The growing technology and digitalization of almost everything have started making people want everything on their fingertips and make the most of what is available on their mobile devices. The noticeable changes in digital trends have increased the interest of the users. From booking tickets to the nightclubs to movies and special events, everything comes handy to them now.

Event Tickets Booking Mobile App – Overview

book tickets for event app

An event ticket booking mobile app is a solution to the tedious process of making bookings either standing in queues at the ticket counter or through the web. With the help of applications, one can directly make their account and like and save the dates of the events that are of interest. They can check for the dates and the kinds of seats available at a show, club, or event. Event Booking Mobile app offers the users a seamless experience of making bookings and takes the users through the entire booking process hassle-free. The reservations can be made remotely through the app, giving a boost to the business of these applications.

Event ticket booking mobile applications apps also introduce the places of your interest in a city, if one is new to a place. It helps people to meet like-minded people at places that draw their attention. Information like the event details, timings, venue, ticket price, etc. is displayed on the app installed in the devices of the users.

Such apps also help in spreading awareness about any festivals that are being celebrated on the day in the city. For instance, Durga puja is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in India and pandals are set up in different communities, cities, and other parts of the country. One can learn about all details on the event booking apps and also book their tickets from these apps.

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Overview of the Event Ticket Booking Mobile App

Giving respite to the traditional ways of booking tickets for events, festivals, movies, hotels among other things, the ticket booking apps have gradually been installed in over half the population’s phones. It puts the businesses into a win-win situation by allowing a huge number of people to access the online ticket booking counter to make reservations remotely. Customers today don’t need a delay and an overhauled process of booking their tickets, and this is the best solution to such problems. Take a look at how the online boking apps work:

  • It allows a user to access the event details at odd times of the day as well. One does not have to wait until the morning office timings to check the details of an event. They can choose from a large number of events available in the app and make up their mind according to their choice.
  • The apps can collect money for the bookings without having any manual personnel, as the users make online payments which directly reflect in the bank accounts of these business owners.
  • The event organizers can save their time through these services, as they won’t have to deal with each user separately. The manual labor is reduced and an end number of the user base can book tickets simultaneously.
  • The online booking apps allow service providers to keep a check on the number of tickets sold. A seat sold through the app can be marked in some color so that new users can select from the remaining seats at an event.
  • The online transparency in the booking system, helps the service providers create records, and get real-time insight into their growth.

Why Invest in Event Booking Mobile App -Market Size and The Statistics

The event industry has grown leaps and bounds with the introduction of online booking apps, which has made life easier for the users as well as the businesses. It has not only saved the service providers money on capital investment but has also helped their services grow to a major extend. Take a look at some statistics:

  • According to Statista, the expected annual growth rate is 34.7 percent, which has projected the market volume of US $81,979 million by 2024.
  • By the end of the year 2020, it is projected that the revenue in the segment of event ticket booking will reach up to USD $24,883 million.
  • Sports is the largest segment in the industry, and it is believed to grow to USD $9,581 million this year.
  • Comparing the trends in all countries, the maximum revenue generated would be from the United States (USD $9,246 million by the end of 2020).
graphical representation of rising trends

Take a look at the graphical representation of rising trends in events year wise.

chart of the users booking through apps

Another chart of the users booking through these apps. These figures have been made keeping in mind the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.

There has already been a paradigm shift in the ticket booking method from the traditional means to ticketing apps. People have welcomed this change and are reciprocating to it with a likeness. This has shown a drastic decrease in the potential fake ticket selling.

detailed app report

According to a report, the majority of users of the app belonged to the age group of 25 to 34 in 2019. Take a look at the detailed report:

Learn More About Ticket-Buying Habits of People

When and why do People Buy Event Tickets

 Source: Eventbrite

Benefits of these apps to the customers

1. 24-hour service

There are no off days of timings of ticket booking apps and the reservations can be made at any time of the day. The potential users get the benefit of making bookings at any time of day, even at night time, from any place in the world.

2. Information on events

These ticket booking apps have details of all the events happening in the city. The users can get details of all these events and select upon the one that interests them the most.

3. Get Event details

The old school methods of calling up the event agency regarding the details of the event and the performers. Users can simply lookup for the details on the booking apps and get all details under one roof.

4. Less Pricing

When it comes to booking for a sports or entertainment event, or a movie ticket, one is charged according to the seat he selects. Now the entire layout of the seats at an event is displayed on the app, from where the users can come to know about the seats that are expensive and the ones that are cheap, along with the seats that have already been sold out.

5. Easy Payments

The payments are all dealt online, and the users do not have to carry cash with them to the event location. They can make advance bookings by making payments through the ticket booking app itself. This saves them a lot of time.

