Reduction order is an enabling feature on the Salesforce platform. It is an agreement between a company and customers where customers can process product returns or services and lessen the number of products that have been placed.


The steps to enable reduction order are herein given below.

Step 1: Click on set up > go to customize > order > order settings.


Click on set up, or else you can customize directly and search for Order Settings in the Quick find/search box.

Step 2: Enable reduction order and save.order settings


Go to ‘Order Tab’ to create an order and add products, and activate it. You will witness the ‘Reduce Order’ button.order tab

When you click the button, you will notice Account name and Contract number are already mentioned, i.e., pre-filled and are reduction order

Fill in the relevant information and save.
The price book is pre-selected.price book

Note: Make sure that reduction order-related list is added on page layout.

Now you can witness that at the place of ‘Add product’, ‘select product to reduce button’ is available. Click on that button.

Finally, in the case of a reduction order, we can’t add more than the specified quantity in the Parent Order, but we can indeed reduce the number of quantities in the same. Add the reduced quantity and Save.Parent Order


reduction order outputsalesforce output reduction order

Key Note

  • Once the quantity is reduced, later it can’t be edited.
  • Once a reduction order is created, then further one can’t deactivate the Parent Order.
  • The Current order can’t be reduced further.
  • Parent Order can be reduced.
  • Reduction Orders are an outstanding out-of-the-box Solution in Salesforce Classic.
  • Currently, within Lightning, you can initiate a reduction order, but you cannot add Order Products to the Reduction Orders within Lightning.

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