The blockchain app trend is fast catching up however it is still new and becoming. There are a majority of mobile app users who still do not use blockchains and have little idea about this technology. However, as we said the trend is catching up and in the coming years it would be impossible to imagine the world without blockchain in all possibilities. Just like blockchain, blockchain apps are also gaining popularity and many numbers are already looking to make a blockchain app to benefit from its offerings. 

A survey from reveals that at present there are more than 2600 active blockchain apps in the market and its daily users are 37000. The number may seem lesser but that doesn’t deny the fact that the potential is great here as the number is rapidly growing. 

What Is Blockchain Technology?

A blockchain is distributed data shared among nodes of a computer network. Blockchain, as a database, does the job of storing information electronically in a digital form. Blockchain technology is popularly known for its critical role in cryptocurrency systems, like Bitcoin, to maintain a secure & decentralized transactions record. The best part of the blockchain is that it assures transparency and security or data record and it generates trust with there being no need for a trusted third party.

What Is Blockchain Technology Used For?

What sets blockchain apart from a typical database is the way the data is structured. With blockchain, the information is collected together in groups, referred to as “blocks” holding sets of information. These blocks have storage capacity and once filled, they are closed and then linked to the previously filled blocks, creating a chain of data, which is known as ‘blockchain’. The new information following the freshly added block gets compiled into a newly formed block which is then added to the chain when it is filled. 

What Does Blockchain Technology Do

In a database, the data is structured into tables, while a blockchain structures its data into blocks which are then put together. This kind of data structure creates an irreversible data timeline when it is implemented in a decentralized manner. As the block is filled, it is then set in stone, from where it becomes an essential part of this timeline. Each and every block of this chain has been given an exact timestamp as added to the chain.

What Are The Blockchain App Ideas?

What Are The Blockchain App Ideas

There are a number of blockchain app ideas that can be integrated by the businesses and here we have mentioned a few for every sector, they are:

1. Financial Blockchain App Ideas

fintech App Digital Banking

Best Financial Blockchain App

  • Ligero
  • Gemini
  • Civic
  • Circle


Nowadays there is an issue of accountability with crowdfunding, as more than 85% are facing delays in delivery whereas 14% are failing to deliver what was promised. And when the mistake is made of investing in the wrong campaign and the money is misused, the investor loses trust and doesn’t want to support a tech project ever again. However, things are different and more transparent with blockchain technology as here the investor knows to whom the money is sent and how the creators are spending that money. Also, with blockchain, the creators receive more support for the projects with a lower fee and overall. With Blockchain, there is a smart contract that allows crowdfunding money to not be released until the creator has made progress on the project. This way, there is trust. For example, there is Pledgecamp, a next-generation crowdfunding platform that in comparison to current models introduced by market biggies Kickstarter & Indiegogo, is a secure & transparent blockchain-powered framework for crowdfunding. 

International Money Transfer

Having the need arises to transfer small amounts of money internationally, the transfer service such as Western Union is used. The firm transfers money between its offices across the globe and ultimately balances accounts on the backend with the use of international bank transfers. But these services often charge a certain fee of 10% or more. However, presently the blockchain apps in banking are changing how money is sent across the globe at a lower fee. Here, Bitcoin comes first to mind, and firms like Ripple are using this innovative financial technology to change how money is transferred across the world for everyday customers. 

Enables Fast Money Borrowing & Lending

Borrowing money from a bank never seems exciting as there are so many documents to fill up and then the interest rate is so high. P2P lending is growing rapidly in personal finance and now the borrowers and lenders are both connected across the globe through blockchain and that too without having to give the banks their cut. The lenders can choose to remain anonymous and they don’t require registering anywhere. They have to simply select the preferred loan from the marketplace and then initiate it from the wallets. In the case of borrowers, they can return loans in a low-interest environment. Like there is Lendoit, which is 100% decentralized and it disrupts the conventional lending industry. In the year 2020, the marketplace lending estimates reached $290 billion. 

Foreign Exchange & Post Trade

Foreign exchange is a kind of trading activity that is complex in capturing, reconciling, and settling. There is an Axoni platform that uses Blockchain technology to provide fully-synchronized integration with the third-party providers of market data. This improves efficiency in the overall market. 

Stock Market

On blockchain-based platforms, the companies are able to register, issue & trade shares. This means digital currency can be used for purchasing company shares. This is tested out by the London Stock Exchange issuing digital private shares of the small & medium firms in Italy. Also, Overstock, which is an online retailer, is presently issuing company shares using blockchain technology apps. 

Increased Uptime for Central Bank

The cashless system is being used more and more nowadays, for instance, we have a credit card, QR code payments, Apple Pay, and more. However, when this system goes offline for a long time period, there it causes chaos. On the contrary, bitcoin is in operation for a long, but it hasn’t faced a downtime of even nanoseconds. Resultantly, more and more central banks have started actively testing out the blockchain technology for different usages, mainly for its transparency and resiliency.

