Nowadays, as we have much to accomplish and explore, we usually have busy schedules. Some of us are caught with the work, while the rest stay occupied with household chores, family, routine jobs, and more. Amidst such a scenario, we fail to spare even a moment for self-care, home care, and other varied needs. 

With the transformation of this globe into a tech-oriented world, we can get things done with just a single tap. You can operate the applications and meet your needs for products or services. Among such requirements, home services are picked mainly by app users. These are the modern solutions for traditional issues. 

Today, you can catch up with varied on-demand home service applications in the mobile app market that can assist you in fulfilling all such types of requirements anytime, anywhere. 

And when it comes to on-demand home service apps, Urban Company (former UrbanClap) is a name that strikes our head. 

As you are here to know how to develop an app like Urban Company, this post will guide you on your pathway towards developing an on-demand home service application. 

What is Urban Company or UrbanClap?

Rolled out in November 2014, UrbanClap kickstarted with an intent to empower professionals worldwide to meet the home services, exceptionally. Asia’s largest online home service platform, the Urban Company, operates in the USA, India, Australia, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Using this platform, customers can book top-quality and reliable home services. 

Urban Company 5 Year Journey

In India, Urban Company was initiated as a startup and soon witnessed a hike in its customer base. 

A one-stop destination for all your urban living-style, Urban Company, previously known as UrbanClap, lets you hire local experts and professionals to meet your home service needs. 

urban company roadmap journey

India’s and UAE’s one of the top at-home service providers, UrbanClap, today Urban Company, offers services divided into two verticals, Home Repairs & Maintenance and Beauty & Wellness. 

The app users are allowed to post the service they need; on the other edge, the service providers can revert to that query post with the required budget and timeline needed to accomplish the job. Besides, people can connect with nearby service providers listed on the app and get their tasks done by paying the applicable charges. 

In general terms, the Urban company is an all-in-one platform that avails professional services to the users, like cleaning, electricity fitting, beauty, home cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc. 

Post the recent lockdown; this brand attained an enhanced trust of its clients because of the increasing hygiene awareness. 

Urban Company Near Me Services
Urban Company Near Me Services

What Market Stats Say About Urban Clap App?

  • Today, around 3+ million people use the UrbanClap app.
  • On the Urban Company, on average, approx. 4,50,00 monthly transactions take place.
  • The brand affirms that out of ten professionals, only one is usually selected because everyone wants the best professionals to conduct their job ideally. That’s why UrbanClap’s average rate is about 4.2.
  • In April 2021, the Urban Company raised about $255 million in Series F funding. 
  • As per the details available on the company’s website, UrbanClap holds around 32,000+ trained professionals and 5+ million happy customers in 56 cities and six countries. 
  • Regularly, the brand receives about 5000 daily customer requests. 

Why Develop an On-Demand Home Service App like Urban Company

Boost Sales

Developing a mobile app like UrbanClap will help increase sales by showcasing generic details, like booking reports, rates, broadcast feeds, user accounts, search choices, etc. 

Increase Market Visibility

For businesses, on-demand apps offer development guidance and exhibit economic growth, and it’s one of the best ways to engage users. 


On-demand home-assistance apps save the time and money of the users as well-equipped with the modern way of searching for online service providers and allocating jobs to verified professionals. Also, the services are checked and handpicked before appending to the app. 

Sponsored Profiles for Increased Profits

The on-demand home service apps allow the professionals to post their profiles by sponsoring themselves, which will result in increased profits. 

User-Friendly Design for Easy Access

The upgraded, seamless design and the user-friendly app offer an improved user experience and let users access the services effortlessly. 

Multiple Online-Payment Options to Attract Customers

Customers would love to be repeat consumers on getting varied online payment options. It will maintain payment tracking and lead to hassle-free payment.

Separate Advertisement Sections on App 

The app’s design element assists in combining various ad sections for advertisements that may not interrupt the UI. 

Secured & Safe App with Unchanged Details

The app, with many security trials, ensures that any unexpected hacking trials may not affect the process. The contact details, verifications, and ratings of the service providers may stay unchanged. 

