Years back, it was quite a lengthy process to find a perfect match for the wedding, consulting a mediator, referring to magazines holding biodata of the interested persons, and more. But today, everything has just caught-up a new height, this long process has attained the best substitute, known as matrimony apps and websites. Moreover, such apps have been followed by wedding planning apps now that offer the best match suiting ideally just by a few clicks.

Today, almost every second thing is ‘Online.’ What is left to become available on the apps? Now, we can find various mobile apps for everything that’s easing and comforting our lives. Well, for it, on-demand wedding planning apps are also no exception. The apps are assisting many businesses to reach more people and that too so comfortably. With simple clicks, using such apps, we get complete wedding planning services at our planner vendor app

One of the inescapable things, a wedding is the dream of most of us. So, the wedding planning apps demand is ever-green. There exists a considerable growth in digital technology and innovations, since the last decade.


How Wedding Planning App Work?

Weddings are thought to be great. On the contrary, it’s tough to manage the tasks of the wedding ceremony. Is a wedding one-day event? No, it’s a pile of planning that makes the day ‘a huge success.’

That’s why wedding planning stays remarkable nowadays, the grooms and brides are taking the assistance of wedding planners.

Nowadays, a wedding planning business demands to Hire Mobile App Developers. They can develop a mobile app that may meet the needs to strengthen your clients to choose a venue for their ‘Big Day’ and take advantage of other custom or built-in

One should keep in track that incorporating everything is an immense task. And here enters a wedding planner who can prove to be a great help.

But, there exist more tasks that need other people and the bride and the groom as well, to perform hard for making their day special. That’s why a wedding planning mobile app development is the best idea. It permits the wedding planners to be there for their customers.

Benefits of Wedding Planning Mobile Apps

Well, when it comes to Wedding Planning apps, it offers various benefits to the consumers and vendors as well. So, let’s just check out.


  • Time-Saving: The wedding arrangements embrace a tedious process that gulps much time, but employing such wedding applications, one can save a lot.
  • 24*7 Assistance & Notifications: A wedding planning app development can help the consumers stay in touch with their vendors and get their issue resolved instantly. Ahead of that, they also get push notifications that keep them informed of discounts and offers that vendors run for them all through the app.


  • Round-the-Clock Connection: Wedding planners can now stay linked 24*7 with their customers for any inquiry.
  • Improved Brand Visibility: If the vendors attain success in meeting the needs of their clients, they can improve their business, hence increasing their brand visibility and achieving good revenue from it.

Amazing Facts About Wedding Planning


Planning – 85% of the couple start discussing their wedding choices after getting engaged

Well, generally the average couples are engaged for 15 months, and over 85% of the couples start talking about their wedding preferences. Despite being so energetic, according to them, the biggest challenge they confront during their wedding planning is “where to start” and “planning considering the budget”. Luckily, the tech-savvy couples of today’s world hold the potential to reap the benefit of mobile and online planning tools that guide them all through the wedding planning process.

Vendor Management: On average, couples hire at least 15 vendors for various tasks on their wedding day.

Actions they Perform:

  • Create Inspiration Boards on Pinterest
  • Look online for wedding attire
  • Research wedding costs
  • Search wedding venues
  • Begin creating a guest list
  • Check cost or availability of the venues
  • Check out the reviews of top wedding vendors
  • Start following social media pages of vendors

Planning Resources – 90% planning is done online & 64% of couples use Wedding Planning Apps

In this new era, approximately 90% of the planning is attained through online modes. Over 75% of couples use social media, on the other hand, 64% are using Wedding Planning Apps

Wedding Trends – 20% advancement in trends (since 2014) & 22% enhancement in the usage of wedding planning apps

Along with the changing climate of weddings, the trends are also turning their faces, like distinct bridesmaids’ dresses, unplugged ceremonies, and the use of Wedding Planning Mobile Apps.

Cost – About 60% of couples increase their pre-decided budget by appending the required things coming their way.

Apart from the common expenditures, like catering, venue, and photography, infinite options for special add-ons and upgrades may add-up extra figures to the wedding costs. About 60% of the couples increase the initial budget they decided earlier, chiefly because of finding the things on their way that they find essential to have and realizing their first anticipation to be underestimated.

Some Popular Wedding Planner Apps

popular wedding planner apps in the worldWedMeGood, WeddingHappy, Wedding Wire, Zola weddings, TheKnot, and Bridebook are some popular apps available for wedding event planning and management.

