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We offer Custom Software Development Services to assist your business to grow and drive it towards new heights. Our solutions help your business be ahead of the curve and attain your revenue targets.

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Custom Software Development Services

We are a widely accepted Software Development Company that has a team of proficient, seasoned professionals who follow best practices and dedicated working processes.

At Emizentech, we serve our clients with end-to-end software consulting and other software development solutions. Also, we assist them in planning, devising, incorporating, developing, augmenting, and taking care of their software with the assistance of our industry experts from distinct knowledge domains. By following our deeper approach in advanced technologies, such as AR/VR, cloud computing, IoT, Salesforce, and blockchain, we, at Emizentech, develop software that meets the business challenges relevant to business expansion, remote workflow management, productivity, and almost everything that today’s businesses demand.

Until today, we have crafted distinct solutions well-customized as per the needs of our clientele. Our years of experience have offered us a perfect understanding of almost all business niches, such as eCommerce, education, manufacturing, fashion, transportation, constructions, gaming, and more. That’s why we build only top-class custom software that smoothens the business workflow while allowing the business to be accessible on many devices, such as tablets, wearables, smartphones, AR/VR devices, etc.

Our team of professional developers provides a robust combination of perfect tech expertise, low-risk processes, and proven experience in varied business domains to help you convert your business idea into reality.

All-Inclusive Software Solutions

Emizentech renders full-cycle software development services that seamlessly adapt to your project needs and business requirements.

Diverse Software Solution for Diverse Industry Need

We, at Emizentech, IT-enable all sorts of B2C, B2B interactions along with the internal operations.


ERP Software Development

At Emizentech, we develop custom functionality to develop ERP software to fulfill the unique business needs of our clients. We can also automate workflows or Business Process Automation, integrate the data imports and exports, solution modifications, and extensions by building custom modules to craft a platform that performs smoothly for the businesses. Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions assist with a diverse and dedicated platform that helps all the staff members and partners to stay connected, target essential analytics and statistics, and manage workflow, regardless of place and device.


BI Software Development

Our team of professionals creates the top business intelligence apps for scorecards, dashboards, reporting, and visualization that are simple, robust, and agile. Here, our team locates the information needs of all levels and types of users. Also, for the same, the developers must develop sophisticated business intelligence (BI) apps easily and quickly, deploying those apps across the enterprise and ahead.

crm development

CRM Software Development

Our CRM software solutions assist you in channelizing your management and marketing strategies. Our CRM services are targeted towards automated sales, marketing, and customer services and also range from CRM consulting and CRM implementation to testing and support of a CRM solution. Holding 9+ years of experience in offering the best CRM services, we assist businesses in diminishing their marketing sales and customer service costs to regain the lost business opportunities through the evolution of the existing CRM.

Data Visualization & Analytics

At Emizentech, we offer our clientele data visualization and analytics services to reap the advantages of integrated solutions that depend on the optimal technology stack, permitting the companies to enhance performance, save their costs, and expand their business. You can rely on our caliber of developing the latest software for the data visualization and analytics services that schematically reveal real-time data to assist you in using data precisely and efficiently.


Middleware Software Development

Our Middleware software development services include the creation of essential apps that the OS does not offer. Middleware assists you in connecting one software with the other one to achieve specific business targets. Our middleware development services support various platforms for protocol development, device power management, wireless and touch screen integration, etc.


Our Software Development Methodology

We target the top-class quality of the product and services by incorporating Agile software development methodology.

At Emizentech, we follow an Agile software development methodology that promotes continuous integration of development and testing all through the software life cycle of the project. This methodology provides the creative process that results in the delivery of a finished product. Here, the target is to keep the coding simple, conduct frequent testing, and render useful bits of the app post-development. We have a dedicated team for integration and testing, emerge with working software over the complete documentation, and respond to change rather than following a plan.


Why Emizentech
for Software Development

We are professional software developers who deliver the expected results with the best-quality software.

Certified Developers

Our software developers and programmers are certified who hold the knowledge of the latest tools and technologies.

Best Practices

At Emizentech, our experts follow the best practices to meet the clients’ needs within a timeframe and as expected.


At Emizentech, you will get proficient developers who will prove cost-effective compared to outsourcing your project.

Quality Assurance

When you hire a team of expert developers from Emizentech, you will attain top-quality and best IT solutions you want.

Easily Accessible

You can hire software developers and programmers in India holding good communication skills and easily accessible via chats and more.

Updated with Latest Technologies

Our developers attempt to catch up with top results as they stay updated with modern technologies and tools.

A Quick View of our Diverse Technology Expertise.

Leveraging deep tech experience, our skilled developers assist you with platform-specific consulting, best design solutions and also support your business evolution.


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Incorporating Futuristic Technologies

We put our efforts into innovating with tech trends and improving your software development quality.


Big Data

Our latest and advanced technologies rely on the massive amount of data that is collected for processing. We help structure your data systematically, which may be accessed in the visual forms of actionable charts, insights, and reports to assist you in decision making. The accumulated big data is also used to enhance operations, offer better customer service, craft personalized marketing campaigns relying on specific customer preferences, and increase profitability.

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Attain your business goals by hiring our professionals holding adept knowledge.

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Low-code is a software development strategy that needs little to no coding to develop apps and processes. A low-code development platform utilizes visual interfaces with accessible drag-and-drop features despite extensive coding languages.

Low code development comes with various benefits, like:

  • Best for professional developers
  • It saves time and cost
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Easy customization of code

No, it’s not true. Low-code development is best for any business of any size. Whether their need is to improve their CRM or automate their specific business process using low-cope BPM, low-code platforms also suit small businesses and large enterprises.

From an HR manager of your organization to a professional developer, everyone can develop solutions using low-code—besides, the scalability and intuitive nature of low-code permit all to craft tools to automate their jobs.

A non-professional is a citizen developer who utilizes no-code or low-code technology to build applications. A citizen developer should not necessarily be a coding expert to use it; that’s why they are different from professional developers.

Yes, of course! Some vendors provide CRM modules as a functionality of their low code platform. It instills a competitive advantage in the organizations as they can use CRM solutions solely without low-code potential. It facilitates them to develop essential apps to improve and automate their sales, marketing, or service processes.

Yes, in business, business process management is one of the top apps of low-code technology. It assists both professional and citizen developers in developing apps that automate processes easily and quickly.

Well, the time for building a low-code solution depends on varied aspects, like

  • Team Size
  • Type of your application
  • The complexity of the app etc.