Easing Multivendors to Sell Their Products & Services Under One Umbrella


Project Insights

EmizenTech has developed Buitanda, a multi-vendor e-commerce website and mobile application that covers a wide range of products to satisfy customer needs. It provides opportunities for different vendors to connect with various warehouses and suppliers. The diversity in the product offering is complemented by a suite of online services ranging from home maintenance to professional services, including graphic designs and event planning.

Project Highlights

  • Multi-Vendor Site
  • B2B Marketing Platform
  • Vendor’s Dashboard
  • Multi-vendors to Multi-warehouse
  • Payment Gateways
  • Speed Optimization
  • Warehouse Maintenance
  • Managing Returns and Refunds

Challenge We Confronted

Every e-commerce project comes with some challenges so as this one, such as functional bugs in the mobile apps, slow website speed, payment checkout issues, and managing returns and refunds. Managing the site all at once required a good team of developers to work on the difficult area. So, EmizenTech helped Buitanda connect multivendors with multi-warehouses, resolved the payment issues, integrated GD Online payment and Multicaixa Express, and enabled COD, resulting in better overall results and management. Our team also revamped the whole design by developing a dashboard to have a graphical representation of product sales, such as which of their products sell more.

Glimpses of Buitanda


Technical Architecture of Project

Front end

React Native
React Native

Back end

Magento 2
MySql/ Maria DB
Elastic Search
Redis Cache

Third-party Integration

  • Multisourse Inventory( MSI)
  • Google Analytics
  • Advanced reporting extension
  • Vendor ERP integration
  • NitroPack

Payment Gateway

GD Online Payment (GOP)

Additional Services

Logistics integration,
Logistics integration
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
 Whatsapp push notification
Whatsapp push notification

Tech Stack and Tools we Integrated with System

Let’s have a glance at the Tech Stack and Tools we used for the project and why we chose it



Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that helped the Buitanda site manage the store fully, including functionality, look of the store, functionality, payment gateway integration, and dashboard management tools.



Kotlin is a general-purpose development language that we used mainly for the Android version of the application. Besides Android apps, it is used in server-side development, and backend web app development traditionally uses Java.

Swift  5


Swift is a clean and concise language that was initially developed only for native iOS development; it is rapidly growing and becoming popular. Also used to write safe, concise, and easy-to-use code for operating systems like Linux and Windows.



PHP is used for server-side and is open-source that is to create the functionalities required for the website. This is mostly used for server-side scripting but can also be used for command-line scripting and, to a limited degree, desktop applications.


The Project has been successful in numerous manners. We not only built a top-quality website, but it also matched the vision we carried from the very beginning.

Multi-vendor to multi-warehouse

The Buitanda website is having issues connecting its multiple vendors with multiple warehouses, which complicates things and consumes much more time. EmizenTech makes it possible by customizing the platform and making a portal where all the data is merged and can be accessed by each one on their dashboard.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Our team of experts created a dashboard that is easy to use by most of the vendors. To improve this, our expert created a visually appealing UI/UX design that shows all the information regarding the orders and the inventory status, and which is also connected to the multiple warehouses to get the information on pre-orders or reorders.

User Growth by 50%

With the changes like speed optimization, Buitanda now has over 50% increase in users and is continually gaining more. The site has multiple category options that can fulfill the needs of every user according to the requirements, making it one solution for every user.

Improved Payments

With the use of different payment integrations in the sites, it became easy to pay. Enabling the features of COD helps increase sales and increase users’ trust in the website.

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Journey of Buitanda @Emizentech

Like every other project, EGO underwent several phases to ensure the utmost quality and a perfect outcome post-development.


Our first and foremost thing is to put our clients’ requirements at the top and meet their needs and expectations.


For better results, all the pain points of the projects are considered at the time of preparing the roadmap.


The prototype gives the client an idea about the things that are going to be included in the project and what the changes that can be made are.

Core Development

The core development is initiated after the completion of the prototype, and this means the process includes the coding section.

Quality Testing

Quality testing is one of the most important tests after the implementation and integration of all the work. It checks and removes unwanted bugs and errors.


Now, in this process, all the codes are deployed in the server and then finalized for use.



Still, our team is connected with the Buitanda team for continuous upgrades and fixing bugs in its software.

Client Testimonial

fadi nassar
Fadi Nassar Director of Company

The experience of working with Emizentech has definitely been incredible for me. I wanted to build an all-in-one online store which is quite challenging when observed from a feature installation POV. However, the product delivered by the team meets all my demands and perfectly matches my vision.


Our Expert on the project

Ajit Jain

Ajit Jain Project Manager

Experience – 12+ Year

Ajit Jain has over 12 years of experience working as a software development lead and consultant. He has expertise in multiple domains like e-business and B2B/B2C applications, web, and trending technologies like Magento, PHP, MySQL, Swift, and Kotlin.

Business Benefits of Choosing Emizentech for App/web development

Buitanda chose us, and here are some reasons why you should too.

One Stop Solution

Emizentech provides a vast range of services, making it a convenient one-stop solution for all your app/web development needs. We offer all the solutions, from concept and design to development, testing, and deployment. Thus making the development process seamless and efficient.

Unique Project Methodology

Our team of experts follows a unique project methodology emphasizing collaboration and transparency. We involve our clients in every stage of the development process, taking care of their feedback and inputs to develop customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of the clients. Thus making the process more effective and reducing the development time, ensuring the final product aligns with the client’s vision.

Uncompromised Quality

We maintain high-quality coding standards in app/web development. As well as our team also follows industry best practices, implements rigorous testing methodologies, and has a strict quality assurance process. We deliver stable, secure, and high-performing applications that provide an outstanding user experience by maintaining high-quality standards.

In-House Team of Experts

We have a team of experienced and qualified experts in multiple domains. Expert developers, designers, testers, and project managers work together to offer the best solutions. The presence of an in-house team provides greater coordination, more effective communication, and faster turnaround times.

About Client

quote quote

Buitanda is a one-solution digital marketplace for all. The headquarters of the company is in Luanda, Angola, which provides a wide range of products and advertises them through an online portal. The user can opt for various services from cleaning to real estate to repair to software and many more. Along with this, the platform also provides more offerings, which have a category option that is subdivided to cover all.