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Emizentech holds a team of experienced AEM consultants who have deep knowledge of the AEM platform and assist in streamlining your content assets, processes, and development cycle to save your money, time, and resources in delivering expected and flawless customer experience across varied channels.

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Emizentech helps organizations worldwide with planning, designing, developing, and managing their AEM-based digital experiences. Besides, we are experts at offering recommendations and guidance on how to utilize the power and features of AEM at its best to meet your business goals.

Our AEM consultants assist in building highly performing interactive, responsive, and UI/UX-driven Adobe CMS websites that can change dynamically depending on the screen size and device orientation and meet business requirements efficiently for varied industry verticals.

To help businesses make the best use of this platform, Emizentech offers complete AEM implementation services to let them make the best use of the platform, upgradation to match the latest trend, and management solutions.

As a leading AEM consulting company, EmizenTech integrates seamlessly with dozens of top analytics and marketing tools. Combined with the marketing cloud stack offerings, we provide a powerful, modular and extensible platform that serves the need for marketing and web experience management.

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Recognized as an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner

Holding an extensive experience in AEM consulting, Emizentech crafts strategy, UX/UI plan, architecture, development, cloud environments, and support. Our target is to streamline your business processes, development cycle, and content assets to save your money, time, and resources to provide a seamless customer experience across varied channels.

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    Unleashing the Power of Adobe Experience Manager and its Capabilities

    A content management system, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) allows the creation, management, and delivery of digital experiences across mobile apps, websites, and other channels. It’s a part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, which is a suite of analytics and marketing tools for customer experience management.

     Content Management

    Adobe Content Management

    With the assistance of AEM, you can create content, edit it, and publish it across varied channels, like on mobile and the web. The content you develop is always user-friendly and provides asset management, workflow management, and version control features.

    Digital Asset

    Adobe AEM Sites

    Create, manage, and deliver improved, personalized digital experiences of your eCommerce sites with Adobe AEM Sites across various channels and devices. Also, you can enjoy additional tools for marketing, advertising, and advertising to deliver unified experiences across touchpoints.

    Digital Asset

    Adobe AEM Digital Asset Management

    AEM arrives with varied tools that help in organizing and handling digital assets, like videos, documents, and images. Develop customized versions of your digital assets to deliver engaging, targeted, and personalized user experiences.

    Digital Enrolment

    AEM Personalization and Content Targeting

    You can deliver personalized experiences with Adobe Experience Manager to your customers by focusing content based on various factors, like behavior, location, and demographics. This will lead to increased customer engagement and, thereby, conversion rates.

    Digital Enrolment

    Developing Mobile Applications in AEM

    With AEM, you don’t need to worry about building and managing your mobile apps, as you will get the assistance of tools to include essential features, in-app purchasing, and push notifications. Easily drag-and-drop interface using Adobe CMS to upgrade your mobile apps using a single codebase for various platforms.

    Digital Enrolment

    AEM Headless CMS

    Adobe Experience Manager integration with 3rd-party tools and solutions will help deliver consistent content experiences across varied channels.Adobe Experience Manager headless CMS potential assists in establishing complete content ownership and flexibly updating it per user statistics and demographics.

    Digital Enrolment

    Adobe AEM Forms

    Based on your user’s device, location, and browsing behavior, create forms and deliver dynamic experiences anywhere and anytime. Responsive designs, pre-filled fields, electronic signatures, and help text make users fill forms quickly and easily.

    Digital Enrolment

    AEM Workflow Management

    By setting individual workspaces in AEM and assigning role-based access, Adobe Experience Manager workflow can be streamlined for varied projects. AEM features such as annotations and comments assist in enhancing website productivity and quality.

     Learning Manager

    AEM eCommerce

    Adobe Experience Manager e-commerce emerges with a plethora of in-built support for developing and managing online stores, including the features such as shopping carts, product catalogs, and checkout pages.

     Digital Guides

    AEM Integration with Other Adobe Tools

    You will get the assistance of AEM integration with other tools in Adobe Experience Cloud, like Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, which facilitate you to accumulate and analyze customer data and utilize it for digital experience optimization.

    Empowering Your Business with AEM Consulting Services

    Emizentech offers the required range of services and solutions that you can expect from a AEM consulting firm or an Adobe AEM consultant to help your organization effectively implement and use AEM to meet its content management requirements. Such services may include AEM implementation and integration services, training and support for AEM users, and ongoing guidance and training to ensure the best use of AEM within your organization.

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    Get an Experienced Team of Adobe AEM Expert Consultants Across Varied Verticals

    • Certified Adobe Bronze Solution Partner & NASSCOM certified company.
    • Award-winning Adobe Bronze Partner with a decade of experience meeting business objectives.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of the Adobe AEM platform, core components, customizable templates, experience fragments, etc.
    • Proven proficiency and expertise in developing custom and scalable Adobe CMS websites for your business success.
    • Deliver top-class and highly-performing web experience.
    • Easy and transparent pricing plans to meet your tailored business requirements.

