Today, the mobile app industry is growing at a faster pace. The app developers are crafting exceptional apps using viral app ideas that are easing and transforming our lives. Additionally, they have offered us access to almost everything: online education, food, shopping, video calls, meetings, or anything.

Even during the pandemic days, when we were restricted from moving out of our homes, mobile apps were one of the best ways of entertainment for us. Mobile apps have made everything just a click away from us. Whenever we need a solution to any problem or to meet any need, we just pick our mobile devices and attain them instantly. What else do we want today?

Finding App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

It’s good that we are getting a new idea every moment, but let you know that it’s pretty challenging to develop a unique concept that may meet users’ needs. The reason behind this is the industry of mobile app is becoming competitive every day. So, it would demand a lot of effort to emerge with a fantastic app idea. You can also check out our recent post on the comprehensive mobile app ideas list.

So, to ease your job, we are here with a post holding top ways to catch up with fantastic app ideas that haven’t come to light. Let’s start.

Best Ways to Emerge with Unique App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

You may follow the below steps to find a fantastic mobile app idea that may make your app valuable.

Go through The Apps On Google Play Store & Apple App Store for Research

Choose an app store

What do you say, would it be a good idea to go through the apps on the app stores?

Obviously, it would be best to scan various categories in the app store and obtain exceptional ideas for your app idea. It will strike your mind, and you will come up with a better idea.

You may surf “Top Grossing Apps,” “Top Trending Apps,” or Search Popularity Apps” to get an insight into the user experience with the existing apps. Moreover, check out their comments, reviews, and ratings and sort out the scope of success.

Besides, you should consider the UX/UI of the apps also to build and testing a better UI for attracting your target users. An engaging UI and testing of the mobile application is also a big reason behind the popularity of an app.

Attend Meetups, Seminars, Hackathons & Conferences in App Development Industry

Be it meetups, seminars, conferences, or hackathons, all are events that connect people. The members may belong to tech organizations or maybe the youths pursuing a career. Such seminars craft communities, talk about the new technological revolutions, issues with the top apps, and problems they face in their routine life. All such aspects would help you with amazing app ideas. Moreover, members of such meetups will also gain diverse knowledge that helps them stand uniquely and beat their competitors.

So, understanding the pain points of users will make you deliver the best.

Identify Real-World Issues And Try To Solve Them With An App Idea

Next, it’s time to study the current apps of the market and understand them perfectly. In that case, you need to find the weak points of the app and the pain points of the users that will let you emerge with a better and effective app idea.

You can meet more and more people, your friends, colleagues, and relatives, and know about the issues of their life. Or, you may target the aspects that ease the lives of humans. It may demand much brainstorming but ensures you catch up with something better.

For example, you may identify real-world issues, like building Voice Assistant Apps for older people who feel lonely. Even a recent study also points the same. Such a type of app will make the lives of older adults better, as using such an app, they will attain a social interaction environment.

Stay Updated with Industry Trends For Future Needs

The app development industry is constantly growing, and so are its trends. To maintain our pace with the trends, we need to think about the future also. Here, a well-planned strategy will work better.

You can’t find the latest trends on the internet. The information may be overwhelming. So, we are here with some apt suggestions below:

  • Check out the modern trends; for that, you may follow top sites, such as TechCrunch, Forbes, etc.
  • Identify some modern technologies that will work perfectly in the future also. The trends may be relevant to IoT, AR, blockchain, and more emerging technologies.
  • Also, you may follow the reliable technology statistics available in the market, like Heap, StackOverflow, and more.
  • Catch up with highly in-demand apps for the future.
  • Also, incorporate an app category again, having a fantastic future.

To catch up with all the above aspects, you will need to research the market and collect information that may help you know which app services people want in their existing apps. It will keep your app updated with the latest trends and increase your user experience.

Think About Automating A Boring & Repetitive Manual Task With An App

Automating the tasks that may cut down the manual work of users sounds better.

What do you understand about the automation process of a task?

