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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Service

With the drag-and-drop capabilities of low-code platforms, we can develop applications for specific business jobs, from customer-facing apps to integration with 3rd-party solutions.

Types of Software Testing & QA Services we offer

At Emizentech, we test functional and non-functional software features to meet business needs and provide an out-of-the-box user experience.


Regression Testing

Our team of proficient testers ensures that the code change and the recent upgrades lay no adverse impact on the program’s previously tested form. Well, in regression testing, our QAs test all the features thoroughly along with the functionality to locate the security loopholes or potential bugs if they’re in the whole program.


Performance Testing

At Emizentech, we offer performance testing that includes many measures to ensure that your digital product or the platform renders the best performance. We also make sure that the app performs as expected under a specific workload. Through performance testing, we overcome enhanced load time, inefficient responsiveness, and also instability.


Usability Testing

Well, our complete usability testing goes one step ahead of the essential functionality testing services. We conduct visual testing, mobility, cognitive & dexterity testing, and auditory testing in usability testing. We recognize potential usability issues in the starting phase and emerge with a seamless product.


Security Testing

We perform penetration testing and risk assessment to protect the app from malicious threats and hackers. We recognize potential usability issues in the starting phase and emerge with a seamless product. We conduct web app security tests, Black, White, & Grey Box security tests, remote access security tests, and N/w service tests.


Functional Testing

Our team of expert QAs ensures that your app or software functions in a usual manner. They perform end-to-end functional testing and target chiefly on database, user interface, API’s, security, client or server app and the similar app functionalities.


Compatibility Testing

At Emizentech, the QA team tests the complete compatibility of the apps with distinct databases, browsers, server infrastructures, hardware, devices, and resolution displays. We ensure flawless functionality and data integrity also.

Custom Testing & QA Services for Types of Softwares and Apps

Our QA professionals have years of experience in making your software and apps efficient, bug-free, and more secure to provide the best value for your investment.

Desktop Software Testing

Our desktop test engineers test the whole architecture of your software, test its functionality, examine its performance under distinct load conditions, and conduct hardware compatibility testing.

Web App Testing

Well, a web app or website exhibits the face of a brand to its customers. That’s why it should be powerful enough. To check out its strength, we offer a web testing service that makes sure that the performance is high, the web app or website holds optimum security features, functions properly, and is stable.

Mobile App Testing

Today, the mobile device platform is ruling the most. That’s why we provide your audience or customers with the best mobile app experience. We hold a dedicated mobile testing team that conducts thorough, precise, and efficient testing of mobile apps.

eCommerce Testing

We know that the growth of any eCommerce business relies on the online shopping experience they offer to their customers. At Emizentech, we use the most effective and latest testing tools to conduct eCommerce testing. We assist in refining the shopping experience of your customers.

Game Testing

Emizentech also includes a game testing department. The QAs in the same department are specialized in verifying the quality of all sorts of games. We identify and locate the bugs and defects in a game and enhance its performance and stability.

SaaS Testing

Today, SaaS solutions are widely accepted by many organizations and industries. Our SaaS testing includes many validation processes that are crafted to make sure the best quality software. We conduct data integration testing, scalability testing, reliability testing, security testing, and more.

Tools & Technology Stack

Mobile App Testing Tools

  • DNN Katalon
  • DNN Test Studio
  • DNN Appium

Web App Testing Tool

  • DNN Selenium
  • jasmine Jasmine
  • Katalon Katalon Test Studio
  • nightwatch-circle Nightwatch.js

API Testing Tool

  • soapui SoapUI
  • rest-assured Rest assured
  • postman Postman

Performance Testing Tools

  •  Blazemeter Blazemeter
  •   Apache Apache
  •  JMeter JMeter

Cloud Based Testing Tools

  • browstack Browser Stack

BDD Testing Framework

  • SpecFlow Specflow
  • cucumber Cucumber

Security Testing Tools

  • owa OWASP
  • zap ZAP

Test Management Tool

  • trello Trello
  • HP_logo HP
  • anm ALM
  • Jira Jira
  • TestRail TestRail
  • pivotal Pivotal Tracker

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