Rebellious Fashion

One-Stop Solution for overall women’s fashion needs


Project Insights

Emizentech has developed Rebellious Fashion Website and Mobile Application which are known marketplaces for women worldwide to meet their overall fashion needs. With an E-commerce website and application, Rebellious is delivering thousands of product categories to its target audience, making a presence in multiple markets. The brand covers everything for its target audience, be it an outfit for Monday morning get-up-and-go or a Friday night cocktail party. All kudos to the technological framework used by Emizentech to build the platforms.

Project Highlights

  • All-in-One platform for mistress fashion needs
  • Delivered within 8 months
  • Completed within the defined budget of client
  • Audience captive artwork
  • Self-intuitive User Interface
  • Customized Functionalities
  • 3rd party API and software integration
  • Authenticity of Products
  • Personalized experience for customers
  • Shop by Categories
  • Customer rating and reviews

Challenge We Confronted

Every project holds some challenges but how we mitigated the challenges matters the most. The foremost challenge that hindered our path was Serve Exhaustion Against Request Volume. So we decided to set up an entirely new server to develop the application. Another challenge was implementing efficient CRM that could track the customer journey. To mitigate the challenge, we integrated Exponea CRM and a tracking system that helps firm maintain a strong relationship with its audience.

Glimpses of Rebellious Fashion


Technical Architecture of Project

Front end


Back end

php 8

Payment Gateway


Third-party Integration

  • PostNL
  • Instagram
  • Signifyd
  • GTM
  • Back in stock

Additional Services

  • Cloudflare Browser InsightsKlaviyo
  • TaxJar Elevar
  • Age checkerHotjar

Tech Stack

To ensure Rebellious Mobile Application and Website can efficiently entertain its user base,
Emizentech used the following tech stack-



Flutter has been used in the project as front-end development. It is an open-source, cross-platform mobile development framework. The most significant advantage of using flutter is that it helps build the software solution for Android as well as iOS operating systems. By using a single codebase, flutter helps reduce development time and cost while increasing flexibility.

Laravel 9


Shopify is the backend technology behind the development of Rebellious marketplaces. With Shopify as the choice for the development platform, we helped our client to attract numerous benefits such as quick & easy setup, no tech worries, security & reliability, 24/7 customer support, customization, different device adaptability, and much more.


Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has been used as the server-side web application framework in Rebellious development. The framework is written Ruby programming language, which is very easy to edit and make changes in the code. At the same time, there is no compromise in security and reliability while implementing the Ruby on Rails framework in the project. ROR is one of the best choices for developing E-commerce and content sites.


Shopify Web Hosting

Shopify Web Hosting has been the choice of web hosting for the Rebellious project. When using Shopify Web Hosting, one need not worry about performance, bandwidth limit, versatility, customization, scalability, affordability, ease of use, support, and security.


Our focus is not on delivering a software product to our client but to help them build a marketplace where they have opportunity to explore worldwide markets. We succeed in the following ways-

100% customer satisfaction

Rebellious has witnessed a 100% end-customer satisfaction. The users have appreciated the overall experience of shopping on the app and website. The smoothness from picking the product to completing the payment has been the point of appraise among customers.

One more vision came to reality

Women fashion point, a vision came to reality where they serve their audience base of thousands regularly with unique and relevant products.

Enhanced user engagement

With an E-commerce website and application, Rebellious has improved user engagement. Features like contact us and reviews allow the users to talk about the quality and feedback of the product.

Market expansion

Rebellious Online presence has allowed it to explore multiple markets with its collection. The firm delivers its products to various markets, including the UK, Ireland, the EU, the USA, and many others.

Journey of Rebellious Fashion @Emizentech

To achieve the best out of everything, we have given minute attention to each development phase.


Our client brought the vision of such an E-Commerce store, and we brainstormed it at Emizentech.


Based on the vision, we created a roadmap covering all the requirements and expectations of stakeholders.


Having created the roadmap, we created a prototype that gave clients an idea of UI and UX by adding the fundamental elements.

Core Development

When the prototype was finalized, core development with the coding part was initiated.

Quality Testing

Multiple tests for the software were conducted to ensure the complete removal of bugs.


After completing the testing process, we deployed the software solutions to their respective marketplaces.



Rebellious is still connected to Emizentech for continuous improvements in its software.

Client Testimonial

Alex Perrie
Alex Perrie Project Manager at Rebellious Fashion

The team at Emizen Tech delivered a quality solution within a tight deadline. They’re reliable and dedicated. Their commitment supplemented their professional management style. By putting communication first place, they understood our project requirements and made decisions accordingly. Moreover, their team was actively engaged with us, providing timely updates and implementing all the changes and feedback just as we asked. The UX they designed for our website and application has been one of the best things to talk about, as it has allowed us to give a streamlined experience to our target audience.


Our Expert on the project

Ajit Jain

Ajit Jain Project Manager

Experience – 12 Year

Ajit Jain, our Shopify Development Expert, has a profound experience of over 12 years working as a software development lead and consultant. He has significant expertise in domains like E-commerce development and B2B/B2C applications, web, and trending technologies like Node.js, Javascript, Magento, Laravel, and PHP.

Rebellious appreciates Emizentech and you
will too.

One-stop solution for everything

When you connect to Emizentech, you need not look anywhere else as we cover everything for you. Be it an E-commerce platform choice (Web or App), technological framework, or any tech stack, Emizentech provides you with everything under one roof.

Exclusive E-commerce Exposure

Our long journey in the IT industry has allowed us to explore the E-commerce landscape to its fullest. We have expertise in developing E-commerce applications and websites using Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, Bigcartel, 3dCart, Prestashop, OsCommerce, Sylius and counting further.

Unmatched Experience

Emizentech has over a decade of experience, more than most of its peer companies. This experience has allowed the firm to explore challenges and their mitigations. So, no matter what we come across during the project, your website/app/store is going to be in your hand on the decided deadline.

Adept and Proficient in-house Team

The workforce is the building block for any organization, and Emizentech has its best. We have a team of 200+ developers working on different technologies with expertise in their respective fields. More than half of that workforce carries ample experience. So, your project is always in safe hands.

One-of-a-Kind Project Methodology

Emizentech uses Agile methodology to carry forward all its projects. The methodology enables us to put keen attention to every stage of the project and bring out the utmost result. Managing the project with complete visibility and enhanced alignment is a core competency of Agile.

About Client

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Rebellious is an online marketplace fulfilling the complete fashion demands of its women audience base. The firm is known for its quality and affordable wearable products along with accessories delivered in the various corners of various markets. Rebellious is a complete online brand with no offline dealings. Emizentech-developed app and website for Rebellious has played a core role in the establishment of businesses in various countries.