Email-to-Case is a feature in Salesforce which allows creating case from the email in the mailbox. It links your mailbox to Salesforce, which enhances the efficiency and SLA of an email. You can have cases created as soon as you receive the email and you can work on the case resolving the requirements of the client and reply to the email without leaving the platform. Let us see, how we can achieve all this.


Configure the mailbox in Organization-wide Addresses.

Enabling the feature

  • Go to Setup > Customize > Cases / Search for Email-to-Case in quick find box.
  • Click on Email-to-Case and edit to enable the feature.

Email-to-Case settings

  • Select the options that you require and click save. You’ll have the following output:

Email-to-Case settings


We will be doing it in two parts Salesforce and Mailbox


  • Click New button on Routing Address. Fill the relevant information and Save.

Email-to-Case output

  • As soon as you save, you will see an Email Service Address is generated.

email address details

  • Also, there is a mail on your mailbox sent for verification purpose. Click on the link.

mail on your mailbox sent for verification purpose

  • Email is now verified, click on continue.

Email is now verified


  • Now you will have to set forwarding on the mailbox end. We are demonstrating it on gmail mailbox. Open your mailbox and click on gear icon, click on See All Settings.

set forwarding on the mailbox

  • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP and add a forwarding address.

Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  • Copy the Email Service Address form Email-to-Case and paste it there, and click Next.

add a forwarding address

  • A pop up will appear, click on Proceed.

pop up will appear, click on Proceed

  • You will be seeing following pop up, click ok.

click ok

  • Open Cases in Salesforce. You will be observing, there is a case with the confirmation code. Open the Case.

all open cases

  • Go to Description. You will see the confirmation code mentioned there. Copy it.

confirmation code

  • Enter the confirmation code to verify.

confirmation code to verify.

  • Enable forwarding and save changes.

confirmation code to verify.


Send an email from another mailbox to configured mailbox.
Configured mailbox
You will observe that a case is created in Salesforce.
email case Salesforce
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