Better Communication with Customers

To increase the caliber of the communication channels, the apps are one of the best picks. Customers can catch up with everything concerning services too quickly. Also, you can resolve the issues on the app. 

Two–Fold Business Model of UrbanClap

For your routine needs, the Urban Company offers the best-suited professionals. 

An automated matchmaking algorithm that Urban Company uses states guiding them on a pathway to success. 

The company gets a background check and conducts police verification for every partnered professional to make the platform safe for you. 

Let’s now check out the business model of the Urban Company:

Fixed Charged Services

As for what app is used, the users book a home service for an electrician or plumbing job and pay for the help from the company. 

Next, the company accepts the payment and pays it ahead to the hired help post cutting a fixed commission. 

So, when the company receives a fixed commission for offering a hired service, it’s known as the fixed charged services. 

Services without Fixed Charges

The company charges the experts for sponsored listing and lead generation. 

According to this, first, the professional pays a fee for accepting the request. 

On the other edge, the user is not needed to pay instantly, and it entirely relies on professionals. If they meet the users’ expectations, they are paid for the services, and monetization becomes successful. 

When it comes to users, they receive five options on their table, from which they can choose, suiting their comfort. 

In the past few years, the Urban Company has caught up with ultimate success at a constant pace. Besides understanding the users’ requirements, they allocate the right resources and track the whole process simultaneously. 

Lately, the UrbanClap app has started utilizing Artificial Intelligence for data that assist them in assessing the users’ requirements. 

The founder of this brand has merged AI, and Machine Learning supported processes to uncover how the decisions are finalized. 

The company handles every department seamlessly and efficiently so a user can experience top-quality services at home. 

If the company moves ahead like the same, the Urban Company’s business model will emerge as an aspiring accomplishment. 

Revenue Model: How Urban Company Makes Money?

The Urban Company generates money in four ways:

Reverse Auction

The Urban Company promotes the services of service providers. In return, they charge a fixed amount from them. Besides promoting, the brand assists the service providers in lead generation and conversions. 


UrbanClap produces around 85% of the profits using this revenue model

As we know, the Urban Company provides on-demand home services by professionals; it charges a fixed cost from the users demanding the services. Ahead, the brand pays a commission for any task the professionals perform for the customers. 

So, here the company acts as an intermediary and grabs a share in sales.  The more experts get their job done, the more profit the app receives. 


The manufacturers, services, and businesses use the Urban Company platform to run their promotional stuff and advertisements in exchange for an advertising fee to the brand. 

Lead Generation

Well, the commission model is for specific and fixed jobs. But, what about the consumers who can approach a particular need? 

The Urban Company allows the users to list their needs regarding home services, like as plumber, carpenter, beautician, etc. So, the company offers the users leads from professionals who can offer them the services they want. 

And on the other hand, once the user chooses an expert, the brand charges both the service provider and the user an amount for the lead generation. 

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

How Urban Company Works?

Obviously, it’s not an easy job to find a professional that may meet the user’s expectations. 

Behind such an issue, a solution finds its way in the face of a brand that provides an exceptional platform where customers can choose an expert suiting their needs, namely Urban Company. 

The app lists the registered and verified service providers and offers an opportunity for the service providers to find part-time gigs or work. 

Besides service providers, the customers too get benefits from such an app. 

The Urban Company operates in two ways:

Customer End

  • Customers can get in-house professional services using the app. 
  • Post downloading the app anytime, the users pick the services depending on their needs. 
  • After choosing a service, the users witness a pop-up on the screen containing the details relevant to all the packages. 
  • Post the user selects a package suiting his budget, he’s asked to fill in the preferable time and date. 
  • The users can review the professionals’ or service providers’ profiles and analyze them. 
  • Customers catch up with varied payment options and ratings, and feedback space.

Professional/Service Provider End

  • One needs to undergo in-depth training to register on this on-demand home service platform.
  • After a consumer picks a service, the service providers in that region get notifications, and next, they offer a request, accept it, or reject it as per their preferences. 
  • The expert may reject or accept, and the notification is sent to the service provider and the customer. 

Features That Makes Urban Clap A Popular & Useful App

Various features that the Urban Company incorporates are as below. We will segregate the components per the users, the customers, service providers, and admin. 

