choices of Tech Stack according to your preference for app development: 

Android Kotlin, Ruby on rails, Android SDK, Node JS, React, and Codeigniter
iOSObjective C, Swift, Fabric IOS, Laravel 
Cloud StorageAmazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
Database MySQL, Postgres, Redis, MongoDB
Payment Gateways PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe 
Real-Time AnalyticsGoogle Analytics, Spark
Push NotificationsMAP, and Twilio
Tech Stack to Build a Golf App

The Team Required to Build the Golf App 

Your app development team will be consist (but not limited to) of the following members to contribute with their expertise: 

1. Project Manager

The project manager will basically be the head of this project, ensuring all the implementation and delivery of the project. The project manager is going to be a connection between the different departments working on the project. The manager also talks with the clients and customers and transfers the received information to the respective department. 

2. UI/UX Designer 

As the name suggests, UI/UX designers are the one who designs the user interface of the application. The UI designers work with the special documentation and elaborate the complete process to build a quality software product. The designer also creates wireframes in the beginning during the analysis of the documentation process. 

3. iOS/Android Developers

Developing the apps for iOS and Android requires different knowledge and skills. So, an app development team must have both iOS and Android Developers. 

4. QA engineers 

The project will be successful only when it performs as it was planned. The QA (Quality Assessment) Engineers repeat testing the first version of software multiple times to verify its efficiency. In case of any malfunctioning, the QA engineer will send the feedback to the developer and make the necessary changes. 

How Golf Apps Make Money? 

At the end of the day, it is about money. There is nothing wrong with thinking about the Return on Investment; in fact, it is what the intelligent investor does while making an investment. There are plenty of ways your app will make money for you. Some of them are listed below: 

1. Subscription Model

Depending on the app you are developing, you can implement the subscription model to offer users access to the specific content. The subscription model will consist of a fee on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. If your content is worth the target audience, you can receive a good number of subscribers. 

2. In-App Purchases 

Opposite to the subscription model, you can directly sell access to content inside the application. For example, if your app provides the swing tracking option, you can offer this feature at a specific price. However, it is suggested that the app should offer a few services free of cost to its users to implement an In-App purchase facility

3. Advertisement 

Once you manage to attract a good number of users to your application, advertising can generate a good sleeping income for you. Advertising the other products on your application will convert this application into a good source of income.

4. Transaction Fees

A transaction fee is another good method of earning through the app. You can make money by implementing a fee for the specific type of transactions in the app. For example, if a user wants to book a slot in a golf course, a transaction fee can be applied for the booking. Similarly, the transaction fee can be implemented for shot tracking, ordering the food, and other activities as well. 

Cost of Developing Golf Mobile App

How Much Does It Cost To Start An eCommerce Business

A smartphone can cost you $300, while the other smartphone can cost you $700. It’s all about the features, qualities, brand, and kind of smartphone you wish to purchase. Similarly, the cost of an app is also going to depend on a number of factors. The factors consist of, but are not limited to: 

  • Features in the app
  • Platform (iOS or Android)
  • App design 
  • Number of screens 
  • Number of 3rd party API Integration 
  • Animation and Gamification Elements 
  • Backend infrastructure 
  • Development partner reputation 
  • A number of hours from developers, etc. 

It also depends on whether you wish to develop a basic app, moderate app, or complex app. The app development cost moves along with options as it offers comparatively more capacity and components. 

It is difficult to give a price tag to app development. Still, to provide you with a rough idea so it can be easy for you to make the decision, developing a basic app will cost you around $10000-15000. The curve in features will be directly proportional to the curve in cost.

You can contact us to get an in-depth cost infrastructure of the app and clear all your doubts regarding the cost of app development. 

How Can We Help You?

We at Emizentech provide you with a team of experienced and visionary developers that transforms your idea into reality. As one of the market’s best app development firms, we understand your needs, provide you with the right direction, and take the idea a step ahead. Contact our team, get free counseling, get help brainstorming ideas, conduct market research with our app specialists, and get things done. 

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Wrapping Up

With everything else, sports too are going digital. Whether booking the course to play on the ground or playing the game on the smartphone, both require some apps. Golf has also been a popular game in the US, making it a good market for mobile applications relevant to the sport. There is already a range of applications, such as fantasy game apps, course locator apps, swing analytics apps, GPS apps, etc., being used by golfers for a considerable time. As the familiarity of people with mobile applications and smartphones is increasing, doors for such apps are also opening. The apps are continuously easing the different tasks related to the game, such as booking the slots online, ordering the refreshments, tracking the shot, managing the scores, calculating the handicap, taking the measurements at the course, and many others. 

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