The epitome single vendor platform of Alluring Shoes and Chic Fashion


Project Insights

Delighted to share EGO, an eCommerce store dedicated to women’s classic shoes and trendy fashion. One-stop solution for the shopping freak and trend-chasing users. The fully functional website provides a plethora of options in high-quality, stylish footwear, clothing, and accessories, including occasion-appropriate options catered to modern women.

Project Highlights

  • Innovative and optimal solution
  • Enables custom functionalities
  • Self Intuitive User Interface
  • Enable Smart Search
  • Integrate 3rd API & Softwares
  • Latest tech-stack Implementation
  • Single- vendor Site
  • Custom Functionalities
  • Shop by Categories & Ocassion
  • Seamless Order Tracking

Challenge We Confronted

The implementation of the project often comes with some challenges. Some of the major challenges the team went through and overcome excellently and won each and every challenge on the EGO. In the beginning, the project was done in magento 1, and to strengthen the root of the store, the team took magento2 cloud commerce version 2.2.5. To conquer challenges in managing the traffic load during the peak hour, we set up a new server and developed an app responsible for processing and exporting the product feeds. CRM integration and smart search enabling are also among the toughest challenges defeated by integrating an Exponea CRM and tracking system, which is responsible for better customer retention and relation. And to make the search hassle-free, we enabled smart search like Klevu.

Glimpses of Ego


Technical Architecture of Project

Front end


Back end

php 8
php 8
Magento 2

Third-party Integration

  • Enhance AI
  • Mandrill
  • New Rellic
  • Klevu
  • Exponea

Payment Gateway

Apple Pay
After Pay
Amazon pay
Amazon pay

Additional Services

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Tech Stack

Let’s have a glance at the Tech Stack we used for the project and why we chose it-



PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that was used by our developers for the development of EGO. It is also a general-purpose language that can be used to make many projects, including the Graphical User Interface( GUI). As we interpreted PHP on the server, it synced with all the databases, which made it easy for the management of the data.



Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides EGO with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the content, functionality, and look of the store. It also provides perfect SEO, marketing, and catalog- management tools.



HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a widely adopted standard for creating web documents. It allows for seamless display on all browsers and is cost-free. HTML’s compatibility with search engines surpasses alternative solutions. Its simplicity enables easy editing, integration with other languages, and implementation.



CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a language for styling HTML, XML, and other markup documents. It offers benefits like separating content from presentation, ensuring consistency across a website, optimizing bandwidth, enabling flexible page formatting, and enhancing accessibility. CSS empowers developers to manage visual aspects efficiently, resulting in improved user experience and easier maintenance.



Angular, developed by Google, is an open framework for creating Single Page Applications. It provides structure, maintainability, and smooth migration from AngularJS to Angular 2, making it advantageous for building large applications. The use of angular in the development of the front-end design of the website made it allows for communication with components, feeding the data, and accepting events from components.



Knockout is a javascript library that helps you to create responsive, rich, and editor user interfaces with clean underlying data models. With the help of this our team simplified the task of building data-aware web UIs through the applications of the model-view-view-model (MVVM) pattern.


Project has been successful in numerous manners. We not only built a top-quality website, but it also matched the vision we carried from the very beginning.

Users Growth by 50%

EGO now has over 50% increase in users and continually gaining more. The category portfolio is so wide that you can find options according to occasions also with different categories and choices.

Visitor retention rate: 10X

Since the platform’s launch, the visitor retention rate has seen a remarkable tenfold increase. This substantial numerical growth indicates that the platform consistently delivers a smooth user experience and valuable products, ensuring a long-term relationship with them.

Hike in Social Statistics

The boost of social media stats is constantly increasing, with 300.3 k followers and 2.6 Million like on Tick tok, and 2.26 k followers on Twitter. Despite being a challenging year for EGO, with the assistance of Emizentech, the company is attaining a better reach and profit.

Revenue generation by 200%

The platform has redefined user engagement resulting in better revenue generation. Accessing all the products under one roof has been a phenomenal experience for the customers to leverage. Thus, impacted the company in a better way.

Journey of Ego @Emizentech

Like every other project, EGO underwent several phases to ensure the utmost quality and a perfect outcome post-development.


We focus to put our client’s vision as our first and foremost thing to meet the business needs and expectations.


All the expectation and the needs of the stakeholder is kept in the mind while developing an roadmap.


After making a roadmap, designing a prototype gives the clients an idea of UI and UX by adding the fundamental elements.

Core Development

When the development of the prototype completed, then with the help of coding the core development is initiated.

Quality Testing

Analyse the quality of the project to ensure the project is free from bugs and performing error- free.


After the completion of testing process, we deployed the sooftware solutions to their respective market place.



Still, Emizen tech is connected with EGO for continuos upgrades and fixing of bugs in its software.

Client Testimonial

David Obasiolu
Haroon Hussain Head of Development

“The speed at which they work has been much faster than the other agencies we’ve worked with”
Sales has increased since Emizentech Private Ltd., came on board, driven in party by the webpage speed improvement. Though communication could be more proactive, Emizen’s diverse technical expertise and thorough understanding of Magento 2 have made for a beneficial partnership.


Our Expert on the project

Ajit Jain

Ajit Jain Project Manager

Experience – 12+ Year

Ajit Jain has a profound experience of over 12 years working as a software development lead and consultant. He has significant expertise in domains like e-business and B2B/B2C applications, web, and trending technologies like Node.js, Javascript, Magento, Laravel, and PHP.

Business Benefits of Choosing Emizentech for App/web development

EGO chose us, and here are some reasons why you should too.

One Stop Solution

Emizentech offers exceptional solutions for various aspects, including technology stack, platform selection, service types, and client industries. Whether your current or future needs, Emizentech serves as your reliable partner, ready to navigate you to any destination you desire.

Unique Project Methodology

At Emizentech, we embrace the Agile methodology to drive our projects forward. This approach allows us to meticulously focus on each project stage, ensuring optimal outcomes. With Agile, we excel in project management through enhanced visibility and alignment, a key strength of our team.

Uncompromised Quality

With over a decade of experience, Emizentech surpasses many of its peers in industry knowledge. This extensive expertise empowers us to navigate challenges and implement effective solutions. Rest assured, regardless of any obstacles, we are committed to delivering your website/app/store on the agreed-upon deadline.

In-house team of Experts

The workforce is the building block for any organization, and Emizentech has its best. We have a team of 200+ developers working on different technologies with expertise in their respective fields. More than half of that workforce carries ample experience. So, your project is always in safe hands.

About Client

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EGO is an online marketplace fulfilling the demands of women based on the latest shoes and fashion with all the new trends. The company curates the latest trends and offers a wide range of stylish and high-quality products. They commit to providing authenticity, the platform ensures that you find the perfect fashion pieces to elevate your style effortlessly.