The elimination of a manual process along with a sequence of complicated tasks is known as automation. It leads to enhanced user engagement and productivity.

If your app idea assists the users in diminishing their manual jobs, your app idea will come to light. So, try making an app that may automate the manual jobs of your target users.

For example, Google Home Max and Echo by Amazon are two widely used home automation tools.

Research On Popular Apps

If you are already a part of the mobile app development world, you would already know that research leads to a remarkable app idea. Deep study always guides you in the right direction. Let’s learn more, how research may help you in driving in the right pathway.

If you want to develop an app that every user will love, you must keep it unique. A deep analysis from every corner will make your approach robust. It will let you understand the market perfectly along with the essential information. Also, remember to check the search volume of your target app.

Target identifying small section checkpoints that are performing well for your users. It will help you with the vision to develop an app for a vast group of people with better insight. Also, you will catch up with the reasons behind the failure of app ideas. Next, you may start with resolving those issues and develop a reliable app idea.

Brainstorm The Real Needs of Routine Life

We all know various ideas are already ruling the market. So, it’s easy to target an industry niche and start with a plan to develop an app clone. But, stop for once and think, would it be enough to offer your target audience the same services?

Obviously, the answer is a big no. It’s not a solution to clone an app. Instead, you need to think exceptionally about how to improve the existing applications. You may take the help of your family, friends, colleagues, and relatives and ask for their suggestions.

Pick the top ten apps in your target industry and check their facilities to their users. It will flood you with various unique ideas, and you may emerge with a fantastic solution.

You may ask simple questions to yourself:

  • How can you offer extra values to your target users?
  • What are the issues with the existing apps?
  • What are the chances of enhancement in the current apps?

So, if you get correct answers to these questions, you will know the right track towards success.

Know The Major Human Service Issues In The Modern Era

Mobile apps are becoming an integral part of our lives. You may find the issues that many people are facing. You will get to know thousands of ideas to make your app an inclusive solution for your target audience.

First, pick two or three issues you notice, and next, check out your app idea’s scope. It’s not necessary that everyone may have the exact problem. Analyzing the size of the audience has the same hurdle, and then ask yourself if your app would be worth it for them or not. This way, you will attain confidence that will help you in moving on the right pathway.

Transform Human Requirements Into An App Idea

After knowing the users’ needs, now, it’s time to convert them into an app idea. You may start with checking some famous app examples in the Play Store that help in meeting the users’ needs in the app, like:

This way, you will know how to develop a unique app idea that may meet individual needs.

Find Out the Apps Getting Funding

You should also check out the market to get the details of investments done on various apps. Check out the investor’s portfolio and know the business ideas they are interested in funding. Check which brands have got financial help from them.

If you find your app idea is reliable for your target users, there’s no need to rush for funding. Your primary concern should be a good app idea as you need to attract more and more users and solve their issues. Post that, you can improve your app idea by including in-demand features.

Explore Social Media

Interact With Users

By exploring social media, you will catch up with the latest app trends and today’s generation’s expectations. Most people share their thoughts on various issues and viral their frustration. You can take it as an opportunity to use such platforms to conduct profound research considering multiple perspectives. You can use the best social media platforms holding users with business targets, active influencers, and industry leaders. Knowing about app issues and converting them into fantastic app ideas would work the best.

Ask Questions & Surveys on Communities with a Large Userbase such as Reddit, Quora, FB Groups, etc.

The easiest way to emerge with a successful app idea is to throw questions and surveys in communities with a large userbase. Every answer will lighten up your mindset and assist you in coming up with engaging app ideas.

Examples of a Few Trending Apps with Unique Idea

Let’s check out a few apps with exceptional ideas that are trending all over the globe.


An audio social networking app, Clubhouse emerges with an unusual way of interacting with people. It’s a new product based on voice permits users to talk, develop ideas, tell stories, and meet new, exciting people worldwide. When the user opens the app, he is offered a list of virtual rooms to select to join. Every room features a group of speakers talking about any topic.


