One of the #1 CRM systems worldwide, Salesforce is not limited to enhancing customer experiences. It’s a leader in cloud computing where customers can access applications and information online despite any need to develop, handle, and maintain them on their servers or hard drives. Besides, it is efficient, fast, and secure. 

Salesforce arrives with varied cloud services that are beneficial for varied industry verticals. 

This post will uncover major types of Salesforce Cloud Solutions that would be advantageous for meeting your business requirements.

Understanding the Different Types of Salesforce Cloud Services

Different Types of Salesforce Cloud Services

1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

A CRM platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud Solution, is crafted to support marketing, sales, and customer support in business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) contexts. 

It’s an entirely customizable Salesforce product that stores entire customer details in an integrated platform that includes marketing, sales, lead generation, business analytics, and service. Besides, through AppExchange, it offers access to a plethora of apps. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is offered as SaaS for browser-based access. 

Sales Cloud Tools & Features

  • Opportunity Management

Helps track sales opportunities while staying linked with people and details you need to close sales from anywhere. 

  • Sales Automation

Automate routine tasks with workflows and activity tracking to increase rep productivity.

  • Forecast Management

Track the performance of the sales team with customizable sales dashboards, forecasting reports, and reporting tools. Get real-time insights for your business health and improve forecast accuracy.

  • Account and Contact Management

Get a comprehensive view of your customers, including key contacts, activity history, internal account discussions, and customer communications.

  • Lead Management

From click to close, track your leads while constantly optimizing your campaigns across all channels. 

  • Collaboration and Communication

Salesforce Sales Cloud embraces tools for communicating with customers and collaborating with members, like social media, chat, and email integration.

  • Customization

Salesforce Sales Cloud permits users to customize the platform to meet specific requirements.

  • Mobile App

Sales Cloud includes an app that permits sales reps to update and access customer details, collaborate, and track opportunities with team members. 

2. Salesforce Service Cloud

A CRM platform for customer service and support, Salesforce Service Cloud solutions crafts well-connected, scalable, and efficient services that customers love. 

Service Cloud permits users to automate service processes, smoothen workflows, and emerge with key topics, articles, and experts to assist customer service agents. The target is to form a one-to-one marketing relationship with all the customers across varied channels and devices. 

Service Cloud Tools & Features

  • Case Management

Keep agents connected to all the answers, activity, and information customers need and resolve their cases faster from anywhere.

  • Automation

To scale your service and boost productivity with AI-powered workflows. It helps businesses by streamlining support processes. 

  • Omnichannel Routing

It’s best for routing customer queries and interactions to the right customer service reps, despite the channel customers are using.

  • Digital Engagement

Provide personalized services with AI-powered chatbots to cut costs across every channel.

  • Field Service

Cut costs and offer perfect field service operations with scheduling and mobile apps. 

  • Self-Service

Diminish case volume by about 30% by assisting customers in getting essential answers faster. 

  • Customer Self-service

This tool of service cloud allows customers to get answers to their questions and resolve issues themselves. 

  • Live Chat

This functionality facilitates customer service reps to chat in real-time with customers. 

  • Knowledge Management

Such tools help craft and arrange a knowledge base of customer service information and articles. 

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

One of the best Customer Relationship Management platforms for marketers, Marketing Cloud solution, permits marketers to build and manage campaigns and marketing relationships with customers. 

Marketing Cloud Tools & Features

  • Email Studio

It personalizes email messages along with data from Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and other sources. Besides, it sends transactional, promotional, and triggered messages. 

  • Social Studio

This tool of marketing cloud listens to conversations, publishes them, engages, and then analyzes them on social media to understand brands, customers, and competitors. Also, it connects social to all your business areas with the Customer Success Platform. 

  • Web Studio

It creates appealing sites and landing pages with personalized content and tracks all the actions your customers perform to analyze their behavior and get insights. 

  • Advertising Studio

You can activate your customer data to strengthen digital advertising and handle ad campaigns. Also, you can improve new customer acquisition, optimize advertising, and re-engage inactive customers. 

  • Mobile Studio

Meet customers at the apt moment with MMS, SMS, group messaging, and push notifications based on location, events, proximity, and more. 

  • Einstein AI

A complete suite of AI and machine learning tools for optimizing marketing campaigns and predicting customer behavior. 

