Salesforce is a highly reputed software company especially in the niche of providing customer relationship management software for different industries. The CRM software of this company is used by a startup or even a Fortune 500 company. There are varied reasons for organizations for choosing this such as meeting the requirements of marketing automation, better customer relationship management, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of integrating Salesforce in your Health Organization.Salesforce Health Cloud implementation and integration

The health industry has become one of the biggest industries across the world. In 2019, the global healthcare industry was valued at USD 282 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2020 to 2027. There are many factors for this growth such as massive population ageing, increased preference for value-based healthcare, etc. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2019, there were around 700 million people across the world who are age above 65 years. By 2050, this number can double to 1.5 billion.

Seeing such a huge potential, many companies have put their feet in this industry such as Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health Inc., CVS Health Corp., United Health Group Inc., McKesson Corp., Cigna Group, etc.

All these industries run on a massive scale and have one thing in common. It is using CRM. CRM helps these healthcare companies in many different ways. Salesforce Health Cloud is one of the best CRM that a healthcare company can use. Let’s know more about it.

What Is Salesforce Health Cloud?

salesforce health cloud user interfaceSalesforce Health Cloud is a patient relationship platform that uses the power & security of the cloud technology, along with social & mobile technologies, for providing a better & personalized engagement to the patients or users. You can consider this as a medical CRM for your healthcare organization. Using this, you can get a complete overview of the patient’s condition, its medical history, manage the patient smartly, and a connected patient engagement experience.

Using Salesforce Health Cloud, your staff can easily access the data of your clinical or non-clinical patient including their health conditions, medications, appointment history, preferences, by using EHR and other systems. They can provide the best care by working for every patient and member groups.

It is a highly secure platform so you don’t have to worry about losing patient’s data. It can facilitate communication on different channels or devices, and improve patient relationships. You can use triggers and workflows for better care information available for both patients & health-care providers.

Features Of Salesforce Health Cloud

With Salesforce Health Cloud, customers have a data model built around patients and has been designed particularly for clinical settings using the FHIR standards. It is a very dynamic functionality that also reduces the need for customization. The main features of the Salesforce Health Cloud are:

1. Complete Patient Overview

It includes checking the profile of the patient, the health timeline of the patient, and the patient care team network.

2. Care Team Productivity

It includes prioritizing the patient page (Today Page), a collaboration of intra care team, configuring patient setup, management & customization of the care plan, population analytics, patient lists, patients segmentation filters, Risk stratification, & lead to patient conversion

3. Clinical Data Management

It includes clinical data model, EHR integration, HL7 compliant interface, EHRData objects, and Individual patient model.

Overview Of The Salesforce Health Cloud Features

salesforce health cloud features

Benefits Of Using Salesforce Health Cloud

After knowing the overview of Salesforce Health Cloud and its features you must be wondering about its benefits. There are many different benefits of Salesforce Health cloud to different entities such as for providers, payers, pharma companies, medical devices companies, etc. Now we will know how & what benefits these entities get from Salesforce Health Cloud.

1. Benefits Of Salesforce Health Cloud for Providers

Salesforce Health Cloud is not EHR vs. CRM but it is actually EHR & CRM. You get all the features of EHR in the Health cloud. You can unlock the legacy systems and include apps in a compliant, flexible platform, turning the insights into action for a better approach to patient care. Without eliminating the features of EHR, Salesforce Health Cloud helps to give:

  • 360° Patient’s Data Overview: You can get minute details of the patient such as current health conditions, appointments with doctors, medication history, without flipping through a bundle of papers or changing screens.
  • Complete Patient Experience: You can create a custom healthcare plan for each patient & make connections in caregiver networks
  • Coordination & Engagement with Patient: Using Salesforce Communities with Salesforce Health Cloud, patients or caregivers can send or receive messages from each other.

2. Benefits Of Salesforce Health Cloud For Payers

Health Cloud is packed with some specific features for insurance companies that let the payers engage with members in a very efficient manner such as:

  • Management of member care programs: The programs are managed through smart utilization management, identification of proactive risk, & real-time integration with legacy systems.
  • Personalized member services: Using the complete information of members, they can have personalized interactions with smart recommendations.
  • Member journey complete management: Omnichannel communications, automated workflows will help in engaging the members at key points in the journey.
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3. Benefits Of Salesforce Health Cloud For Pharma Companies

There are many small & large scale pharma companies that are using Health Cloud for patient support programs. A centralized system that can almost every information of the patient, track the status, patient opt-ins, will help the companies to keep operational costs down, and deliver better patient care.

  • Scaling & Streamlining of Compliance & Adherence: As you are able to get patients their medicines through their sign-ups, authorizations, and fulfillment tracking. It can be a launching point for scale therapy-specific support programs. Thus the team can reduce the costs with positive health outcomes.
  • Personalization of Patient & HCP Experience: Companies can meet patients & HCPs wherever they are using smart devices at any time. With the ability to access patients through their devices, they can even understand the journey of the patient at any instant and personalize their needs.
  • Collection & Analyzing of critical information: Using a health cloud, it is quite easy to collect the critical health information of the patient, such as any adverse event, prior authorization, product compliant information, etc.

4. Benefits Of Salesforce Health Cloud For Medical Devices Companies

The companies that develop medical devices are also concerned with managing client relationships, managing commercial processing, supporting patients, etc. Here are some different ways by which Salesforce Health Cloud is helpful for them:

  • Empowering the sales team & account teams: With the centralized data, task automation, or immediate insights, these two teams can even engage with each other for providing visibility into agreement terms with real-time insights.
  • Account-based forecasting: Forecast models by market, geography & product line; collaboration with product, finance, and sales teams.
  • Increase positive experience and outcomes for patients: There are highly optimized, personalized patient programs with omnichannel communications and digital consent management.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have known about the features & benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud in detail. At Emizentech, the best salesforce development company, we always recommend our clients to leverage Salesforce development services. Our team is having high-level expertise in the integration of Salesforce tools and using them.

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