A german video app, Dubsmash allows its users to take a selfie video while simultaneously mixing it with any sound. Dubsmash permits its users to videotape themselves while lip-syncing over the audio clips, incorporating sections of videos, songs, and famous quotes. Users can also upload their audio and add text animations and color filters to their recordings.


It makes project and task management more effortless. Its Work Graph data model offers everything to the teams to hit deadlines, stay in sync, and reach their targets. With Asana, you can put your project work at your fingertips, identify its next steps, and take quick actions to stay on track.

Hire mobile app developers

What are some good app ideas that haven’t been made yet?

Location-based Medical Assistance App

It offers medical help to one in need directly at his location.

Read My Mind & Search a Book App

An app to find a book suiting your current mood status.

Face Scanning & Recognition App

You can scan the face of one about whom you need to know.

Like-Minded People App

An app to find someone who wants to talk about a particular issue like you want to at a specific time.

Search, Compare, & Buy App

An app to find an inventory nearby and compare prices of a particular item you need to buy.

My Reading Habits App

It learns about your online reading habit, crawls, comes up with the best content, and sends you a push notification.

Social Media Assistant App

Like the above app, it also crawls and picks “trending” content and lets you post them on your social media with just a click.

My Family Updates App

It tracks your family members and keeps you posted about your family members.

Let’s Review & Buy Assistant App

It permits you to crawl and curate certain things, add a community, and converse around it. People may browse it quickly, chat with their friends and other buyers in real-time, and buy the items.

Shopping Assistant App

An app that learns about your purchases, prompts you regularly, offers you the cheapest delivery options, and delivers your product quickly.

Free My Junk App

It permits you to upload junk photos and send them to someone who can pick them up and take them with him for free.

IoT Remote App

An app that can allow you to share home controls during your stays. This way, you can control your TV, security systems, etc., using your smartphones only.

Mobile Cash App

Like a delivery app that sends you home-cooked food, such an app may also deliver you cash within a specified time just using your phone.

My Bus Capacity App

It will let you know the real-time status of your bus’s capacity, whether it holds a space for you or not.

Your Personal Assistant App

It can be customized to revert you with the results of your command or whenever you set a timer for it.

My eBooks App

An app that lowers down a load of students’ bags; this app will hold all the physical books, whether it’s for schools or colleges.

Capture My Things App

An app holding AR capacity that may use your camera to mark the locations where you keep your things, like documents, keys, and more.

Pawrents First Choice App

The best place for pawrents to adopt their pets, look for their things, find a breeding partner, and more. Instead of going through a pet blog one can find all the correct information on this app.

Bluetooth Fun Connect App

An app uses a Bluetooth connection to play with your friends nearby, like guessing a movie name, jumble words, etc.

We should target the needs and issues of users, and it will itself become a unique app idea. Moreover, the strategy we follow in making our app idea popular is the secret behind the success of an app.


We hope you find this post useful and helpful to discover a valuable app idea for your users. If you still have any issues, you may connect with a mobile app development company or an app development consultant; he will guide you in a perfect way to success.

FAQ’s for Finding New App Ideas

How do you brainstorm your app idea?

Brainstorming an app idea demands various efforts to make it a reality. You can check out the details above to improve your existing app. If you are all set with a unique idea, you can share it with your people, friends, relations, and family to get valuable input for improving it.

You can brainstorm an app idea by:

  • Creating a long-term vision for your app
  • Check out the latest technologies and trends
  • Research your target audience
  • Discuss your app idea

What makes an app unique?

There is no patent way to emerge with a unique idea; you can achieve it through much effort. It demands deep analysis on many aspects and constant efforts to find a practical issue that you can resolve with your app solution.

Suppose you develop an app for people on medication. The app should send reminders for medication time, send a diet chart, make a note on food intake, etc. So, a perfect analysis will lead you towards a better and valuable app idea.

What kind of apps are in demand?

The apps that meet routine needs, solve real-life issues, etc., are in demand. Moreover, the apps that ease the life of smartphone users are also better app ideas.

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