If you take a look at Salesforce, a cloud-based CRM platform, you will find that it has taken over the world as the number one CRM for customer relationships. Companies bank on it for its seamless platform, and it currently holds about 20% share in the global market. This CRM can be created for an organization’s internal verticals and can be effectively hosted by data centers. The most significant advantage of Salesforce is that it securely stores customer data and never abuses it in any way.Overview Of Flosum with Salesforce

The deployment of Salesforce for companies is an easy task. This is why you will find that businesses in all industries are using it with pride. To implement Salesforce for your company, you must get in touch with a qualified service provider to help you integrate. Keep in mind your exact requirements and based on that make a selection. Customize it accordingly to get the best results.

An Overview Of Flosum And How It Works With Salesforce

Flosum is a native application that includes version control, continuous deployments, offers analysis for static codes, has in-built merge tools, manages user stories, and has tools for regression testing for Salesforce.

Developers can release managers for the organization of the total lifecycle of the software development project. It makes the development process simple and boosts its speed. It helps project managers to-

  • Save time and effort for release management
  • Take control of the software development process better.
  • Automates both manual and complex tasks
  • Generates higher quality software
  • Takes off much of the burden of work schedules

The UI of Flosum is quite attractive and simple. This makes versioning of the code simple and can be done automatically. It is lightning-ready and helps the developer maintain separate files to compare both old and new changes.

How Does It Work For The Salesforce Platform?

The DevOps process is different under Salesforce when you compare it with other popular software development platforms. Salesforce gives developers the advantages of collaboration and speed to the stakeholders that you often find missing in other platforms.

The process of DevOps is not a product; it is a practice that is complex. It takes control of all the changes that take place in the system. When it comes to DevOps for Salesforce, it has many major components that make some of its practices suitable. These components cover release management, version control, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. This is where FLOSUM steps in as an effective platform that simplifies these prime Review practices and streamlines these practices.

A Deeper Insight Into The Salesforce DevOps Process

If you examine the development process for Salesforce DevOps, you will notice both the metadata is configured and managed along with a timely release. Suppose you compare the above with other traditional modes of software development applications. In that case, you will find that the route that Salesforce deploys is unique as developers use a much lesser amount of codes.

Due to the above reason, Salesforce can help developers immensely with their software application development projects. They get the following two advantages-

  • Quick feedback of the software development process and
  • It can efficiently resolve problems with the software development lifecycle process.

Salesforce can help the developer and the software development teams for companies get continuous feedback from the end-users. This allows them to improve the quality results, the agility for the business, and product responsiveness.

Salesforce DevOps and The Development Of Applications

The Salesforce DevOps process deploys both agile and lean methodologies as the basis of their DevOps projects. These approaches help the business to develop its software applications faster for delivery to the end-user. The process uses the modern and recent practice of continuous integration, deployment, and delivery. The following are the key advantages of the Salesforce DevOps process-

  • Companies can enjoy the benefits of improved collaboration between operations and development for effective communication
  • The feedback is quicker, and this allows the developers to detect problems and needs to address the same instantly
  • With the DevOps process of Salesforce, companies can maintain regular updates and continuous software releases with success.

Reasons As To Why Flosum Is Widely Popular Today For Salesforce

Given below are the top reasons as to why Flosum is widely in demand today for Salesforce-

1. It is a complete solution

Flosum offers you a complete and total solution for Salesforce. It saves time and effort for the developer, and integration with external tools is possible.

2. Improved version control

Flosum integrates completely with GIT that is exclusively created for Salesforce. It can seamlessly manage complex components and merges programs and declarative well.

3. Omit the Learning Curve

If you are aware of Salesforce, you will face no problems with Flosum. You do not need to learn it from the beginning. You will be familiar with all the functions of the application’s UI like workflows and actions.

4. Scalable and can be customized

You can easily extend the software application development process with custom fields, approval processes, and reports. You can easily alter layouts for the screen and customize it as you want with Salesforce.

5. Integration

Flosum can integrate with all the tools that are present in the ecosystem of Salesforce. This app helps you to incorporate any system or application without hassles.

6. Security

With Flosum, you do not need to open the production org, or the IP ranges at all. If you check out other vendors in the software application development industry, you will find they have a sort of backdoor access to the production data. However, with the data under Flosum, it is always securely stored on Salesforce.

7. Compliance

With the help of Flosum, you get all the underlying certifications needed by the healthcare, federal agencies, financial, and life science corporations.

Flosum leads the software application development industry when it comes to its partnership with Salesforce Development Company. You also enjoy Salesforce marketing support enabling your company to enjoy more customer satisfaction with success.

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