Lesser Insurance Fraud

In insurance, it can be exposed to several fraud schemes. There can be fraud by new applicants withholding crucial information, or ineligible dependents can file claims. Hence, to reduce insurance fraud, medical procedures and time stamps are recorded by the blockchain platform. It is helpful in compliance & verification of rendered medical services. 

Quick & Easy Transfer of Digital Wills

People who use cryptocurrency apps for storing funds are consistently growing. But there is a common question among people that what happens to cryptocurrency in case the owner dies without a will. To deal with such a situation, the user can create smart contracts that handle the funds in case of crises. This way the savings can be transferred to the family/friends of the user in case of death or severe health concerns.

Stock Market Prediction

Present prediction markets are centralized and due to this centralized platforms face failure altogether and shut down easily. In the case of centralized design, it is important that a trusted individual report honestly every time, however, if the same person ends up making mistakes, manipulates results, and is dishonest, it causes a problem. Blockchain technology can be quite useful as here thousands of users are working together to attain an accurate forecasting tool.

2. Power Blockchain App ideas

Power Blockchain App ideas

Lesser Electricity Bills

With the help of blockchain technology, Accenture introduced a smart plug (which is a proof of concept) for monitoring power usage and saving costs. What it does is that the prototype works together with the other gadgets and monitors the power usage. Then the cheapest energy tariffs are searched. And ultimately the blockchain is used for quickly switching suppliers. Resultantly, it helps a lot of people on the lower income who are paying for their power through a meter. 

Solar Power Trading

No one likes using your electricity for charging a battery at peak hours when the price is at its highest. Instead, solar power usage is preferred to do the same task at a much lower cost. There is a project run by LO3 Energy that aims at enabling people to buy & sell renewable energy to their neighbors. To understand its working, the solar panels fitted on the terrace of houses soak up the sun, and the computers that are connected to panels are quietly crunching numbers. In the next step, the number of electrons generated is counted. Then that number is written to a blockchain. This way, solar power can be traded and electricity company energy supply can be skipped. 

3. Healthcare Blockchain App Development Ideas

Healthcare App development

Best Healthcare Blockchain App

  • Medicalchain’s
  • WholeCare
  • BurstIQ’s
  • Patientory
  • Nebula Genomics

No worry about Fake Medicine

The concept of fake medicine is quite rampant at the moment and often people wonder how to exactly find whether the medicine is genuine or not. However, blockchain technology might have a solution to this issue There is an app named Blockverify that allows to track the pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain. It ensures that the consumers are receiving an authentic product. 

Medical Records Security

There are certain limitations that nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals face in the level of care that can be provided. And the reason for the same is the being unable to view accurate and complete health records of the patients. With the blockchain apps in healthcare, it is now possible to publish medical records safely on the blockchain. That way the authorized person can have access to the records from anywhere across the world. The Government of Estonia has collaborated with a company Guardtime, which is a blockchain technology company, for building a blockchain of citizen’s health records. This allows the citizens to carry the ID credentials for unlocking access to the records in real-time. 

4. Real Estate Blockchain App Development Ideas

AR VR Real Estate App

Best Real Estate Blockchain App

  • Propy
  • Republic
  • SafeWire
  • Vairt
  • PropertyClub

Land Registry

‘Maintaining a country registry is not just expensive but even a labor-intensive operation. However, there is a blockchain-secured app platform to maintain records of real estate. It allows recording, tracking title and property records. At the same time, it reduces the future title search time and enhances transparency. 

5. Tourism Blockchain App Development Ideas

travel and tourism app

Best Tourism Blockchain App

  • Winding Tree
  • Webjet
  • Accenture
  • Sandblock
  • TravelChain

Quickly fill the empty Hotel Rooms

Whenever there is a last-minute cancellation by the hotel guests for a long stay, it causes quite stress for sales representatives in the hotel industry. Mainly, when the guest refuses to pay. Often it is challenging to find substitute customers for a vacant room in a short span of time. That is why there is an online travel portal, Webjet that enables the stock of empty hotel rooms to be tracked & traded efficiently. 

Tourist Coupons and Incentives

There are a number of companies providing plastic tokens, discounts, coupons, traditional paper, and various other sorts of rewards and loyalty programs to their customers that might not be desired or not much efficient for them. However, the Rouge app enables the companies to utilize the new digital format in the customer services programs to create their own Blockchain loyalty tokens & coins for the customers. 

6. Social Blockchain App Development Ideas

social media influencing for ecommerce

Best Social Blockchain App

  • SocialX
  • Minds
  • Earn
  • Diaspora

Efficient Management User Reputation

Recently Airbnb started experiments for using blockchain technology for managing user reputations. They are storing the information in a decentralized blockchain that frees up Airbnb’s servers. The company is replying to reviews left by landlords as well as renters. Resultantly, the customers are able to judge how reliable the potential guests or hosts are.

Point Collection

Eager to create a new startup but lack the huge capital? The big task is convincing the venture capitalist of your reliability and resourcefulness. There is a Masachain blockchain app providing a way for collecting points from friends. When friends have a positive experience or feelings with you like gratitude, support, empathy, they award points. This way the venture capitalize is able to trust you better. 