Customers App Features

  • Quick & Simple Registration
  • Simple Login And Login With Social Media Like Facebook & Twitter
  • Data Security & Safety
  • Natural &  User-Friendly Interface
  • Bets Browse Services & Price Ranges
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Set Questionnaire For Service Providers To Select The Best Match
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Service Feedback
  • History Of Works Which You Posted
  • View Service Provider’s Profile And Details
  • Chat & Quote History With Service Providers
  • In-App Chat With A Service Provider
  • Payment History

Service Providers Features

  • Fast Registration & Simple Login Feature
  • Profile Analysis & Approval By Admin
  • Different Rate Plans
  • Real-Time Data
  • Full Clarity Maintained
  • In-App Chat With A Customer
  • Service Rate & Charges Listing- Hourly, Fixed, Experienced Base Quote
  • Set Availability & Service Times
  • Reply To Client’s Feedback
  • Update Work State
  • Work History And Payment History
  • GPS Location Tracking

Admin Panel Features

  • Full Admin Control Panel
  • Map View For Locations Of Associates & Clients
  • Advance CMS & CRM
  • Record Management System For Clients & Partners
  • Backup & Restore Facility
  • Work Records, Bill & Payment History
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Accounts & Taxation Part
  • Global Access
  • Set Ads & Promotions
  • Auto Backup 24*7
  • Sales Analytics
  • Notification Control From The Back End
  • Different MIS Reports
  • Price & Subscription Plan Management

What Services Are Provided by Urban Company?

Let’s check out the top services the Urban Company offers:

1. Home Design and Construction

This UrbanClap app allows users to book home design and construction services, including the below. Consumers demand the best of all services when it comes to home construction and designing. And here, on Urban Company, they catch up with the same. 

  • Architect model
  • Interior Designer
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Painters: House/ office coloring
  • CCTV Cameras installation

2. Home Moving/ Shifting

Obviously, on-demand home services also hold such a kind of service when the users book the home shifting or moving service that embraces the following. Besides packing, when people shift to a new space, they catch up with varied new issues. Here, they prefer connecting with the Urban Company. 

  • Packers & movers
  • Pest control
  • Water Tank

3. Home Cleaning and Repair

A traditional issue that is resolved in a modern way, home cleaning and repair is widespread among the rest on-demand home services. The users usually seek assistance in their busy schedules, and people don’t get time for cleaning or similar chores. 

  • Electricals & Electronic Repair: Geyser Repair, Washing Machine, TV and Freeze Services
  • Plumber for Plumbing Services
  • Carpenter for Furniture
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Soft & Carpet Cleaning

4. Tutors & Lessons

The users also look for tutors and educational spots near their homes. The Urban Company lists such a service also that eases them in finding the best tutors. Also, you can find dance teachers, music instructors, and more. 

  • Home Tutor
  • Dance Masters
  • Music Teacher
  • Different Languages Tutors

5. Party & Event Services

Undoubtedly, the responsibility of any event, be it birthdays or get-togethers, may sound exciting but trust us appears to be quite hectic and stressful. So, people ask for a helping hand from the Urban Company. And the brand, in return, offers you the listing of the best and most popular event and party management services from which you can pick matching your budget and preferences. 

  • Birthday Party
  • Inauguration Arrangements
  • Festival Party
  • Theme Party
  • And More Event Organizations

6. Wedding Planner Services

When it comes to wedding planning, one can’t bear an entire load of management and relevant responsibilities. Here arrives the UrbanClap as a big savior that stands up to divide all your wedding planning duties, including the wedding home booking, wedding attire selection, bridal make-over booking, and everything that comes under this roof. 

  • Wedding Planner
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Pre-wedding & Post-Wedding Photography

7. Health & Wellness

The Urban Company arrives with a wide range of services for its users with the target to put your nutrition and health first. It lists the professionals who are experts at offering the top health and wellness services. 

8. Business

The business services may embrace varied activities and tasks that assist in maintaining businesses. It may hold the below services:

  • Web Designer & Developer
  • App Developer
  • Lawyers
  • CA for Taxation to Small Business

9. Kids

The Urban Company offers varied services to help users find the best for their kids. They can catch up with tutors, haircuts, day-care services, and much more. 

