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Our team of Salesforce professionals is experienced at seamlessly integrating Salesforce with any 3rd-party apps and other business-critical systems to let you get the best out of your Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce CRM integration service includes a complete analysis of business needs and software, design of integration roadmap, integration solution development, implementation, QA, and post-delivery support and maintenance.

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What Makes Emizentech A Leading Salesforce Integration Services

We hold almost a decade of experience in Salesforce integration with third-party applications for varied industries. Our team of certified Salesforce integration consultants performs dedicatedly to deliver efficient solutions to our clients. Besides, we follow a client-first approach to building top-quality solutions to leave our clients fully satisfied and stay ahead of the curve.

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    Our Salesforce Integration Solutions

    For organizations, Salesforce Integration is imperative as it permits you to access the business-critical data existing on distinct platforms. Be it any sort of business, it doesn’t operate with a single software. To be the most productive in the industry, all those software must sync and communicate with each other and also share their data. Emizentech holds a team of certified Salesforce developers and experts clutching huge experience and robust skillset. We offer Salesforce Integration services along with the most functional third-party software solutions in a smooth way of integrating various platforms with Salesforce.

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    Salesforce Third-Party Integration Options

    Being a leading Salesforce Integration Service Provider, we at Emizentech offer reliable, secure, scalable, and secure Salesforce integration successfully with the current applications and external cloud services. We hold the caliber to smoothly migrate your data from other apps, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks, to Salesforce. Emizentech develops web services within Salesforce that help a 3rd-party application to share the details with Salesforce. We employ Data Loaded for the manual migration, evaluated 3rd party tools, and S2S for Salesforce to Salesforce migration.

    Salesforce ERP Integration

    Emizentech conducts Salesforce integration with well-known ERP systems, such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Sage, SAP, Infor, and more, to help you attain a view on demand and inventory for improved decision-making and achieve a comprehensive view of Customer Relationships in CRM, embracing shipment, invoices, order status, and more.

    Salesforce ERP integration will assist you to:

    • Align your Front Office Sales with Fulfillment and the Back Office by placing the order in ERP directly.
    • Keep in Sync with the Customer’s Master, Product, and Prices

    Salesforce Accounting Integration

    Linking a CRM to an accounting system assists in sharing financial data with the sales team and improving customer profiles, handling invoices, and inter-company transactions, also enriching forecasts and attaining more financial data-driven insights. Our Salesforce experts do it for you.

    Salesforce Accounting integration will help you:

    • Reduce errors and save time by eliminating redundant data.
    • Calculate payments automatically to invoices based on amounts and document references.

    Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration

    Salesforce CRM integration with Marketing automation systems will assist in better aligning Sales and Marketing functions. By conducting such integration for you, we aid you in crafting customer journeys, lead nurturing, engaging with prospects, and improving campaign management.

    Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration will assist you:

    • Save businesses time and money by automating repetitive job
    • Generate and better nurture leads.

    Salesforce Social Media Integration

    To increase user engagement and experience, it is imperative to track social media activities. We offer services to integrate social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to enhance your customer visibility on social media platforms.

    Salesforce Social Media Integration will assist you:

    • Boost brand reach and awareness.
    • Builds a huge audience on social media.

    Salesforce CTI Integration

    Emizentech can help connect 3rd-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce or activate the CTI toolkit of platforms to enhance sales and boost service speed and quality. Such integration assists in improving call management.

    Salesforce CTI Integration can help you:

    • Automatically logging and recording calls
    • Recognizing and routing incoming calls

    Salesforce eCommerce Integration

    Emizentech offers Salesforce Integration with eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Zuora, and more. Such sorts of integration permit an improvement of revenue and enhancement of customer service.

    Salesforce eCommerce integration can assist you:

    • Reinforcing the customer profiles with browsing history for enriched up-selling and cross-selling.
    • Allowing customer self-service through customer portals.

    Salesforce Collaboration System Integration

    Employing both a collaboration and a CRM tool for document storage and collaboration management may result in issues like document duplication and downtime. Our certified Salesforce Integration experts assist in controlling such pitfalls and save on licenses, and offer employees enhanced flexibility in collaborating on projects.

    Salesforce Collaboration System Integration can help you:

    • Automated and code-free process.
    • Better customer retention.

    Salesforce Personal Planner and Email Integration

    Our team of experts can assist you by integrating Salesforce Personal Planner and email services. We have observed and noticed an enhancement in productivity when tasks, emails, and calendars are integrated. It also offers a smooth experience to end-users who don’t switch between apps.

    Salesforce Personal Planner and Email Integration help you:

    • Increase productivity and let you perform faster and smarter without switching between apps.
    • Improve coordination between your team members.

    Salesforce ITSM Integration

    We help our clients with Salesforce ITSM integration to enhance the collaboration and visibility of their teams, resolve issues faster by removing communication gaps, save time automatically importing data, and offer your teams comprehensive context relevant to your customers’ history, issues, priorities, etc.

