Emizentech Partnership Program (EPP)

It’s always a great feeling to do things together, more so when it is organized well and cares for everyone’s interest


Partnership Program

Being used to perceiving our name, Emizentech, for our sound products and services, our offices, and every-growing staff,

we are now being recognized by our performance as the “Work speaks more than Words”. Become Partner

Strategic Partnership

With Emizentech, strategic partnership guides a track towards the great opportunities in which you perform with us on distinct projects. Furthermore, you are responsible for project communication, business generation, and leads.

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Affiliate Partnership

Our program of Affiliate Partnership proves to be compatible for you, at its best, if you are seeking for a limited liability along with comprehensive support starting from the project initiation to its execution. You are only required to hold an experience of performing on an akin engagement if you want to be a participant of this program.

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Reseller Partnership

At Emizentech, you are free to become our reseller and attain access to our potent research along with successful projects and sell them further to your clients. In this, you get an opportunity to work remotely in each deal and with no submission of a signed minimum obligation letter.

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Joint Venture

This partnership embraces the commitment and power of sight. You require to hold a collaborative plan that catches up captivating possibilities. After your proposal achieves an approval, you will be benefited to lead a directorial role in a project with Emizentech and represent the brand closely.

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