After Android, iOS is recognized as the second-most mobile device operating platform all over the globe. It features an intuitive, user-centered design, and the app developers use it to develop apps launched through the iOS app store. 

Additionally, as recorded in June 2021, Apple iOS holds about 26.3% of the mobile phone’s market share, second to Android with around 73.3% market share. 

This operating system is widely known as the basic software that lets iPhone users interact with their mobile phones using gestures, like tapping, swiping, and pinching.

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What Is Apple iOS?

What Is Apple iOS

An OS for iPhone, iPad, and more Apple mobile devices, Apple iOS, the iPhone Operating System is based on macOS. This operating system runs Apple’s line of Mac laptops and desktop computers. Furthermore, it is crafted for seamless and easy networking between a wide range of Apple products. 

In simple terms, a mobile OS developed exclusively by Apple Inc. for its hardware is iOS. It’s the operating system that strengthens various brands’ mobile devices, including iPhone. 

What Is An iPhone Application?

What Is an iPhone Application

A software app built for use on Apple’s iOS-powered iPhone devices is the iPhone app. Such apps are available on the Apple App Store and crafted to run on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. 

Apple motivates developers to program their iPhone apps for download from the App Store. Besides, the company has also released an SDK along with the sample code projects to assist developers in taking a step ahead towards the beginning. 

On the Apple Store, you can download iPhone apps for free or purchase them. The revenues for the downloads or purchase of the iPhone apps are shared between Apple and the software developer. In iPhone apps, in-app purchases provide developers with an extra revenue option. 

What Is iOS App Development?

What Is iOS App Development

Developing mobile apps for Apple hardware, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, is iOS app development. The software is written in the Objective-C or Swift programming language and deployed to the App Store for the users to download. 

Developers use the iOS software development kit (SDK) to build apps for Apple mobile devices. The SDK incorporates interfaces and tools for creating, installing, running, and testing the apps

Native apps are written using the iOS system frameworks along with the Objective-C programming language. 

Before the launch of an app on the App Store, it goes through a quality review process. 

How Does The iOS App Work?

How Does The iOS App Work

In iOS, the applications are event-driven. The object/control (like UIButton) listens to specific events (like taps and touches). When you trigger the event, the object calls the preset action that links with the event. 

What Is The Difference Between iOS & Android Apps?

While Android applications are developed primarily with Java and Kotlin, iOS apps are built with Swift. 

The significant difference between these two programming languages is that iOS app development with Swift demands writing less code. That’s why iOS app coding projects complete rapidly as compared to apps developed for Android phones. 

Should We Make iOS Or Android Apps?

IOS is recognized as a winner when it comes to the required budget and time in the Android vs. iOS app development competition. 

The coding language that is used for developing an app in such platforms is the significant factor here. Android depends on Java, while iOS utilizes Apple’s native programming language, known as Swift. 

Which Is Easier, Android Or iOS?

iOS app development process is easier, faster, and cheaper. Whereas, in the case of Android, the development time estimate increases by 30-40%

The main reason why iOS app development is easier is the code. 

Generally, Android apps are written in Java, a programming language, which demands writing more code than Swift, Apple’s official programming language. 

What Is The Cost Of iOS App Development?

For rough estimates, you can use the below formula to calculate the cost of developing an iOS app. 

iOS App Development Cost = Platform + UX/UI Development Hours * (Development Time * Developers Hourly Rate)

Factors Affecting The Cost Of iOS App Development

Various factors affect the cost of iOS app development. You should consider them before finalizing the budget for iOS app development. 

1. iOS App Size

  • The small iOS app may take 1-2 months to complete and charges approximately $5,000-$10,000.
  • The medium iOS app may take 2-6 months to complete and charges approximately $10,000-$50,000.
  • The enterprise iOS app may take 6+ months to complete and charges approximately around $50,000+.

The app size impacts the app development cost. As the size increases, the features and functionalities increase, and so does the app development cost. 

2. iOS Development Team

If you hire iOS app development, it may cost you comparatively more. But, if you choose to hire an iOS app development company, it would prove to be cost-effective. 

3. Location

The location of app development also decides the cost of iOS app development. Different countries come with diverse per-hour app development costs. 

For example, in India, it’s around $20-$40 per hour; in the US, it’s $80 – $170 per hour, etc.


We hope this article proves to help accumulate essential details relevant to iOS apps, like most importantly, ‘what is an iOS app?’. It’s the app developed to run on iOS-powered iPhone devices and more such queries. 

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