Monetization Opportunities offered by Wedding Planning Mobile App

There may exist various approaches that can be followed to increase the revenue-generation from the mobile app. Following are a few:


Apart from just on-demand wedding planning services, the customers get some more and in-demand functions, like wedding badges, Shagun envelopes, Swagat plates, and more on the wedding planning app by assimilating it with the third-party vendor. When the users tap on it and buy anything from that, the vendor gives a certain commission amount to the app owner.

Featured Listing

Being a vendor or a dealer when you wish to see your stores on the top of all the searches, then this would be a big help for you. You can attain this by opting for a featured listing. The name of the store that gets displayed here grabs the customers’ attention.

Ad Management

Your wedding planning app can also make money by advertising the products and services that are relevant to the purpose of the customers. The vendors need to pay a decided amount to attain an enhanced customer base, and thus, the app gets profit back.

eCommerce Enablement

Another best way to enhance monetization is eCommerce enablement. The app owners allow selling wedding relevant items, such as Mehendi giveaways, return gifts, and more. In turn, this enhances user engagement and, thereby, the ratings and reviews.

Most Sought After Vendor Services

Event Planning & Decor Bride & Groom Makeup Food & Misc.
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Pre Wedding Shoot
  • Wedding Planners
  • Small Function Decor
  • Music & Dance Choreographer
  • Wedding Bands
  • DJ Arrangement
  • Florists
  • Pastors/Pandits
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Family Makeup
  • Bridal Wear
  • Cocktail Gowns
  • Virtual Shopping Service
  • Groom Wear
  • Wedding Suits / Tuxes
  • Mehendi Artist
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Bridal Salons
  • Food
  • Catering Services
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bartenders
  • Home Catering
  • Invitations
  • Trousseau Packers
  • Invitation Gifts
  • Wedding Gifts for the bride/groom

General Features in a Wedding Planner App

User Panel

  • Social Signup and Loginuser panel wedding planner app
  • View Event organizers/vendors
  • Filter event organizers/vendors/service providers based on location/price
  • Refine the search based on service needed (makeup, catering, etc.)
  • View vendors profile, reviews, ratings, and portfolio
  • Call and Chat with Vendors
  • Vendor profile sharing
  • Search wedding venues based on location
  • Filter through wedding styles
  • Create a wedding checklistwedding checklist
  • Wedding Budget calculator
  • Create/Manage the guest list
  • Create/Send online invitations to guests
  • Create/View Wedding Albums
  • Online shop with wedding products
  • Multiple payment options
  • Add manual bookings in app
  • Map for the location for vendors
  • Wedding countdown
  • Write reviews and ratings

Wedding Event Managers/Vendor/Suppliers Panel

wedding vendor

  • Social Signup/Login
  • Create/Manage Business Profile
  • Manage inquiries and bookings
  • Manage Catalog
  • Set and manage availability preferences
  • Accept online payments
  • Request for reviews
  • Call and Chat with Users
  • Track attending guests
  • Manage employees
  • Task Management
  • Create/Export reports
  • Alerts & Push Notifications
  • Track Customer Payments & Earnings

Admin Panel

admin panel wedding planner app

  • Registration
  • Manage profile
  • Manage customers
  • Manage vendors/event managers/suppliers
  • Manage wedding service category/subcategory
  • Manage wedding Checklist
  • Manage wedding eStore
  • Customer review and rating management
  • Create/modify subscription plans
  • Manage CRM
  • Manage Content with CMS
  • Manage community/forum
  • Reports and Real-Time analytics
  • Manage wedding styles
  • Push Notifications
  • Manage vendor/supplier commissions and earning

Advance Features in Wedding Planning Appwedding vendor management app

Social Login/Signup

The wedding planning mobile app allows the users to sign up quickly using their existing social accounts. On the other hand, the users should also hold the caliber to sign up using their email-ID or contact details. Be sure that a straightforward process of sign-up enhances the engagement.

Refine Search

This feature permits filtering the search for the design, venue, etc. ahead, lowering the refining or search down according to the users’ budget, need, choice, and location.

Vendor Review & Rating

According to their experience, the app facilitates the users to share their experiences all through ratings and reviews. It assists the other users to hold a notion about their services.

Venue 360 View

It is one of the best features of an on-demand wedding planning mobile app that allows the customers to have a virtual tour of the venues from 360 views, so that they may get the help to pick the best only after witnessing through their eyes even while sitting at home.

Build Your Own Wedding Planning App

In-App Chatting

This trait assists the wedding planners, vendors, and the organizers to participate in a chat on the same page through messaging within the application only.

In-App Calling

Moreover, this feature of a wedding planning application offers the call facility within the app. This way, the people embraced in the wedding planning all across the process can stay linked with this feature. Moreover, it enhances user engagement within the application and is perfect for finding real-time notifications and updates.