7. Marketplace Blockchain App Development Ideas

ecommerce marketplace

Best eCommerce Blockchain App

  • AORA
  • Ubcoin Market
  • Colu
  • Eligma
  • Zeex

No Fees To Use Platforms

In the case of the popular online marketplaces, the sellers are required to pay some fees to these platforms. Either, these fees are absorbed by the sellers or are passed down to buyers. A unique online marketplace Openbazaar only accepts cryptocurrency. It is a peer-to-peer app involving no fees and restrictions without the presence of middlemen. The app is in full control of the store & private data. 

Buying & Selling Advertising Space

It can be a strain to pay high online advertising costs. Thus, there is a blockchain rewarding marketplace, Thrive where the sellers and buyers are buying advertising at extremely low fees. Hence, if someone likes writing reviews for websites and sharing data, then get paid for it.

More Information On Things You Buy

Often the buyers like to get more information about their purchased items. If they desire to explore factual data on the work, impact, and history of creators, then the Provenance app is equipped with physical products with a unique ID. Through this unique ID, one gains access to a secure digital history about the making of the product to its delivery process. 

No more Banner Ads

Many times readers get annoyed by the web banners they come across while reading an article. To resolve this issue, the app Solidopinion enables the advertisers to only show ads to targeted and interested audiences. Here the advertisers will place target relevant ads above the headline of a high-value article, after all this is where the targeted audience will be found. 

8. Identity Blockchain App Development Ideas

Identity Blockchain App Development Ideas

Best Identity Blockchain App

  • Edge
  • Moni
  • Keyp
  • Trusti
  • Hu-manity

Maintain Identity Records

Nowadays the identity data of people is held by the individual organizations, as they engage online and offline. Often this data is poorly integrated and is outdated. And this duplication is prone to errors, is inefficient, and presents security risks. Hence, a simple way for maintaining identity with master identity records as desired, directly maintained by each user. The Deloitte blockchain apps offer solutions to enable both privacy and security with a distributed identity platform. 

9. Mathematics Blockchain App Development Ideas

Mathematics Blockchain App Development Ideas

Easily solve complex Math Problems

This complex Mathematics question Riemann hypothesis has not yet been proven and turns out to be an outstanding mystery of the Math field. This kind of Math question needs huge supercomputers to explore and prove. The cryptocurrency application Riecoin aims at solving such problems that involve prime numbers. A lot of Mathematicians are expecting that the Riemann hypothesis will be resolved eventually through Riecoin. 

10. Transport Blockchain App development Ideas

goods and transport relocation apps

Best Transport Blockchain App

  • Curv
  • RoadLaunch
  • CargoCoin
  • Bonafi

Pay Driver-less Car Parking Fees

The trend of drive-less cars is soon going to pick up, however that is not to say that the car without a driver will enjoy free parking. Parking fees would need to be paid here as well. These driver-less cars lack the traditional bank account, however, with blockchain they can have one. The Car Wallet app notifies the car when the money is deposited into the app wallet. Then the user can open the car door, authorize the start of the engine, and pay parking fees.

Location Data

Upon ordering a product online, you can track the details of product status. All these details are high-level information on the main locations such as collection centers and airport transport. Hence, the exact location details can’t be known. And in case the centralized system somehow fails then it will cause quite chaos. To deal with this issue, there is XYO Network introducing the location data that comes from several interconnected devices, which are proficient at delivering data that then needs to be executed by smart contracts. The industries that require location data for them the use cases are quite useful. Like, e-commerce might need to deliver some packages via drones, the car rental firm needs to find lost keys or the airlines require locating lost bags. These tasks are only possible when the trust in location data is solved.

Rent the parking space

Often people face the issue of being unable to find a parking space in a crowded space and this issue can be resolved if they can locate the parking spot and secure it and pay for it beforehand. The blockchain can be used by parking owners to rent out their unused parking space, especially when they go on holiday. This way the other drivers in need of temporary parking can use this space. 

Hitch Riding

Hitch-riding is pretty common nowadays and here the passenger is paying the driver either with cash/credit. But here digital currency can also be a good option and for that, there is LaZooz, which is a community-owned real-time ridesharing service that is powered by blockchain. The platform synchronizes the empty seats with the passengers in real-time and matches like-minded people. The good news here is both the drivers and passengers get rewarded with digital tokens, etc.

Rent your Car

As someone has to rent a car, the entire car rental process often scares them off, as even though the car companies make the leasing seem easy, in reality, it is quite complicated. The challenge that is often faced by car leasing firms is that the information is not up-to-date. However, things can be a lot simpler with blockchain. As here each participant in the car rental supply chain is able to monitor, share, analyze and update the latest information. The latest information can be gathered despite where the car is in its lifecycle. The IBM Blockchain helps the entire car rental supply to enjoy reduced processing time, lesser overhead cost, and consistent information. 

Lesser Paperwork in Shipping

In container shipping, margins are very slim and still, paperwork processing costs more than shipping containers. The world’s largest container ship operator Maersk and IBM came as a joint venture to use the blockchain. Their aim is to make global trade more secure, transparent, and efficient. 

Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing

Whenever Uber decides to pull out of a city, it will mean thousands of passengers getting stranded and drivers getting out of jobs. The simple solution here is Arcade City that aims at beating Uber by moving the ride-sharing and car hiring onto the blockchain, sans any middleman. With this app, once the riders and drivers connect directly, they can earn Arcade Tokens, which can be sold immediately for cash or used for services & bonus features. This way the users get safe and reliable transportation to major USA cities for more than a year.

Visit Space

If you ever desired to go to space for a holiday then Virgin Galactic is selling tickets. They are not taking the tour yet but booking slots and joining the crew will cost $250,000 and this can be paid in bitcoins. 

Pay Lesser while charging the Electric Cars

When charging an electric vehicle (EV) on a charging station, the payment is made as per the time that the car was connected to the station. And this is because the old billing system is unable to calculate exactly used electricity. And this could go on for hours. The simple solution here is connecting the EV charging stations to a blockchain. Here the charging station will handle payment processing, user authentication, and loyalty point. This way the entire billing process will get simpler and be resolved. A German energy firm, RWE launched a large number of car charging stations all across Germany, and they are connected to ethereum’s public blockchain. This way, the users are able to charge their cars and make payments in micro-transactional slices.

11. Entertainment Blockchain App Development Ideas

blockchain entertainment app development

Best Entertainment Blockchain App

  • Open Music Initiative (OMI)
  • Digimarc
  • Vezt
  • Mycelia
  • OPUS

Pay Per Use

Watch a single football match: Most companies want a flat monthly subscription model and the reason for the same is where the revenue is predictable and recurring. Win, win situation. But users often want to pay to view a single cricket match, rather than subscribe to the whole sports channel. And this has been made possible by uRaiden, which allows the viewers to go for a pay-per-use subscription to watch content. Here the payment is made via micropayments in Ethereum-based tokens.  

12. Rights Protection Blockchain App Development Ideas

Cybersecurity ecommerce

Digital Identity for valuables

It can cause a lot of trouble to lose your valuables and it is not enough to provide the serial number of the stolen valuables to the police. However, the VTT app allows its users to protect their loved belongings, whether it is a luxury handbag, smartphone, drone, bicycle, e-car, or e-scooter. The proof of ownership can be provided to the Ethereum blockchain and this way it gets easier to recover portable stolen assets. 

Protection for Luxury Footwear

Footwear is one of the most counterfeited items. These fake manufacturers earn a lot of profits by bypassing the making costs incurred in the original design, research & marketing, and regulation. Even the footwear experts can tell the difference between fake and original. However, the Chronicled app offers a solution where microchips in the footwear can be scanned via a smartphone to find whether that product is fake or real. 

Protection for Fine Art created by Artists

Copying fine art from a gallery happens quite often because all one needs is taking a photo and getting an online freelancer to recreate it. However, these days buyers are wary of this kind of art forgery. To deal with such a situation, Chronicled created a solution with cryptographic microchips that are embedded in paintings and then registered to the blockchain. Resultantly, the buyers can tell whether the painting is genuine or not.

Brand Protection for Wine

Do experts estimate that 20 percent of the wine consumed across the world is counterfeit? There are fake wines that are refilled and being sold globally. These fake wines have caused a huge loss of around 2 billion but also caused a loss of confidence in branded wine. Chronicled is a blockchain platform that is developed for securing identities of wine labels & bottle tops. This makes it easy to verify the authenticity of wine by scanning the seal via a smartphone. 

13. Government Blockchain App Development Ideas

blockchain Government App Development

Best Government Blockchain App

  • Smart Dubai
  • Zug Digital ID
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Ensure clean Voting

There are some common ways followed during the voting, whether it is done via a paper-based system or via e-voting through a machine in a polling station, or it can be i-voting via a web browser. Each vote count immensely impacts a country. However, there are various doubts over the voting system’s ability to ensure data security and defend against potential attacks. To deal with such a situation, there is Voatz, which offers a voting platform ensuring verifiable and transparent elections across the globe. For the preparation of the 2019 Municipal Elections, Voatz provided a pilot blockchain mobile voting to the deployed military personnel and overseas US citizens. And the ballot received had registered a 98 percent successful return rate. Also, the turnout rate for mobile voters was at a record high of 90 percent. Hence, the odds are high that we see this technology being used for future elections as well. 

Smart City

With 5G technology being adopted across the world, the nation’s infrastructure will be more connected with the ‘smart’ devices, which can be surveillance cameras, buildings, lampposts, kiosks, or retail shops. This means you will know exactly which cosmetic store has the lowest price for a product, or which route is the fastest when having real-time traffic updates for jams, accidents, etc, or the available parking space or when taking public transport, you will have the accurate timings of next bus. With this data in hand, your trip will be more efficient & enjoyable. These things get possible via the sensors embedded in the physical things surrounding you. For instance, we have Limestone Network that has an aim for Cambodia to become a smart city.  

