Meesho, have you ever heard about it? 

Today, Meesho holds a success story to narrate before this new world of reselling in which it’s performing the role of an online multi-vendor marketplace. 

The term “reselling” might not be new as existed since the start when other retail tiers were present. 

In the initial days, the reselling market was just offline and benefitted only certain members who belonged to this ecosystem. 

After so long, an India-based app, Meesho, emerged with a notion to make the reselling ecosystem available to ordinary beings. With a wish to craft reselling opportunities for the homemakers, this platform gifted various people a chance to set up their businesses with no investment. 

The Meesho app started with just the fashion and electronics to multiple fields and slowly and steadily expanded with varied categories. 

Well, there’s more to say about this flourishing reselling app in India. 

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What is a Meesho App? An Introduction

meesho app

Meesho’s founder crafted this reselling app holding a social cause in their minds. Their target was to enable common people to build their home-based businesses and make them find a source of extra income. 

Primarily, the founders of Meesho wanted to drive homemakers to start a business themselves, too, without any investment. Soon, the wave caught up with some small and medium-sized companies that were looking for some online ventures and were lacking the funds one needs to build a storefront. 

In the beginning, the Meesho shopping app began with a few categories and later on tasted incredible growth. Soon the app started experiencing enhanced traffic and increasing user demand. 

With time, Meesho caught up with 50 times more growth in just a decade and even less. 

How Does Meesho App Work? Let’s Understand the Basics


Let’s check out the working of the Meesho app.

A social eCommerce startup, Meesho avails the best products for customers at the lowest price, like electronics, jewelry, clothes, etc. 

Customers from 2/3 of trier cities prefer paying the competitive price in exchange for high-quality goods, and Meesho has 70% and even more traffic of such customers. 

On the Meesho app, the resellers push the lists of their products from suppliers or sellers, which scales Meesho’s model.

You can consider the reseller an affiliate marketer who enables Meesho suppliers to find buyers for their products in exchange for a commission. Such Meesho resellers are mostly homemakers or fashion influencers who run social media groups with many potential buyers in the face of followers. 

Usually, resellers are already running their successful groups, including loyal and trusted members that they use to engage customers. 

Earlier, post ordering from a seller, the reseller needed to deal with the aspects relevant to orders, like packaging, payments, delivery, etc. 

But, Meesho has smoothened the entire product distribution procedure for the resellers. 

Using Meesho, resellers can easily recommend products to their customers from their app’s crafted digital catalog. Also, this way, the resellers never run out of the products to sell. 

When a buyer shows interest in any item, the resellers just need to enter the buyer’s address and add a margin, and the product is shipped from the seller’s place by Meesho’s logistic partners. 

This way, Meesho has dug a successful pathway for Indian people, especially housewives who want to make an extra income or start their business but lack the finances to kickstart. 

Meesho offers the resellers the required tools, resources, and guidance one needs to launch an online business being comfortable in their homes.

Market Stats of Meesho App

As per the records collected on April 2022, one of the top sources revealed a few figures and analytics:

  • Meesho holds a global rank of 979 and a country rank of 62. But, in category rank, it’s shining with #1 rank
  • In the last month, Meesho has welcomed about 37.9 million visits.
  • From India, Meesho is receiving around 98.64% core audience over the previous month, approximately approx. 58.08% are males, and 41.92% are females.
  • The largest age group of the visitors is 25-34 years on the desktop site.
  • Some top social media networks are performing as a helping hand for Meesho in directing traffic towards it; YouTube – 51.65%, WhatsApp Web – 25.62%, Facebook – 16.08%, Instagram – 2.91%

Similar Apps Competing with Meesho

GlowRoad Reseller App

GlowRoad Reseller App

This reseller app holds 1000s of top-quality and best products at wholesale prices and is trusted by millions of resellers all over India. 

Shop101 Reseller App

Shop101 Reseller App

A social commerce platform, Shop101 allows small and home-based entrepreneurs to sell online and on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Moreover, it charges zero investment by offering an online store in just a few minutes. 