In-App Doc Scanning

When it comes to wedding planning, there arrive many edges that demand essential documents, for that this feature permits people to scan their papers using the app only without any fret to go to the respective shop and get the job done.

Guest Management

wedding invitationsWell, before the wedding day, there are a few more functions to celebrate. As marriage is a dream, so it should be a success. That’s why, for every function, we need to make a list of guests we want to invite. Such short ceremonies don’t demand a crowd; thus, the number varies for each. Here comes the guest management feature, which eases the users to manage the numbering of their guests comfortably.

Number Masking

Well, we develop mobile apps to generate revenue. The same is with this feature; it enables a mask on the number while the users connect with the vendors. It puts its contribution in making money by charging an amount from the vendor and the user to get connected properly with no masking.

VOIP Calling

This feature, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a real-life saver for the users of a wedding planning app when the cell service is not adequate to make or receive phone calls. This permits users to use their internet bandwidth to make or receive VoIP calls.

IVR Application

Internet Voice Response, a technology permits incoming callers to connect with the application’s host system and revert with the pre-recorded replies to their queries. This is much useful to handle the load of calls and make them satisfied by meeting their mean-time demands.

Real-Time Analytics

When an application is integrated with real-time analysis, it proves to be beneficial from various perspectives. The admin view and check the live dashboards, pie charts, and reports. The statistics of the number of app downloads, installations from the particular region, in-demand offers, types of services used, e-commerce purchases, and more pull out to be best for making profitable business decisions.

AI Chatbot Support

It is an automated chat assistance feature that uses the right technology to aid in engaging the users to make the use of a wedding planning app.

Live Chat Support

Well, when an inquiry for a particular requirement arises, and the customer gets an instant solution through a live chat solution, this lays a significant impact on the ratings and reviews of the app. And, this is the chief earning of any mobile app.

Multiple Payment Gateway

It’s much essential to ease the payment process. As different people will be employing distinct payment gateways; therefore, it is necessary to integrate various payment gateways with a wedding planning mobile app.

Effective Customer Relationship Management System

For the customer care department, this feature plays a vital role. It allows the department to manage the customers smoothly and efficiently. The search preference and choice of the customer should be monitored to deliver the best outcomes to stand exceptionally in the competition.

Customer Loyalty Program

Making loyal customers happy with many discounts and offers promptly will help in tucking the reputation of the app high. This leads to enhancement in user engagement.

Efficient Backend CMS

It is important for handling the pages, such as FAQs, About Us, Contact Us, etc. that usually, admin manages. It takes care of the content of the page by creating and modifying it on the part of admins and vendors, both.

Team Structure Required for Wedding Planning App Development

The wedding planning mobile app development process needs a proficient team of wedding planning app developers who hold years of experience in accomplishing the tasks relevant to the app. The following team is required for a wedding planning mobile app development:

  • Project Manager: A person who holds the caliber to manage his team of mobile app developers.
  • Business Analysis Team: To review distinct business processes and implement the projects to enhance such processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Application Manager: One who holds the expertise and needed managerial talent in offering best-meeting solutions.
  • Designers: Such include artistic UX/UI designers, Graphic Designers, and more.
  • Application Developers: It includes Front-end Developer, iOS App Developer, Android App Developer, and Back-end Developer.
  • QA Professionals: One who can ensure top-quality feedback by testing the product and making it bug-free.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Wedding Planning Mobile App?

We can estimate the cost of mobile app development like wedding planning by the technologies integrated, time invested, features installed, and more. Let’s check out a few more:

  • General Features (Basic)
  • Advance Features
  • Platform (for iOs and Android versions)
  • The geographical area of the location where the app launches
  • UX/UI Development
  • Website Connectivity
  • Front-End Development & Back-End Development
  • 3rd Party API Integrations
  • Amount of Time Invested
  • App Complexity

Well, the cost of developing iOS and Android applications will be around $16,000 to $30,000. On appending more features, the price may reach $45,000. However, the money that we spend on making an app is directly proportional to its functionality, quality, and reliability of your business. So, keep tracking of every critical aspect, cost estimation, and hire mobile app developers accordingly or pick the best mobile app development company.

Wrapping Up

Being a wedding planner, still, if you don’t have a mobile application for your business, then the time has ripe to consider it soon. Weddings are just happening every month, which means a flood of business is approaching to generate revenue.

You are required to finalize the key features and your app type and hire a mobile app development company to start with the development of your on-demand wedding planning app.

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