Connecting Applications through API Integration

Application Program Interfaces (known as “APIs”) are systems that software vendors program into their software to allow outside programmers to access or manipulate data. Third-Party API Integration project aims at utilizing these systems to either eliminate duplicate data entry or to provide new features that the software vendors cannot provide.

Third-party integrations are unavoidable in a Salesforce B2C Commerce implementation. Is that bad? No, it’s amazing! As we learned in the Customize a Commerce Cloud Reference Architecture unit, it’s by design.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is all about its storefront capabilities, and selling online is our specialty. Processing online taxes, credit card payments, and shipping carriers, however, are not. Third-party applications bring the necessary expertise to the storefront table.

Understanding The Flow of Salesforce Integration With Any Third Party API

When it comes to Integration with any other Technology we all have doubts like :
“How to Start ?”,”How to make your First API Call & see the Response?”

The Answer is POSTMAN. With the help of this tool, you can easily make REST API Calls using its wonderful UI & can see Responses very well. Moreover, it also helps you in understanding the Flow of Integration.Pipedrive integration Salesforce

You first need to try the API on Postman, then you’ll be able the get the response from the server. You need to use authorization of any third-party API and get the access token of the third-party API’s.
After you’ll be able to call all the other API’s as well and it will send you the response and response code accordingly.

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Pipedrive Use:

See sales clearly. Put customers in focus.
See sales in pipelines, dashboards, task lists, and timelines to spend less time searching and more time selling.

About Pipedrive follow the given link:

Integrate Pipedrive with salesforce:
For Pipedrive API’s documentation, you need to follow this link API Reference

Get all the activities from Pipedrive:

Run endpoint directly from Pipedrive to test:

Pipedrive endpoint
While executing endpoint Pipedrive requires API Token, this API Token will be given to you when you will create an account on Pipedrive.add API token

Pipedrive API link for calling from any other language for getting mail message for particular Pipedrive deal id:

Method: GET
Headers: Content-Type: application/json

Postman Example Request:

Postman Example Request

Postman Example Response:

Postman Example Response

Like that you can add the API after the API link:

hire salesforce developers

For Notes:

Pipedrive Notes

For Currencies:

For Currencies
Similar to this, you can use any other Pipedrive API.

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