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Get the most out of your business data with our complete suite of Microsoft Power BI Services.

Discover the true potential of Power BI Services to get custom dashboards by hiring our Power BI consultants and developers for better data visualization and analysis that provide insights for your organization and help make sound decisions.

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Why Business Needs Power BI Services

Get a Custom Power BI Dashboard

    Uncover more robust insights and impact your business as expected using an end-to-end Microsoft Power BI platform.

    With the expanding business, data management becomes challenging. But it’s crucial to take action in your business’s favor. Here, Power BI Services crop up as a supporter for the businesses and craft a data-driven culture within the companies. The platform centralizes your data in a secure and trusted hub, uses visuals to showcase your actionable insights better, and translates them into informed decisions to improve your business outcomes. Here, a Power BI Company can help you attain your business requirements reaping the benefits of this platform.

    • Create a data-driven culture
    • Get quick insights
    • Workspace-level data security
    • Seamless Provides a wide range of interactive visualizations
    • Boost business user’s productivity
    • Reduce data analysts’ efforts
    • Offers connectivity with varied data sources

    Our Power BI Development Services

    Being a leading Power BI Development Company, we offer varied Microsoft Power BI Development Services that take charge of custom development, administration, implementation, and integration of BI tools and your dashboards. We assist you with the right and best suitable Power BI Solutions per your business needs.


    Power BI Consulting Services

    We provide proper guidance for taking data-driven actions leveraging the complete potential of Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services, including data visualization, custom reports and dashboards creation, integration, training, and support. Hiring our Power BI Consultants allows you to optimize your organization’s data analytics caliber and take the right actions based on real-time data.

    Power BI Solution Design

    Power BI Integration Services

    Being Microsoft Solutions Partner, Emizentech holds a team of Power BI Specialists who ease Power BI Integration processes by seamlessly connecting, transforming, and consolidating data from different apps, sources, and systems. It leads to the creation of engaging visualizations, reports, and dashboards.

    Power BI Configuration And Customization

    Power BI Customization Services

    Our Power BI Customization Services meet unique choices of organizations of seeing the data per their specific needs in the best possible format. Our Power BI Developers create custom dashboards, visualization, and reports ensuring a personalized and expected analytics experience.

    Power BI Data Migration

    Power BI Migration Services

    By migrating your current BI tools to this business-friendly, cost-effective, and self-service platform, Power BI will help you centralize data and create engaging visualization. Our Microsoft Power BI Experts team will help you with streamlined migration with reduced downtime, accurate transfer, and high performance.

    Power BI Integration

    PowerPower BI Support & Maintenance Services

    Emizentech, with its best Power BI Support and Maintenance Services, including expert troubleshooting, support, and performance optimization, ensures smooth Power BI operations and issues resolution. Businesses can rely on us to efficiently and successfully run their Power BI environment.


    Power BI Visualization & Report Services

    Appealing visualization and reports ease data analysis and understanding and help users with communicative insights from data. Aiming for user-friendly and storytelling designs, our Power BI Visualization and Report Services let the users interact with their business data, learn about the latest trends, and make informed decisions.


    Power BI Implementation Services

    Implementing Power BI within your business solutions lets you conduct successful Power BI Deployment and configuration. Our Microsoft Power BI Experts provide a comprehensive suite of Power BI Implementation Services incorporating data modeling, integration, and dashboard creation tailored to your business needs.


    Power BI Bot Development Services

    Our Power BI Bot Development Services transform how businesses interact with customers by crafting intelligent chatbots well integrated with Power BI. Our Power BI Developers build automated assistance using the latest technologies that permit data access and interaction in a conversational manner, answering data-relevant queries.


    Power BI Managed Services

    Being a part of Microsoft Power Platform business apps, Power BI performs as expected when integrated with your Microsoft workplace technologies. With Power BI Managed Services from Emizentech, you can optimize your BI platform’s configuration, implementation, administration, customization, and support.


    Power BI Platform Services

    Microsoft Power BI Cloud Services specialize in creating dynamic and personalized dashboards meeting the distinctive needs of businesses. We provide Power BI Platform Services that help you with interactive and custom dashboard development services that provide real-time KPIs to facilitate you to make sound planning and decisions.


    Power BI App Development

    Microsoft Power apps is useful for developing custom business apps by automating manual business operations into digital ones. Our Power BI Experts craft end-to-end Power BI App Development Solutions that enhance an organization’s productivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


    Power BI Training Services

    Empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to utilize Power BI effectively. Our Power BI Specialists provide Power BI training sessions cover everything from the basics of navigating the platform to advanced data analysis techniques.

    Allow our Power BI Developers
    to make the best possible use of
    Power BI Development Services to

    Client Testimonials


    I am genuinely impressed with your team’s tremendous work in implementing the Microsoft Power BI for our E-commerce business. Your expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have made a significant positive impact on our organization. I wholeheartedly recommend Emizentech to businesses seeking a reliable and proficient Power BI implementation partner.