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Benefits to Event Organizer

1. Business open round the clock

Your business does not have opening and closing timings is accessible from anywhere round the clock. This helps the late-night users also access the event details and get all details at the odd hours as well. This means that the business is operational 24*7.

2. Maximize the reservations

No shows are no more a thing like it used to happen in the past. People who book their tickets online through the app are most likely to attend the event. In case, a user wants to opt-out, he would have to cancel the ticket (the event management team would cost a cancellation fee), and the seat will be open to book for other users.

3. Quick payments

Since the payment is all online, and there is no dealing in the cash, the advance payments help the event organizers get paid quicker and better.

4. No room for phone

Gone are the days when event organizers used to be tied to their phones, attending customer calls on the time. On app, booking has changed trends and made s user self-sufficient, which has helped save a lot of time of the event organizers as well.

5. Sell add-ons for extra income

This event ticket booking platform helps the event organizers get the attention of the users. They can easily sell memorabilia and other items related to their event. Users are most likely to look at these add-ons and purchase them.

6. The calendar is easily manageable

The calendar is always transparent and you can always get details of reservations made by people and check the availability of a venue. The events being organized by the event organizer can be scheduled in accordance with the calendar.

7. Real-time insight into your business

Since everything is happening on the ticket booking app, an event organizing company can get a better perspective of the number of tickets sold and the time-slots sold the most. This helps them get a better understanding of their customers and the timings preferred by them.

Introduction to EventBrite

eventbrive app search

Eventbrite has tasted success and earned a lot of traction in the past couple of years. It is one of the leading ticket booking apps in the world. Giving information to a lot of local events and the performers who will be performing, it also gives even recommendations to the users according to their choice. One can also sneak into the kind of events liked and searched by their friends through the app. The app has an “Add to Facebook” tool, which allows the event organizers to put up their event on the social media platform. This has resulted in higher conversions of the events.

Popular Event Categories

The event industry is expansive and there is no limitation to events that take place on a regular basis. From small tea parties to big music festivals and sports events, there is a lot that you might have not thought of that falls under this category. We will throw light on some of the most popular event categories:

1. Movies and Plays

The most popular events ever, movies call for a number of movie buffs to the theatres, who watch almost every film. Plays are enjoyed by a niche category of people who have a taste for the live performing actors and stage performances. There are a lot of genres to explore from in both categories and there is always an increasing number of audiences who enjoy these events.

2. Sports Events

One of the most booming event categories of all time, sports have a number of events that fall under its wing. From a cricket match to football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and several other, stadiums are always thronged with spectators. The special tournaments and matches also see a surge in ticket selling online.

3. Musical Events

These events are mostly enjoyed by the youngsters as it showcases the talent of singers, orchestras and musical groups and bands. These types of events are quite lively and musical.

4. Seminars and Conferences

Pertaining to different topics and, these seminars and conferences are mostly of college and school going students or business houses.

5. Recreational and Cultural Events

These include a number of events and activities organized by local communities and councils. These can include sports activities or events, social banquets, parties, picnics camping, and bag packing activities, or art and craft activities.

Revenue Model of Ticket Booking Apps

The revenue model of these apps is not too complex as they have their set parameters of earning money. Take a quick look at how they earn money through their app:

  • A fixed amount of return is charged form the event organizers for each ticket booked for an event.
  • Cover a wide range of sports to scale up profits.
  • Some apps also do special screenings of movies, which help them earn additional revenue.
  • Advertisements of third parties are paid, which helps the ticket booking apps earn revenue.
  • Finally, they also allow feature coverage of certain events on their homepage. This space on the homepage is chargeable and the event organizers pay a heavy amount for this.

Top Event Booking Apps Around the World

The ticket booking apps have become quite successful with the evolution of mobile smartphones and increased internet bandwidth. With some of the leading and more established platforms that are already doing well, there are many that are still making way to fame. Let’s look at the most popular ticketing apps around the world:

1. BookMyShow


This is one of the most popular event booking apps that allows the users to make reservations for movies, events, sports events, musical concerts, and many more event categories. It is quite secure and the transactions can be done without saving the information of the users. The app also allows the users to see the reviews of the events and chat with their friends after booking for an event.

2. Ticketmaster


This American ticket booking app is used for booking venues in the U.S. It is a platform where the event companies sell their tickets to the users.

3. StubHub


A property of eBay, this app is a platform where the sellers sell tickets for their events to the potential buyers. These include event categories like theatre, concerts, sports, entertainment events, etc.

4. SeatGeek


Established in 2009, the app provides tickets for a number of events including sports, theatre, and concerts. One can look at the color code of seats, book tickets, and give their ticket a print command directly.