  • Baby Portfolio Photographer
  • Home Tutor
  • Drum Class
  • Guitar Lessons at Home

Similar Apps that Can Act as Urban Clap Alternatives

Let’s know about various on-demand home service apps that deliver professional services to meet your daily chores needs. 


Available for: Android, iOS

Thumbtack app

Anyone needing a DJ, landscaper, massager, or anyone, can find them on Thumbtack; that’s free to download.

You can hire local experts near you relevant to your project for home construction, designing, fitness, beauty, and more. You can even filter your search as per your preferences, like budget, location, and more. 


Available for: Android, iOS

airtasker app

Obviously, the to-do list is always long and holds various uncompleted tasks. 

Well, to take off your burden, you can go on a pathway towards Airtasker. It permits posting the required tasks and provides you with the best-suiting services. While the job is in progress, the app keeps the payment; once it gets accomplished, it releases it into the tasker account. 


Available for: Android, iOS

taskrabbit app

The easiest way to find trusted and expert taskers near you is Taskrabbit. This app can find everything from home moving/shifting, home cleaning, home construction, and much more. 


Available for: Android, iOS

Mr. Right app

A trusted place for all types of home services and repair-relevant tasks is Mr. Right. Whether you need pest control, electrician, cash wash, appliance, repair, or home cleaning services, this app has covered you.


Available for: Android 

Simmber app

The Zimmber app offers a wide range of trusted services as a one-stop spot for all your home services. You can use this app to book the services and get them done by the top professionals nearby your area. You can choose your preferred time slot for your ease. 

How To Develop An App Like Urban Company / Urbanclap?

Define Your App’s Motive

Before you build an app, the first thing that you should target is crafting a motive for your app. Decide what your app will serve your customers. 

Market Analysis

Next, you should observe the market as it will definitely help you ahead. Most importantly, by analyzing the market, you will know your customers’ needs and design your app uniquely that is not similar to your competitors. 

Be Specific About Features to Be Added 

At this stage, it’s time to finalize the features you want to incorporate into your on-demand app. If you’re going to develop an app like the Urban Company, you can focus on the below features:

  • User Login/Registration
  • User Profile
  • Change Password
  • Forget Password
  • Edit Profile

You can also add some more features like a location tracker, social media interaction, various payment methods, and much more. 

Design Prototype

By producing a prototype for your app, you can engage more investors in your app. This way, you can catch up with the actual advantages of your app, despite just imagining them. 

Select The Target Platform 

It’s essential to choose the right platform for your app to attain success. You can select Android, iOS, cross-platform, web app, hybrid app, and more. 

Mobile App Designing 

Developing an app with a lightweight yet engaging design is crucial. Remember to create an UrbanClap clone app; your app should offer a seamless and flawless functioning experience. 

App Testing

This is one of the important phases of app development that locate the bugs of an app. Testing your app will lead to an error-free and bug-free app. 

But for conducting these tasks, you need to hire an app development team, including:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Quality Analyst

What is the Cost of Developing An App like the UrbanClap?

Well, the cost of developing an app relies on various factors; it goes the same here. 

We can’t showcase a fixed cost of developing an app like the Urban Company, but we can go ahead with an approximate range. It may cost between $10,000 to $30,000 to build a simple app for a single platform with basic features. 

An app with more functionality and features costs $50,000 to $80,000. 

Wrapping Up

In today’s era, everyone demands easy management of things, be it at home or workspace. That’s why developing the Urban Company Clone app would be a perfect opportunity to attain success in the years to come. 

Today, one of the most successful and widely-known apps, Urban Company, offers on-demand home services that ease the life of people worldwide. Regularly, the company expands its roots to stay ahead of the curve and competitive. 

Presently, an on-demand home-help app is a scalable and robust platform that showcases the best quality and most comfortable services at your doorstep. So, if you want to develop an app like UrbanClap, it would be the right decision for grasping the immediate user attention that an on-demand app needs for the rise. 

So, it’s your time and the most favorable moment to make home services available to customers all over the globe. 

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