    Upgrading Your Digital Experiences Leveraging
    The Power of AEM Consulting Services

    Businesses may hire AEM consulting services to improve their digital experiences. Emizentech provides AEM services in the following ways.

    Our team of expert AEM consultants defines the perfect strategy for identifying opportunities to enhance customer experience and take businesses to new heights.

    Focusing on your specific business objectives and requirements, we implement and customize AEM services, including AEM integration, platform configuration, custom functionality development, etc.

    To let you get the most out of your AEM investment, we offer training and support, including ongoing support, onboarding new users, and letting customers stay updated with new functionality and features.

    To optimize your AEM implementation for enhancing the scalability and performance of your site and mobile apps, we help address and resolve issues, page load optimization, and best practices implementation for content and asset management.

    Our AEM consultants collect and analyze your customer data to get insights into their preferences and behavior. This way, you can enhance your marketing campaigns and boost your business growth.

    Streamlining Your Business Success Following
    Seamless AEM Consulting Services Process

    Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) consulting services process relies on the organization’s specific goals and needs.
    Some general steps we follow in the consulting process are as below.

    Initial Consultation

    We arrange a meeting with our clients where we understand their business requirements and the objective they want to achieve and next craft a plan to follow to meet their goals.

    Analysis and Assessment

    We analyze the current process and systems of the organization and check their readiness for AEM upgrade and implementation.

    Recommendations and Proposal

    Per the analysis and assessment, our consultants provide proposals and recommend to our clients how their AEM project will proceed.

    Plan Implementation

    Post our clients choose us to conduct their AEM consultation services, we build a detailed AEM implementation plan and identify suitable resources with them considering their business requirements and goals.

    AEM Implementation Services

    As per the agreed AEM implementation services plan, our AEM consultants perform AEM implementation by configuring AEM, integrating it, customizing it according to the needs, and testing it to ensure its expected functionality and performance.

    AEM Training & Support

    We train our clients with the working and usage of AEM to help them with the efficient usage of AEM.

    Ongoing Maintenance and Optimization

    Post offering expected AEM consultation services, we provide ongoing maintenance and support, including updates and improvements to ensure their project performance perfectly.

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    A widely used platform, AEM is best for varied industries, like financial services, retail and eCommerce, government and public sector, education, healthcare, non-profit, and more.

    Well, before you finalize an AEM consulting firm, you need to follow the below steps:

    • Review the portfolio of the company,
    • Ask for their clients’ references,
    • Check if they meet your need for an expert team of AEM consultants,
    • Consider the firm that may offer AEM services within your budget and timeframe and more.

    Well, you can focus on a few signs that will let you know that your website needs AEM consulting; like

    • Your complex business website,
    • Need to deliver related and personalized user experience,
    • Looking to track better and manage your digital assets,
    • Better enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital marketing experiences, etc.

    The AEM consulting cost may depend on varied factors, like project needs, its complexity, your consultant’s expertise, and more.

    However, generally, AEM consulting costs may start from $100 per hour or more. You need to put forth your project needs to know a fixed price.

    Typically, an AEM consulting company provides a wide range of services, including planning and strategy, customization, implementation, integration, and support and maintenance for your AEM projects. Besides, the company may offer consulting and training services to let you leverage the most out of AEM.

    Being a more robust and comprehensive platform, AEM is preferred more compared to traditional CMS. It arrives with the best features, like analytics, personalization, and multi-channel delivery. Additionally, it facilitates easy integration with other Adobe solutions, like Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Analytics.

    When looking to hire an AEM consulting firm, you should emerge with one holding a proven track record of top-performing AEM projects, a team of certified AEM experts, and an in-depth understanding of your industry and business. Also, choose a firm that may offer you a complete range of services, from strategy to maintenance and support.

    AEM consulting services can assist businesses in crafting and delivering better and expected digital experiences across varied channels, enhance customer engagement, and boost efficiency by easing content management processes. AEM permits businesses to optimize and personalize their digital experiences, which can increase conversion rates and revenue.

    An AEM implementation duration may vary depending on the complexity and scope of your project. A basic one may take several months, while a more complicated implementation with varied integrations and customization may take a year or even more. It’s essential to choose an experienced AEM consulting firm that may offer a detailed project timeline and plan to make sure the implementation is accomplished on time within the specified budget.

    Yes, we can integrate AEM with a wide range of systems, like ERP, CRM, and eCommerce platforms; AEM’s open architecture permits easy integration with other systems that leads to a streamlined content management process and enhances complete user experience.

    Yes, of course! You can use AEM to develop mobile apps. The mobile capabilities of AEM facilitate developers to build, manage and deliver improved mobile content and experiences, including the ability to build and manage mobile apps through the AEM platform. Also, when integrated with Adobe’s PhoneGap Build service, AEM helps create mobile apps for Android and iOS.