14. Charity Blockchain App Development Ideas

blockchain Charity App Development

Best Charity Blockchain App

  • Bithope
  • Pinkcoin
  • Alice
  • Cleanwater
  • Bithope

Help the unfortunates

There are many people who like donating their money to needy people, but often they are unsure whether that donation made by them lands in the right hands. With the Bitgive app, people get transparency in regard to their charity as they have the knowledge of their donation results in real-time. Even Dogecoin is a good coin for raising money for charity purposes. In 2014, Dogecoin supporters raised $30000 to help the Jamaicans go to Sochi Olympics.

15. Technology Blockchain App Development Ideas

The Future Technology Trends Of eWallet

Get Printer to order for Ink Cartridge

Have you faced a situation where you need to urgently print important documents, but at the last moment your printer has run out of ink? Pretty frustrating, right? There is one blockchain technology, where IBM and Samsung envision machines are able to connect with each other, hence before the ink is running out, the printer uses the smart contract, issuing a command to the ink cartridge retailer to get new supplies. This way with a ready spare ink cartridge one is saved from a lot of hassle. 

Tools for developing Blockchain Applications

Owing to the insufficient infrastructure of blockchain, the markets are slow at adopting blockchain. For this reason, Settlement and Cypherium offer fundamental building blocks so that developers can successfully create more efficient apps.

Rent out hard drive space

Paying for cloud storage is a costly affair and even though the uptime is quite decent, there are chances of downtime owing to DDoS attacks and outages. Even the in-house tech support or the external IT services often fails at handling here as they lack full admin rights. So the question here is whether the private data in the cloud is really private? Often the data is duplicated across several data centers. has the solution to this issue as this cloud share is offered by a community providing lower cost, reliability, and a high level of privacy. Storj platform is uniquely able at utilizing the free capacity of a storage node, whether it be a single PC or a massive data center. 

Website hosting with no central server

When the site is down, website service is required. Often the issue is faced owing to the server overload. It can be helpful when the online content doesn’t need a central server. There is a Zeronet app that allows the creation of a fully decentralized internet. This way there is no requirement to host the websites on servers as it stashes the website information all across the internet in small chunks. After that, the information is linked together with the use of a blockchain registry. This way the website information is accessible 24×7 and it also eliminates the web hosting costs. 

Remotely Control the Robots

AI allows us to learn and manage tasks in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. However, as tasks get too complicated for AI, they can be outsourced to freelancers, who “as pilots” can control the robotic operations from a distance. Aitheon platform enables remote workers to make extra cash by engineering the robots to execute complex tasks, hence increasing automation. 

16. Human Resource Blockchain App Development Ideas

Human Resource Blockchain App Development Ideas

Best Human Resource Blockchain App

  • The BeSure Network
  • Gospel Technology
  • Beowulf
  • Lympo
  • eXo Platform

Receive certified help

Often people need immediate expert help for a number of reasons, it could be their laptop not working, air-conditioner leaking, vehicle not starting, etc. To deal with such scenarios there is an app named ConnectJob using blockchain technology to help users immediately connect with the nearby certified specialist. 

Get Experienced Workers on board

We know that the work experience shown in the resume as well as LinkedIn are written by the job candidates, hence it is difficult to know whether it is real or not. The one way to find out is HR calling every previous employer to find that out, however, that process can be quite tedious. However, Echolink apps offer real transparency by verifying the skills & experience of job candidates. This saves a lot of time for the recruiters. 

Easy hiring of fresh Grads

When looking to hire a fresh graduate, the company has to do a lot of background checks to ensure the certification is genuine. This probably makes the whole hiring process quite slow. For this, there is a Smart chain, which offers the solution for digital educational certificates. It is a platform where the certifications are written securely, hence they cannot be tampered with or deleted. When sharing these certifications with employers, makes recruitment easy and transparent. 

17. Digital Content Blockchain App Development Ideas

featured listing video

Best Digital Content Blockchain App

  • Flixxo
  • Theta
  • Content Box
  • Steemit
  • Mycelia For Music

Best Digital Content Blockchain App

Content Box
Mycelia For Music

Timely Payment to Digital Content Creators

Writers, beauty bloggers, musicians, comic artists, all come under digital content creation. Here they produce great content to allure the viewers, however, often they face issues in being paid well. To deal with such scenarios, there are apps like Smoogs that enable the content creators to be paid well and on time for what they are doing. On the part of the audience, they are only paying for what they are consuming. 

Timely Payment to Musicians

In the music industry, often music artists tend to face the issue of delayed payments. Here the musician record labels & publishers benefit the most, however it takes months and often years to pay out the artists & composers for royalties. The blockchain technology integrated Revelator app allows musicians to get faster transactions around royalty distribution and payments. 

Protect Photo Ownership

Often people click beautiful landscapes pictures and other alluring pictures, however, the moment the pictures are uploaded on their blogs, the images can be extensively used by other people without any consent. This issue of piracy and copyright infringement is faced by people all across the globe. Even with stock photography (such as iStock, Shutterstock) being practiced, control and image rights have been still prevalent issues. With the usage of blockchain technology, the Numbers Protocol app secures your pictures. It is mainly a blockchain camera app providing authenticity to the media content. This technology can be used by anyone looking to protect any images that are shared online and offer proof of ownership. The media created using Capture App comes with a unique certification that can be scanned by the viewers for verification once shared.