This app doesn’t only provide the users with tickets, but also offer them a plethora of other offers and features while enjoying the event. Users can make bookings for food online, which will be delivered to them on their seats during the course of the event. The events covered under this app include the likes of concerts, plays, sports, and movies.

General Features of Event Ticket Booking Mobile App

Customers Panel Features

1. Registration

Like all other apps, this too shall ask the user to fill in their details and ask them to make their account before making any transaction. The user can either fill up the details and get himself registered or sign up through any one of his social media accounts like Facebook or Google, for a faster signing up process. He can also sign up through email or phone number verification code.

2. Neat By Events

The location of the user is founded with the help of GPS tracking. This enables the user to get information about the events and concerts happening near him.

3. Search Filters

A user can add his likes in the app by marking some filters. This will trickle down his search to exactly what he is expecting to see on his homepage. One can choose the kind of events he likes and a suitable time for him.

4. Event listings

The homepage of an app will have listings of the events that are taking place near the user, or in his/her city. This will give him access to a larger number of events along with the details of each event.

5. Reviews and Ratings

One of the most important features for the users, as it helps them decide whether to book a ticket or now. The rating of each event becomes the word of a user on an event after watching it.

6. Booking Confirmation Email

As soon as the ticket is booked via the app, it is sent to the email id of a user for future reference, or to show it at the event venue.

7. Ticket Download

A user can make a booking and download the ticket on his phone. It is like a gate pass for him at the venue. This saves the user extra time spent on printing the ticket and carrying it with himself to the venue.

8. See Booking History

A user’s booking history is recorded in the app itself, in which he can go back and look up at any point in time in the future. This helps him retain the dates he attended an event.

9. Select Desired Seat

seat booking in events app

A user can look at the seating arrangement at any event and select a seat according to his preference. He also gets access to the seats that are still available and can be booked by him.

Admin Features – Ticket Event Booking App

1. Customized Dashboard

This gives the admin the complete control over the performance of the app, helping them get insight on the app. The real-time analytics of the downloads made, tickets booked for each event, a number of users on the app, are all available on the dashboard.

2. Management of the Shows and Events

The admin has the authority to change and edit the event details and information at any point of time. The users can be informed of the special pricing of tickets for a charity event or any such thing.

3. Management of the Venue

This feature enables the admin to make alterations to the venue details of an event of at any point in time the venue of an event gets canceled or changed.

4. Content Management

This feature is important for the admin as they can edit the content details on the homepage or their application. Any event can be added or removed at any given point of time from the app with this feature.

5. Push Notifications

The admin can send a notification pertaining to an event and its details to the users. If a user has asked for details on and event, the admin can quickly send it to his mobile device with this feature.

6. Booking Manager

Admin knows all about the booking status of an event with the help of this feature. They can control and manage the bookings here.

7. Managing Revenue

The money earned through the app can be easily managed by the admin, as the payments are all made online and the process is transparent.

Features – Event Organizers

1. Real-Time Statistics

They will conveniently get real-time insight into the number of tickets sold for their event on a ticket booking app.

2. Manage Details of the Attendees

They can get access to the details of the users who have bought tickets to their event through the app.

3. Events By Organization

All events of the event organizers are listed under this feature, irrespective of the time they have been showcased.

4. Make Live Announcements

This enables the event organizers to send in live updated in the form of announcements to the users.

5. View Bookings and Cancelation

Organizers can view their Events bookings and cancelations

Advanced Features to Include in Event Ticket Booking Mobile App

1. Social Sign Up-Login

Like all other apps, this too shall ask the user to fill in their details and ask them to make their account before making any transaction. The user can either fill up the details and get himself registered or sign up through any one of his social media accounts like Facebook or Google, for a faster signing up process. He can also sign up through email or phone number verification code.

2. Booking Engines

This allows the users to book the seats of their choice on the app itself. The seating arrangement at an event is displayed on their screen, with markings for seats for different pricing.

3. Event Feeds

Users get information about all events happening near them. These feeds are quite regular on their mobile devices as their preferences are saved by the apps for future purposes.

4. Booking Confirmation Screen

This is the summary of the order placed by the user, consisting of the name and date of the show, price of the ticket, image, venue details, seat number, confirmation email address, and phone number. The booking screen is shared with the user on his phone before proceeding to the final payment process.

5. Push Notification

This one is for the admin, where they can inform the users about new shows, timings and details by sending push-notifications on their mobiles.

6. Geo-Location Tracking:

It is important for the admin to know where their user is based out of, as they can further send them suggestions of events taking place near them. This helps in generating interest of the users as they get to know about the events taking place in close proximity.

7. Events on Map

event booking location

This one is for the user to navigate with the mark up of all events on a map. This display is good for those who have a keen interest in events and like to stay updated with the information about all that’s happening near them

8. In-App Navigation:

The user should be offered a seamless experience by enabling in-app navigation, allowing him to navigate from one feature to the other without having to close the app of a tab.