ResellMall Reseller App

ResellMall Reseller App

A comparatively new online reseller app, ResellMall is widely known as the emerging reselling app, and most trusted one. It attracts online resellers, wholesalers, traders, manufacturers, and retailers on a single reselling platform. 

TunTun Reselling App

tuntun reselling app

One of the newest reselling apps, The TunTun app assists people in starting an online business in India with zero investment. 

Why is Meesho App So Popular Among Online Shopping App Users?

Since the start, there has been a gap between manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers. As we have switched to the digital world, selling is not just limited to physical stores. 

One can sell even through communication and social media platforms like WhatsApp. 

Meesho aims to fill in the gap between these people and connect it through a reseller network. It offers an opportunity for the resellers to earn a commission per product. 

This way, every member involved in the ecosystem catches up with a profit. The supplier witnesses a boost in sales and profit. A reseller opens up new earning sources for people holding good selling skills and a more comprehensive network. 

Meesho is helping various people, especially homemakers, dig out their living by reselling. That’s why Meesho is trending in the online reselling market. 

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A Reseller App Like Meesho Together

What is the Business Model of Meesho?

Meesho’s business model is similar to that of other eCommerce apps.

Meesho assists people in making money in various ways. 

Let’s discuss a few below:

Primarily operating as a social eCommerce platform, Meesho is following a Direct-to-Customer (D2C) model. 

If we focus on the reselling opportunities that come along with Meesho, we can say that it also holds a hybrid model, including B2C and B2B

D2C: As customers are getting the best quality products at competitive prices direct from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, there’s no middle man to earn a commission. This model is known as the Direct-to-Customer business model. 

B2B: Because the cost of products is lower than other websites, we can find some customers buying goods to sell further as a business person. So, Meesho follows the Business-to-Business model also.

B2C: As the companies or sellers are selling products directly to customers, we can witness Meesho following the Business-to-Customers business model. 

What is Meesho’s Monetization Or Revenue Model?

Targeting the revenue model of any business, we focus on various ways it’s following to earn money. 

Here we will learn about the revenue model of Meesho. 


Meesho charges a commission from sellers, and that’s its earning source. 

When a reseller sells an item using the Meesho platform, he is charged a commission of about 10-20%. Well, this amount is similar to other eCommerce platforms, such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Here, you need to know that the commission is charged to the registered businesses or sellers who sell their products using this platform. The resellers stay free from such types of charges. 

Make Products Featured

Constantly, the number of sellers on Meesho is increasing. The Meesho charges an extra amount from the sellers who want their products showcased at the top of the product page. This way, this reselling platform earns an additional revenue stream and enables the sellers to catch up with increased sales. 

Selling Data

Obviously, finding a track to a revenue stream on Meesho will hold your data. But, Meesho ensures that it will not violate any policies that can hamper your privacy. It just sells data that is not violating any privacy concerns. 


Meesho bears high delivery expenses and is trying to lower them effectively. Moreover, it’s increasing its revenue by using logistics technologies.

Why Develop eCommerce Apps Like Meesho?

Online reselling, a creative and unique idea, knocked the Indian market hard, and apps, such as Meesho, especially for the homemakers of India who always wished to be independent while meeting their routine responsibilities. 

Meesho has enabled various homemakers and people who were waiting for a miracle to happen through which they can earn money without investing funds. 

Besides, students have also started finding a way to an extra source of income while pursuing their studies. 

Meesho has listed around 10+ million resellers on its platform in just a short span. And this has made it experience ultimate success. 

Witnessing the victory of Meesho, which is elevating with time, many entrepreneurs are coming in front to try their luck developing a similar mobile app like Meesho. 

Key Features of an Online Shopping App Like Meesho App

If you want your reselling business app to perform equal to or better than a competitive app, you need to include certain basic features. 

We will start with two separate apps or panels for resellers and sellers. 

