2020 has been the year that entirely changed how things were done in the past!

Today the way of living has changed entirely and there is a new normal that has now been embraced by the people worldwide. Technology has taken over most things, like how work was done in traditional jobs earlier, to how the education was taking place. Everything has changed after the pandemic hit all across the globe.

Talking about the online education industry, a high rise was noticed in the “demand”. More and more people are choosing this means for education, as it allows them to learn more and more while sitting inside the safety of their homes. This brings in the high demand for apps like “Tutor finder”. There are many available on the app stores and the number is only escalating with each passing day.

How A Tutor Finder Mobile App Works?

tutor finder mobile appAn online tutor finder app is found helpful in many ways and not just ease the lives of parents and teachers but it also offers convenience on the part of institutions who are looking to build a solid network of seasoned teachers who are proficient at their educational subjects and able to cater the needs of the students. Due to the growing demand, a number of independent coaching institutions are looking to find their own tutoring app so that they will be able to offer better support to their students and meet their needs.

Learning With Tutors In The Age Of e-Learning?

The tutor-finder apps or e-learning apps were prominent and pretty much in demand even before the pandemic but after the spread and ill-effects of Covid-19, where people were locked inside their houses for months, online education has rather become a compulsion more than a choice it was earlier.

Why Invest In A Tutor Finder Mobile App?

In fact, if the recent research has anything to go by, people are spending more than 54% time across the online tutor platforms ever since the pandemic and it is expected that by the year 2023, in the USA alone, the online tutoring market will grow by $7.37 billion. Also, in these online tutoring programs in the USA, 8 percent of CAGR is expected.

This is the reason that a Tutor finder app can benefit the businesses in a number of ways and in case you are looking to get one developed, then get in touch with an app development company that is known to create feature-rich mobile apps in this domain.asia-pacific-online tutoring services market size

market stats of online tutoring service
Source: GrandViewResearch

Monetization Opportunities For Tutor Finder Mobile Apps & Platforms?

The tutor finder mobile apps can be monetized in a number of ways and few among the many have the discussed here, such as:


This is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to make money via these apps. Once the app has been developed by the business, they can get in touch with the tutors as well as the educational institutions and offer them the app service. In return, a good commission can be earned.

Featured Listing

In this means of monetization, the businesses can get in touch with the educational institutions and offer them to feature in their app listing. This would offer them a publicity opportunity while the businesses get to earn good money.

Advertisement Sales

The app owners can choose to run advertisements on their app platforms, and everyone who chooses to display their advertisements will be paying a decided sum of money. Surely, one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money.

eCommerce Enablement

Of course, why not? Given how preferred e-commerce is nowadays, especially during these times when people prefer to stay in their homes the most times. Hence, the app owners can integrate e-commerce functionality into their app and sell educational kits, books, stationery, or other educational stuff.

Education Events

In this era of Online, which 2020 will most certainly be remembered for, apart from the Covid-19, several online education events can be organized and the app owners can ask for an entry fee and again open paths for earning.

Popular Tutor Searching Mobile Applications & Services


This online tutor service Tutree is useful to meet peer tutors at school and even in person, pretty quickly. Here the users are offered wide-ranging skillsets, like geometry, computer, SAT, Spanish, English speaking tutoring, and a lot more to the overseas students. The app owns are responsible enough to check the tutors’ background, considering they come from diverse backgrounds and are screened through National Sex Offender Register among the many other resources. Over time, the firm has attained great heights and is self-funded. They have around 12000 tutors working for them and represents over 1000 US universities that served 5000 students to date and is expanded to 18 cities.


TutorMe a peer-based online tutoring system offers commendable tutoring services among peers. Here the platform offers a lot of freedom to its students, making the whole learning experience quite easy for them. The platform is up-to-date and hence students can easily connect with the tutor via chat or via video sessions.


For some students, Mathematics can be seen as a dreadful subject. However, things can get pretty easy with this app, as here it makes understanding maths fun by playing the number games. Here the tutors offer amazing exercises helpful in learning and loving the numbers. Here one can learn lessons beginning from Kindergarten to the grade the student is in. This can be a wonderful platform for the students petrified of this specific subject.


This is yet again a great online tutoring platform seamlessly connecting tutors via a tech-enabled platform. This is one of the few tutoring platforms that use both the website and the app to offer best-in-quality, one-on-one on-demand service. Here the tutors come from diverse backgrounds which consist of industry professionals, certified teachers, undergraduates, as well as graduate students with experience in teaching.


The WhizTutor app is helpful to find nearby tutors. The app is wonderful for home tutoring as it is known to personally selecting all its tutors featured on its online platform. The interested student simply needs to book one and the tutor will come to the student’s place at the planned schedule. This way it keeps the students and parents at ease.

