A logistics aggregator app that partners with top E-commerce companies to provide a cost-effective shipping experience.


Project Insights

Emizentech acknowledges the recognition of developing Proship, a Shopify app that help various E-commerce brands to partner with them and get quick access to shipping options with minimal effort. Besides, to facilitate Proship’s clients, Emizentech eased navigation to the Shopify app to let them download and integrate the Proship Shopify app seamlessly. Using this app with a user-friendly touch, the online stores can simplify the shipping and order fulfilment processes to easily handle a plethora of deliveries using just a single dashboard.

Project Highlights

  • Flawless input of Shopify integration details
  • Feasible order cancellation before and after AWB number creation
  • Simple email trigger for lost/damaged orders
  • Perfect B2B and E-commerce freight management
  • Built-in control tower aiming breaches
  • Easy Shopify app integration steps
  • Authorization API integration
  • Perfect order management
  • AWB & shipping label
  • Seamless order tracking

Challenge We Confronted

With the solutions, challenges crop up, and so here. But our team of experts was there to conquer them all. Let’s start with order fulfillment and inventory management. Obviously, for a brand, it’s not an easy job to handle order fulfillment, track orders, and manage inventory. Emizentech popped up with an expected and unique Shopify app, Proship, that they can integrate to conduct every job seamlessly. For their already-started business venture, data migration appears to be one of the chief challenges they need to encounter. Our experts were there to ensure data was migrated entirely and accurately with no data loss.

Glimpses of Proship


Technical Architecture of Project

Back end


Third-party Integration

php 8

Tech Stack

Let’s have a glance at Tech Stack we used for this project and why we chose it.



Emizentech considered MySQL in the tech stack. It’s a relational database management system (RDMS) that stores data in individual tables despite putting them in one spacious storeroom. Moreover, the well-organized physical files of the database structure pace up the operations. We meet almost all the app development database needs using this open-source database.

Laravel 9

Laravel 9

A lightweight framework, Laravel offers convenient, fast, and efficient programming capabilities. Our team chose it as it’s easily scalable and the best fit for most projects. Also, we made the best use of the modules that Laravel offers to craft complex and large apps seamlessly. When it comes to database migrations, this is the most preferred framework.



A server-side scripting language, PHP is widely used for business apps and web development. With open-source tools and a faster pace, PHP is preferred the most for building interactive websites and web apps. Using this scripting language, our expert web developers crafted the dynamic content for this Shopify app and made database interaction seamless.



As we were aiming to have a one-stop platform for manageable deliveries from various carriers, we opted for Shopify. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, Shopify performs the best to craft an expected online solution that is user-friendly and engaging. It’s quick to set up with no issues of reliability, security, round-the-clock support, adaptability, and more.


Besides delivering unique and expected results, our team aims to maintain a lasting bond with our clients and help them with their prospects.

Easy Integration With Numerous
E-commerce Brands

With the Proship app, E-commerce brands can reap the benefits of perfect delivery services for shipping their orders that saves them time and money.

10x Easy Orders Management Using
Single Board

With the integration of an easy-to-use dashboard, the Proship app users can manage stock at multiple locations easily with no manual effort. It includes order cancellation, edits, updates, etc.

Seamless Order Status Tracking

This Shopify app developed by Emizentech lets users track their orders, get notified regarding order status updates, and cancellation alerts, trigger emails relevant to the cancellation, and more.

API Authorization for Integration

Merchants can generate authorization tokens from Proship UI and feed on the Shopify app’s UI to enable authorization for the integration seamlessly with no hassle.

Journey of Proship @Emizentech

Like every other project, Proship underwent several phases to ensure the
utmost quality and a perfect outcome post-development.


Our team of experts facilitated our client put forth their vision and their business needs and expectations.


We took the client’s vision ahead, converting it into an efficient strategy that can let us convert the ideas into a real and effective solution.


Post following the roadmap we created, we crafted a prototype for our client to get the updates about the needed modifications.

Core Development

Post applying the changes from the client, we crafted the solution they wanted for their logistics platform targeting E-commerce firms.

Quality Testing

Our QAs tested the developed solution to make it bug-free and run flawlessly per the expectations of the clients.


Post-development, we launched the Proship app on the Shopify store for the users to reap its benefits.



We are still connected with Proship and offering support and maintenance services to let the solution run seamlessly and bug-free.

Client Testimonial

David Obasiolu
Sourav Khanna Chief of Staff, CTO office (Prozo Distribution Private Limited)

Emizentech has showcased great execution on a project developing a Logistic aggregator app based on the Shopify platform. I’d work with them again and would highly recommend them to get the job done.


Our Expert On The Project

Ajit Jain

Arnav Sharma Subject Matter Expert

Experience – 10+ Year

Arnav Sharma is a technical architect with over 10 years of experience in implementing technology solutions and providing consulting services to Fortune 500 clients. He has major expertise in domains like e-business and B2B/B2C applications, along with trending technologies like Shopify, Magento, React, and Node.js.

Emizentech Helped Proship Grab The
Success, Now It’s Your Turn

Innovative Approach

Our agile approach lets us work collaboratively with our clients making them informed about every milestone. This way, we target applying the modifications they want in every stage and emerge with an expected solution holding top quality.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our team of experts aims to complete clients’ satisfaction by providing them with the expected and best solutions and making them pay only for the services they got from us for their business. We make them stay satisfied with our services.

Precise Coding

Our skilled developers create clear code that’s well-optimized for speed, search engines, and conversions. Besides, it helps in making the solutions bug-free and lets them perform error-free and flawlessly. We go beyond expectations to assist our clients in grabbing success.

Seamless Communication

For the success of any project, seamless communication is essential with the clients regarding the entire development to let them be informed of every step. We work following the same and support clients at every stage with their concerned issues.

About Client

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A one-stop for all shipping needs, Proship, powered by Prozo, is a logistic aggregator that partners with E-commerce brands to provide an efficient shipping experience for their customers. This Shopify app with an easy-to-use dashboard eases the shipping and order fulfillment process and perfectly manages deliveries. It’s widely known for making shipping stress-free and affordable.