Nowadays, the eCommerce business is gaining much popularity. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic situation is also leaving people with no choice, despite shopping online to purchase essential products.

In this digital world, you will get to know that various robust platforms assist in creating robust eCommerce websites. We can count Magento stores among them as it arrives with various open-source features and a flexibility trait that helps in boosting sales patterns.magento salesforce integration

Salesforce and Magento integration prove to be magic for enterprises where they start understanding their customers better and provide personalized products and improved customer service.

What Is Salesforce?

One of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, Salesforce provides an interactive view of the trends and preferences of the customers. Moreover, it helps in organizing and qualifying data of users based on their buying patterns and personal details to identify the activity level.

By integrating Salesforce with your Magento store, you will become capable of automating your email strategy and social media promotions and combine & strategize your marketing activities.

Well, Magento CRM integration demands the assistance of an experienced Salesforce developer who is proficient in integrating the technical aspects to automate the behavior.

Integrating Magento with Salesforce

Well, it’s easy to integrate Magento and CRM. Most CRMs provide integration along with external access to their databases working with an Application Programming Interface (API). The API permits the external system, in this case, it’s Magento which accesses and uses the services that are offered by the linked system.

For example – API would facilitate Magento to access data belonging to a specific lead from the CRM system and then add it to a campaign.

While Magento provides the infrastructure to develop an online store, Salesforce on the other edge provides the front-end to locate customer queries. Also, Magento comes with a flexible and dynamic catalog management system that permits users to build and administer at least 20 stores, and that also from a solo admin panel. Coming to Salesforce, this CRM synchronizes entire customer data all across each node of the brand, permitting the company to centralize entire customer-targeting operations in a single app.

Major Advantages of Integrating Salesforce Into Magento Store

Now, we will reveal a few benefits of Magento Salesforce integration below to help you understand the customer needs better and boost sales.

Set Up An Email Campaign

Salesforce CRM assists in creating and handling an interactive product email campaign to emerge with substantial outcomes. Furthermore, it helps in developing a visually beautiful email template, finding related customer messages, and also tracking the outcomes.

A tool that creates personalized content for every recipient depending on their past feedback or response, namely Salesforce Einstein assists the retailers in reaching the target audience and automatically improving the click rate of emails.

CRM Social Studio

Social media targets the customers in a personalized way. Social platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more offer a perfect way to send profit-driven content.

Salesforce CRM integration with Magento store assists in creating alluring content depending on the earlier feedback and responses. Further, it permits the team of customer support to start a conversation with the interested prospects.

Mobile-Oriented Studio

When you avail of Salesforce integration services for your Magento store, it further assists in adding a new communication channel to your eCommerce business. Also, you can start with mobile marketing to connect with the interested buyers through various mediums, such as SMS and push notifications.

Enabling Bi-directional Synchronization

To get this, let’s take an example. When a customer places an online order using Magento’s front-end, next, in the Salesforce CRM, the integrated system updates the inventory automatically. This further improves accuracy and speed, apart from providing consistency to the data. Although, the advantages of bi-directional synchronization are hard to capture as it goes ahead of such automation.

Automate Data Synchronization

Well, you are not required to feed data manually in your Magento store. Just by integrating Salesforce into your Magento store, you can get data-filled automatically with no need for any human effort.

Salesforce CRM holds the caliber to synchronize entire customer data all across every node of the company, permitting the business to centralize all the customer-facing operations in a solo app.

Data Management

It’s hard to collect entire data together in a short span if your eCommerce store interacts with your customers all through many mediums. But, with the assistance of Salesforce CRM, you can meet this need in less time.

Real-Time Information Sharing

A cloud-powered CRM, Salesforce assists in collecting and refining data from distinct sources in real-time. Whether the data is fetched from social media platforms, customer service, or anywhere else, every such data is accumulated in real-time only.

Again, let’s take an example – when a customer leaves a shopping cart abandoned, the integrated system collects the data relevant to that customer from CRM and that also in real-time, allowing the marketer to engage with the customer based on customization, in near real-time. If the customer doesn’t become all set to complete his order, then the market is allowed to throw a special offer before him depending on the experience of that customer. It’s important to know the interest of customers to offer a promotional offer, a discount, or anything at an apt moment.

Enhanced User Experience

Integration permits marketers to engage with their customers more energetically. Well, integration paces up the customer services and facilitates the resolution of problems in real-time, usually on a proactive basis.

It becomes easy to offer an improved user experience when you have the technology to automate the data accumulation and filtration benefits. You should know the needs of the customers relying on their feedback and trends to offer them the related products.

Engage More Customers & Refining Lead Nurturing

The integration permits the CRM system to interact with the marketing suite and conversely, and also deduplicate leads that are registered earlier. This led to a clean CRM system and database and makes sure that sales representatives have the most current information on a lead.

Magento Salesforce integration assists the companies in offering customized deals to their customers depending on their past product preferences. Further, it helps in increasing the sales pattern and enhancing overall ROI.

Wrapping Up

So, after reading this post, you might have got our point that allowing your eCommerce business to stand alone is not fine. It’s better to get Salesforce integration services for your Magento eCommerce store to automate your operational tasks. Also, it’s important to understand and synchronize your customer data in a better way to get their buying pattern to boost your sales and customer service.

At last, let us recall in brief that the real-time integration of Magento with CRM suites, like SugarCRM and Salesforce, increases the sales and revenue cycle of companies. Such an act enhances accuracy, efficiency, speed, and productivity while lowering costs.

So, it’s high time now. You should wake up and move ahead to hire a top Salesforce development company or a leading Magento integration services provider who has a team of proficient CRM experts and have years of experience and can create the required solutions for your eCommerce platform to emerge with the required outcomes.

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