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General Features of Tutor Finder Mobile App

Student Panel

book tutoring session

  • Social Media Login
  • Sort and Filter Tutors on various subjects
  • View Tutor profile for details like qualifications and reviews
  • Post Requirement for tutors
  • Book A Tutor
  • Give Rating and Reviews to Tutor
  • Chat with the selected tutor
  • Push Notifications for Classes
  • Multiple Payment Methods

Teacher/Tutor Panel

tutor dashboard

  • Register and Setup Profile
  • Accept and Reject booking requests by students
  • Set availability for bookings
  • Manage current bookings
  • Check reports for weekly and Monthly Earning
  • Get Notifications
  • Chat with Student
  • Access Whiteboard

Admin Panel

tutor searching app ui

  • Manage Tutors and services offered
  • Manage Students
  • Check Reports and Earnings
  • View Statistics
  • Service Listing and Management
  • Manual booking
  • Run promotions, discounts, and offers

Advance Features To Add In An On-demand Tutor Finder App

Above were mentioned the basic features that need to be there in a Tutor Finder Mobile app and now we discuss the special advanced features that is going to make the app more interesting and offer uniqueness to the users.

Social Signup/Login

This functionality makes it easier for the users to signup/login into the app, as they won’t be required to fill in the long forms while signing up. This would save them time and effort. At the same time, they won’t be required to fill in their login details each time they require to visit the app.

Reviews & Ratings

This feature would make it easy for the users to rate and review the service offered within the app itself, instead of them heading to the Play Store and review and rare there. After all, bad reviews on play store can be harmful to the image of the app.

Leaderboard for Tutors

This allows the tutors to know about their schedules, upcoming classes, and everything that needs their attention.

Push Notification

This functionality allows sending alerts to the tutors as well as the students regarding the upcoming class, or anything important that needs to be conveyed to them.

In-app Call & Chat

Here, the functionality will make connecting easier for the students as well as the teachers, as they will be able to reach each other by making calls or chatting from within the app itself.

In-app Navigation

This feature helps the tutors to reach their students’ place easily without getting lost. The app will show the right directions making finding addresses convenient.

CRM Integration

This functionality is to form better relationships with app users.

Marketing & Promotional Tools

An app needs to be advertised and promoted so it reaches a wide number of people and this hence this functionality is quite crucial for the success of the app.

Realtime Analytics & Dashboards

This functionality allows to manage the app and its workings in a much more efficient manner and everything can be analyzed in real-time. And in case some areas need improvements, the steps can be effectively taken.

Loyalty Programs Integration

Everyone likes being appreciated and the loyalty program system is an ideal way to make the app users feel appreciated by treating them with gifts, coupons, discounts, offers from time-to-time.

What Team Structure Is Required For Developing A Tutor Finder Mobile App?

It can get quite tricky to find the right set of people to develop a Tutor Finder mobile app, however, when you hire an app development company to get the app development, things can be quite easy. So, here is the list of technical people required on board for the development of such an app.

Project Manager

This is the person who is in whole control of the app project and is responsible for communicating with the app owners and developers. S/he is the one completely responsible to ensure that things are going well in the app development part.


This consists of a team of developers, like software developers, web app developers, mobile app developer, front-end, back-end developer. They entirely handle the developmental part of the app.

UX/UI Designers

Here the team of designers is responsible for the look and feel of the app. They make all the best effort to make the app more appealing and easily functional.

Quality Analysis Experts

This team of testers tests the app to look for any bugs and errors, and in case found any, it reports the same, and the app is sent back to the developers. Only once the app gets a go-ahead from the testing team, will it reach the development process.

Technology Stack Required For Tutor Finder Mobile App

technology stack for mobile app

  • Push Notifications: Twilio, Push.io
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, Azure
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Database: MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Payments: Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Realtime Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

How Much Will It Cost To Develop A Tutor Searching Mobile App?

There are a number of factors on which the cost to develop a Tutor App will depend on and below we have discussed the most integral factors.

Hourly Rates Of The App Development firm

The hourly rates of the app development firms vary as per the geography, such as the app development hourly rates is highest in the areas, such as USA, Europe, while the hourly rates are significantly lower if one chooses to get the app development by an Indian app development firm.

Platforms & Devices

This is another factor on which the app development cost majorly depends on. So, if you like to get the app developed for different platforms and devices, the developmental cost will also increase accordingly. Like, if you are getting the app developed for both iOS and Android devices, so two different teams will be working for both the platforms and thus the development cost would double.

Features & Functionalities

The more the features and the third-party APIs, the more will be the cost of the app. Hence the exact cost can only be determined once the company has discussed the scope of the project with the detailed requirements.

UI/UX Design

The UX/UI design of an app consists of several stages such as app prototyping, wireframing, testing and then the app enters the development stage. The more features that app integrates, the more app design work it will need and this would affect the app cost.

Backend Integration & Testing

This is again a major factor that can affect the cost. Integration of third-party service and app testing for bugs and errors, affect the cost of the app development.


This consists of revisions for improvements, stability, code optimization, stability, version updating, and constant bug-fixing. In most cases, the maintenance cost of the app is kept as one-fifth of the app’s original price.

To conclude, the development of a tutor finder mobile app with average features and a single platform must be around $25000-$35000, whereas the app with advanced features and more platforms, should cost somewhere between $50000-$65000.

Wrapping Up

So, we hope that you know understand the basics of developing a tutor finder mobile application. Well, first you need to figure out what features would you like to include in it and what will be your unique selling point. Apart from that for technical assistance, you would need to hire some expert mobile app developers with lots of experience on their hands. We specialize in building various kinds of mobile apps and if you are interested please get in touch with our team.

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