    Tim David


    I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to Emizentech’s team for the outstanding integration of the Microsoft Power BI Tool into our Healthcare business. The results achieved have been truly exceptional. The efficiency of our data analysis has significantly improved, allowing us to make prompt and well-informed decisions. The comprehensive visualizations and insightful reports generated by Power BI have greatly enhanced our reporting capabilities, providing invaluable insights into our business performance.


    Michael Caplis

    Solutions Built with Microsoft Power BI:
    Use Cases

    Our team of Power BI Specialists develops custom Power BI Solutions for varied industry verticals meeting specific requirements, following agile methodology, best practices, and industry standards to let businesses expand limitlessly.

    Our Industry Expertise

    Having a decade of experience and expertise in Microsoft Power BI Implementation, we serve unique
    business needs worldwide, boost their BI caliber, and help them optimize their decision-making.


    We implement a KPI-driven, custom Power BI Dashboard in the healthcare industry for clinics and hospitals to improve decision-making. Healthcare practitioners find gaining insights into their data, diagnosis, and patient care quality easy. 


    Banking & Finance

    Our Power BI Developers build enterprise-grade BI solutions for banking and finance sectors that help them track the latest market trends, detect fraud, monitor KPIs, analyze financial data, and generate engaging reports to make better financial plans and decisions.


    Travel & Tourism

    Our Power BI Development Company is usually chosen to develop Power BI Solutions that support travel companies with improved customer segmentation, provide competitor insights, optimize pricing plans, monitor expenses and revenue, diminish operational costs, boost customer service, and improve operational efficiency.


    Retail & E-commerce

    Our Microsoft Power BI Specialists have years of experience creating and implementing custom-fit BI tools for E-commerce stores that let online merchants leverage the potential of business data by transforming it into engaging and interactive dashboards that help monitor inventory levels, monitor customer behavior, optimize pricing strategies, and more.


    Logistics & Transportation

    We specialize in crafting bespoke BI and data visualization solutions for logistic companies that ease them to pace up decision-making that results in shipment status visibility, diminish late shipments, reduce loss, fuel consumption tracking, delivery performance monitoring, and operational bottlenecks identification for improved efficiency.


    Media & Entertainment

    We assist media and entertainment companies in leveraging the potential of Power BI for content performance tracking, audience data analysis, and marketing strategy optimization to boost revenue and improve audience engagement.


    Education & E-Learning

    Our Power BI Services provide educational institutions with the best solutions in the market that let them get real-time insights into their student, academic progress, uncover enrollment trends, monitor educational results, point out issues, and support making informed decisions in curriculum development and e-learning policies, and more, meeting the unique needs of different audiences.



    We build custom Power BI Solutions for government agencies to analyze and visualize data relevant to public services, perform resource allocation, monitor citizen engagement, and performance, to ensure the integrity and security of their sensitive data maintenance and enhanced governance and service delivery.


    Our Roadmap for Power BI Implementation Services

    Being a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner, we assist businesses in defining their BI strategy and let it line up on their business landscape to help them create personalized dashboards and get real-time insights for making data-driven decisions.

    Discovery and Assessment
    Step 1

    Discovery and Assessment

    We start with the project needs, objectives, expectations, and the required outcomes of the client’s project and prepare to craft a suitable data visualization solution for the company.

    Strategy and Planning
    Step 2

    Strategy and Planning

    Next, our Power BI Specialists work on crafting the best strategy and plans that may lead to the seamless development of Power BI Solutions for your business.

    Integration and Preparation
    Step 3

    Data Integration and Preparation

    We build an Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) framework covering ETL mapping, data cleansing, and transformation. Ahead, we test unique data sources to draw compatible data from visualization.

    Dashboard and Report Design
    Step 4

    Dashboard and Report Design

    We create proactive and interactive dashboards and reports considering your target audience, use engaging themes and full-screen mode to avoid any distractions, consider apt page layouts, the right and innovative visualization for the data, and so on.

    Step 5

    Data Analysis and Visualization

    Next, to ease your business data analysis and visualization, we develop and integrate suitable Power BI Solutions following best practices that may help with data forecasting, preventive maintenance, fault predictions, and more.

    Step 6

    Training and Adoption

    To let your team and company staff make the best out of the data visualization tool, our seasoned Microsoft Power BI Experts offer exhaustive training to let them easily adapt and align with the platform for the betterment of your business.

    Step 7

    Deployment and Support

    Post developing the required dashboards and reports, we deploy them to your target audience, which includes report publishing to Power BI Services or sharing them with users. Also, we offer ongoing support to identify issues (if any), optimize performance, and ensure the solution we develop fulfills your requirements.

    Step 8

    Continuous Improvement and Optimization

    Finally, we target optimizing and enhancing our Power BI Solutions, which incorporate feedback gathering, dashboards usage, and performance monitoring, improving the issues iteratively to make the solution effective and efficient with time.

    Make your Data Visualization More Interactive & Engaging
    by Leveraging the Potential of Power BI Services

    Hire our Power BI Developers

    Benefits of Adopting Power BI Services

    Across every industry, Power BI Development Services play a major role in enhancing decision-making by generating real-time insights to optimize operations, improve customer satisfaction, boost productivity, and boost ROI.