Reseller App

1. Register

The reseller should be offered an easy way to register with his mobile number or an email ID. Or, the app may use legacy credentials, such as Facebook or Google. 

This way, you can make the registration process more accessible, safer, and more straightforward. 

2. Authorization

There should be an authorization mechanism in the registration process that may verify the phone number or email. 

It is essential just to check if the profile is complete. 

3. Search Functions

Yes, Meesho performs differently from other eCommerce platforms, but still, its usage is the same, online shopping. That’s why the app needs to embrace the necessary and expected search functions. It should include adding filters, such as size, price, brand, product type, and location. 

4. Product Feed

Some parameters should be followed to customize the product feed, like browsing history, purchases, product type, brands, and interest. 

5. Product Details Page

A page including the complete product details is essential in an eCommerce platform. The product description, cost, delivery period, and seller info should be revealed. 

6. Sharing Options

The reseller should offer various sharing options through which the users can share product catalogs using messaging and social media apps, such as WhatsApp. 

As the details are automatically transferred, the reseller should be given an editing option so that he may edit it before sharing. 

7. Shopping Cart Integration

Social eCommerce platforms should hold an integrated shopping cart that may allow users to add products to their cart with just a single click. 

8. Multiple Payment Modes

Customers may opt for any payment method to pay for their purchases, like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, internet banking, and more. 

So, your app needs to partner with a flexible payment gateway. 

9. Review & Rating System

While shopping, customers look for the best reviews and ratings. So, you should include such a system to allow customers to share their experience with the products and services. 

10. Additional Features

Besides, you can append a few advanced features, like loyalty programs, referral programs, and localizations that can improve the engagement intensity. 

Also, one can opt to make the app easily accessible for new-age shoppers by embracing transitive badges, virtual trial rooms, and image recognition. 

11. Payment Tracker

For COD orders, the payment collection goes to the platform. So, the reseller should find it easy to track this until it gets credited to their bank account. 

12. Geotagging

The reseller should be able to filter through regions while searching for products. These assists get search results relevant to that specific area. 

13. Push Notifications

Such a feature will keep the resellers updated regarding sales and promotions, out-of-stock items, new products, and more. Also, you can send targeted messages and alerts to the users. 

14. Localizations

In the future, if you plan to extend your platform’s service internationally or within the country, then you need to embrace the language support feature in your app. 

15. Image Recognition

Using advanced technologies, like AI and Machine learning, you can allow the resellers to click the picture of a specific item they want to sell, and the app will automatically recognize it. 

16. Loyalty Program

Your resellers would like to use your app if you have a loyalty program that will make them repeat customers. 

17. Offers & Discounts

Sales, discount, and cashback is something that all the resellers love. That’s why you need to have a dedicated feature that may focus on the ongoing sales and promotions that boost sales and revenue for both the platform and the reseller. 

18. Style Boards

Crafting personalized style boards and collections can be fun and engaging. This can drive the resellers potentially to close increased sales if they find some items attractive and trendy. 

19. Virtual Try-on

In online shopping, augmented reality may appear to be a booster. The resellers can use this exceptional feature to try-on accessories or clothing virtually before sharing it. 

20. Trendsetter Badges

You can reward top resellers using your app with some interactive badges according to their performance. The resellers will enjoy becoming a trendsetter and get a thrust to perform better every time to attain a position in the list of top achievers. 

Seller App

1. Registration

Akin to the buyer, the sellers’ registration should be easy for the services. 

2. Inventory Management

The sellers should be offered easy inventory management on the item management module. They demand easy detailed edits, such as description, return policy, material, price, and product images. 

3. Order Management

Your app should allow resellers to manage their orders efficiently once the resellers confirm the checkout and payment. 

4. Item Management

Sellers can use the Item Management module to list the items they want to sell. Using it, they can enter the basic details, such as price, description, material, size, return policy, delivery time, images, and more. 

5. Push Notifications

The sellers need to stay updated on what’s new with the app, alerts, proposed promotions, etc. 

