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Smoothen your contract process, attain enhanced accuracy, reduced timeframes, and maximize your sales with Salesforce CPQ. Our Salesforce CPQ consultants hold experience in Salesforce CPQ Solutions and handle many successful Salesforce CPQ Implementations

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Get the faster development of clear prospects and contracts for your client

With Salesforce CPQ our experts help with designing and development of accurate quotes.

Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ Software is a sales tool that is employed by the companies to offer accurate pricing with any offered configuration scenario. CPQ apps consider optional features, quantities, customizations, and discounts, permitting sales reps to quote the prices accurately and quickly. Salesforce CPQ offers your sales team simple software that’s available on any device because it’s a cloud-based platform. It is mobile compatible and that’s why you need a well-connected device and you will catch-up the optimization of your sales process, enhance your sales, and close deals rapidly.

We are Salesforce CPQ consultants and provide CPQ customization and implementation services to develop an app that can assist you in lowering down the time taken for sales quote generation and therefore enhance the ROI. We also offer Salesforce CPQ integration services along with Salesforce Billing that proffers billing services for the order with the payment, invoicing, and revenue recognition.

Salesforce CPQ implementation can assist you in generating quotes rapidly with the minimal errors. When CPQ is added to CRM, it enhances profitability and revenues. While using Salesforce CPQ as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), it recognizes add-ons, specializations, and the options to improve deal size.

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Salesforce CPQ Solutions

Known to be Quote-to-cash solutions, CPQ solutions allow managers to set the configuration pricing and rules for complicated product sets. Such solutions allow the product sales cycle to move constantly to billing and ahead.


High Tech

CPQ aids the tech companies to move ahead from one-time product sales to subscription, solution selling, and usage-based pricing. It adapts and scales up quickly with top-notch customer solutions. Moreover, high tech solutions empower sales reps to close complicated deals with renewals, usage pricing, contract amendments, ramp deals, and bundled solutions. Also, it manages recurring revenue just by automating the quote-to-cash lifecycle for subscriptions, services, and usage billing. Furthermore, the High Tech solutions unify the finance and sales by monitoring the customer metrics in real-time.



It assists your customers to handle media disruption and support the media companies in tackling complex deals and new product roll-outs. It performs this with subscription, transaction, and usage free models. Media solutions handle live contracts with simple change orders, add-ons, and automated co-termination. Furthermore, such solutions automate discount and price rules to back any budget or deal.



Such solutions develop a better commercial experience for your customers. Also, manufacturing solutions allow the manufacturing companies to convert digitally, attain rapidly, append value, and customize the products to customer requirements. Furthermore, these solutions enhance sales and partner productivity with constant guided selling, smooth integration with partner communities, and automated quote generation. Moreover, manufacturing solutions handle complicated product configurations with accurate and quick quotes and click-to-customize features. The manufacturing solution also enhances revenue and productivity by compelling pricing guardrails, exposing upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and automating approvals.


Health & Life Sciences

Such solutions offer aid for pharma sales reps and med devices as they offer enhanced customer experiences and give a track to revenue streams. Health & Life Sciences solutions employ automation to smoothly handle various revenue streams. It simplifies big product catalogs and complicated pricing models. Furthermore, it motivates broker-sales collaboration along with easy renewals and amendments.

Salesforce CPQ Offerings

We are Salesforce CPQ experts and we personalize your task with our proficiency and deep knowledge to assist you in handling your sales and time with Salesforce CPQ implementation.


Quote Generation

Now, create branded, accurate quotes in one click along with the best options to reveal or hide quote lines and discounts. We, at Emizentech, set up the process of quote generation that permits the sales reps to build a quote, send it by emails, and embrace their e-signatures during the closure of deals. Automatically, it checks on the configured pricing and products and knots the entire process together to assure work consistency.


Pricing Setup

From a prior quote, we enable you to smoothen repeat business by inherited pricing or by defining negotiated prices. We set up pricing that assists businesses to sell their products to their customers at a complete list price. They are also capable of providing their customers with bundle pricing, special pricing, or volume pricing. Moreover, it helps the companies to manage volume discounts, pre-negotiated contract pricing, volume discounts, and partner pricing. It makes certain that the pricing is accurate and optimized.


Guided Selling

Our team of certified Salesforce experts help the reps easily in selecting the right services and products along with a step-by-step configuration wizard. Salesforce CPQ implementation along with Guided Selling assists the users to sort through a huge product catalog easily to come up with what they are looking for. It offers a list of the targeted questions that assist the users navigate all through the product catalog. After the users revert to the questions, it showcases all the products that go perfectly with their criteria.