Timely Payment to Music Distributors

Here the aim is to enable the musicians & distributors to easily share details of the music rights & royalties online. The smart contracts license the recordings automatically and take payment each time the music tracks are used. Ujomusic app is aiming at using Ethereum blockchain for revolutionizing music industry payment. 

18. Retails, F&B Blockchain App Development Ideas

eCommerce App Development

Buy Pizza

So it happened in April 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz convinced a person to send him a couple of pizzas in exchange for 10,000 bitcoins. By the end of the year 2016, a single bitcoin was trading around $700. So as we count, those same pizzas are today worth $3.5 million for each piece. 

Find about the Origin of your fresh produce

The food industry is a hugely grossing industry and this leaves it prone to false alarms, adulterations, etc. Often this ends up confusing the shoppers and puts the supply chain at great risk. The provenance app allows its users to easily track the journey of the fresh produce from its source to the shelf in real-time. When the origin of the product is own, it is easy to find lest it is infected. This app is linked with a retail food chain giant, The Co-op, which is based out in the United Kingdom. 

Gift Cards

Looking to send a special gift to someone? One good idea can be getting a gift card using digital currencies. There is an app Blockpoint that enables retailers to create payment systems for gift cards derived from the blockchain. 

Trade Loyalty Rewards

A lot of the time people receive loyalty points from companies that they can’t use with any other company. For this issue, there is a Loyyal app enabling its users to combine the loyalty rewards from various companies and trade them. This even allows the retailers to offer refined loyalty rewards. 

19. Business Blockchain App Development Ideas

business idea for dropshipping

Patent Protection

Say if get a great business idea. Now the question is know whether the idea is unique or not. Next, it is time to quickly protect the idea. When the search is executed on a professional level, this may cost up to $3000, and that is the cost incurred for a single search. By the time you are ready to file, the entire patent procedure may take up to 16 months on average. A blockchain platform LOCIsearch for IP discovery & mining enables the idea inventors to team up with a patent lawyer for filing/selling their IP to the buyers directly. 

Fair Consultation charges

When offering consultation via phone calls, fee calculation by time is often an issue. Often the customer consults for just 10 minutes but is still charged as usual per hour. This often feels unfair on the part of consumers. For this issue, there is an Experty app that allows connecting two or more customers in exchange for paid knowledge over a video call or an online voice call. Here, the experts set per minutes rates instead of per hour rates. In case the customer feels unsatisfied with the provided services, refunds can be claimed as well. Only when both the parties are satisfied, the payment is deducted instantly using Ethereum Blockchain.

20. Education Blockchain App Development Ideas


Pay Degree Course

the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Greece is accepting bitcoins for paying their tuition. They even offer an MSc. (Master of Science) degree n Digital Currency. 

Receive Relevant Education

The education system is transforming. Where earlier the students had to enroll in a college to learn skills and get a degree to start off with the job, this is not compulsory in today’s education scenario. Today the students can learn required skills in real-time instead of enrolling in the long process to get a degree and start the job with outdated techniques. Odem is a blockchain platform connecting educators, students, and professionals interested in getting their education. 

Make Legal Contracts Smart

The buying process of a commercial office is a lengthy process. Here money & deeds are handed over to a reliable third party like a bank or a lawyer. Once that third party is content that both sides of the deal have met the contract requirements, accordingly the money and agreements are passed over. Now with a smart contract that is created using blockchain technology can do the job without the need of any third party. Here the deeds & money are directly given to the program in digital form and along with it the agreement.

How To Build A Blockchain App? 

There are a number of app developers aiming to create blockchain apps and here we have mentioned a few steps to be taken to create an effective app:

1. Clearly Define Your App Idea

As it is with every business, the first step has to be idea development, and the same applies the blockchain apps. Even though blockchain is the new buzzword in the app development sector, still there are a number of businesses that are better without this technology and can do well without a blockchain. Hence, it is vital to evaluate whether you even really need a blockchain. Look at the problem you have to solve and accordingly formalize the app idea.

2. Conduct A Research

Have a look at the present market situation and analyze the available solutions. With the blockchain market being still new, it is easy to find your niche and know how the same job can be executed better than the other apps. 

3. Analyze The Options Available

There are a few ways to create a blockchain app from a technical standpoint, they are:

  • Using an open blockchain for the app, for instance, consider integrating Ethereum/Bitcoin into the mobile solution. 
  • Build A Private Network Using Blockchain Software.
  • Pick a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider and use that cloud service in your blockchain app. BaaS products are commonly offered by Microsoft, Azure, and Amazon. 
  • Create A Blockchain Network On A Suitable Platform. 

4. Select A Platform

When looking at the platforms to create a blockchain app, you can pick from these:

  • Ethereum

This is a popular blockchain platform enabling developers to create a blockchain app and create an ecosystem with a language known as Solidity. Ethereum is also useful to make smart contracts. 