6. Dashboard

Your app should include a seller’s dashboard to showcase their shop’s performance statistics. 

7. Chat Interface

The app should offer a chat interface that may allow the sellers to get linked with the seller support department. 

8. Admin Panel

The administrator takes care of the app’s proper maintenance. They need to be able to conduct users’ verification who send authorization and authentication requests. 

9. Dedicated Reseller Management System,

The admins should find the reseller management easy using a dedicated reseller management system.

10. Dedicated Dashboard for Seller Management

Your reselling app should allow the admin to manage the sellers using their dedicated dashboard like they manage the sellers.

The dashboard should also exhibit the app’s statistics, reports, and analytics.

11. Customer Support

Your app should ease customer support management.

12. Suspend/Disable Users

The admin should hold the authority to disable or suspend the uses based on their behavior patterns. 

13. Content Management

The administrator is liable to maintain the app’s content, embracing offers, discounts, and the feed pattern, which is not limited to these. So your app should hold that feature that may ease the admin also. 

14. Authorization via OTP or email

The admin approves the accounts of sellers and resellers upon verifying their details, like mobile numbers and email addresses. 

15. Order Management

However, the sellers process the orders, but the admin keeps a check on the process and makes sure that the delivery is done as scheduled. Moreover, they take a follow-up if there’s any delay in item dispatch. 

16. Support Request Management

The admin moderates every support request and shares them with the related departments for resolution. 

Monetization Model You Can Choose for a Reseller App Like Meesho

You can opt for any of the below ways to monetize your reseller app.

Insertion Fees

Your app may charge an amount from suppliers or sellers to list the products for sale on your app. You can set a separate fee for each category of the product. 

Subscriptions/Membership Fees

You can allow free signing up but can choose a subscription model or a membership fee structure for the resellers for reselling using your platform. You can fix a nominal amount that may assist them in accessing the advanced features on your app. 

Sponsored Listings

You may ask the sellers to pay for the sponsored listings and can exhibit their items in the top featured list or at the top of each category. 

Transaction Fees

Your app can make a commission from the payment gateway on the completion of every transaction at a fixed price or percentage of the selling amount. 

Seller Fees

Your marketplace app may earn money on each item sold by their listed sellers using your app’s platform. 

In-app Advertisements

After accumulating significant user traffic, your reseller app can permit third-party advertising to get showcased on the platform. This promotional system facilitates sellers to magnetize users by providing personalized offers and internal recommendations. 

What Tech Stack is Needed To Develop An eCommerce App Like Meesho?

Mobile PlatformAndroid, iOS
Web.Net, PHP, JS, etc.
SMS, Voice, and Phone VerificationNexmo, Twilio
PaymentsBraintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
Database MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
Push NotificationsTwilio,
Cloud EnvironmentAWS, Google, Azure
Real-Time AnalyticsHadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

App Development Team Structure Required for Online Shopping App Like Meesho

Generally, the app development team includes below team members:

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • App Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Quality Analyst
  • App Tester 

What is the Cost of Developing an eCommerce App Like the Meesho?

The cost of developing a reseller app like Meesho relies on varied factors. Let’s review a few:

Mobile Platform (Android, iOS, or Windows)

The cost of building an app like Meesho depends on the app platform you pick. 

You can develop your reseller app for Android, but it would be better if you make it for iOS devices also. It may cost you high. So, if you have a limited budget, you can first focus on an iOS app as Android costs a little more as it holds various testing devices. 

App Design

This factor is essential for making an engaging app design. With an attractive design, you can magnetize more users, but it may cost you more. 

App Features

Well; you can develop a basic, mid-level, and complex app that relies on the features and functionalities you include. Opting for the complex one may cost you more as it also embraces advanced features. So, decide accordingly. 

Team Size for App Development

The size of the app development team also affects the mobile app development cost. So, you can hire an app development company, a team of professional app developers, or go for the freelance option. Or you can hire the developers weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

Location of Developers

The developers’ location also affects the app development cost. So, choose the developers accordingly. 

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