In 2013, when Salesforce obtained Pardot, various digital marketers presumed that Pardot would be assimilated and integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enhancing their extensive marketing functionality and services. Well, this never happened, and today, Pardot is acquired by Salesforce and is a separate offering.

If the significance of marketing automation is clear in your mind along with its caliber of balancing your sales and marketing efforts, then not to worry, you only need to cover half more towards taking a stand with the best choice of a marketing automation tool for your business. Pardot or Marketing Cloud Which is the best choice for your business

Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, both feed into Salesforce Sales Cloud. This may sound more confusing to you. But don’t fret! We are here today with a post to let you know what’s the difference between these two and to pull you out from the well of confusion.

Pardot – About

paradot b2b marketing automation salesforceGrounded in 2006, a marketing automation platform, Pardot, permits us to recognize, nurture, and catch our leads with a high probability of buying and value for your business. This safeguards the marketing agencies and businesses that employ longer sales cycles, as it automates the repetitive but imperative steps in the nurturing process.

As of now, there are 79,287 websites using Pardot Salesforce for on-demand marketing automation for business to business (B2B) sales

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – About

marketing cloud salesforceA customer relationship management platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, incorporates the integrated solutions all across distinct platforms, embracing mobile, social media, website advertising, email, and more. Moreover, it involves event-driven triggers and analytics that start marketing actions. Most importantly, Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes the tools that perform together across various marketing avenues. This embraces marketing automation along with social media marketing tools, email marketing tools, and website marketing tools.

Difference between Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot

An emerging technology, Salesforce is being adapted by the businesses gradually. Moreover, being an active marketer, one should be aware of such imperative factors that make the difference between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Pardot.

differences between paradot and salesforce marketing cloud

A B2C Specialist: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A B2C organization, a typical user of Salesforce Marketing Cloud launch scheduled email campaigns, employs advanced email services, drip automation programs, and more. Such a company is more expected to hold a huge social media visibility, probably reap benefits from text-based marketing messages that are sent to its customers directly. Such companies would need large-scale integrated marketing tools to locate all the consumers. They would require triggered and transactional email services to reach the consumers on their mobiles. Moreover, they attain access to progressive contact management solutions that help in handling various consumers with whom they interrelate on a routine basis. Salesforce Marketing Cloud may demand more training and can also be more expensive. That’s why such companies will catch-up the highest price linked with the Marketing cloud because of the additional functionalities and will hold the caliber to invest capital on skills and longer training to fully reap the advantage of everything that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has to provide.

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A B2B Expert: Pardot

A B2B organization, a distinctive user of Pardot, launch scheduled email campaigns, and get benefits from the automation approaches. A firm like this doesn’t need text-based marketing campaigns and doesn’t require advanced social media marketing plans and website integration. Such a firm picks Pardot despite Market Cloud and invest a lesser amount, comparatively, in the admin training. Furthermore, such companies hold limited integration with Salesforce and no integration with the external data sources. The options of contact management are more spread for them as they hold fewer contacts to interact with.

So, we can say, the one who doesn’t require the additional features that Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers, like detailed web marketing, mobile, and social media, he should choose Pardot to save training time and money.

Wrapping Up

We will assist you to come up with a platform that would sound better for you. So, if you are seeking for the best insights in Salesforce, Emizentech would prove to be your perfect spot. Well, Pardot is unstoppable and appending constantly the new features and functionalities, and is a highly regarded and valuable piece if the Salesforce ecosystem. Pardot holds large-scale and broad benefits and serves various business sectors and companies. It is not like Pardot is for each firm. At Emizentech, we will help you in determining if your company should pick Pardot.

We at Emizentech offer effective marketing automation consulting that help brands all over the globe with their marketing campaigns. Emizentech can assist you to work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot in order to get you proficiently managed marketing campaigns and observable consumer journey.

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