  • Data Management Platform

This tool helps accumulate, manage, and activate data of customers. 

  • Journey Builder 

This tool of Marketing Cloud helps build personalized customer journeys all across varied channels. 

4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Formerly known as Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud service is a cloud-based service that unifies the way businesses perform customer engagement over any device or channel. 

Commerce Cloud Tools & Features

  • Inventory Management

It assists in tracking and handling inventory levels, like multiple warehouses, and fulfillment centers support. 

  • Customer Segmentation

These Salesforce Commerce Cloud tools help in the creation and management of customer segments based on certain criteria, like purchase history, behavior, or location. 

  • Personalization

Such tools are best for customer experiences, like personalized content and recommendations. 

  • Product Catalog Management

These tools help in organizing and handling product data, including descriptions, images, pricing, and variants. 

  • Order Management

Used for processing, fulfillment, and tracking orders, these Commerce Cloud tools provide support for various shipping options and payment methods. 

  • Customer Account Management

These tools help in developing and managing customer accounts, embracing support for registration and login, wish lists, and order history. 

  • Analytics & Reporting

These tools are used for customer data analysis and report generation on key metrics like conversion rates, sales, and customer lifetime value. 

5. Salesforce Experience Cloud

A set of functionality developed on the CRM platform, Salesforce Experience Cloud allows users to develop engaging digital experiences linked to their CRM targeting customers’ engagement and strengthening partners. 

Experience Cloud Tools & Features

  • Marketing Automation

These tools are best for building and automating marketing campaigns, like social media, email, and mobile marketing.

  • Customer Service

These are helpful in offering customer support and handling inquiries, like case management, customer service, and knowledge management. 

  • Analytics

These Salesforce Experience Cloud tools assist in analyzing and tracking customer data and behavior, embracing A/B testing, customer segmentation, and predictive modeling. 

  • Integrations

Salesforce Experience Cloud, when integrated with other Salesforce products, such as 3rd-party apps and services, offers a complete view of customer interactions and data across varied channels. 

6. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud, also known as Wave Analytics, is a business intelligence (BI) platform optimized for mobile access and data visualization. Such a cloud makes it easy to merge Salesforce data or any other across your business that may help you explore details, find insights, and next take action. 

Analytics Cloud Tools & Features

  • Data Management

This feature of Salesforce Analytics Cloud permits users to clean, import, and transform data from varied sources, including spreadsheets, dashboards, and CRM systems. 

  • Collaboration

This tool embraces diverse collaboration tools, like the caliber to share dashboards and reports with other users, etc. 

  • Dashboards

It permits users to build data visualizations and insights using graphs, charts, and other visual elements. 

  • Predictive Analysis

This feature utilizes machine learning algorithms to recognize the patterns in data and predict outcomes. 

  • Mobile App

The mobile app of Salesforce Analytics cloud permits users to access reports and dashboards on their mobile devices, also craft and share data insights easily. 

  • Reports

These facilitate users to conduct detailed data analysis utilizing varied graphs, charts, and other visualization techniques. 

Diving into Other Salesforce Cloud Offerings

7. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

A cloud-based vaccine management, Salesforce vaccine cloud assists organizations in keeping track of their immunization inventory and records. 

With Salesforce vaccine cloud:

  • The health command center offers a 360-degree view of vaccine management to organizations to allow data-driven decisions. 
  • Vaccine inventory management becomes easy that assists organizations in ensuring vaccine doses, PPE stock levels, and syringes availability and adequate maintenance. 
  • Vaccine appointment scheduling becomes possible, which ensures the availability of the vaccine type and protocol history that may ease schedule and prioritize vaccination appointments, determine eligibility, conduct health assessments, etc. 
  • Vaccine registration and scheduling become secure because of a scalable process, eligibility and prioritization process, etc. 
  • Medical agencies capture the right vaccine details and prepare for distribution. 
  • Health credentials can be generated for vaccination proof.
  • Clinicians and organizations can monitor post-vaccination results through data capture. 

8. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

You can install Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack NPSP with Salesforce to attain specific donor management functionality. 

With NPSP, nonprofit organizations can:

  • Track donors’ donations and volunteer data,
  • Track your firm’s fundraising leads,
  • Perform prospect research,
  • Track other fundraising campaigns’ aspects, etc. 