  • Hyperledger
Hyperledger Iroha

This is a Fabric platform for blockchain apps where you get a corporate tool to exchange data within the company. To create a blockchain app on the Hyperledger platform, a team of Java, JavaScript and Go blockchain app developers is required. 

  • R3 Corda

This is a platform that mainly focuses on supply chain, healthcare, commerce, and trade finance. It is useful to create permissioned blockchains and allows easy integration with legacy systems. 

  • Ripple

The ones looking to build a financial tool can go with this platform. Ripple enables to send money easily anywhere across the globe and it easily connects to the banks & payment providers. This is a very fast platform and it enables up to five transactions for each second. 

Ultimately, it is the platform chosen for the blockchain app that influences the skillset required for the development team. There are a number of platforms that can be used by developers to build a blockchain app in conventional programming languages such as JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, and C++. There are also other languages such as Simplicity and Solidity, however, they are yet not very popular. Some blockchain application development firms even offer developers proficient with these languages. Hence, there is no need to wait for your present team of developers to learn a new language and the basics of developing blockchain apps.

5. Go ahead with the development procedure

The blockchain app development process can be different from creating other apps, depending on these aspects, such as: 

  • What is the platform and language chosen for the app project?
  • What is the strategy of interactions & transactions amongst various nodes?
  • What is the chosen consensus mechanism?

Besides, the app development procedure also depends on whether you are connecting to an already existing blockchain, like using a BaaS, or creating your own blockchain. 

Whichever case is chosen, the development will be consisting of the following stages, such as: 

6. Analyze The Business

At this stage, a business analyst performs the task of extracting expectations, requirements, and business objectives and accordingly crafts a technical specification. A document is created covering each and every detail of the development process, mentioning the people who are responsible for app development and communication to libraries, frameworks, and operating systems. 

7. Designing

As per design complexity, this stage can consume from 8% to 20% of the total app development budget. 

8. Preparing stage

This stage involves the setup of the development environment, backend, architecture, and APIs.  

9. Development and Quality Assurance

Both of these steps are executed simultaneously and prior to deployment, a Quality Analyst conducts a complete regression test ensuring everything is working as desired. 

10. Deployment

For an app to accomplish success, it is vital that it complies with all the rules & conditions of the Apple App Store, Google Play Store. Once the deployment is done, it is vital that the user analytics and performance data are analyzed. 

11. Offer Support And Maintenance

Once the app is developed and deployed, it still needs support and maintenance, like updates to operating systems, frameworks, and libraries, and also implementation of new functionalities and making changes to the app as per present business requirements. 

12. Marketing & Promotions

Once the app has been developed, now it’s time to move on to the next most important part step that involves attracting and maintaining the users. Often companies start off with the marketing strategies and begin app promotion while the app is still in the development stage. Common marketing strategies consist of Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, SEO & Content Marketing, Participation in events, and Influencer Marketing. The goal is here is to make the potential customers aware of the app. At the same time analyze results, recognize the most effective promotion channels and listen to the customer feedback, after all, it offers valuable insights into what the target audience requires and expects from the app. 

Which Are The Popular Apps That Use Blockchain Technology?

The prominent examples of apps using blockchain are: 

  • IBM Blockchain
IBM Blockchain Platform

Created for supply chain and logistics maintenance, IBM blockchain is among the most popular blockchain platforms. Its distributed ledger allows the companies to track each and every product in the supply chain at any stage. This technology is entirely transparent and allows to track parts in real-time as per their condition and location, offering protection against counterfeit. 

  • Warranteer
Warranteer logo

In case you aim to create a blockchain app for retail, then look at Warranteer. This retail company uses blockchain for providing customers with better maintenance and support services. Here buyers get required information regarding products they are purchasing and the retailer is able to track the service support requests, hence efficiently managing services in case problems arise with a product. 

  • BursttIQ
BursttIQ logo

This healthcare app sets an example of how blockchain can be used in healthcare by using both big data & blockchain. By using them both, the app allows data sharing between the doctors and patients. With the decentralized storage of blockchain, the data is protected from various types of attacks & theft. Resultantly, the doctors can view information regarding their patients’ and individual health plans without any harm to data security. 

  • Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet logo

This popular blockchain app solution supports all the Ethereum-based digital tokens and enables the crypto-holders to store & exchange crypto assets in a secure manner.

  • Shopify
Shopify logo

This app uses blockchain technology for copyright protection. As blockchain offers decentralized information storage, this allows Shopify to track & control licensing agreements and connect artists to their music tracks automatically. Hence, allowing artists to get paid for the music they create and protecting their rights in case needed. 

  • TRACEDonate
TRACEDonate logo

Often people wonder how their donated funds are being used, however, with TRACEdonate they are offered full transparency in regard to their donation and enable tracking of its usage. This platform is useful to connect charitable organizations and beneficiaries and offer real-time data about money usage. 

  • Propy
Propy logo

This blockchain solution for the real estate industry enables property purchases with specific types of cryptocurrencies without any paperwork. Here the ownership is automatically transferred in no time at all. 

