Little About Business Flow:

In our real life we face many management challenges which needs a centralized solution. No one likes his things to be scattered here and there since it makes handling and accessing difficult. Suppose you are a grocery shop owner and you are selling various varieties of snacks biscuits, grains, pulses, spices and other household things. These things are not placed in a proper manner into shop’s racks. Your agents keep these things in such a messy way that you are not able to identify which thing you can find in which racks. Now you have 15 customers into your store with their specific demands list as usually happens in grocery store. Each of them has their specification about brands and things in their list and you have 2 agents. Now what will happen is your agent will take a lot of time to gather a single customer’s listed items and if another customer is getting, he will leave the shop. This you really do not want.


Similarly, when we talk about any organization, we do not want our leads to be scattered here and there. It will be blessing for us if we have a solution which can centralize all our leads and provide a centric way to handle and manage all of them. Centralization has a lot of benefits includes uniformity of action, facilitating best service and proper handling of emergencies. Best and timely service will turn customer’s faith towards your organization.

In this particular case we provide a centralize solution to A very famous surgeon so that he can manage all his leads without any miss and provide a proper and timely solution to each person who is seeking his help. Let’s get deeper to have a look about the challenges and Solution provided along with the Benefits generated and last but not the least Results, which actually matters.


Challenging Factors:

Client is a well-known surgeon of his country who has expertise in various types of surgery. He owned various websites. Leads are coming from all these websites. He wants a central system to manage these leads so that he can scale his reach to all possible and needy people and attend them basis on priority. Client has Facebook pages too from where people can ask query through post or message. He does not want to miss any of the post or query unattended so decided to convert them as lead just after they posted.

There were few helpline no’s as well people call on them to book or get consultation, handling of these are also important. Client wants to know from which platform these leads are coming. If these can be handled from a single interface such as he can view all of them listed in a single view, he can filter out all these basis on urgency and can contact, schedule appointment of these person via call, email, text message all from a single platform that will be a blessing for him.

Developers Can Shot Down Every Challenge:

So, the objective was to automate sales process and provide centralize handling solution. Here are few key notes that has been done to achieve the objective.

  • We used Web-To-Lead feature of Salesfore and captured all visitor’s information from different websites and sync them as lead. Added each websites name as source so that each lead can be differentiated basis on their origin websites.
  • Added CallRail and Zapier for seamless integration of different app to Salesforce. This way we can convert calls to lead. Zapier will help to integrate more that 2000+ apps to your Salesforce org. This will help in work automation and productivity enhancements.
  • Added RingCentral app in Salesforce so that each agent can call clients directly from Salesforce platform. This way organization can set a proper SLA to connect with customers and quick response will surely be a benefit in sales.
  • Managed Missed call so that they can be converted as Lead too in case agent missed it when phone rings. There is a problem arise that we can have a back to back calls from same no which might be missed and if we are converting missed calls to leads, we might get duplicate leads. So, we created Duplicate rule to handle multiple missed call from single No.
  • Integrated bidirectional sync between Mailchimp and Salesforce for seamless Campaigning experience. We have created some campaigns. This way leads and contacts data pass on to Mailchimp end become easier and agents can target them with specialized email content.
  • Right notification to right person at right time is much important in Business so we handled this too by adding push notification for agents. We managed to notify customer as well as agent and all concerned person through text message when a Lead received.
  • Ebsta Sync is used for syncing Mail and Salesforce to facilitate client reach anytime anywhere. You can sync almost everything that are important like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites. It will help to track lead and sales team pitching to the lead basis of origin of your leads.
  • Created multiple custom fields to give insight about leads as Lead Score based on details available in Lead. Since while filling web form most of person skip non required things. Which sometimes make difficult for agents to connect or to understand their customer’s condition in better way. So, we created a field which depict the score of lead and percentage depending of data available in lead. Such as If they have all contact information filled, they can be close easily so they will have high percent score as a lead score.
  • Image presentation of Lead Score with help of Emoticons. Since visuals catches your eyes easily.
  • We have automated the campaign mails to remove manual work.
  • Every organization has different sales process. Which basically depends on important key factor for sales in their specific business. Sales Path has been created to focus on current progress state. It will help to understand sales representative about organization sales process very easily.
  • On few specific paths we need reminder mails to notify representative as well as customer so that we can get attention of both ends to complete the process. So, we have automated this auto reminder mail for sales paths.
  • Suppose you are a planning head and wants to open a new branch of your organization. Now first you must do some analysis like from which region you have maximum customer base and what facility they want mostly. Any tool that can help to analyze these things will be helpful for us. So, there we are, Reports and Dashboards generated to provide a statistical insight of business. This can help to understand and work on your data.
  • Today is an era of digital marketing. We cannot stay back. So, we have implemented Google AdSense to achieve best marketing strategy.
  • When you are storing data from any website filtering becomes important. We cannot store any data generated by some random internet bot or script. Google reCAPTCHA enabled for proper marketing and internet bot prevention.
  • Only software development will not help if you do not have trained staff to use your software. We have provided training to his staffs so that they can use and generate best possible outcome for their organizations.

Outcomes And Effects:

All these solutions make process way easier. We use modern tools and automation technology to capture Leads from different sources at one place. Using this solution every opportunity can be spotted that need attention and improves productivity and performance of Sales Team. Information is instantaneously available for each concerned person in Business. Every possibility can be handled without any miss that subsequently increases Sales. Quick and easy handling of data and sales flow help your representatives in out of the way manner and they can reach to their leads anytime anywhere. They can access their data in different ways so they can process it and work on it in any circumstances. Work can be prioritized in a very easy manner. Using this system representative can make sales calls, send email campaigns, distribute leads, assign tasks and more at one place. We can send follow up mails record conversations and note sharing to optimize the lead nurturing and follow up process. We can schedule email, text-message follow up, meetings and more at one place. This way we can provide a seamless and quick response and support to our customer which results in happy and satisfied customer.

Happy Customer is ultimate goal of any Business!!

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