What Is Salesforce Live Chat?

Salesforce Live Chat is an embeddable live chat support optimal for businesses with a limited support team. The system can be embedded in your applications or website, which enables your prospects and customers to communicate with your business on the web while currently on your app or site. This allows your team of representatives to be on standby 24/7 so that they can immediately respond when someone needs their attention. This also maximizes the reach of your support team because a single Chat can handle simultaneous interactions with multiple customers as opposed to a phone call that can accommodate only one customer at a time. The application provides various features that could improve the quality of your customer support such as customer profile, in-depth metrics, multilingual support, and chat sneak peeks. There is also a tool called snap-ins that allows embedding of live chat to your applications.
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Salesforce Live Chat Features

Main features of Salesforce Live Chat are:

  • Chat Queue Monitoring
  • Pre-Written Messages
  • Real-Time Live Chat Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Private Messages
  • Chat Routing
  • Personalized Messages
  • Instant Message Sessions Metrics
  • Chat Performance Metrics
  • Customer Profile
  • Real-Time Chat Coaching
  • Snap-ins
  • Customer Chat Sneak Peak
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Salesforce Live Chat Benefits

The main benefits of Salesforce Live Chat are the real-time, customized assistance it provides to clients or prospects, the increased productivity brought to your Chats, and its empowerment of your team of representatives to give better service. Here are more details:

Personalized Live Online Interaction

The system can be embedded to your website or to your application, referred to as Snap-ins, to integrate live chat support functionality. The chat is customized based on how prospects or customers engage with the site, which ensures that communication and interaction experiences are aligned with the visitor’s preference. You can also reach wider audience with your live chat since in a high and consistent quality because the system offers multilingual support.

Increased Productivity

Salesforce Live Chat has a suite of productivity features that empower your Chats to maximize their productivity at work. Every chat connects your Chat with the full customer profile that they can use to deliver better responses pertinent to their client’s preferences. The tool is also capable of automatically routing chats to Chats that are best suited for customer’s needs. This ensures that the right Chat handles the right clients. Chats are also able to take a little sneak peek to the message which gives them the opportunity to formulate the best response for the chat faster. There are also keyboard shortcuts for adding pre-written messages.

Smarter Chats

The system provides you with comprehensive metrics about each of your Chat’s instant messaging sessions and performance, which allow you to plan for a good strategy in improving your team’s efficiency. You are also able to monitor Chat queues live which makes for a more efficient management of workload. Your Chats can also be coached in real time via private messages to aid or train them how to respond in appropriate ways to customers.

Limitations Of Live Chat

  • Long Text Area not supported in Pre chat form of Live Chat
  • We can only levrage case field on pre chat form of Live Chat
  • We have to select only one case type as default case type for case creation(for both offline and pre chat form)
  • This required Chat User licence and number of licences are limited for each enviorment. We can purchase more licence if required.

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