    Sales Cloud

    Interactive Visualizations

    The custom dashboards are crafted specifically for your business and offer interactive and intuitive visualizations using which businesses can generate custom reports faster. Besides, the dashboard will have varied options to generate visualizations and models meeting your expectations.

    Sales Cloud

    Enhanced Collaboration

    For your custom dashboards, you will get two workspaces, my workspace and app workspace, that are best for collaborating on a single dashboard and sharing your content with your colleagues, offering real-time updates, annotations, and comments, promoting teamwork, and making informed decisions.

    Sales Cloud

    Improved Data Governance

    Microsoft Power BI also arrives with some exceptional features that allow users to boost the potential of data governance in BI flows. Such features assist in maintaining the security of your data assets with no need to leave the analysis platform.

    Sales Cloud

    Efficient Data Analysis

    With its data analysis capabilities, Power BI assists report authors in improving their reports for analytical insights into their data with its latest features. Examining business data and Power BI reports closely; enterprises can then extract value, diving deeper into the analysis.

    Sales Cloud

    Improved Data Accessibility

    With Power BI functionality, you can let your colleagues and staff see and access your company’s data, which builds a data-informed culture, boosting your team’s productivity and making better decisions.

    Sales Cloud

    Mobile Support

    Power BI offers native mobile app support that lets users easily access their dashboards and reports to stay informed about their key business metrics, easily access real-time data and insights anytime and anywhere.

    Sales Cloud

    Natural Language Queries

    The Power BI Solutions we develop help the users ask questions in natural language that get translated into queries with the tools. This assists them in exploring data and getting instant reverts with no need for complicated SQL queries or coding.

    Sales Cloud

    Data Modeling

    With its data modeling benefits, the Power BI allows reliable report generation and accurate self-service analytics. Our architecture roadmap based on industry standards, best practices, and the latest proven technologies helps boost the performance of your reports, delivering useful insights from anywhere and more.

    Sales Cloud

    Real-time Monitoring

    By supporting data streaming and monitoring, Power BI assists businesses in connecting to live data sources, like social media feeds, sensors, or IoT devices, and performs data visualization in real-time dashboards. This lets organizations monitor KPIs and address anomalies and the latest trends, easing proactive decision-making.

    Why Choose Emizentech
    For Microsoft Power BI Services

    Emizentech, a leading Power BI Development Company with a decade of experience delivering competitive Power BI Services to worldwide clients, ensures the development of custom solutions leveraging the complete potential of Power BI capabilities. Our team supports integrating, migrating, and developing interactive dashboards and reports.

    Hire Expert Power BI Developers

    We provide you with various options to hire expert Power BI Developers from multiple hiring models so that you can choose the best suitable for your business.


    Dedicated Team

    If you seek dedicated attention to accomplish your project, our company provides a team of dedicated Power BI Developers on a pay-as-you-go monthly contract.


    Controlled Agile

    Such an engagement model is perfect for the one looking to kickstart with a limited budget and needs some flexibility with the condition.


    Time & Material

    If you come to us with undefined projects and seeking ongoing work, you can go with this model, which charges hourly. It’s a pay-as-you-go hourly contract.

    Leverage the Potential of Power BI to Meet
    Your Data Analytics Goals and Enhance
    Decision Making Seamlessly

    Emizentech is the best company to choose for integrating the Microsoft Power BI Platform and maximizing the BI caliber of your organization.

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    Interested in learning more about our Microsoft Power BI Services? Explore the FAQs below and get ready to hire the best Power BI Development Company today!

    A cloud-based business analytics and data visualization service, Power BI service leads to speedy, efficient, and simple data visualization and analysis.

    Not only for small, BI tools or data visualization tools are essential for medium-sized businesses also. Such tools with user-friendly interfaces are enhancing the way businesses make data-driven decisions.

    Yes. Power BI stores entire data in encrypted form by default using Microsoft-managed keys. So, you can trust this platform for your business.

    With extensive connectivity options, you can connect varied data sources with Power BI, like popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, and cloud-based data sources, like Azure SQL Database. Besides, it’s good to go with connecting file-based sources, such as SharePoint.

    Yes, you can integrate Microsoft products and 3rd-party platforms with Power BI Pro to pull data from anywhere you want.

    While choosing a leading Microsoft Power BI Development Company, you need to consider a few factors:

    • Past work (portfolio)
    • Proficiency in working with the platform.
    • Meet Power BI Consultant proficiency
    • Client Testimonials
    • Data security measures
    • Compatibility
    • Work integrity, etc.

    With Emizentech, to kickstart your Power BI project, you need to contact our team via our website, email, or phone. We will promptly respond to you with the right details relevant to your inquiries, discuss your needs, and discover a pathway suiting your business. We perform collaboratively with our clients understanding their business requirements, offer a customized proposal, and start the Power BI Implementation process, letting them make the best use of their business data.