This one-stop shoe destination always needed an easy to navigate and highly secured website

Project Information

Name: EGO

Industry: Fashion

Location: United kingdom

Work – Website Development

EGO UK Case Study


This newbie dreamed to foot into this competitive market with the dynamic approach, and to become popular in less time, one always needs something already popular, and for this what could be a better platform than the "KING OF E-COMMERCE" itself. EGO decided to come forth with Magento. EGO is a leading footwear brand, representing a movement of stylish shoeholics from around the globe. It provides bold, fierce styles for those who like to stand out from the crowd. The brand is constantly developing a range of shoes for girls in every style, and material to suit every individual. Based in the UK, the company ships to all the countries around the globe. EGO is a complete treat for the buyers, with its Magento features and user-friendly design it gives buyers the option to select from the vivid range of shoes, and to make this selection even more uncomplicated, it offers various Magento product filters for categories and sorting options within the website.

Challenges we faced

For us the challenge began when we got to know that the client want the website ready before holidays and we have only 2 month left. But still we took the challenge to built an e-commerce website. EGO never wanted to lose this chance to earn that great conversion during the festive season, so do we because our can do attitude has achieved whatever the client wants. As per the need, EGO is developed in Magento 2.0.


After deep research, we analyze everything needed to make EGO a perfect fashionable Magento shopping website. The whole website is integrated on the advance Magento version 2.


Magento makes website loading speed faster on the servers, which is a major factor for an ecommerce website. The lavish theme was built by keeping the audience taste in mind; on the other hand, Ego wants an easy to navigate website. A navigational system is integrated to support the website on both desktop and mobile platforms. Advanced JavaScript bundling was presented to make the website work faster than ever. We optimized each page, enhanced data flexibility, which helps in great indexing, the premium private search engine for search products. All the shopping sections are clarified and made easily accessible to visitors. Magento gave the website an easy buy-in and checkout process.


Ecommerce website like EGO needs time to time management after completion, we take proper care of the website, from inventory management to website updating. Cart handling to offer management, we take care of all the things very well.

Quality Assurance

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. From correct spelling to current data to broken links, we ensure everything. In addition, we make sure that our workflow is accounts for an editorial review of draft content and appropriate revision by the author.

The result speaks louder than words

It has taken 6 months of hard work to create this exclusive Magento website “EGO”. Due to Magento implements in this project, it got a huge increase in sales. The website becomes more efficient and accessible after upgrading to Magento 2, which drove more customers on the website.

The Results

Here, you want to describe in detail how your solution helped the client reach their goal (you'll want to check back a few months after the project finished to see where the company stands and get more detailed results data). How well did the solution address the initial challenge? Did it address any secondary objectives? Did it have any unexpected positive results?

Happy Customer

"Emizentech has given me a brilliant, flexible and the most secure platform for e-commerce website, Being a layman I can only see visually attractive website, easy to use and easy to navigate yet secure website, this is all I wanted for my customers and I am happy that I got the one as EGO."

Director of EGO Client Name