    Salesforce ITSM integration assists you:

    • Removes data silos.
    • Improves employee as well as customer experience

    Salesforce Live Chat and Einstein Chatbot Integration

    We offer Salesforce Live Chat and Einstein Chatbot Integration services to save your agents’ time, diminish wait times, and get efficient redirects for your customer inquiries with intelligent responses.

    Salesforce Live Chat and Einstein Chatbot Integration help you:

    • Boost productivity and reduce cost.
    • No need for humans all the time.

    Outlook Integration with Salesforce

    Our experts assist in Outlook Integration with Salesforce to let you save the time of entering data and switching between different apps, avoid efforts on duplicate data entry into two apps, help track email conversations, etc.

    Outlook Integration with Salesforce assist you:

    • Sync events, contacts, and tasks automatically.
    • Keep customer records updated in real time.

    Why do You Need

    Salesforce Integration assists you in crafting improved customer and employee experience by offering a 360-degree view. It aids you in attracting two different systems together to develop a unified product view of your clients. Our Salesforce Integration Consultants will assist you with the following traits:

    • To consolidate data from multiple systems.
    • To automate processes.
    • To enhance the functionality of Salesforce
    • To improve data quality.
    • To Solve complicated business logic
    • Offers you single authentication all across entire tools through O-Auth.
    • Assists you in bridging the gap between front-end teams with back-end teams.
    • Craft your business processes self-operational.

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    Our Salesforce CRM Integration Process


    Determine The Integration Requirements

    Our BAs and Salesforce integration consultants will analyze your business requirements, understand your objectives, and conduct Salesforce integration accordingly and resulting in a comprehensive plan for your business.


    Choose An Integration Approach

    Post consulting your business needs, our team of experts builds a Salesforce integration strategy and attempts hard to execute it as expected, considering various industry-specific customization needs by your business.


    Setup Integration

    Next, focusing on your integration needs, Emizentech creates a suitable environment in which we can set up the integration and attain it per your business requirements and objectives.


    Test the Integration

    After completing the integration, our team conducts testing to locate any errors, review the system, and train the staff to manage the newly integrated systems.


    Go live with The Integration

    Post ensuring error-free integration; we let the integration go live to let it spread the traits that you were looking for in your business to catch up with success.


    Monitor and Maintain The Integration

    Post making your CRM integration live, we offer maintenance services in which we monitor, manage, and enhance your Salesforce CRM integration.

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    Benefits of Choosing Emizentech
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    Services For Your

    Offer Efficient and Customized Salesforce Integration Solutions

    We hold an experienced team of skilled and certified Salesforce integration consultants and provide the best services to our clients technically. We target implementing the best Salesforce practices to provide efficient solutions to our clients.

    Advanced Technology

    Get Perfect Salesforce Integration Services with Third-Party Apps

    We hold almost a decade of experience in Salesforce integration with 3rd-party apps for varied industry verticals. Our proficient Salesforce consultants hold vast expertise in advanced technologies and deliver expected solutions meeting every business need of our clients.

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    Post-Delivery Support & Maintenance

    Meet Client Satisfaction

    We follow a client-first approach and craft winning solutions for our clients, meeting their business requirements to let them stay ahead of the curve.

    Scalable Solution

    Provide Timely and Error-free Projects

    Our team of skilled and dedicated Salesforce developers offers top-quality projects within a timeframe and also error-free. We build a lasting relationship with our clients to welcome them repeatedly.

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    Get deeper to know about our Salesforce Integration Services

    We provide the below Salesforce Integration services:

    • Salesforce ERP Integration
    • Salesforce Accounting Integration
    • Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration
    • Salesforce Social Media Integration
    • Salesforce CTI Integration
    • Salesforce eCommerce Integration
    • Salesforce Collaboration System Integration
    • Salesforce Personal Planner and Email Integration
    • Salesforce ITSM Integration

    We follow a direct integration solution that will meet mutual data exchange and the solution that’s based on an integration server suiting all-sized companies to conduct Salesforce integration.

    • Salesforce-Sharepoint Integration
    • Salesforce-website Integration
    • Salesforce Customization
    • Salesforce Community Cloud Customization
    • Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization, and more.

    The most common way to test data and content migration is data sampling. In this, we pick content/data randomly and then inspect to ensure the migration is attained as needed. Although, this method sometimes emerges with distinct error conditions as the new samples are reviewed. This process performs but depends on the acceptable level of an assumption and error linked to repeatability. We will target normally repeatability and work on three or more iterations of data loads and testing until the customer can make sure that we have attained a reasonable sample.

    With the related tools that mix well with the variable needs and altering necessities of your firm, the Salesforce integration can assist you in integrating your product data and customer and diminish internal problems.