  • Brave
Brave logo

This open-source web browser is created to transform the digital advertisement industry. Instead of showing regular advertisements, the web browser bases its organic search model on consumer attention and not the number of clicks. Here the advertisers that succeed in capturing the attention of users are rewarded with cryptocurrency. 

  • Voatz
Voatz logo

This is one of the great blockchain apps that make life a lot easier for people. With this app, there is no need of visiting a voting location to cast a vote as it allows people to take part in voting from anywhere across the world with the use of mobile phones. To ensure secure voting, the app uses biometrics & identity verification. 

  • Compound Finance
Compound Finance logo

Yet another project from the world of cryptocurrency and Decentralized finance. It enables the users to easily borrow & lend cryptocurrencies. Here the price is calculated on the basis of real-time supply and cryptocurrency market demand.


Blockchain technology is trending at the moment and as a business person if you think your business can benefit from blockchain technology, then you must consider investing in it without any second thoughts, as the market is new and it is easy to find a niche and accomplish great results. 

Do you want to create a blockchain app? Then, hire the best blockchain development company with experienced blockchain developers.

FAQs Blockchain App Development

What Does Blockchain Do?

1. Block Explorer: This is the first bitcoin website that is still the most popular across the world. Block Explorer enables allows anyone around the world to quickly and safely check any transaction status. Here the site data is used regularly by Bloomberg, Reuters, and several others to report on the status of the digital currency ecosystem. 

2. Wallets: Blockchain offers the most prominently used wallet for digital currency. The technology can be used to create Android, iOS, and web wallets for cryptocurrency lovers. These wallers are simple and easy to use and are used to send, receive, and manage bitcoin, or bitcoin cash, or Ethereum securely. This software wallet offers an infrastructure that empowers its users to be their own banks. It has no access to the funds or can’t hold the funds of its users. 

3. Developer Platform: Blockchain offers the most used API to its users that has been used extensively to create a huge range of products & decentralized apps. 

With constant research and development endeavors, blockchain technology is constantly advancing and keeps coming up with new solutions to transform the world. Its recently launched payment channel Thunder allows its users and vendors to send & receive digital assets without even touching the main blockchain. Still, in its prototype phase, Thunder is able to allow secure and reliable, and instant payments, allowing blockchain networks to bear heavy loads and offering increased user privacy

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Blockchain App?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of creating a blockchain app, such as app complexity, feature integration, technology stack, and a number of app platforms. Besides, to develop a blockchain app you will require the right team of app developers. Now we narrow down these factors and team requirements (for project managers, developers, designers, back-end developers, QA experts, the blockchain app development should cost around $15000$60000. And once the app is created, there are blockchain standards to be taken care of to make the app legal. Today even the most renowned cryptocurrencies face tough guidelines & regulatory measures around the world, hence it is important to have a team of legal advisors on board to help sort the legal matters. With that in mind, it can be said that the average range for developing a blockchain app is $50K to $1500K.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Blockchain App?

The duration to create a blockchain app depends on the requirements of the app. The project is started with PoC and this usually takes two-three weeks, and once PoC is ready, it takes 4-5 weeks for creating an MVP (minimum viable product). However, launching a full-fledged app takes around 2-3 months based on client requirements.

What Technologies Does Blockchain Jam To?

Blockchain providers are using Java for the backend and also use clojure & node for the smaller backend systems. Its frontend is built on AngularJS and the database used is MySQL. The frameworks used by them for various platforms are: 
1. Android: Junit, apache-commons, bitcoin, Gradle
2. iOS: JSBridgeWebView, storyboards
3. Web: Bootstrap, BitcoinJS, Jasmine (for tests), ES6, Travis, NodeJS, NPM, AngularJS

What Is The Blockchain Developer’s Salary?

The salary of blockchain developers can be anywhere from 5,00,000 to 30,00,000 depending on their qualification and work experience. 

What Do You Look For In Prospective Hires?

The blockchain hires can be anyone from liberals, anarchists, drop-outs, high-school graduates, or can come from any socioeconomic background. What one must look for is that these prospective ires embody the core values, which involve passion to challenge convention, empower end-users, ensure security. Intellectual strength, curiosity, patience, determination, grit is something that Blockchain employees must-have

What Should I Expect In The Hiring Process?

It starts with an introductory conversation with Talent team members, and if they are satisfied, a call is scheduled with the Hiring Manager. The conversation with Hiring Manager is a two-way exploration, where they share about their role and answer queries raised by the interviewee. If fit for the role, the invitation is made for a face-to-face interview that is conducted with 3-5 people. This process involves meeting the hiring manager who works through a challenge. Now this challenge varies as per the role and could be executed before the interview. The prospect will meet 3-4 interviewers who give a broader sense of the team and assess how the prospect can contribute to creating an open, accessible, and fair financial future. 

If all goes well, the prospect will hear from the company within a week and will be asked for references and invited to meet the CEO. In three days they will know whether they’re moving to the offer stage. Simultaneously, the company will be contact references and get the offer together. After references are checked, an offer letter is sent. 

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