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Get your connected devices from our adept developers to transform your complex business process into user-friendly and simple ones. At Emizentech, we use the power of IoT technology by connecting processes, data, and users.

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IoT Development Services

Our leading IoT app development company offers end-to-end IoT development services at the best prices. Let’s delve deeper to know what our development services include.


IoT Development Consulting

We have a team of IoT development consultants who offer the best consulting services to clients to help them reimagine their business processes, online presence, and complete impact in the digital world. They provide solutions to help them develop smart devices.


Backend & API Development

Apart from developing a server, app, and database to allow them to communicate with each other, our expert developers build a product that performs smoothly, meets the users’ needs, and crafts a perfect user experience that may gain clients’ loyalty.


Custom IoT App Development

At Emizentech, we provide top IoT development services with strong hardware and software technologies integration for best performance, always running successfully. The strength of connected devices and energize enterprises with the next-gen IoT products.


IoT Gateway Development

Our developers offer the required IoT gateway development services that permit bridging the communication gap between the sensors, devices, systems, equipment, and the cloud. This eases with local processing and storage.


IoT Integration

Well, integration is the key. With Emizentech, you get the expected IoT integration services that assist in getting data from smart devices and moving it into business apps to automate the processes, support real-time monitoring, and apply the analytics for insights.


IoT All Testing

Our IoT professionals just make sure that the software and hardware perform amazingly together to render a perfectly connected experience. Our team has the required skills that are essential to offer complete IoT services at affordable prices.


IoT Implementation

IoT infrastructure holds many tools, devices, and sensors, and every vendor is attempting to emerge as the standard. We offer successful IoT implementation by integrating IoT components with the existing systems.


IoT Maintenance & Support

Apart from offering IoT development services, we at Emizentech offer comprehensive implementation, maintenance, and support services to our clients to always run successfully.

Benefits business can avail through IoT application

IoT tech can assist in achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage in the industry. Let’s check more benefits of IoT for the companies.

Get Your Customized Application According to Your Unique Business Requirements With Our Low-Code App Development Services.

Minimized Downtime IoT development lowers down downtime because of timely maintenance and predicted equipment breakdowns.

Enhanced Employee Safety You will get improved employee safety through IoT development as it monitors the employees’ health state and work time and warns them in case of exhaustion.

Operational EfficiencyThrough IoT development, operational efficiency increases that lead to reduced operating costs.

Consumer Behavior Insights IoT eases the accumulation of analyzing and tracking the customers’ movements in the physical shops and their interactions with the goods and shelves to enhance the customer experience.

Effective Decision-Making Through the advanced analysis of the collected IoT data, we can improve data-driven business flow.

IoT DevelopmentCompany

Get your connected devices from our adept developers to transform your complex business process into user-friendly and simple ones. At Emizentech, we use the power of IoT technology by connecting processes, data, and users.

At Emizentech, we ensure rapid development cycles, innovative digital transformational tales, and easy coding. We develop low-code applications that use visual drag-and-drop development methods. We use the best low-code platforms to build short-term apps with simple and easy user interfaces. Such platforms are perfect for creating quick and straightforward apps that don’t demand any customization.

Our developers explore varied common use-cases across industries with low-code, such as retail, telecom, utilities, healthcare, etc. With low-code, we develop and modernize business applications that streamline digital operations and create personalized experiences. Additionally, we transform your solutions perfectly into a platform and develop an ecosystem to grab new market opportunities.

We also apply low-code to CRM and develop applications that optimize and automate your business work. It proves to be best in several departments, such as marketing, sales, and services. Additionally, we use low-code to develop applications that automate processes and handle them more effectively. Our Low-code BPM (Business Process Management) is easier to use and design than other BPM platforms. We craft the best applications that never share confidential data with third parties with our exceptional low-code solutions.

Industry-Specific IoT Development Services

Our team of adroit developers offers industry-specific IoT software development services to go with the clients’ expectations. So, come and unlock a linked ecosystem’s value with our customized IoT solutions for varied industries.


Counted among the leading IoT development firms, we deliver high-end wearable apps to enhance user experience and improve business performance. Our smart wearables accumulate and analyze data, and in some cases, also make smarter decisions and offer responses to users and more.


We at Emizentech develop IoT-enabled apps that permit real-time fleet management and enhance transportation efficiency for the industry of logistics. We simplify route optimization, enable real-time monitoring, and track surveillance, security, and safety. Also, we craft apps and systems that can allow smart location management to track vehicle location, driver activities, delivery status, and more.


Our IoT app programmers focus on enhancing smart home adoption all through multitenant platforms energized with sensory recognition. Our team of experts offers complete peace of mind to our clients by developing the best solutions to increase their security and comfort at their homes. Our data solutions assist in gaining visibility in the way people use devices, spaces, and facilities and enhance the safety and efficiency of smart homes. At Emizentech, our smart city IoT solutions empower citizens and cities to render innovative digital services.