Product Bundles Configuration

We, at Emizentech, provide to configure the product bundles that assist in assessing the products that customers wish to buy and the products that they might require but don’t realize. The users can develop a section of bundle alternatives relying on their needs.

Three areas that permit the users to group the work for the diminished errors, products sold together, and offer a perfect service. Such include:

Static Bundles: Bundles that accumulate essential products together to lower down the errors while building quotes.

Nested Bundles: Such bundles embrace other bundles inside them and can be seen as an amalgamation of distinct bundles inside the main one.

Configurable Bundles: That make the recommendations depending on the preferences of the customers. Such bundles perform well with the alternatives as they personalize the job for the customers.


Proposals and Contracts

Salesforce CPQ Implementation assists you to develop branded and professional proposals for your products. It offers customizable templates to attain the company’s branding standards. Proposals and contracts can be developed easily through the software that allows integration with your preferred e-signature apps.


Revenue Recognition

By Salesforce CPQ implementation, we can employ standardized modes for recording the revenue. This aids in monitoring funds, determining budgets, assessing the tax liability, and offering a huge image of the financial situations of the organizations. The revenue recognition crafts the process transparently for the companies and offers a template that is followed for locating the doubts relevant to the revenue. It offers a comprehensive report on the company’s orders, quotes, payments, and invoices for perfect functioning.


Advanced Order Management

This feature of Salesforce CPQ automates the complex orders fulfillment just by dividing quotes into various orders depending on the location or time.


Subscription Analytics

During Salesforce CPQ implementation, we prepare Subscription Billing that offers an easy way to generate renewals and subscriptions for your services. This assures that businesses can develop better relationships with their clients and attain better access to data analytics. Also, it offers the users the caliber to handle operations of subscriptions by automating the accumulation of subscription payments.

Let’s Check How Salesforce CPQ Assist

Salesforce CPQ is helpful for your business in many ways as mentioned below.


Channel Sales

Now, you can strengthen your sales partner to sell faster and more with the entire tools they require to quote, sell, and close, all at one spot, by Salesforce CPQ and billing. You can also permit your partners to develop their quotes and manage which partners can quote which products. Attain better clarity into your partner pipeline, and enhance partner mindshare by crafting it easily for them to perform with you.



From now, with Salesforce CPQ and Billing, Sales reps can easily close deals rapidly by building quotes and handling pricing, products, and recurring revenue, all with a single click, at any time, on any device. They will be more productive and the credit goes to guided selling along with intuitive UI, automated approvals, and smoothen product bundling and catalog.



Salesforce CPQ and Billing offers a unified platform to the operations leaders for developing recurring bonds and holding speed with market and product changes within their organizations. They can handle a unified product catalog all across the quote-to-cash lifecycle, restricting SKU proliferation. Furthermore, they will hold the caliber to append new products and apply changes to the available ones using simple clicks, not the complicated code.



Customer support teams hold the potential to convert renewals into fascinating events for customers by arranging renewals all across platforms and unifying all lying on one sales contract. Also, teams can incorporate changes in real-time so that they can never miss an alteration. Moreover, they can optimize their renewal approach with automation and analytics.

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Our Salesforce application development services are all about creating the best possible app development solutions for clients and deliver the way before the deadline.

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We hold a team of Salesforce CPQ consultants who offer perfect CPQ customization and implementation services.


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We hold a team of Salesforce CPQ consultants who offer perfect CPQ customization and implementation services.

It unifies Finance and Sales with comprehensive visibility from quote to retention, all across the customer lifecycle. Rapidly recognize reports on sales cycles, revenue, orders, quotes, and payments for the actionable intelligence. On one platform, the frictionless selling experience will assist you in delivering enhanced revenue with diminished costs all across the board.

Various high-end brands employ Salesforce CPQ for their sales processes.

It permits businesses to configure their features depending on the customers’ needs. It also permits them to craft quotes with perfect pricing with discounts and more benefits and builds quotes along with a deserving proposal for the clients.

Well, CPQ Cloud permits data storage in a cloud that makes it more accessible. Plus, it leads to a faster sales process, makes it more secure, efficient, and updated. Businesses that hold various products and services get benefits from CPQ Cloud as it assists them in configuring easily their business solutions.

CPQ permits the data storage in a cloud that can be accessed and handled regardless of location. It can also be used to align the sales channels and sales process and also implement the company policies to assure an error-free and smooth data flow. It employs UI Design Concepts that develop better interactions, fewer interruptions, shorter sales cycles, and enhanced user experience.