Goods Fulfill

An online storefront runs on a dropshipping business model to sell electronic goods connecting worldwide suppliers & manufacturers at just a click.

Goods Fulfill

Project Insights

Emizentech would like to share the credit for developing Goods Fulfill, a Shopify dropship app that has backed wholesalers, manufacturers, and sellers worldwide to list and sell their products at only a click. The merchant doesn’t need to hold any physical storage or ship the products. And when it comes to the payment part, the merchant gets the payment in his account (from customers) from where he transfers the amount (after deducting the decided commission or percentage) to its client (or merchant, supplier, retailer, or wholesaler). Emizentech acknowledges the appreciation the Goods Fulfill bestows for 10x ease and sales they are encountering.

Project Highlights

  • One-stop for all merchants to list and sell products
  • Engaging backend access for better product management
  • Easy dashboards for stores management
  • Simple order management with an easy filtering option
  • Easy environment setup & app upload on the Shopify app store
  • Instant notification feature to alert about varied notifications
  • Easy download of the app from the Shopify app store
  • Seamless association of the app with the store
  • Currency conversion API integration
  • App commission module integration
  • Low inventory alert

Challenge We Confronted

When we say a dropshipping business model, it alludes to the entire working of it where a dropshipping service provider allows the suppliers, retailers, or wholesalers (interested in selling his goods) to list their products on a dropshipping provider site and sell them directly to their customers in the exchange of a commission. Obviously, the merchants have to purchase the products but also have to tolerate the hassle of shipping the products (they get from suppliers to sell); to the customers.

Our client, Goods Fulfill, wanted Emizentech to pull them out of such an issue. Here, the experts at our company helped them with a solution where the merchants can sell more without needing to handle any warehouse or ship the products themselves. Here, the supplier will be responsible for directly shipping the products to the customers.

Glimpses of Goods Fulfill


Technical Architecture of Project

Back end

Laravel 9

Third-party Integration

Email Alert

Tech Stack

Let’s have a glance at Tech Stack we used for the project and why we chose it-



An open-source relational database management system, Laravel is usually chosen database for meeting web development projects’ needs. Using our expertise, we considered MySQL to make the dropshipping solution scalable, making it capable of handling a vast user base ahead. The environment setup demands a couple of minutes which leads to improved efficiency.

Laravel 9

Laravel 9

An open-source PHP web app framework, Laravel is widely recognized for its syntax. Being an MVC framework, Laravel eases the development of complex web apps and websites. Laravel 9, the latest version, has boosted its caliber, providing features like a new query builder interface, PHP 8 String functions, anonymous stub migration, minimum PHP requirement, and much more.



An open-source scripting language, Hypertext Processor, PHP is the most versatile web development language. Its online community support has made it one of the most favorite languages. We have made the best use of its caliber to build custom web pages and websites and paced up the process. Besides, we have created dynamic content and interacted perfectly with databases.



A user-friendly E-commerce platform, Shopify assists small businesses in developing an online store and selling online via a single and simple dashboard. With this platform, Emizentech has developed and customized this dropshipping online storefront and lets the site owner sell easily across multiple channels. Shopify is the first choice for developing a dropshipping solution.


We aim to meet our client’s business requirements and satisfy them with our perfect and expected outcomes. Check out what Goods Fulfill has achieved with our assistance.

Boosted Sales

As the dropshipping service provider targets advertising and taking orders, this helped boost sales to 10x.

No Inventory Management

No hassle of maintaining inventory, shipping, or returns as suppliers are accountable for doing so.

Increased Scalability

With no requirement for product storage and shipping, the website owner aims to advertise and accept orders dedicatedly. This eases the operations’ scalability.

Flexible Business Operations

The website owner can handle his business anywhere and anytime with no physical existence, as the entire venture is handled online with a laptop and a good internet connection.

Increased Connections with Suppliers/Manufacturers

Finding an easy way to handle their businesses, an increased number of manufacturers board this order fulfillment mode.

Easy Business Operations

By finding the dropshipping business operations simple, sellers enjoy connecting with this dropshipping service provider.

Journey of Goods Fulfill @Emizentech

Like every other project, Goods Fulfill underwent several phases to ensure the utmost quality and a perfect outcome post-development.


Analyzed the vision of our client and planned accordingly to accomplish it.


Crafted a blueprint following which we met the dropshipping service provider’s expectations.


Sketched a prototype highlighting the working of the project and applied the requested changes.

Core Development

Post getting the final prototype, we developed the projects by writing the code.

Quality Testing

Conducted multiple testing to emerge with bug-free and flawlessly performing solutions.


Post solution development, we deployed it on the Shopify app store for business users (manufacturers/suppliers).



Emizentech is connected with Goods Fulfill to provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Client Testimonial

Chirag Gor Director

I am incredibly pleased with the outcome of my project. With Emizentech’s expertise and support, my dropshipping app on Shopify is now live and operational, and I am receiving positive feedback from my customers. This app will significantly contribute to the success of my business.


Our Expert on the project

Arnav Sharma

Arnav Sharma Subject Matter Expert

Experience – 10+ Years

Arnav Sharma is a technical architect with over 10 years of experience in implementing technology solutions and providing consulting services to Fortune 500 clients. He has major expertise in domains like e-business and B2B/B2C applications, along with trending technologies like Shopify, Magento, React, and Node.js.

Goods Fulfill Witnessed The Successful Venture With Emizentech. Are You Ready For Your Turn?

Professional & Experienced In-House Team

The roots of the success of Emizentech are our expert development team. We are a team of around 200+, including skilled developers, artistic designers, proficient business analysts, Adroit QAs, and more who ensure the clients get what they expect. So, you can hand over your project to our professionals and count on us for its success.

One-Stop For All

At Emizentech, you will get the best solutions to all your project needs from varied industry verticals. Our team has subject-matter experts who analyze the project vision smartly and emerge with the perfect solutions to meet the client’s expectations. Leave your project on to us and let yourself get engaged in your other higher-valued business jobs.

Never Compromise With The Quality

We ensure our clients get the best results within the decided timeframe while maintaining quality. By working collaboratively with the clients, we let them stay updated with the milestones we achieve and apply the changes per their requirements. We seek 100% customer satisfaction, and we make sure we attain that.

Unique Project Methodology

At Emizentech, we follow Agile methodology to meet our clients’ projects. This procedure lets us aim at the perfection of every stage, meeting the client’s needs. Besides, this helps us make the client satisfied with our services, increase flexibility, reduce risks, provide better communication, and ultimately the best product quality.

About Client

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Goods Fulfill is an online dropshipping provider that sells electronic goods, like camcorders, cameras, camera lenses, smart watches, and more, purchased from various wholesalers, retailers, merchants, and more. By purchasing goods from this website, the wholesalers can catch up with high profits.