We allow remote patient monitoring, make care coordination smarter, develop connected wearables and medical devices, and more by developing our IoT services smarter. Our web and mobile apps connect all the smart healthcare participants. Also, our team creates monitoring and tracking software to allow complete visibility in healthcare processes and facilities. Altogether, we combine IoT development and data science to render smarter data solutions for healthcare.


We just facilitate the manufacturers to realize the digital revolution by accessing the data generated across the manufacturing value chain via the strength of connected things. We ease production asset management and maintenance, optimize field services, manufacture the operations management, and access safety and control solutions.


Our well-recognized IoT app development company holds the caliber to deliver flexible, feature-packed, embedded smart car platforms and connected navigation solutions in and beyond the car. Such cars are linked over an IoT network that connects smart transport systems and vehicles. Also, connected cars permit rapid data transmission and enhance the response time of drivers all through increased vehicle communication.


Our top IoT solutions ensure that the connectivity between retailers and manufacturers is better and drive transparency & cost-effectiveness all through optimized supply chain processing, traffic management, and warehousing. Such devices commonly use sensors for measuring data worldwide, including movement calculations, locations, temperatures, real-time shipments, better quality management, etc.


You can leverage our IoT systems to handle energy distribution with real-time precision, develop energy-efficient developing systems, provide smart lighting solutions, facilitate fault detection, smart metering solutions, smart building energy management, connected AC and heating systems, etc.


Inventory Management


Our infrastructure automation solutions use IoT to resolve the cities and infrastructure-relevant issues, like traffic control, street lighting, congestion, and surveillance. At Emizentech, we provide a complete range of powerful and proven infrastructure automation solutions and services to render strategic values for our clients’ businesses.


Inventory Management


We can assist you in developing IoT solutions to optimize your inventory and supply chain management. Also, our Retail & eCommerce IoT solutions enhance employees’ and customers’ experience by introducing automation to all the processes, from restocking to check out. Also, our team holds the expertise in developing IoT apps for retail companies that assist them in analyzing customer behavior, offer improved in-store shopping experience, and boost revenue.

We expertise over leading IOT Platforms

We have teams of professionals who are experts at enhancing operational efficiencies by connecting processes, people, and information together utilizing leading IOT platforms and technologies.


AWS IoT Core

We are experts at AWS IoT Core managed services that permit a limitless number of sensors and devices to interact with cloud apps securely. AWR provides supercharged, dedicated servers for complex apps and holds the caliber to handle various devices and huge data rates.

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IBM Watson IoT

At Emizentech, our team of proficient developers provides a robust background in the IBM Watson IoT platform, a cloud-hosted, managed service crafted to ease your IoT project.

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Our professionals prefer using Losant, a robust and easy-to-use Enterprise IoT platform for developing secure, scalable, and real-time connected solutions. Losant Enterprise IoT platform arrives with various components, like data visualization, end-user experience, devices and data sources, visual workflow engine, and edge computing.

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Google Cloud IoT

One more robust managed and integrated service, the Google Cloud IoT platform, provides a comprehensive solution for developing and managing numerous connected devices worldwide. Our team assists in adding the strength of Google Cloud IoT to connect and manage secure IoT devices.

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GE Predix

Emizentech provides a background in GE Predix to develop apps that may connect people with industrial machines for the best business outcomes. Also, Predix analyzes data efficiently, predicts, and informs the control center to conduct essential steps to avoid any critical events.

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At Emizentech, we specialize in ThingWorx, an emerging and powerful IoT platform that provides solutions with reduced risk, cost-efficiency, and diminished development time. Moreover, it holds flexible solutions for rapid development, integration, and deployment for various IoT solutions.

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Low-code is a software development strategy that needs little to no coding to develop apps and processes. A low-code development platform utilizes visual interfaces with accessible drag-and-drop features despite extensive coding languages.

Low code development comes with various benefits, like:

  • Best for professional developers
  • It saves time and cost
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Easy customization of code

No, it’s not true. Low-code development is best for any business of any size. Whether their need is to improve their CRM or automate their specific business process using low-cope BPM, low-code platforms also suit small businesses and large enterprises.

From an HR manager of your organization to a professional developer, everyone can develop solutions using low-code—besides, the scalability and intuitive nature of low-code permit all to craft tools to automate their jobs.

A non-professional is a citizen developer who utilizes no-code or low-code technology to build applications. A citizen developer should not necessarily be a coding expert to use it; that’s why they are different from professional developers.

Yes, of course! Some vendors provide CRM modules as a functionality of their low code platform. It instills a competitive advantage in the organizations as they can use CRM solutions solely without low-code potential. It facilitates them to develop essential apps to improve and automate their sales, marketing, or service processes.

Yes, in business, business process management is one of the top apps of low-code technology. It assists both professional and citizen developers in developing apps that automate processes easily and quickly.

Well, the time for building a low-code solution depends on varied aspects, like

  • Team Size
  • Type of your application
  • The complexity of the app etc.