Moreover, with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, your team can perform better as they get:

  • Licenses for all their teams,
  • Reliable, clean, and unified data,
  • AI-powered insights, and 
  • Improved transparency. 

9. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

A CRM, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, is crafted by Salesforce specifically for financial services brands. It’s widely used across varied areas of the financial industry. Besides, it provides financial services organizations the strength of Salesforce CRM to handle customer relationships and expand faster. 

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Service,  financial firms can:

  • Improve customer engagement using the tools for targeted marketing, customer segmentation, and personalized communication.
  • Increasing efficiency by automating processes that financial companies use for customer interaction and relationship management that may help save time and diminish errors. 
  • Customize customer experiences and interactions to meet their specific requirements. 
  • Improve data management as it arrives with central storage for saving and managing customer data that may offer a comprehensive view to make informed decisions.
  • Improve security to protect the sensitive data of customers. 

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10. Salesforce Education Cloud

Best for educational institutions, Salesforce Education Cloud is a cloud-based solution to help manage data and operations. It arrives with a centralized platform for handling student data, communicating with stakeholders, and tracking progress. 

Also, Salesforce Education Cloud provides varied features and tools that you can customize to meet your institution’s requirements. Furthermore, it connects insights across student experience, recruitment, admissions, marketing, and advancement on an integrated platform for a single view of all the constituents.

With Salesforce Education Cloud, educational institutions can:

  • Protect your students’ sensitive data,
  • Automates educational institutions’ processes to handle student relationships and interactions, saving time,
  • Offer a central storage location for saving students’ data, like enrollment data, academic records, etc.

11. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

To roll out a modern or, we can say, a new way of manufacturing to offer the manufacturers a complete view of entire operations, Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud was launched. This would let the businesses connect different departments together to get insights that may help in better understanding market changes and react quickly and accordingly. 

With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, manufacturers can:

  • Automatically and speedily submit sales orders into a unified system,
  • Craft accurate business predictions,
  • Aptly handle inventory,
  • Instantly update client agreements and contracts with automated digital processes,
  • Track leads and enhance conversion rates because of automated system implementation, etc.

12. Salesforce App Cloud

A mobile app development and management solution, Salesforce app Cloud assists in building apps that may enhance customer experience and customer interaction. 

Salesforce App Cloud can help build mobile apps:

  • To effectively evaluate customer data, 
  • For every unit of the company, from HR to Finance, in only a few clicks.

13. Salesforce IoT Cloud

A Salesforce platform, IoT Cloud is crafted to store and process IoT data and is powered by Thunder, a “massively scalable real-time event processing engine.” It takes in a huge amount of data generated by sensors, devices, apps, websites, partners, and customers and takes action for real-time responses. 

Also, the IoT cloud can offer businesses a complete and integrated outlook on customers with no need for technical proficiency or data analyst help. 

With Salesforce IoT Cloud service, businesses can:

  • Scale their operations easily and quickly to meet the steps of changing demands,
  • Make informed decisions with real-time details.
  • Remotely predict and diagnose issues,
  • Lowers problems’ resolution time,
  • Automate tasks that increase efficiency, etc. 

14. Salesforce Integration Cloud

It arrives with a set of services and tools that facilitates businesses to connect and integrate Salesforce apps with other apps and systems. The target is to assist organizations in crafting a seamless data and information flow between platforms and systems, allowing automated processes, enhancing efficiency, and catching up with better insights. 

With Salesforce integration cloud, organizations can:

  • Automate process integrating customer data using visual tools to reduce customers’ wait time and improve productivity.
  • Integrate BI and analytics systems for greater insights into data and informed decision-making.
  • Permits teams to collaborate easily to share and access data. 
  • Integrating intelligence into apps permits instant access to extra capabilities that keep the business running. 
  • Use Lightning components to embed live updates and Einstein Analytics within custom apps for smarter decisions.

15. Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud service utilizes the strength of cloud, mobile, and social technologies to develop an environment that allows admins, patients, specialists, and everyone to get the details they need on any device at any time. It lets healthcare providers move ahead of health records and craft strong relationships with patients. 

Salesforce Health Cloud leads to:

  • Comprehensive patient view
  • Smarter patient management
  • Well-connected patient engagement

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The impact of Salesforce is influencing every business worldwide. All the Salesforce clouds are connected, share the same database, and facilitate flawless data flow across apps. 

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