8. Real-time Analytics

Since everything is happening on the ticket booking app, an event organizing company can get a better perspective of the number of tickets sold and the time-slots sold the most. This additional feature helps them get a better understanding of their customers and the timings preferred by them.

9. Role-Based Dashboards

Admin can look up at the activities happening on the app through their dashboard. The real-time analytics of the downloads made, tickets booked for each event, the number of users on the app, are all available on the dashboard.

10. Efficient Content Management System

This helps the users in managing the content on their screen by dragging and dropping widgets.

11. Customer Relationship Management System

Customer relationship management is one of the most healthy features for any application. It helps the customers get in touch with the support team of the app who can listen and act upon their queries at any point of time.

12. QR/Bar Code Scanner

After a booking is made, the app allots a code to a user which is to be shown at the gate of the event venue to get access to the event.

13. In-App Chat

This feature not only allows event organizers and customers to chat with each other but  It also enables the users to chat with people with similar interests on the ticket booking platform.

15. Make Friends

This is a platform where like-minded people come across each other while looking for similar events. Therefore, one might end up making friends here.

14. Reviews & Feedback

This feature is for the users, as it helps them decide whether to book a ticket or now. The rating of each event becomes the word of a user on an event after watching it.

16. WhatsApp Booking Details

Many people are more comfortable with Whats app these days than regular messages. Therefore, the ticket booking applications have made it a point to include the feature of sharing the booking details with the users on the social media app, than sending them the regular old school messages.

17. Check-In Manager App

Once the user is at the event venue, he can post his check-in details on any of his social media details.

18. Multi-Lingual Support

The apps offer support to the users in multiple languages so that people from across the world can easily make bookings.

19.Multi-Currency Support

These apps can offer money in any currency, making it easy for people from other countries as well to book for an event.

Importance of Web Application

The event ticket booking apps should also have their web version for those who prefer making bookings through a web portal than installing an app and making bookings there. For better visibility and growth, these companies should make apps that are compatible with the web version as well. There might be instances when the tourists would want to book for an event and is not feasible for them to download and install apps for a brief period. They should be able to book it from the web version of the ticketing platform.

Required Tech Stack for Event Ticket Booking App Development

Hosting: Amazon EC2
Content delivery network: Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
Push Notifications – Twilio,, Firebase
SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets, Netbanking
Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress,
Email – Mail Chimp Integration
Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark,  Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
Map Navigation – Google Map
UIReactJS, BootStrapJS
Caching– Hazelcast
Code Repository– Git
Load Balancer– Nginx
Messaging queues: AWS Simple Queue System

What Team Structure Required for Event Booking Mobile App Development?

Developing an event booking app might be a lot of time-consuming and need a team of highly professional experts, with relevant experience. Take a look at the pool of talent that puts effort in developing such an app:

  • Project managers
  • Android app developers
  • iOS app developers
  • Front end developers
  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Quality Analysis experts

Cost of Developing an Event Booking Mobile Application

Here are the important aspects that help decide the cost of developing an app like ticket booking.

1. Digital Platforms

One has to decide upon the platforms they want to make their app compatible with. It can be either for an iOS platform, Android, web version, or across platforms. Then they are developed on different frameworks and launched on the platforms. Android app development is costlier as compared to those developed for iOS.

2. Application Complexity

The number of features in an app also helps determine the cost. If you are planning to integrate a lot of features from the beginning, then you might have to put in a lot of money on the development of an event ticket booking app.

3. Custom Features integration

The basic features are always included in the app, however, if you want to include additional features taking it a notch higher, one might have to incur additional cost as well.

4. App Development Timeline

Each app takes its own time in the development phase. Duration plays an important time in determining the cost of an app.

5. Mobile App Development Partner Location

A company might hire people in their team giving them monthly remuneration, while if one is thinking of cutting the cost on the team, they might hire freelancers to work on an hourly basis for them.

The location of your mobile app development partner. This is because different countries have different hourly charges, for instance:

  • Eastern Europe based developers: $50 to $150 per hour
  • South Asia based developers: $80 to $250 per hour
  • South Asia based developers: $10 to $80 per hour
Car Wash Mobile App Development Cost


It is important to mention that the mobile apps that allow companies that take everything on apps and online do much better and add value to their business. Similarly, the event ticket booking apps enhance the user experience and create a space for seamless booking and transparent transactions. It is a cost-effective way to make the user self-sufficient for making online bookings than making calls or depending on others to do it for them. The event booking mobile app industry is an ever booming one with a lot of new names coming into the league of competition. These apps have become a big attraction for users over the years.

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