Salesforce Experience Cloud provides your business with the tools to streamline its processes by sharing data and files to the internal and external users you choose.

What's New With Commerce & Experience Cloud

Top 5 Features To Salesforce Experience Cloud

Summer ‘21 release provides some great new Experience Cloud features that offer site continuity and security as well as greater flexibility for customization of themes and branding.

1. Build Your Own (LWR) Is Available To All

The Build Your Own (LWR) template is now available in all supported editions without purchasing Salesforce CMS. Previously, the template was available in Developer Edition or when you purchased Salesforce CMS in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

.Build Your Own (LWR) Is Available to All

You can now customize LWR sites with Theme options such as color palettes, CMS images, and the text styles that represent your brand.

2. Guest User Security

    • Grant Unauthenticated Guest Users Access to Records Owned by High Volume Users. This is only available if you have high-volume users.
    • (Update) Update Guest User’s Email Address New sites created after Summer ’21 will be created with a dummy email address for the guest site user record. Sites created before Summer ’21, update the email address to one that isn’t sensitive to public exposure. Previously, this took the email address of the person who created the site.
    • Guest Users Email Security Enhancements Guest users can create Email Message records with access to Case or Activity objects. They cannot access the Email Message records directly, even if they created them.

3. See All Of The User’s Posts On Their Profile Page

A user’s profile page now also includes posts with comments they made in groups and on topic pages and records

4. Service Not Available Page

You can now configure an auto-generated Service Not Available page that is available on the rare occasion that your site is down.

This is fully customizable using the HTML Editor component in Experience Builder. Add a Rich Content Editor component to the page to add your own text and images and include Email-to-Case so that users can continue to create cases even when the site is unavailable.

Service Not Available page

5.Update Tasks With The Customer Community License

Users with the Customer Community License can now create tasks for themselves and other users, edit and delete tasks that they own, and collaborate on tasks that are shared.

Top features To Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce B2B2C Commerce on Lightning Experience brings the power of the  Salesforce platform to your end-to-end B2C storefront commerce solutions. B2B Commerce includes enhancements that make it easier for admins to set up the app and for store managers to manage their products, improvements to Einstein search suggestions, and new checkout and integration options. Omnichannel Inventory provides an updated core flow action. Salesforce Order Management introduces new flows that let you manage and track return orders, the ability to use order data in Marketing Cloud, and new shopper self-service functionality.

1.Einstein Search For B2B Commerce

Increase sales and speed up performance with powerful, consumer-like intelligent search with Einstein for B2B. Capabilities include Einstein search suggestions, search result grouping, and search sorting.

Einstein Search for B2B Commerce

2. Headless Commerce Enhancements

Deliver a modern, fast, mobile-optimized web experience. The Commerce PWA Kit and Managed Runtime provide a decoupled front end that accelerates the path to headless commerce while reducing cost and complexity.

3. Salesforce Order Management

Salesforce Order Management adds a new Return Management Authorization workflow, new return features inflows, the ability to use order data in Marketing Cloud, and B2C Commerce self-service tools.

Salesforce Order Management

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